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Belgian Campaign for the Academic Boycott of Israel

Newsletter N°40 (October 2018)


Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu tweeted last month "the weak crumble, are slaughtered and erased from history while the strong, for good or for ill, survive." This repugnant philosophy is endured by Palestinians who time and again, must be subject to the mockery of a "thorough" investigation and are promptly forgotten after. It is the responsibility of those who believe in the inalienable dignity of all humans, to campaign in the name of real justice for the victims of Israeli state terror (Ahmed Al Kadi, "The whitewash of Black Friday", Mondoweiss, Oct 1, 2018).

"A paramedic carries the lifeless body of a baby after an Israeli air strike hit the Al Ghoul family building in Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip, Sunday, Aug. 3, 2014. At least 40 people were inside the Al Ghoul family building in Rafah refugee camp when it was targeted by Israeli jet fighters, according to the Red Crescent and Gaza health official Ashraf al-Kidra" (Photo: Ashraf Amra/APA Images).


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Actions & Calls:

Sign the Petition: "Liberté pour Mustafa Awad - citoyen belge dans une prison israélienne!" (

Mustapha Awad, citoyen belge, artiste et défenseur des droits de l'homme, a été enlevé par Israël le 19 juillet dernier à la frontière entre la Jordanie et la Palestine, alors qu'il tentait de visiter la terre de ses grands-parents.

Brussels, 20 Oct, 6h30 pm : "Concert En Soutien à Mustapha Awad". Projection Room, rue de Praetere 55, Uccle. 5 talented Belgian artists will be donating their performances in order to support their fellow artist Mustapha. See further below, "Events"

"Birzeit University condemns breach of academic freedom after academics forced to leave Palestine" (BZU, July 12):

@ Bezig: Campagne aan de Belgische universiteiten in solidariteit met de BirZeit University: Brief toegezonden aan de Vlaamse rectoren (pdf). Info: klik hier.

@ En cours: Campagne menée dans les universités belges en solidarité avec l'Université de BirZeit: Lettre envoyée aux recteurs belges (pdf). Info: cliquez-ici.

@ Going on: Belgian academic campaign in solidarity with Birzeit University: Letter sent to the Belgian university presidents (pdf). Info: click here!

"Israeli restrictions on overseas academics are holding Palestinian universities back" (Raja Shehadeh, The World University Rankings, Sept 13):

A labyrinthine visa process and perverse decision-making are making life increasingly untenable for non-Palestinian academics. When I went recently to bid farewell to my friends of 35 years, Roger Heacock and Laura Wick, it felt like the end of an era. Both are American citizens who have spent the bulk of their careers teaching at Birzeit University.

"Message from the people of Khan al Ahmar" (Socialists and Democrats Group in the EP, facebook video, 1 October):

We received this powerful appeal from the people of Khan al Ahmar, the village Israeli authorities plan to tear down at any minute now as part of their settlement policy. We urge again the government of Israel to step back and leave Khan al Ahmar, its people, its homes, its school and its hostpital untouched.

"Israeli settlers flood Khan al-Ahmar with wastewater" (Ma'an News Agency, Oct 2):

As Israel threatened to raid and demolish the Bedouin village of Khan al-Ahmar at any moment since the evacuation period ended, Israeli settlers stormed the village and flooded the area with wastewater, on Tuesday afternoon.

"Salah Hamouri enfin libéré!" (Libéréz Salah Hamouri, cdp, 30 sept):

Salah Hamouri est enfin sorti de la prison du Néguev où il était enfermé depuis 13 mois, suite à une décision strictement politique du gouvernement Netanyahu.... Retenons la leçon : la preuve est une nouvelle fois apportée qu'il n'est de combats perdus que ceux qu'on ne mène pas ! Même contre des extrémistes notoires. C'est le bon chemin. La vie et l'histoire le montrent. 

"Statement on the IHRA working definition of antisemitism by European trade unions" (European Trade Union Initiative for Justice in Palestine, Oct 1):

As trade unionists we act in the spirit of working class internationalism and in defence of human rights, equality and justice. Based on these principled commitments, we unequivocally denounce all forms of racism, and we firmly believe in and defend the right to freedom of expression as a central and fundamental aspect of real democracies.

Herman De Ley: " 'Vrijheidsstrijder' versus 'Terrorist': Open brief aan Alexander De Croo, minister van Ontwikkelingssamenwerking" (De Wereld Morgen, 21 sept).

Herman De Ley: " 'Combattant de la résistance' versus 'Terroriste'. Lettre ouverte à A. De Croo, ministre de la Coopération au développement " (Pour la Palestine, 19 sept, trad. par J-M Flémal).

Herman De Ley, "'Moreel verwerpelijk': Tweede open brief aan minister Alexander De Croo" (De Wereld Morgen, 28 sept).

PS Deze tweede open brief is een reactie op "De Croo reageert op kritiek tegen stopzetting Belgische ondersteuning van Palestijns ministerie van Onderwijs" (DWM, 25 sept).

"Belgium doubles its contribution to the UN for Palestinian refugees" (The Brussels Times, Sept 29):

Belgium has doubled its contributions to the UN (specifically the UNRWA agency) to help Palestinian refugees this year. The UNRWA agency, which provides healthcare, emergency aid and education to Palestinian refugees, has lacked funding since the US stopped its financial contributions.

Gaza's Incremental Genocide:

Ahmad Kabariti, "'I felt unable to move an inch, I fell on the ground,' says sister of 12-year old Palestinian killed in deadliest day in Gaza in weeks" (Mondoweiss, Oct 1):

Friday marked one of the deadliest days at the fence that divides the Gaza Strip from Israel since protests began in Gaza last March, as Israeli forced killed seven including two children. Four of the seven were shot dead east of Gaza City in circumstances where it appears the demonstrators posed no threat to Israeli soldiers.

"Three Protesters Killed, One of Them a Child, and 211 Injured at Friday Demonstrations in Gaza" (Al-Mezan, Oct 5):

Time: 5 Oct, 9pm (local time) 3 Palestinian protesters were killed, including one child, and around 211 persons were injured. Among those injured were 32 children, five women, five journalists, and four paramedics. Of the injured, 134 were shot with live fire, including 15 children and one woman.

"Children killed in Gaza, victims of chronic impunity" (MAP News, Oct 4):

Medical Aid for Palestinians remains deeply concerned by the further loss of life and mass casualties in Gaza, including children. At least 45 Palestinian children have been killed by Israeli soldiers and settlers this year, 39 of them in Gaza. Being shot dead is "only" one severe threat to Palestinian children. According to the World Health Organization, between 30 March and 22 September, of the 10,762 injured demonstrators referred to hospital emergency departments, 17% (1,845) were children. Hundreds of children have devastating limb injuries, and many require extensive limb reconstruction treatment.

Maureen Clare Murphy, "Palestinian child fatalities spike during Gaza protests" (EI, 6 Oct):

Three Palestinians, including a child, were shot and killed by Israeli occupation forces during Great March of Return protests in Gaza on Friday. Faris Hafiz al-Sarsawi, 13, died after he was shot in the chest during mass protests east of Gaza City.

"Israël doodt opnieuw twee Palestijnen in Gaza - 15 en 78 jaar oud" (The Rights Forum, 4 okt):

Kan er sprake zijn geweest van een levensbedreigende situatie voor de Israëlische militair die dinsdag in de Gazastrook de 78-jarige Ibrahim al-Aruqi van het leven beroofde? En hoe lag dat woensdag, toen een Israëlische militair de 15-jarige Ahmad Abu Habil door het hoofd schoot?

Maureen Clare Murphy, "Bloody Friday as Gaza marks six months of protests" (The Electronic Intifada, 29 Sept):

Friday marked what Gaza's health ministry described as the single bloodiest day of the Great March of Return protests since 14 May, when Israeli occupation forces fatally injured more than 60 Palestinians. 7 Palestinians, including two children [one 11 and the other 14 years old], were slain on Friday, 2 days shy of the 6-month anniversary of the protest launch.

Hagai El-Ad: "Who in Israel cares about another dead teen in Gaza?" (Haaretz, Sept 28):

Israel has a fail-safe, copy-paste system for whitewashing the military's killing of civilians. Who knew there was a family or two nearby? Another "uninvolved civilian" joining the statistics, faceless and nameless, without a photo on the front page, without a life story, without a mother who sees the bloody head of her dead son and faints. [text: click here]

Haaretz Editorial: "Why is Netanyahu silent?" (Oct 9):

The thunderous silence of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and senior members of his government in the face of comments by Yahya Sinwar, Hamas leader in Gaza, are further proof that Israel understands only force.

Jack Khoury: "Thousands of Palestinians protest on Gaza coast, navy fires toward flotilla" (Haaretz, Sept 10):

The Israeli navy on Monday fired at a flotilla of dozens of naval vessels that departed the port in Gaza City and were heading toward Israeli waters. Thousands of Palestinians demonstrated on the coast near the city, and the military fired toward them and used riot control measures.

Shlomi Eldar, "Desperate Gazans protest against Hamas" (Al-Monitor, Oct 3):

Desperate Gaza residents are so poor, hungry and desperate that they no longer fear of demonstrating against powerful Hamas. Dozens of Palestinians demonstrated in recent weeks in the Khan Yunis refugee camp and the adjacent Abasan neighborhood.

Gabriel Schivone, "Gaza 'laboratory' boosts profits of Israel's war industry" (EI, 5 Oct):

After exploring the vast surveillance regime along the US-Mexico border and finding Israeli systems installed at every turn, the author Todd Miller and I were drawn to investigate Israel as the largest homeland security industry in the world.

Hamza Abu Eltarabesh, "Five days of hell" (EI, Oct 1):

Traveling between Egypt and Gaza should only be a matter of hours. Cairo is only some 200 miles from Rafah, the strip's southernmost city. Yet the siege imposed by Israel - with Egypt's cooperation - more than a decade ago has turned that journey into an ordeal.

Carolien Roelants, "Gaza, een rampgebied dat niet meer te redden is" (nrc, 8 okt):

Een van de meest verbazende uitspraken die ik de laatste tijd tegenkwam was de mededeling van de Wereldbank dat de economie van de Gazastrook in vrije val is. Proef die uitspraak even: de economie van Gaza is in vrije val.

Analysis & Comments:

Jannie Schepper, "De halve waarheid rond Al-Haq" (nrc, 28 sept):

Desinformatie. De pro-Israëlische 'NGO Monitor' voert lastercampagnes om kritische hulporganisaties in een kwaad daglicht te stellen.  Wie op internet zoekt naar 'Pax' en 'Palestine', 'Oxfam' en 'Israel', of een willekeurige andere organisatie in de Palestijnse gebieden, krijgt als een van de eerste resultaten een link naar NGO Monitor.

Dominique Vidal, "Les yeux doux de Benyamin Nétanyahou à l'extrême droite européenne" (orient xxi, 2 oct):

En Europe, on assiste à une montée de l'extrême droite qui s'installe même au pouvoir, de l'Autriche à la Pologne. Le premier ministre Benyamin Nétanayhou a décidé de se rapprocher de ces mouvements, au nom de la lutte contre l'islamisme, quitte à fermer les yeux sur leur antisémitisme.

Vida Samiian and Lisa Rofel, "Weaponizing the 'New Antisemitism'" (Abolition, Sept 20):

It was shocking to read on August 31, 2018 the following headline in the British tabloid, The Sun: "Jeremy Corbyn paid tribute to a disgraced ex-UN official who 'blamed Boston bombings on Israel.'" The 'disgraced ex-UN official' referenced by The Sun is Professor Richard Falk, a widely respected scholar of international law and a consistent advocate of human rights for all. The tabloid's intent was to demonstrate that allegations of antisemitism directed at Corbyn were justified because he was praising a notorious 'antisemite'.

Annelies Verbeek: "Wat in Khan Al-Ahmar gebeurt, is voor Israël business as usual" (MO*, 28 sept):

Vóór 1 oktober moeten inwoners van Khan Al-Ahmar, het Palestijnse bedoeïenendorp, hun woningen zélf vernielen, luidt een bevel dat ze op 23 september kregen. Het is geen uitzondering. Palestijnse inwoners van de Jordaanvallei getuigen dat ze al decennia aan dit soort Israëlisch beleid worden blootgesteld. MO* zocht enkele dorpen in de vallei op.

Arts, Culture & Education:

Nada Elia, "Food, art and literature: How Israel is stealing Arab culture" (Middle East Eye, Sept 27):

As a settler-colonial country, Israel has industriously sought to erase the existence of the people indigenous to the land it occupies, so as to better appropriate aspects of their culture that make it "local", rather than implanted.

Edo Konrad, "'World's largest Arabic lesson': A rebuke to the Jewish Nation-State law" (+972, July 31):

Thousands of Israelis attend the event, billed as the world's largest Arabic lesson, in protest of a new nationalist law that excludes Palestinian citizens of Israel from the national identity and demotes Arabic from its status as an official language.

Roger Sheety, "Stealing Palestine: A study of historical and cultural theft" (Middle East Eye, July 14, 2015):

Stealing and appropriating the culture and history of indigenous peoples is a typical characteristic of all modern colonial-settler states, but usually accomplished once the indigenous people in question has been eliminated, dispossessed, or otherwise seemingly defeated therefore making it safe to do so.

"Israel opens school in mainly Palestinian East Jerusalem" (Rasha Abou Jalal, Al-Monitor, Oct 2):

Israel has for the first time opened a school for Palestinians in the heart of East Jerusalem, shedding light on the state of the education system in that part of the city and raising concerns of Israeli encroachment in a predominantly Palestinian area.


"Israël-boycot is grondwettelijk toegestaan, oordeelt Amerikaanse rechter" (The Rights Forum, 1 okt):

Een boycot van Israël is een legitieme manier om politieke verandering na te streven. Met die uitspraak zet een rechter in Arizona een streep door wetgeving van de staat, die zakenpartners verplicht een 'niet-boycot-verklaring' te tekenen. De uitspraak kan gevolgen hebben voor vijf Nederlandse bedrijven die in Arizona op een zwarte lijst staan, en ook voor veel andere Amerikaanse staten.

Nora Barrows-Friedman, "Michigan professor stands firm despite Israel lobby attacks" (EI, 27 Sept):

A professor has received death threats after rescinding an offer to write a recommendation for a student who wished to participate in a study abroad in Israel program. John Cheney-Lippold, who researches privacy and digital media at the University of Michigan, said he declined to write the recommendation because he supports the Palestinian call for an academic boycott of Israeli institutions.

"Nobel Prize winner George P. Smith is a longtime pro-Palestine, BDS activist" (Allison Kaplan Sommer, Haaretz, Oct 3):

 In April, he penned an opinion piece condemning Israeli actions in Gaza - "Gaza, then and now" -, identifying himself as a member of Mid-Missourians for Justice in Palestine and the Missouri Right to Boycott coalition.

"Celebrate George Smith, humble scientist, supporter of Palestinian rights (and winner of the Nobel Prize)" (Mondoweiss, Oct 6):

George Smith, the University of Missouri biologist who shared the Nobel Prize in chemistry, said a web of scientists deserved credit for his achievement. In his humility and the celebration by Palestinian advocates of his prize, there is a sense that Smith's laurels were also shared by Palestine.

"Renowned Scientists Oppose Conference in Israeli Settlement, Call for Boycott" (teleSur, Sept 2):

Holding an international science convention in an illegal settlement in Palestine would be "tantamount to normalizing Israeli occupation," the scientists said in an open letter.

"Israel creates Hate Net map of BDS groups, linking activists to terrorist" (Jeremy Sharon, The Jerusalem Post, June 19):

Minister Gilad Erdan detailed on Tuesday night links between organizations involved in the global boycott movement against Israel and Palestinian terrorist groups, alleging that the PFLP, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority all have connections with radical, anti-Israel organizations.

Current Affairs:

"Palestinian Boy Speaks about His Horrible Experience inside Israeli Jails" (IMEMC News, Oct 4):

"Israeli occupation troops broke the door of our house, about 11 of them entered and told my mother they were looking for me," the boy, who gave his witness to the Military Court Watch, said. On 26 August, 2018, a 15-year-old youth was arrested after he attended Binyamin Police Station, in response to a summon delivered at 2:00 a.m. He was released on 13, September, 2018. after his father had paid NIS 3,000.

"Israeli forces injure dozens of Palestinians in West Bank clashes" (Ma'an, Oct 1):

Violent clashes broke out, on Monday, among Israeli forces and Palestinians in various areas across the occupied West Bank after protests took place as part of the general strike against the highly controversial Nationality Law, which was approved by the Israeli Knesset in July.

Henriette Chacar, "Lost in occupation: How Google Maps is erasing Palestine" (+972, Oct 4):

A new report details the ways Google Maps' mapping process in the occupied territories serves the interests of the Israeli government, while contradicting the company's stated commitment to human rights. When Tariq Asedih plans a trip from his village near Nablus to Ramallah, Google Maps "can't find a way" for the 36-kilometer journey. Instead, he has to navigate from a nearby Jewish settlement.

"Israel to remove UN Palestinian agency from Jerusalem" (AFP, Al-Monitor, Oct 5):

The UN agency for Palestinian refugees on Friday expressed concern after Jerusalem's Israeli mayor said he would remove it from the city. Mayor Nir Barkat announced in a statement Thursday a "detailed plan to remove UNRWA from Jerusalem and replace its services with municipal services".


''UK Labour seeks to stop Israel expansionism with ban on arms sale: Expert" (Rodney Shakespeare, Press TV, video, Sept 27):

The UK Labour Party's recent move to boycott any British arms sale to Israel was meant to stop the regime's illegal expansion into occupied Palestinian territories, a political analyst in London says.

Nada Elia, "Herzliya terrorism conference highlights complicity of Israeli and US universities in Palestinian oppression" (Mondoweiss, Sept 4):

American academics heading to Israel for a conference in cooperation with the Israeli government give cover for Israeli human rights abuses: The conference highlights the complicity of Israeli universities in the oppression of Palestinians, as well as Israel's propagation of racism and law enforcement violence globally.

"35 US Senators urge Trump to restore Palestinian aid" (The Arab Daily News, Sept 25):

14 Democrats and 51 Republicans, mostly Senators who have received huge campaign donations from Israel's lobby AIPAC, refused to sign the letter including those who have claimed to be advocates for "peaceful negotiations with Israel." The letter was immediately applauded by Churches for ME Peace...

"Le Secrétaire-Général de l'ONU considère la "solution à un État" comme la seule issue démocratique... mais impossible" (Pour la Palestine, 24 sept):

Antonio Guterres, a expliqué il y a quelques jours sur la CNN qu'il "croit fermement" qu'une "solution à un État" pour les Palestiniens et les Israéliens est "théoriquement possible si c'est la solution démocratique". À ses yeux, "tout autre situation serait une terrible violation des droits humains [...] ou mettrait en question la nature démocratique de l’État d’Israël."


Dominique Vidal, "Benyamin Netanyahu's Dangerous Connections with the European Far Right" (orient xxi, Oct 2):

Europe is experiencing a rise of the extreme right, which is even taking power, from Austria to Poland. Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu has decided to get closer to these movements, in the name of the fight against Islamism, even if it means turning a blind eye to their anti-Semitism.

Robert Fisk, "Encounters With Gideon Levy, Israel's Most Infamous Journalist" (CounterPunch, Oct 3):

Gideon Levy is a bit of a philosopher-king although, sitting in his postage stamp garden in a suburb of Tel Aviv, straw hat shading mischievous dark eyes, there's a touch of a Graham Greene character about Haaretz's most provocative and infamous writer.

"MK: Israel to extend its sovereignty over all historic Palestine" (MEMo, Sept 27):

Israel will extend its sovereignty over the entire area between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, Knesset Member Moti Yogev said yesterday. The official from the Jewish Home party added: "There had been no Palestinian state and there will never be a Palestinian state. Israel will remain Jewish."

Michael Sfard, "How I stopped ignoring NGO Monitor and started fighting back" (+972, Aug 30):

For years I have remained silent as Gerald Steinberg and NGO Monitor have harassed anti-occupation groups in Israel-Palestine, spreading falsehoods about us in order to shut us down. Now is the time to speak out.

Ludo De Brabander, "Stilzwijgen over Israëlische kernwapens" (Uitpers, 1 okt):

Mordechai Vanunu, de klokkenluider die als ex-werknemer het bestaan van de kernwapenproductie in de Dimona-faciliteiten publiek maakte, werd 32 jaar geleden door de Mossad uit Rome ontvoerd. Dat was kort nadat hij het bestaan van de Israëlische kernwapenproductie had onthuld in The Sunday Times... Sinds zijn vrijlating mag Vanunu nog steeds het land niet uit en zijn allerlei beperkingen op zijn vrijheid opgelegd


Ahmad Abu Amer, "Abbas' UN speech draws deeper wedge between Palestinians" (Al-Monitor, Sept 30):

GAZA CITY - Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas gave a speech before the UN Sept. 27, triggering a wave of media accusations between Hamas and Fatah. Security forces in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip targeted advocates of both parties in reciprocal arrest campaigns between Sept. 24 and 27.

Ahmed El-Komi, "Palestinian judges resign in protest against executive branch interference"  (Al-Monitor, Sept 12):

Judges from the Supreme Court of Palestine announced Sept. 5 their collective resignations in protest against amendments to the Judicial Authority Law. The amendments were suggested by the Justice Sector Development Committee, whose members are appointed by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Aysar Al-Safi, "Learning in a puddle" (EI, Oct 4):

Dheisheh refugee camp is less than half a square kilometer. It is inhabited by at least 15,000 people, many of whom are children under 18 years old. Israeli occupation forces invade the camp routinely, arresting and wounding at will. According to UNRWA, in 2017, 45 camp residents were wounded in such military incursions, 32 from live ammunition. There were two fatalities, stories that will never unfold.


# Schaerbeek, 9 oct, 18h00 - 20h00 : Conférence "La jeunesse palestinienne en résistance". Ass. Belgo-Palestinienne, rue des Palais 154, 1030 Schaerbeek. Invité.e.s :

- Ghadeer Zaineh - MA'AN Development Centre, ONG de développement palestinienne.
Jeune palestinienne de 26 ans, gestion de projets jeunes en Cisjordanie et à Gaza.;
- Rami Masad - PAC Popular Art Centre, Coordinateur terrain en Cisjordanie depuis plus de 20 ans, Rami Massad a une expérience dans la dynamisation de réseaux jeunes en Cisjordanie,
- Ghada Abu Ghalyoun - PGFTU, Coordinatrice syndicale de santé et de sécurité au travail dans le domaine de l'extraction en Cisjordanie, industrie monopolisée par Israël qui emploie de nombreux jeunes.

La jeunesse palestinienne représente la première cible de l'occupation israélienne : le nombre de morts, de blessés, de détentions et d'arrestations des 18-25 ans dépasse largement celui des autres catégories d'âges.

# Brussels, 20 October, 6h30 pm : "Concert En Soutien à Mustapha Awad". Projection Room, rue de Praetere 55, Uccle. 5 talented Belgian artists will be donating their performances in order to support their fellow artist Mustapha: CODE ROUGE, MANZA, LIDY FA, iMP & SENSEY SHOGUN. Mustapha is the co-founder of the Palestinian traditional dance group Raj'een. This troupe will perform throughout the evening and invites you to dance with them. Tickets 10 euro (5 euro -12 ans). Les bénéfices de la soirée seront versés dans la campagne Free Mustapha. Compte bancaire BE96 7360 5044 3805. Infos et réservations : Jaïda 0484/926.728, Facebook:


"Minors in Jeopardy. Violation of the Rights of Palestinian Minors by Israel's Military Courts" (B'TSELEM, March 2018, 34p.):

Israel chose to institute a military court system in the West Bank and to use it also when trying Palestinian minors. Official documents indicate that the state understands, at least in theory, that minors are entitled to special protections and that a juvenile justice system must be guided by principles different from those that apply to adult proceedings. However, the situation on the ground indicates that these statements are no more than lip service. They are entirely in the realm of public relations, and bear no relation to what actually goes on. Summary.

"Israel-Palestine Timeline: The human cost of the conflict" (Oct 3):

Below is a list, in reverse chronological order, of Israelis and Palestinians killed by someone from the other side since the Second Intifada began in 2000.* This website records each person killed, and aims to remind us all that every single death is the end of a life, devastating and terrifying to parents, children, siblings, friends, neighbors, witnesses and even entire communities.

"Israeli Control over Food Supplies" (Staat van Beleg, Overview September 2018, 5 okt):

People under occupation are in a double vulnerable position. It is not only that they lack human rights but they are completely controlled, often at the mercy of the interests of their occupier. Anything Palestinians have been building up to gain a better life can be taken away from them at any time. One of those things is the control over food supplies. Over the many years of occupation Israel has used food insecurity as a weapon in its colonial project.

" Israël-Palestine, une si longue histoire " (Hors-série Politis/Orient XXI, 52):

Il ne pouvait pas y avoir de sujet plus évident pour ce dossier élaboré en commun par Orient XXI et l'hebdomadaire Politis que l'histoire sans fin de ce conflit judéo-arabe devenu israélo-palestinien. Une histoire qui dépasse de beaucoup les frontières du Proche-Orient et ne cesse de produire ses effets dévastateurs, de racisme et de haine, jusque dans nos régions.

# "Occupied Palestinian Territory: Humanitarian Needs Overview" (UN OCHA, 30 Nov 2017, pdf, 54p.):

The humanitarian context of the oPt is unique amongst today's crises and remains directly tied to the impact of the occupation, which marked its 50th year in June 2017. A protracted protection crisis continues. At least 1.9 million Palestinians experience, or are at risk of, conflict and violence, displacement and denial of access to livelihoods, among other threats. Summary.

SHRINKING SPACE: "NGO Monitor: Defaming human rights organizations that criticize the Israeli occupation" (Policy Working Group, pdf, 47p., September 2018):

"NGO Monitor" is an organization that was founded in 2002 under the auspices of the conservative think tank JCPA (the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs) and has been an independent entity since 2007... Years of experience show that NGO Monitor's overarching objective is to defend and sustain government policies that help uphold Israel's occupation of, and control over, the Palestinian territories.

"Palestine - Association belgo-palestinienne" (N° 77 - juillet/août/sept 2018, 47p.):

"Dossier: Richesse & diversité de la Diaspora: - Les Palestiniens en Europe - Les Palestiniens oubliés d'Amérique Latine." Oslo: un cadre pour la stratégie d'annexion israélienne - Répression: la chasse aux sorcières - Enseigner à Gaza - Femme, Palestinienne et députée: le cocktail à haut risque - Exister c'est résister - News BDS - Livres. Pour s'inscrire: cliquez-ici.

"Palestine in Pictures: September 2018" (EI):

23 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces and armed civilians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip during the month of September. All but three of those fatalities occurred in Gaza, where Israeli forces shot and killed seven Palestinians during mass protests on 28 Sept alone.


Moshé Machover: Article Explaining Why Israel is a Racist State Embarrasses Labour Party

Antisemitism? Or an Effort to Erase Palestinian Rights?

Gaza: "Israel intentionally kills 16-year-old Palestinian" (Sept 9)

Belgian Campaign for the Academic & Cultural Boycott of Israel

Coordinating Committee: Em.Prof. Marie-Christine Closon (UCL), Prof. Patrick Deboosere (VUB), Dr. Pascal Debruyne (UGent), Prof. Lieven De Cauter (KULeuven), Em.Prof. Herman De Ley (UGent), Lieve Franssen (dir. Brussels Brecht-Eislerkoor), Carl Gydé (director CAMPO), Prof. Perrine Humblet (ULB), Prof. Marc Jacquemain (ULiège), Em.Prof. Madeline Lutjeharms (VUB), Raven Ruëll (metteur en scène), Em.Prof. Christiane Schomblond (ULB), Dr. Nozomi Takahashi (UGent), Prof. Karin Verelst (VUB).


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