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Academic Newsletter N°69 (April 2021)


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« A Declaration on Antisemitism »

« The Jerusalem Declaration On Antisemitism »

(25 March 2021):

In 2020, a group of scholars in Antisemitism Studies and related fields, including Jewish, Holocaust, Israel, Palestine and Middle East Studies, came together under the auspices of the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute to address key challenges in identifying and confronting antisemitism. During a year of deliberations, they reflected on the use of existing tools, including the 'working definition' adopted by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA), and its implications for academic freedom and freedom of expression.
The Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism includes a preambledefinition, and a set of 15 guidelines that provide detailed guidance for those seeking to recognize antisemitism in order to craft responses, while protecting free expression. It has over 200 signatories. Continue... 

« Why I Signed the Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism »

Barry Trachtenberg
(Jewish Currents, March 26, 2021)

IN THE FALL OF 2017, in my capacity as a scholar of Jewish history, I advised the US House Judiciary Committee to reject codifying into law definitions of antisemitism such as those that were contained in the "Anti-Semitism Awareness Act," which was then under consideration by Congress. I objected to the language of the bill, which was based on the definition of antisemitism adopted by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) - a definition that equates valid criticism of Israel and Zionism with antisemitism and has thus become a tool for the suppression of protected speech. Continue...

« The Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism - a guide to commentaries on it »
(Free Speech on Israel, April 1, 2021)

We publish below a selection of articles that have appeared to date in response to the Declaration... We look forward to a debate about the Declaration and its use in universities and elsewhere against the pernicious influence of the IHRA definition, both in the fight for freedom of speech on Israel-Palestine and in the struggle against the rise of real antisemitism and racism of all kinds coming ovewhelmingly from the right.  Continue...

Independent Jewish Voices Canada/Voix juives indépendantes Canada

« IJV Welcomes New Antisemitism Definition Signed by 200 Global Experts »
(March 25, 2021)

"While IJV welcomes the JDA, it does so cautiously and with some critique. Namely, in its attempts to both replace and critique the IHRA definition, the JDA falls into the trap of situating Israel-Palestine at the centre of conversations about antisemitism," said Corey Balsam, IJV's national coordinator.Continue...

« A Palestinian civil society critique of the Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism »

Palestinian BDS National Committee (March 25, 2021)

The "Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism" (JDA), despite its flaws detailed below, presents a mainstream alternative to the fraudulent so-called IHRA definition of antisemitism and a "cogent guide" in the fight against real antisemitism, as many progressive Jewish groups define it, viz. as: "discrimination, prejudice, hostility or violence against Jews as Jews" . Continue...

« Five Principles for Dismantling Antisemitism: A Progressive Jewish Response to the Jerusalem Declaration »

We write this statement with urgent concern about the ongoing attempts of the Israeli government to evade accountability for its human rights abuses and violations of international law by levying accusations of antisemitism at Palestinians and those who advocate for Palestinian rights. Not only does this silence Palestinians and their advocates, but it also jeopardizes Jewish safety and the struggle to dismantle antisemitism. Continue...

Actions, Calls & Webinars : 


Gaza: Critical Zero Stock Appeal!

In Gaza, right now, there are shortages of essential medicines and medical disposables. Hospital shelves are empty, and people are suffering needlessly. Sometimes the most basic items can make all the difference. Today, your gift could help us get these items to the people who need them.


For over 30 years, Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) has been reaching out to Palestinian communities, striving to deliver health and medical care to those worst affected by conflict, occupation and displacement.

Palestinian woman Labiba Abdullah works on her farmland in the village of Deir Ballut near the West Bank city of Salfit, March 16, 2021. (Photo by Nidal Eshtayeh/Xinhua).

« RIGHT TO EXIST Campaign »
Stop the Wall - Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign

Right2Exist focuses on 4 rights: The Right to a Home, to Land, to Water and to Education.
We support Palestinians threatened with expulsion and strengthen their sumud, their resolve to stay on the land despite Israel's attempts to forcibly displace them. The Campaign is our response to Israel's relentless attempts to obliterate Palestinian presence as a people, a culture and a lifestyle.

Please sign the petition
to #SaveHumsa, a Bedouin Palestinian community
in the Jordan Valley Israel is intent to destroy.
Humsa has resisted five demolitions in February only.
We need you to help us stop this.

« UNHRC votes in favour of Israel arms embargo »

(The New Arab Staff, March 24)

The UN Human Rights Council has voted in favour of a resolution that calls for an arms embargo against Israel. The motion secured the support of some European countries. The resolution passed 32-6 and contains strong language against Israel's human rights practices and calls for UN member states to stop transferring arms where "there is a clear risk that such arms might be used to commit or facilitate serious violations or abuses of international human rights law or serious violations of international humanitarian law"Continue...

Sign our online birthday card to Georges Abdallah - and greet him on his 70th birthday! (Samidoun)

Friday, April 2, 2021, Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, the longest-held political prisoner in Europe, marked his 70th birthday.  Sign this card to greet his birthday and demand the immediate release of this Lebanese Arab struggler for Palestine jailed in France for over 36 years. 
To write to Georges or send him a card of your own, write to: M. Georges Ibrahim ABDALLAH 2388/A221 CP de Lannemezan 204 rue des Saligues BP 70166 65307 LANNEMEZAN France.

« Mizrahi Left Project »
Zoom Discussion Series, April 11-July 4, 2021.

The Mizrahi Left Project seeks to create a platform that presents a variety of voices of Jewish Israelis whose parents emigrated from Arab and Islamic countries. This discussion series will center the voices and experiences of Mizrahi Jewish leaders, intellectuals, and activists, as well as the reflections and questions of Mizrahi, Palestinian, and Arab participants.
The first session will be held on Sunday, April 11th, 2021. ALL sessions will be on Sundays, from 9-10:30am US PT / 12-1:30pm US ET / 7-8:30pm Tel-Aviv time. 
Fill out the form to register for any and/or all of the upcoming sessions. Learn more about each of them here:

Register by filling out the Google form.

Activists protest Israeli occupation in Sheikh Jarrah, Jerusalem, on 19 March 2021 (AFP).

« #Save Sheikh Jarrah: The online campaign giving hope to Palestinian refugees in East Jerusalem »

Aseel Jundi (Middle East Eye, 22 March 2021).

Residents of Karm al-Jaouni live under the threat of forcible eviction that would see them replaced by Israeli settlers.

« Une belle manifestation conjointe entre Palestiniens et Israéliens passée sous silence »

Une partie croissante de la jeunesse israélienne, souligne le Magazine israélien d'opposition 972+, se rend compte que sans les Palestiniens, il n'y a pas de gauche.

(EuroPalestine, 24 mars 2021)

« Les Maires de Bologne et Palerme se retirent d'un Sommet destiné à protéger Israël de sa responsabilité »

(AURDIP, 19 March 2021)

La réunion du mardi 16 mars prétend contribuer à « éradiquer les préjugés et la haine de nos villes ». Au contraire, comme l'ont écrit 14 organisations juives du monde entier dans une lettre ouverte, le sommet vise à promouvoir la « définition » frauduleuse et largement critiquée de l'antisémitisme par l'Alliance Internationale pour la Mémoire de l'Holocauste (IHRA). Continue...

Speech as delivered by Mayor Femke Halsema during the digital "Mayors Summit Against Anti-Semitism(Amsterdam, 19 March 2021).

Protesters in Boston deliver a petition to Facebook arguing against the platform's possible new policy change in early 2021 (Provided).

« Facebook reassurances on 'Zionist' hate speech policy met with skepticism »

Frank Andrews (Middle East Eye, April 2).

Academia :

« Thesis Defense about the Clinical Characteristics of Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients in Palestine »
Arab American University, April 6, 2021.

Researcher Ibrahim Sabbah from the Health Informatics Graduate Program in Arab American University defended his thesis that was supervised by Prof. Mohammad Awad and Dr. Shahinaz Najjar. In his thesis that was entitled "Clinical Characteristics of the Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients in Palestine," Ibrahim used the (descriptive analytical approach using artificial intelligence methods), and he classified the COVID-19 patients in terms of risk, using statistical methods and artificial intelligence algorithms. This research study aimed to show an understanding and improve the knowledge related to the clinical and diagnostic fields for COVID-19 patients in Palestine using the traditional statistics and the artificial intelligence tools to develop a model that can predict the future health status for hospitalized patients... (It will) help in serving the medical sector in Palestine to prepare for what is coming, from the strategic planning to resources distribution to increasing the capacity of hospitals and health facilities according to the health status of patients and their medical needs... The Committee of Prof. MMohammad Awad, the supervisor, Dr. Shahinaz Najjar, co-supervisor, Dr. Yousef Mimi, inner examiner from Arab American University, and Dr. Ameera Shaheen, the external examiner from An-Najah National University and a member in Epidemiological Committee in Palestine, decided at the end of the defense to grant Ibrahim Sabbah the Masters' Degree.
PS Arab American University is the first private university in Palestine.

« Over 500 academics call on EU to keep Israel's Ariel University out of research projects »

Ariel University, located in a settlement on the West Bank, should have no involvement in EU-funded projects researchers say, as the university denies one of its professors received EU funding.

Éanna Kelly (Science | Business, 25 March 2021)

Over 500 academics from more than 20 European countries and Israel published an open letter condemning any involvement of Israel's Ariel University in EU-funded research projects. The letter notes "with grave concern the ongoing failure of the European Union to ensure that its taxpayer-funded research programmes are not used to legitimise or otherwise sustain the establishment and the activities of Israeli academic institutions in illegal settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory (OPT)."

« No Academic Business As Usual with Ariel University »

The University of Valencia, IRT Saint-Exupéry and the University of Florence end agreements with illegal Israeli settlement-based Ariel University 
(31 March 2021).

« Fighting the Whitewashing of the Apartheid University of Ariel »
Letter to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.
Academy for Equality, March 21, 2021.

For decades, grants of the U.S.-Israel Binational Science Foundation (BSF) were not allowed to cross to the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) (as the EU and German grants still insist). This policy was changed by the Trump administration, resulting in BSF grant money being transferred to Israeli settlements at the OPT. Academia for Equality sent a letter (see link below) to the Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, asking to act swiftly and resolutely to reverse this disastrous legacy set in place during the last days of the Trump administration, undermining peace in our land. Continue...

Letter to Secretary of State Antony Blinken (pdf)

« Tel Aviv University faculty condemn deal with settlement medical school »

The deal will allow students from Ariel University to do clinical work in TAU's affiliated hospitals. 'We're being forced to support the occupation.'

Meron Rapoport (+972, Jan 21, 2021):

Tel Aviv University's Sackler Faculty of Medicine has signed a student exchange agreement with Ariel University, located in the settlement of Ariel in the occupied West Bank. The deal will allow students from Ariel University's Adelson School of Medicine to be placed in hospitals affiliated with TAU for their clinical practice... TAU spokesperson Tomer Velmer hinted that the agreement was signed as a result of external pressure by Israel's Council for Higher Education, the supervisory body for universities and colleges in Israel that is headed by the education minister. Continue...

Prof. Oded Goldreich. Credit: Moti Milrod.

« Prof.: Denying Me the Israel Prize Is Delegitimization of Left »

Presidents of Israeli universities rebuke Israeli Education Minister Yoav Gallant for withholding the prize from Prof. Oded Goldreich* over his alleged support for BDS. 'If I supported BDS I would not have agreed to accept the prize,' he says."

(Haaretz, April 11,2021):

The researcher whose receipt of this year's Israel Prize in mathematics and computer science was countermanded by the education minister, said Yoav Gallant's decision was "another small step in the delegitimization of the left in Israel." Prof. Oded Goldreich said that Gallant's move to deny him the prize constituted "political persecution."...
Goldreich will speak at a small alternative ceremony at the Weizmann Institute Monday, where the vice president of the Israel Academy of Sciences, Prof. David Harel, will hand him the statuette of the Israel Prize he had received in the past. At the ceremony he intends to quote statements his lawyer, Michael Sfard, made in the High Court hearing on Thursday: "Withholding the prize is an attempt to determine - even by allusion - that anyone who opposes the settlement project and all assistance to it, is not a legitimate part of Israeli society."   Continue...

* Prof. Goldreich has done extensive research on cryptography and computational complexity theory. He won the Knuth Prize in 2017 for outstanding contributions to the foundations of computer science. For his position on boycott see: "On Possible Justifications of Boycott" (2014), click here

« Bias in revisions made to two Pearson GCSE Textbooks »

British Committee for Universities in Palestine (BRICUP, April 1, 2021)

A group of academics have uncovered bias that has been introduced into GCSE textbooks on Middle East history [GCSE: General Certificate of Secondary Education]. They found hundreds of changes in two books published by Pearson Education [the largest supplier of textbooks to UK schools], averaging over 3 alterations per page. The changes to the books were made at the instigation of the Board of Deputies of British Jews and UK Lawyers for Israel...
The books, titled "Conflict in the Middle East" and "The Middle East: Conflict, Crisis and Change," both by author Hilary Brash, are read by thousands of GCSE and International GCSE students annually.

BRICUP report on revisions made to Pearson GCSE textbooks.
Textbooks altered line by line at UK Lawyers for Israel's behest" (Jewish Voice for Labour).

Academia Students :

« National Students for Justice in Palestine »

(U.S. & Canada)

National Students for Justice in Palestine (National SJP) is a collective of organizers that supports over 200 Palestine solidarity organizations on college campuses across occupied Turtle Island (U.S. and Canada). We aim to develop a student movement that is connected, disciplined, and equipped with the tools necessary to build grassroots momentum for Palestinian liberation.

Analyses : 

Abed Salama, West Bank, March 2021 (Ihab Jadallah).

« A Day in the Life of Abed Salama »

One man's quest to find his son lays bare the reality of Palestinian life under Israeli rule.

Nathan Thrall
(The New York Review of Books, March 19, 2021)

On the day before the accident, Milad Salama could hardly contain his excitement for the kindergarten class trip. "Baba," he said, addressing his father, Abed, "I want to buy food for the picnic tomorrow." Abed took his five-and-a-half-year-old son to a nearby convenience store, buying him a bottle of the Israeli orange drink Tapuzina, a tube of Pringles, and a chocolate Kinder Egg, his favorite dessert. Continue...

Portrait de la militante Leïla Khaled sur le mur de séparation à Bethléem (Wikimedia Commons).

« L'histoire inachevée du féminisme palestinien »

Cecilia Dalla Negra (OrientXXI, 10 mars, 2021).

Les femmes palestiniennes ont mené de front, dans l'histoire, leurs luttes contre l'oppression coloniale et le patriarcat. Forte de cet héritage, la jeune génération de militantes s'inscrit désormais dans une démarche intersectionnelle et inclusive radicale. Continue...

A Palestinian man looks for his name on the electoral roll, Gaza City, 3 March, 2021. Photograph: Mohammed Abed/AFP/Getty Images.

« The Israeli and Palestinian elections offend democracy - each in their own way. »

Salem Barahmeh* (The Guardian, March 17, 2021)

For the first time in decades, the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Israel will hold legislative elections a few months apart. Many in the international community and media will see this as a joint exercise in democracy but it is, in fact, a window into the reality of a two-tiered system that denies Palestinians the basic freedom and rights that many across the world take for granted. Continue...

* Salem Barahmeh is a political advocate and the executive director of The Palestine Institute for Public Diplomacy.

Jérusalem, 9 juin 2020. Des militants de la gauche israélienne manifestent après le meurtre d'Iyad Hallak, un Palestinien handicapé abattu par la police. (Ahmad Gharabli/AFP)

« Ces Israéliens qui se battent aux côtés des Palestiniens »

Alors que se préparent, pour le 23 mars 2021, des législatives israéliennes dominées par la compétition entre partis de droite extrême et d'extrême droite, quelques voix dissidentes se font entendre. Discussion avec l'une d'elle, Tali Shapiro.

Hassina Mechaï
(OrientXXI, 16 mars 2021)

Photograph Source: Greger Ravik – CC BY 2.0.

« The ICC and Israel's Charge of Anti-Semitism »

Neve Gordon (CounterPunch, March 12, 2021)

We are at a critical historical juncture in which it is becoming increasingly difficult to criticize Israel without being branded an anti-Semite. You are an anti-Semite if you support the International Criminal Court's recent ruling that it has jurisdiction to open a war crimes investigation against Israel. But you are also likely to be called an anti-Semite if you reject the logic informing the court's decision.  Continue...

« The Revival of People-to-People Projects: Relinquishing Israeli Accountability »

Yara Hawari
(Al-Shabaka, The Palestinian Policy Network, April 6, 2021)

People-to-People (P2P) funded-projects are being revived in the US and Europe, threatening to undermine international law and Palestinians' rights. Al-Shabaka's Senior Analyst, Yara Hawari, examines the troubling implications of P2P initiatives and offers recommendations for how policymakers can counter them in order to bring about a just peace that holds Israel accountable for its violations of Palestinians' rights.  Continue...

BDS - Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions :

« IJV Applauds NDP Convention Delegates for Passing the Palestine Resolution »

(Independent Jewish Voices Canada, April 10, 2021):

Independent Jewish Voices Canada applauds members of the New Democratic Party (NDP) who voted by an overwhelming majority at the party's convention Saturday to support a resolution calling for an end to the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestinian land. The resolution (known as "Resolution 04-10-20") also makes it NDP policy to end all trade and economic cooperation with illegal settlements in Israel-Palestine, and suspend all bilaterals arms trading with Israel. Continue...

« BDS and the Morality of Boycott »

Muhammad Ali Khalidi
(Institute for Palestine Studies, Dec 2, 2020)

When US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently branded the movement to boycott Israel as antisemitic, it was the culmination of an effort by Israeli and Zionist groups that is almost as old as the movement itself. The BDS movement, which began formally with the campaign launched in 2005 by organizations of Palestinian civil society, has been vilified from its inception as immoral, illegitimate, and antisemitic. Continue...

« U.S. Federal Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Filed by Jewish National Fund Against Palestinian Rights Nonprofit »

Center for Constitutional Rights, March 30, 2021

 A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by the Jewish National Fund (JNF) and others against a U.S.-based Palestinian rights organization. The JNF had accused the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights (USCPR) of engaging in "material support for terrorism," citing their speech and expressive activity, including their support for the Palestinian BDS movement. The JNF - a quasi-state institution in Israel that acquires and administers land for the sole benefit of the Jewish people - also sought to hold the USCPR liable for their participation in the "Stop the JNF" campaign, an advocacy campaign that sought to highlight the JNF's own unlawful and discriminatory practices. In an opinion handed down yesterday afternoon, the court characterized the plaintiffs' arguments as, "to say the least, not persuasive."  Continue...

COVID-19 in the oPt:

An intubated Covid-19 patient lies in an ICU of Dura Public Hospital, west of Hebron in the occupied West Bank on 16 March 2021 (AFP).

« Covid-19: West Bank hospitals inundated while Israel tosses surplus vaccines »

Akram Al-Waara (Middle East Eye, March 18, 2021)

When Issa Saafi rushed his ill mother to the Ramallah government hospital, one of the primary hospitals in the occupied West Bank city, he never anticipated that it would turn into one of his worst nightmares. "We walked into the hospital and it was like something out of a war zone," Issa told Middle East Eye. "There were people sleeping in chairs and on mattresses on the floor, and many of them were hooked up to ventilators and oxygen tanks."  Continue...

COVID-19 Emergency Situation Report 29 | March 2021


+ In March, active cases in the oPt rise by nearly half; active cases in Gaza more than triple. 
+ Significant rise in patients in intensive care units and in those requiring mechanical ventilation.
+ The Palestinian authorities vaccinated over 70,000 people by end of March, including 8,000 with both doses. 

Men waiting outside a hospital in Tul Karm as relatives with COVID-19 are treated inside, Tuesday. Credit: Moti Milrod

« As Israel Races Toward Herd Immunity, a Palestinian Town Teeters Under the Weight of COVID »

Few Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza have been vaccinated, explaining why the hospitals in Tul Karm are filling up as people die and the city remains under curfew.

Hagar Shezaf (Haaretz, March 3, 2021)

Not one empty bed is left in the coronavirus wards in Tul Karm in the West Bank. The city has two hospitals: a government-run one where a coronavirus ward was opened at the beginning of the pandemic, and one run by the Red Crescent Society that was converted into a coronavirus hospital when the government one was full. The city has 7 ventilators, 10 intensive care beds and only 33 beds in its coronavirus wards. Over the past week, 17 people in the district died of COVID-19, and the city is now under curfew at night and on weekends. The entire West Bank is at 94% occupancy for coronavirus beds at hospitals - in intensive care wards the number is 100%. Continue...

« Six Human rights organizations petitioned the High Court of Justice demanding that Israel provide vaccines to Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza »

Al Mezan Center for Human Rights (March 25, 2021):

The COVID-19 morbidity and mortality rates in the West Bank and Gaza are increasing dramatically but the vaccine supply to Palestinians so far covers less than 1.5% of the population. The petitioning organizations: "Israel has a legal, moral, and humanitarian responsibility, as well as an urgent epidemiological imperative."  Continue...

Culture and Heritage :

(Illustration by Anastasya Eliseeva)

« Mahmoud Darwish: From Galilee to the world »

On what would have been his 80th birthday, we reflect on the late Palestinian poet's extraordinarily abundant, deeply humane and brilliantly kaleidoscopic work.

Richard Pithouse (New Frame, March 13, 2021)

Mahmoud Darwish is one of the great poets of the 20th century. Like Pablo Neruda, he could read in a stadium: once drawing 25 000 in Beirut, a city that is, he wrote, "the smell of the sun, sea, smoke, and lemons". Born in the village of Al-Birweh in Galilee in 1941, his family fled to Lebanon in 1948 when their village was razed by the Israeli military during the Nakba. In his mid-60s Darwish would recall that "in one disastrous hour, history like a bold thief came through a door, and the present left by a window". A year after the destruction of Al-Birweh the family returned to Israel, too late to be considered Arab Israelis.  Continue...

Current Affairs :

 A limited pick of articles (contact) 

@ Abe Silverstein: "Don't Be Scared of Biden's Commitment to Palestinian Refugees" (Haaretz, April 12, 2021).

@ Hagar Shezaf: "Witnesses Refute Israeli Army's Claim Palestinian Killed by Soldiers Tried to Run Them Over" (Haaretz, April 11, 2021).

@ Yara M Asi: "The US media is touting Israel's Covid recovery. But occupied Palestinians are left out" (The Guardian, April 9, 2021).

@ Or Kashti: "Education Minister: We Must Check if Israel Prize Winner's Renunciation of BDS Is 'Sincere'" (Haaretz, April 9, 2021).

@ "Israel's refusal to cooperate with ICC, indirect admission of war crimes" (Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor, April 8, 2021.)

@ Anshel Pfeffer: "They're Israel's Far Right, Pro-ethnic Cleansing Nationalists. But Don't Call Them 'Nazis'" (Haaretz, April 8, 2021.)

Nir Hasson: "Settler Group Takes Over Three East Jerusalem Buildings, Expanding Jewish Enclave" (Haaretz, April 8).

@ Reuters: "U.S. to Restore About $150 Million in Aid to Palestinians, Sources Say" (Haaretz, April 7).

@ Euro-Med: "Jerusalem: Israeli measures indicate intentions to disrupt Palestinian legislative elections" (Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor, April 7).

@ Tamara Nassar, "Israeli soldiers kill Palestinian motorist and injure his wife" (The Electronic Intifada, April 6).

@ Rosemary Esber, "The Washington Post Redacted Facts About Israel's Destruction of COVID-19 Clinics" (Israel-Palestine News, April 6).

@ Daoud Kuttab, "Palestinian, international observers weigh Biden approach to Palestinian conflict" (Al-Monitor, April 6).

@ Rina Bassist, "Israel debates penalizing Palestinians for cooperation with ICC" (Al-Monitor, 23/3).

@ Adnan Abu Amer, "The glass ceiling has been broken by the election of two women to the Hamas leadership" (Middle East Monitor, March 17).

@ "A Rough Year for Cancer Patients in the Gaza Strip" (Physicians for Human Rights-Israel, 15.3.2021).

International :

PM Benjamin Netanyahu holds a joint press conference with then-US vice president Joe Biden at the Prime Minister's Office in Jerusalem, March 9, 2016. (Amit Shabi/Pool)

« The Biden Administration is back to calling Palestinians 'Occupied,' but can't see them being Colonized »

Ramona Wadi (MEMo via Informed Comment, April 2, 2021):

In another move that shows US President Joe Biden is navigating between the Trump administration's era and the return to the two-state politics, the US State Department's 2020 Country Reports on Human Rights presented two facets of the current administration's policy.   Continue...

Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda in the courtroom of the International Criminal Court (ICC) during the closing statements of the trial of Bosco Ntaganda, a Congo militia leader, in The Hague, Netherlands, August 28, 2018. (Bas Czerwinski/Pool via AP)

« US scraps Trump's sanctions against ICC prosecutor who is probing Israel »

(The Times of Israel Staff, April 2, 2021)

Blinken says Washington still opposed to court's actions on Afghanistan and Israel, but will address concerns through engagement; officials said to update Jerusalem in advance.

A Palestinian rides a bicycle past the closed gate of a school run by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees in the city of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip on April 6, 2021.

« Biden restores US aid to Palestinian refugee agency »

Along with providing $150 million to UNRWA, the US administration announced funding for economic and development assistance in the West Bank and Gaza.

Elizabeth Hagedorn (Al-Monitor, April 7, 2021).

« US restores less than half of pre-Trump funding to UNRWA »

Maureen Clare Murphy (The Electronic Intifada, April 10, 2021)

L-R: B'Tselem executive director Hagai El-Ad, Lara Friedman of Americans for Peace Now and Prof. François Dubuisson of the Free University of Brussels attend a UN Security Council meeting on settlements, Oct 14, 2016 (screen capture: UN TV).

« Did the US downgrade its Palestinian ties by 'upgrading' its Jerusalem mission? »

Jacob Magid (The Times of Israel, March 27, 2021).

« What Tony Blinken Means When He Says Human Rights are 'Back' »

Peter Beinart (The Beinart Notebook, April 5, 2021):

Last week, when he introduced the State Department's annual human rights report, Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced that "President Biden has committed to putting human rights back at the center of American foreign policy." Back? Human rights never were at the center of American foreign policy. Geopolitical and economic concerns have almost always come first... Trump saw the discourse of human rights as largely irrelevant to America's battles against its geopolitical foes. The Biden administration sees that discourse as vital. That's what Blinken means when he says human rights are "back at the center of American foreign policy." They're back at the center of the way America talks about foreign policy, which is a very different thing. Continue...


An Israeli soldier tries to block photographers from taking pictures during clashes at a protest against U.S. President Donald Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Hebron, December 10, 2017. (Wisam Hashlamoun/Flash90)

« In 10-year low, Israel censored an average of four articles a day in 2020 »

According to official figures, 2020 saw Israel's military censor barring full publication of 116 articles and partially redacting another 1,403 stories.

Haggai Matar (+972, April 7, 2021):

All media outlets in Israel, as well as authors and publishers, are required to submit articles relating to security and foreign relations to the IDF Censor for review prior to publication. The censor draws its authority from "emergency regulations" enacted following Israel's founding, and which remain in place to this today. Continue...

« Why has Israel Just demolished the Palestinian Village of Al-Araqeeb for the 185th Time? »

Nabil Al-Sahli (MEMo via Informed Comment, 3 April 2021)

Last week, just two days after the latest Israeli General Election, the occupation army demolished the village of Al-Araqeeb for the 185th time since 2000. The context is the Prawer Plan to Judaise the Negev region, which is regarded as one of the most dangerous Jewish settlement plans since 1948. About 197,700 acres are under direct Israel control in the Negev. The Arab inhabitants have been expelled to solidify the "Jewishness" of the settler-colonial state. Continue...

PM Benjamin Netanyahu, leader of the Likud party, addresses supporters at the party campaign headquarters in Jerusalem on March 24, 2021. [EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP via Getty Images]

« Kafkaesque politics: The missing lessons from Israel's latest election »

Dr Ramzy Baroud (Middle East Monitor, March 30, 2021):

A "major setback" was the recurring theme in many news headlines reporting on the outcome of Israel's General Election last week. While this referred specifically to PM Benjamin Netanyahu's failure to secure a decisive victory in the country's fourth election in two years, it is only part of the narrative. Continue...

David Ben Goerion: geen moreel bezwaar tegen deportatie van de Palestijnen. Foto Wikicommons.

« Israël: Netanyahu en de Toekomst van de Joodse Staat »
Johan Depoortere (Salon van Sisyphus, 5 april 2021):

De uitslag van de recente Israëlische parlementsverkiezingen, de vierde in nauwelijks twee jaar tijd, heeft de politieke chaos in het land niet opgelost, integendeel. Benjamin Mileikovski, beter bekend onder zijn zelfgekozen meer Hebreeuws klinkende naam Netanyahu, heeft de meeste stemmen behaald maar lijkt, met de kaarten die de kiezer hem heeft bezorgd, niet in staat nogmaals met hangen en wurgen een leefbare coalitie op de been te brengen en dus is het niet uitgesloten dat de Israëli's voor de vijfde keer naar de stembus moeten.  Continue...

Religious Zionist party chairman Bezalel Smotrich addresses supporters at the party headquarters in Modi'in on elections night, March 23, 2021. (Sraya Diamant/Flash90)

« Entering Knesset, far-rightists want to legalize outposts, fight 'LGBT agenda' »

Jacob Magid (The Times of Israel, March 24, 2021)

An alliance of three far-right, national religious parties is poised to enter the Knesset as one of the most extreme parties in decades after outperforming predictions in Tuesday's election.
With nearly 90% of the vote counted, Religious Zionism has received six of the Knesset's 120 seats... "We will put the Torah first," Smotrich said in his Tuesday speech following the exit polls. "Blessed are you Lord our God, the good and the benevolent."

Itamar Ben Gvir fêtant sa victoire après le jour des élections. Photo : Rami Shllush.

« Résultats des élections en Israël : Est-ce le kahaniste Ben Gvir qui vous dérange ? »

Gideon Levy (Haaretz via Charleroi pour la Palestine, 27/3) :

Oui, l'idée qu'Itamar Ben Gvir et Orit Strock soient à la Knesset est horrifiante, mais il est facile de se concentrer sur eux et de leur attribuer ce que beaucoup d'autres, qui sont perçus comme beaucoup moins moches, pensent, disent et font réellement. Ce que Ben Gvir dit est-ce que beaucoup d'Israéliens pensent, même s'ils n'ont pas voté pour lui.  Continue...

A Palestinian flag is waved before an electoral billboard by the predominantly Arab Israeli electoral alliance the Joint List depicting Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu with a caption reading in Arabic, "the father of the nation-state law says 'a new approach,' who is he fooling?" above protesters in northern Israel on March 12, 2021. (Ahmad Gharabli /AFP via Getty Images)

« In Israel, Zionism Prevents Working-Class Solidarity »

Sumaya Awad & Daphna Thier (Jacobin, April 4, 2021)

Despite unionization rates more than twice that of the United States, many Israeli workers continue to be committed to apartheid and the racist ideology enabling it. The Zionist project is preventing Israeli workers from organizing alongside Palestinians. Jewish Israeli union members keep the experience of fighting for workplace justice separate from the "national question." They continue to support Israel's settler-colonial project and, in many cases, participate in the violent subjugation of Palestinians through service in the Israeli military. Continue...

Star of David graffitied on a vehicle that had its tires punctured in Kfar Qasim, March 25, 2020 (Israel Police).

«'Expel or kill': Dozens of cars vandalized in Arab Israeli town »

Meretz head assails Netanyahu over hate attack in Kafr Qasim*, says 'sick racism' backed by his far-right political partners.

(The Times of Israel Staff, Feb 25, 2021)

* On October 29, 1956, Israeli troops murdered in Kafr Qasim 49 Arab townsfolk, including women and children.

Jérusalem, 19 mars 2021. Le chef du parti d'extrême droite 'Otzma Yehudit' Itamar Ben Gvir parle à des partisans sur le marché de Mahane Yehuda [Emmanuel Dunand/AFP].

« Israël. L'idée rance d'un homme fort pour la nation juive »

Charles Enderlin (OrientXXI, 31 mars, 2021):

Pour comprendre la crise israélienne, il faut remonter au 23 mai 2020. Dans l'immeuble du tribunal de district de Jérusalem, à l'entrée de la salle d'audience où doit s'ouvrir son procès pour corruption, fraude et abus de confiance, entouré d'une vingtaine de ministres et de députés de son parti le Likoud, Benyamin Nétanyahou appelle le peuple à le soutenir contre le système judiciaire de son pays. Continue...

Ra'am leader Mansour Abbas (center) speaks to his supporters on election night in the city of Tamra, March 23, 2021. (Oren Ziv)

« Mansour Abbas doesn't stand a chance against the forces of Jewish supremacy »

Meron Rapoport (+972 April 5, 2021).

Abbas had hoped his new status as 'kingmaker' would allow him to influence Israeli politics. But he is no match for Bezalel Smotrich and the far right.

MK Ofer Cassif, a Jewish member of the predominantly Arab Joint List electoral alliance, is pictured after being beaten and detained by Israeli police, during a demonstration in Jerusalem's Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood on April 9, 2021. (AHMAD GHARABLI / AFP)

« Joint List MK files complaint after police beat him at protest »

Ofer Cassif says violence against him was a symptom, a violation of the sovereignty and dignity of the Knesset.

(Times of Israel Staff, April 11, 2021):

Joint List MK Ofer Cassif on Sunday filed an official complaint against police, after he was beaten by officers on Friday during a protest in East Jerusalem, rejecting the force's claim that he was to blame for the violence... Cassif was participating in a weekly demonstration in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood against planned evictions when the violence broke out... After wrestling Cassif to the ground, some of the officers appeared to continue beating him, as shouts of "shame" could be heard from the demonstrators. In another clip, an officer can be seen kneeling on Cassif's face as he was on the ground. Continue...

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu (C) along with party leaders pose for a group photo at Chagall Hall following the swearing-in ceremony of Israel's 24th government, in Jerusalem on April 6, 2021.

« Diplomatic gridlock only sure bet for Israel's next government »

Whatever it ends up looking like, it's clear that the next Israeli government won't pursue negotiations with the Palestinians.

Mazal Mualem
(Al-Monitor, April 13, 2021):

It's been three weeks since the March 23 election and Israelis are still waiting to find out who will lead the next government, what parties will make up the new coalition and even if a coalition can't be formed.
And yet despite all the open questions, the fate of negotiations with the Palestinians is becoming increasingly clear. It can already be assumed that the diplomatic deadlock will continue. In each of three likely possibilities, the next prime minister will be a candidate from the right, with a right-wing worldview and a strong commitment to the settlers. Continue...

Palestine Occupied and Colonized:

An Israeli army mobile checkpoint. Credit: Gil Eliahu.

« Don't Worry, Israeli Parents, Our Forces Are Well. »

If the commanders of the soldiers who killed Osama Mansour had the slightest suspicion of a car-ramming attack, they would have abducted his body, arrested his wife and broken into their home. The reporters didn't ask the army the obvious question.

Amira Hass (Haaretz, April 12, 2021):

Mansour, 42, and his wife Samiyah, 35, were returning at about 3 A.M. to their home in the village of Biddu, southwest of Ramallah. As is their right. They couldn't have known that soldiers were deployed in the area planning one or more arrests, breaking into one or more homes, setting up one or more mobile checkpoints...
Have no fear, Israeli parents, nothing untoward will happen to your children, the soldiers from the Kfir Brigade who killed Osama, wounded his wife Samiyah and destroyed her life and those of their five children. Your delicate children won't be accused of murder. Their names will be classified forever. After their military service, they'll be able to go on that post-army trip. They'll study, they won't suffer from trauma, they'll start families, and when the time comes they'll send their children to the army in order to kill Palestinians who are returning home.

« Not just a painful memory: Continuing to treat the Great March of Return's gunshot wounds »

Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP, 8 April 2021):

Israeli forces have killed hundreds and injured thousands of Palestinian civilians including women, children, and health workers since March 30th, 2018. The restrictions on access to healthcare for injured demonstrators have intensified since then, leaving many to suffer the effects until today. Access to quality healthcare has also been compromised by the severe fragility of the Gaza health system resulting in part from 14 years of blockade. People left with permanent disabilities, amongst them children, suffer the consequences as seen in routine access to basic services and facilities such as schools, offices, and homes. All of this is of course compounded by the fact that the people in Gaza are dealing with COVID 19 pandemic, putting more strain on the fragile services and limited access to goods. The need to focus on pandemic emergency response has had severe knock-on impacts for other services. Around 3,500 elective surgeries are being postponed each month, with the waiting list having reached 11,400, including hundreds still needing treatment for injuries incurred at the Great March of Return.  Continue...

Al Mezan Press Releases, 22-03-2021:


Al Mezan deplores water situation in Gaza and calls for Palestinians' right to water and accountability for water-related violations.

Water is the essence of all forms of life, including that of humans. As such, water is a recognized human right by itself, as well as a prior condition to implement other basic rights, including the right to an adequate standard of living and the right to health. In 1993, the UN instituted an awareness day to focus the attention on water-related issues and to advocate for sustainable and rights-based water policies. Ever since, 22 March is globally known as 'World Water Day.' 
To mark this year's World Water Day, the UN called on communities around the world to debate and discuss the values of water and address the following question: what does water mean to you? As is to be expected, water means different things to different people in different settings. For the Palestinian people in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt), water is not only an essential element for leading a life in human dignity but also a tool of control, domination and oppression by Israel, the Occupying Power.

A general view of part of the Jewish east Jerusalem settlement of Ramat Shlomo is pictured on Nov. 16, 2020 in Jerusalem, Israel.

« Israeli construction plan to encircle Jerusalem »

The Jerusalem municipality has moved forward on 540 new housing units in the controversial Har Homa neighborhood across the Green Line, a plan that will encircle Jerusalem on three sides.

Rina Bassist (Al-Monitor, April 8, 2021):

Jerusalem's Local Planning Committee has approved several plans for construction of new homes in the west and the east of the city... If both plans are realized, Israel will achieve territorial continuity in the southeast of Jerusalem, effectively cutting off the West Bank from east Jerusalem. The Palestinian neighborhood Beit Safafa, located to the west of Givat Hamatos, will be isolated from other Palestinian neighborhoods to the east and from Palestinian Bethlehem in the south. Continue...

« The Ongoing Nakba: Israel's Forcible Transfer Policies Continue Amidst COVID-19 »

UN Human Rights Council
46th session, 22 Feb - 19 March 2021: A/HRC/46/NGO/130

Joint written statement submitted by Al-Haq, Law in the Service of Man, Al Mezan Centre for Human Rights, Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, non-governmental organizations in special consultative status (21 Feb, pdf, 4p.).

Palestinians and Israelis protest against forcible evictions in Sheikh Jarrah in occupied East Jerusalem in March 2020. Heather Sharona Weiss ActiveStills

« The Ongoing Nakba in Jerusalem »

Tamara Nassar
(The Electronic Intifada, March 28, 2021)

Since the beginning of the year, Israel has demolished or seized more than 30 Palestinian structures in occupied East Jerusalem, forcing more than 50 people into homelessness - more than half of them children.

A view of the entrance of Rafah in Gaza on 9 Feb 2021 [Ali jadallah/Anadolu Agency].

« Israel's war against Palestinian minds »

Asa Winstanley
(Middle East Monitor, March 19, 2021):

There is a major mental health crisis brewing in the Israeli-occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip. A study published in a medical journal in 2014 gives the grim and shocking figure that as many as a quarter of Palestinian adolescents living in those territories have attempted to take their own lives. This is a higher figure than in neighbouring countries. The causes of suicidal ideation can be complex, but we can safely say in this case that Israel's apartheid regime is the overbearing factor. The crisis seems particularly acute in the Gaza Strip.  Continue...

Palestinian boys sit on a hill overlooking the illegal Israeli settlement of Halamish during a weekly demonstration against Israeli military occupation and settlements in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh, Nov 22, 2013. (Photo: ActiveStills)

« We are still living in fear. »

Israeli settlers target Palestinian children with violent attacks.

Defense for Children International - Palestine (March 23, 2021)

Ramallah, March 23, 2021"I thought she was dead," We'am told DCI-P following a January incident when Israeli settlers attacked her and her children outside their West Bank home. An Israeli settler struck We'am's 10-year-old daughter, Hala, in the face with a stone, injuring her. "I tried to carry her but I could not carry her alone."  Continue...

« Israel's Settlement Policy in the West Bank »

B'Tselem - Summary of joint report with Kerem Navot, March 2021:

The fact that the West Bank has not been formally annexed does not stop Israel from treating it as if it were its own territory, particularly when it comes to the massive resources Israel invests in developing settlements and establishing infrastructure to serve their residents... This report addresses the financial, legal and planning mechanisms that Israeli authorities have been employing for more than half a century to enable the establishment and expansion of settlements and sustain themContinue...

A Palestinian youth sits on the rubble of his family house that was demolished by Israeli forces,
in Jordan Valley in the West Bank, last month. Credit: RANEEN SAWAFTA/ REUTERS.

« Israel Issues Five Times More Demolition Orders for Palestinians Than Settlers »

Hagar Shezaf (Haaretz, April 2, 2021).

These orders, which cannot be appealed, require those living in areas under full Israeli control to show a building permit within 96 hours, after which Civil Administration can demolish the structure. Continue...


« Israel, a Vengeful Democracy »

Amira Hass (Haaretz via Israel-Palestine News, March 30, 2021)

The Shin Bet security service has ruled that Laith Abu Zeyad, 30, would be a danger to Israeli security if he travels to London for a year to work in the head office of Amnesty International. The risk he poses to our security is so great that Israel didn't even allow him to be at his mother's side as she was dying from cancer in an East Jerusalem hospital, 3 km (less than two miles) from their home in Al-Azzariyeh in the West Bank. After much effort was exerted, the permit came through, two days after his mother died. Continue...

« Marking the 45th commemoration of Land Day »

Al Mezan Center for Human Rights
(Press Release, March 30, 2021).

Al Mezan calls on the international community to end Israeli violations and guarantee the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination. Continue...

Imprisoned Palestinian leader Marwan Barghouti. (Photo: Twitter, via MEMO)

« From His Solitary Confinement, Marwan Barghouti Holds the Key to Fatah's Future »

Ramzy Baroud, (The Palestine Chronicle April 7, 2021)

Marwan Barghouti and Nasser al-Qudwa's popularity present a serious challenge to President Mahmoud Abbas' ruling Fatah party, and could have implications that go beyond the legislative elections.

If imprisoned Palestinian leader, Marwan Barghouti, becomes the President of the Palestinian Authority (PA), the status quo will change substantially. For Israel, as well as for the current PA President, Mahmoud Abbas, such a scenario is more dangerous than another strong Hamas showing in the upcoming Palestinian parliamentary elections. Continue...


Prisoners :

Ahmed Falana, before being wounded, hospitalized and jailed. He was unable to tell the NGO's lawyer what operation he'd had or what treatment he would be getting.

« Israeli Troops Shot a Palestinian Teen Weeks Ago. His Parents Aren't Allowed to Talk to Him »

Ahmed was hospitalized twice, underwent surgery and was then imprisoned. But Israel hasn't let his parents visit or even speak to him on the phone. They're being kept in the dark about his condition

Gideon Levy & Alex Levac (Haaretz, April 8, 2021):

His 17th birthday was on Sunday. Ahmed Falana was born on April 4, 2004, and is the fourth child of his parents. He spent his birthday in Megiddo Prison in northern Israel, probably not even remembering his big day. His parents, Aida and Abed al-Razek Falana, could not wish him a happy birthday. They don't even know his condition. Even when he was hospitalized in Hadassah Medical Center in Ein Karem, Jerusalem, after being struck by bullets fired by Israel Defense Forces troops, his parents weren't able to be by his side. And even when Falana woke up from surgery, after one testicle was removed, his parents could not be by his side. They could neither be with him or speak to him on the phone. Continue...

La famille Barbar réunie le 29 mars 2021, un jour avant que Majd ne soit kidnappé à nouveau par les forces de l'occupation.

« Majd Barbar, kidnappé par les forces israéliennes le lendemain de sa libération »

(Samidoun via Charleroi pour la Palestine, 31 mars 2021)

La cruauté de l'occupation : il fallait mettre fin à la joie des retrouvailles avec sa famille et arrêter de nouveau Majd Barbar. Mardi 30 mars, les forces israéliennes d'occupation ont fait irruption au domicile de Majd Barbar, un ancien prisonnier politique palestinien libéré la veille après 20 ans de détention, l'ont enlevé et s'en sont prises violemment aux personnes présentes à son domicile, dans le quartier de Ras al-'Amud de Jérusalem occupée. Continue...

A Palestinian child waves with victory sign in front Israeli soldiers during a demonstration held by Palestinians, Israeli and foreign protesters near the Karmi Tsur Jewish settlement not far from the Palestinian village of Beit Omar in the Israeli-occupied West Bank on November 06, 2010. [Najeh Hashlamoun/ApaImages]

« On Palestine Children's Day, 140 minors held in Israeli jails »

Middle East Monitor (April 5, 2021):

Marking Palestine Children's Day, the Palestine Prisoners' Club revealed that there are 140 Palestinian children in Israel jails, including two under administrative detention. According to the Defence for Children International-Palestine, every year between 500 and 700 Palestinian children are prosecuted by Israel in military courts. Until the end of March 2021, human rights groups have counted 230 Palestinian children detained by the Israeli occupation, mostly from Jerusalem. Continue...

16-year-old Ahed Tamimi in the Ofer military court in the West Bank village of Betunia, January 2018. Photograph: Ahmad Gharabli/AFP/Getty Images.

« Israel's military courts for Palestinians are a stain on international justice »

Sahar Francis* (The Guardian, March 6, 2021):

A new report by the UK charity War on Want [see Resources, below] exposes how a core part of what sustains that occupation is a military judicial system characterised by violations of international law. The report - Judge, Jury and Occupier - is a deep dive into the diverse ways in which Palestinians' rights are being violated - from arrest, through interrogation, conviction and jail time. It reflects the experiences of Palestinian lawyers and human rights groups. The prisoners' rights organisation I lead, Addameer, was proud to contribute evidence. Continue....

* Sahar Francis is director of Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association.

SAMIDOUN - Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network

« Palestinian Women Prisoners:
The Struggle for Freedom »

"Our battle is united, as we are all fighting oppression on the basis of gender, fighting class exploitation and fascist colonialism and foremost among which is the occupation on our land...For all Palestinian women, we believe that our social struggle is an inherent part of the struggle of our people, and for the liberation of land and people, we sacrifice, struggle and bring forth strugglers."
Bir Zeit University student prisoners, Layan Kayed, Elia Abu Hijleh, Ruba Assi, Shatha Tawil, Damon prison, Mount Carmel, 8 March 2021. 


« HaMoked and other human rights organizations petition the High Court of Justice »

On December 30, 2020, HaMoked - together with Adalah, the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, Al Mezan Center for Human Rights, Physicians for Human Rights - Israel, Parents Against Child Detention and the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel - petitioned the High Court of Justice (HCJ) to demand all Palestinian inmates classified as "security" prisoners or detainees, adults and minors alike, be allowed to maintain regular phone contact with their families so long as the Coronavirus pandemic continues. The organizations also demanded that all inmates diagnosed with Covid-19 or in isolation due to contact with a verified patient be allowed to talk to their family on a regular basis until they get well, in order to update them about their health situation. Continue...

Refugees :

Nihaya Khalaily, 39, Palestine refugee displaced from Syria to Beddawi camp, northern Lebanon. © 2021 UNRWA Photo.

« The Human Cost of 10 Years of the Syria Conflict: Nihaya's Story »
UNRWA (15 March 2021):

For the last ten years, Syria has been devastated by prolonged conflict, destroying countless lives and displacing millions. Palestine refugees, already displaced, have been among the worst affected by the crisis. Each displacement triggered by the conflict follows an earlier displacement -- the first generation of Palestine refugees in Syria originally fled from northern Palestine in 1948. Others came from the Golan Heights in 1967 and Lebanon at the height of the civil war in 1982. This is the story of Nihaya Khalaily, a young Palestine refugee who was married at the very start of the conflict. Again and again, she was forced to flee with her small family in hopes of finding safety before eventually finding refuge in Lebanon, like so many other Syrians and Palestine refugees from Syria in a similar situation. Continue...

« UNRWA welcomes US announcement of the restoration of $150 million to support Palestine refugees. »
(WAFA, April 7, 2021):

JERUSALEM, Wednesday, April 7, 2021 (WAFA) - The UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) Commissioner-General Philippe Lazzarini today expressed gratitude for the renewed UNRWA-U.S. relationship and welcomed the funding disbursement which was cut during the previous US administration under Donald Trump.
The newly announced US funding will support the overall UNRWA program budget - the majority of which funds the operation of more than 700 schools educating over half a million children and almost 150 primary health clinics providing 8.5 million patient consultations a year - as well as emergency appeals to respond to dire humanitarian challenges in Syria, the West Bank (including in East Jerusalem) and Gaza. These funds will support food, emergency cash assistance, emergency health, mental health and psychosocial support, education in emergencies, protection, water and sanitation, and COVID-19 response.

Resources : Reports, Books, Documents,...

« Racism and Incitement Index 2020: The Increase in Racism and Incitement against Palestinians and Arabs During the Pandemic »

7amleh - The Arab Center for the Advancement of Social Media (2021-03-08)

7amleh published today, Monday, March 8, 2021, the results of the Index of Racism and Incitement in Israeli Social Networks during the year 2020, which showed an increase in violent discourse against Palestinians and Arabs by 16% compared to 2019. The results indicated the spread of about 574,000 conversations that included violent speech towards Palestinians and Arabs, with 1 out of every 10 posts about Palestinians and Arabs containing violent speech. With 495,000 violent posts published in 2020, an increase of 79,000 posts was visible in comparison to the previous year. Continue...

# "The Occupation of Labor. Employment of Palestinian Workers in Israel." Report by LaOved, 2018, pdf, 45p.

Employment practices are harmful, violation of workers' rights is common, and government regulation is centralist and only exceptionally intervenes in employment relationships... This report will present the significant changes in the employment of Palestinian construction workers in Israel since 2016.

@ New Timeline Tracks Distorted Definition and Efforts to Censor Palestine Advocacy (Palestine Legal, March 25, 2021):

Today, Palestine Legal launched a new, interactive resource visualizing two decades of efforts by Israel advocates to establish a politicized redefinition of antisemitism designed to silence advocacy for Palestinian freedom. The new resource complements Palestine Legal's existing backgrounder on efforts to redefine antisemitism to censor criticism of Israel.

# "The Gaza Strip: Undocumented Citizens." The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor, March 2021, pdf, 42p.

ID cards enable citizens to enjoy privileges under the right of citizenship, those who lack them are deprived from exercising a basic set of their rights. Considering the situation in Palestine, thousands of Palestinians are denied identity documents because they were not included in the Israeli-conducted population census in September 1967. These persons were able to enter Gaza either before 2000 through visitor permits given to them by the Israeli authorities and remain in Gaza, or after 2000 during the periods when the border wall between Egypt and Gaza was breached or smuggled through tunnels.

# "Judge, jury, and occupier. Israel's military court system in the occupied West Bank." War on Want, 2021, pdf, 51p. 

Israel's military occupation of Palestinian land is now in its 54th year. Throughout this time Palestinians have never stopped fighting for their inalienable rights; rights denied to them by the systemic and daily violence of occupation. This violence is manifested in settlements, checkpoints, the Apartheid Wall - and in Israel's far-reaching system of military rule in the West Bank, enforced by military courts and prisons: the topic of this report. The publication of this report is a part of War on Want's commitment to exposing the human rights violations faced by the Palestinian people. 

© "Threads of Identity by Widad Kamel Kawar." Preserving Palestinian Costume and Heritage." Pb, 450p., $75.00. Publisher:  Palestine Museum US, Preserving Palestinian History & Culture | Telling the Palestinian Story Through the Arts.

This book is a record of the 50 years Widad Kamel Kawar spent researching, collecting and preserving part of the heritage of Palestine. This endeavour evolved into the Widad Kawar Collection, the largest to date of Palestinian traditional dress and accessories, comprising more than 3,000 items. In the following chapters Kawar presents the story of how the collection evolved and she introduces the life stories of the women who produced the beautiful costumes it contains.

© Paul Lookman, "De wereld na Trump en Merkel. Europese rivaliteit, neoliberalisme en het machtsevenwicht".