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Academic Newsletter N°72 (July 2021)

Mourners carry the body of 15-year-old Ahmad Zahi Ibrahim Bani-Shamsa. He was shot in the head with live ammunition, on June 16, by Israeli forces. [Shadi Jarar'ah APA images]


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Hommage à Christiane Schomblond

Le grand coeur de Christiane s'est arrêté de battre dans la nuit du 25 au 26 avril 2021. Elle avait 79 ans. Professeur émérite de l'ULB en physique et mathématique des interactions fondamentales,... accédant à l'éméritat, elle décida de s'engager pour la cause palestinienne. Avec elle, le mot engagement a pris tout son sens: il était profond, sincère, constant. Soutien de l'APB, elle était la principale contributrice de la rubrique "Livres", sous la signature de C.S. dans le bulletin de l'association. Elle était aussi membre du Comité du BACBI. Elle lisait, s'informait, critiquait avec sagesse et rigueur les informations circulant sur les activités BDS, ainsi que les livres et revues en anglais et en français traitant de la Palestine. Avec humour (on se souvient de ses yeux pétillant de malice), sagesse et sobriété des mots, elle accompagnait nos réflexions dans le comité de rédaction du bulletin de l'ABP. 
Elle nous laisse le souvenir d'une personnalité brillante, sensible et déterminée. Son exemple nous conforte dans nos actions militantes. Merci Christiane.

* Extrait du bulletin "palestine" N° 88 (Avril/Mai/Juin 2021) de l'ABP, p.46.


« Kill Them, They're Fair Game » 

"Palestinians and Israeli Arabs are fair game. They're fair game in the occupied territories and fair game in Israel. They're fair game because their blood is cheap. It's cheap in Umm al-Hiran and cheap at the Tul Karm checkpoint. It's cheap at construction sites and cheap at roadblocks. They're not human beings equal to us. They're not like us. They don't love their children or their lives the way we do. They were born to kill. There's no problem killing them. They're all enemies, suspicious objects, terrorists, murderers - their lives and deaths are cheap. So kill them, because nothing bad will happen to you. Kill them, because it's the only way to treat them."
(Gideon Levy, 2017)

Ahmed Shamsa (Photo: social media)

« 16-year-old Palestinian is the fifth to be killed by Israeli forces in West Bank village of Beita since May »

Yumna Patel (Mondoweiss, June 17, 2021).

The teen, identified by Palestinian officials as 16-year-old Ahmed Shamsa, was shot in the head with live ammunition during protests in the village against the establishment of a new Israeli settler outpost on "Jabal Sabih", or Mount Sabih, on the outskirts of Beita. According to locals Ahmed Shamsa is the fifth Palestinian to be killed by Israeli forces in the West Bank village of Beita since protests against a new Israeli settlement began in early May. He is the ninth Palestinian youth to be killed by Israeli forces since the beginning of the yearContinue...

Defence for Children International - Palestine (June 17, 2021):

"Israeli forces routinely fire live ammunition killing Palestinian children with impunity in situations where intentional lethal forces is not justified," said Ayed Abu Eqtaish, accountability program director at DCI-P. "Palestinian children are undoubtedly targets, and systemic impunity, provided in part by the international community's lack of political will to hold Israeli officials accountable, guarantees that Israeli soldiers will continue to unlawfully kill Palestinian children."

Mai Afaneh, a 29-year-old mother from Abu Dis who was killed by Israeli forces in the West Bank on June 16, 2021. Afaneh had a doctorate in psychology and was the mother of a five-year-old daughter. (WAFA)

« Family left in shock by shooting of young Palestinian woman »

Josef Federman (AP, Toronto Star, June 16, 2021):

JERUSALEM (AP) - Mai Afaneh appeared to have a happy family life and a fulfilling career. So when she left her West Bank home early on Wednesday, no one thought anything was wrong. But a short while later, her family received the devastating news that she had been shot and killed by Israeli troops, allegedly after carrying out an attempted car-ramming attack. In just a few short moments, she became another statistic - the latest in a list of Palestinians killed by the Israeli military under unclear circumstances.
The cases play out in a similar pattern. The army reports an attempted attack by a Palestinian assailant, usually acting alone and unaffiliated with any militant group. Then, it says troops "neutralized" the attacker.  

« Video footage shows Israeli special police unit carrying out targeted killing of Ahmad 'Abdu, a Palestinian sitting in his car and endangering no one »

Open-Fire Policy (B'Tselem, June 23, 2021):

In the early morning hours of 25 May 2021, an Israeli Special Police Unit vehicle drove up and blocked a car just after Ahmad 'Abdu (25) got into it, in the Palestinian neighborhood of Um a-Sharayet next to al Birah, in the West Bank. Today, B'Tselem published video footage in which officers are seen getting out of the vehicle and immediately firing several shots at the car. The apparently injured 'Abdu opens the right door, at which point the officers surround the car, open several of its doors, apparently dragging 'Abdu out, and then leave without extending him first aid. An Israeli Border Police statement claimed 'Abdu had been killed as part of an "arrest operation", but offered no explanation for the lethal shooting. Opening live fire at a person sitting in his car, without even trying to arrest him, is not an "attempted arrest". It is a targeted killing.  Continue...

Ismail Tubasi (Courtesy of the Tubasi family)

« Settlers shot Palestinian and mutilated his body as he lay dying »

Witnesses say Israeli settlers shot Ismail Tubasi and attacked him with sharp objects while raiding his West Bank village. No investigation was opened..

Basil Al-Adraa & Yuval Abraham (+972, June 8, 2021)

Ismail Tubasi was shot on Friday, May 14, just south of Hebron in the occupied West Bank. Tubasi, 27, from the Palestinian village of al-Rihiya, was transferred to a local hospital with severe wounds, where he was pronounced dead. According to evidence gathered by Local Call, it appears Tubasi was shot by Israeli settlers, who may have been accompanied by soldiers, after which he was brutally attacked with sharp objects as he lay incapacitated.
According to two witnesses, settlers shot Tubasi after they began setting fire to Palestinian-owned fields and trees in al-Rihiya. The eyewitnesses said Tubasi and other Palestinians had headed to the fields to try and put out the flames. There, settlers armed with guns, axes, and batons began chasing him, after which the witnesses heard a number of gunshots. Continue...

Husam 'Asayrah. Photo courtesy of family.

« Soldier kills Husam 'Asayrah (19) during violent settler raid on village of 'Asirah al-Qibliyah »

B'TSELEM (30 June 2021):

On 14 May 2021, settlers and soldiers came to the village in Nablus District. The settlers threw stones at homes and residents and fired in the air, and residents threw stones at them. The soldiers used force against the residents instead of distancing the settlers. After the party moved to a distant hilltop, a soldier shot and killed 'Asirah and injured another resident although they posed no danger. Such collaboration between soldiers and settlers is part of Israel's unofficial policy to drive Palestinians out and take over West Bank land. Continue...

Palestinian protesters gather with torches during a demonstration against the Israeli settlers' outpost of Eviatar, in the town of Beita, near the occupied West Bank city of Nablus. Credit: JAAFAR ASHTIYEH - AFP.

« Palestinian Shot Dead by Israeli Army Amid Clashes Near Evacuated Settlement Outpost »

20-year-old Farid Ali Hassan died after he was shot in the chest with live fire during a West Bank demonstration, the Palestinian Health Ministry said.

Jack Khoury (Haaretz, July 3, 2021):

A 20-year-old Palestinian was killed on Saturday by Israeli army fire, following clashes between residents of the West Bank village of Qusra and Israeli settlers, the Palestinian Health Ministry said. Palestinian officials reported the man, Farid Ali Hassan, was hit with a live bullet in his chest. He was rushed from the scene, near Nablus, to Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikva, in central Israel, where he was pronounced dead. Continue...

Relatives mourned Ali Abu Alia during his funeral in al-Mughayyir village in December 2020. (Reuters: Mohamad Torokman)

« Israeli authorities killed seven Palestinian children last year. Their parents are calling for justice »

Eric Tlozek (ABC Australia, 2021):

The banners with Ali Abu Alia's picture have been twisted by the wind. They hang above a house still in mourning. White plastic chairs under olive trees remain in the front garden for visitors to pay respects and mark the death of a boy on his 15th birthday. He was shot and killed in the centre of this small West Bank village, 200 metres from his home, on December 4. Ali was the fifth child allegedly shot by Israeli forces in three weeks and the second from his village, Al Mughayyir, to die in the last two years. Continue...

« Expendable lives: Four Palestinians shot to death with no justification »

B'Tselem's investigation into four killings since the beginning of March 2019 clearly shows the lethal fire was completely unjustified.

B'Tselem, "Open-Fire Policy" (17 April 2019):

1. The killing of Muhammad Shahin, 23, who was watching clashes between stone-throwers and security forces in the town of Salfit... Click here for more details. 
2. The killing of Ahmad Manasrah, 22, who was helping a family whose car got stuck near a checkpoint... 
Click here for more details.
3. The killing of volunteer paramedic Sajed Muzhar, 17, who was trying to help a wounded man... Click here for more details.
4. The killing of Muhammad Dar 'Udwan, 24, from Kafr 'Aqab, shot from behind while fleeing... Click here for video and more details.

These 4 cases illustrate, once more, just how little value Israel's security establishment places on the lives of Palestinians. None of the victims posed a threat to the lives of security personnel. Not one of these incidents should have ended in death. As B'Tselem has cautioned countless times in the past, these are not aberrations, or "bad apples". These are incidents that occur as part of the routine actions of soldiers and police officers, pursuant to Israel's lethal open-fire policy.
This is also the reason why any statements made by the IDF Spokesperson, or any other official, promising that a military police investigation into the incident has been or will be launched, should be taken with a grain of salt. Past experience has shown that these investigations are simply part of the whitewashing mechanism employed by the Military Advocate General Corps, which, no matter the outcome, have no impact on the open-fire policy and do nothing to deter security forces from using lethal fire against Palestinians without justification.

Palestinians attend the funeral of two women and eight children of the Abu Hatab family in Gaza City, who were killed after an Israeli air strike, Saturday. Credit: Khalil Hamra,AP.

« Gaza Lives Erased: Israel Is Wiping Out Entire Palestinian Families on Purpose »

The numerous incidents of killing entire families in Israeli bombings in Gaza - Parents and children, babies, grandparents, siblings - attest that these were not mistakes. The bombings follow a decision from higher up, backed by the approval of military jurists.

Amira Hass (Haaretz, May 19, 2021):

Fifteen Palestinian nuclear and extended families lost at least three, and in general more, of their members, in the Israeli shelling of the Gaza Strip during the week from May 10 through to Monday afternoon. Parents and children, babies, grandparents, siblings and nephews and nieces died together when Israel bombed their homes, which collapsed over them. Insofar as is known, no advance warning was given so that they could evacuate the targeted houses.  Continue...

A Palestinian youth is detained by Israeli forces as a group of Palestinian gather to protest against far-right Israelis' slogans insulting Prophet Muhammad during yesterday's "flag march" at Damascus Gate in Old City of Jerusalem on June 17, 2021. [Mostafa Alkharouf / Anadolu Agency]

« 'Death to the Jews' would have caused an international scandal, yet Israel's incitement gets a free pass »

Asa Winstanley (Middle East Monitor, June 19, 2021):

Go along with me on a thought experiment for a few minutes. Imagine that British police forces permitted a crowd of thousands to march through an area of London with a high Jewish population chanting "Death to the Jews" and other similar violently bigoted obscenities. Imagine such a group of racists parading through areas such as Golders Green or Stamford Hill spewing "May your shtetl burn" and threatening that a "second Holocaust" would come soon.
Then, imagine that the police, far from trying to stop such a poisonous event from taking place, actually took the side of the racists, protecting them as they went along... Then, imagine that senior British politicians praised the police for allowing the racist demonstration to take place, bizarrely insisting that the "Death to the Jews" demonstration "had to be approved" and applauding the "excellent" management of the event.  Continue...

Palestinians & Israelis killed in 2021:

At least 251 Palestinians (69 children) and 10 Israelis (2 children) have been killed by someone from the other side in 2021.The youngest victim was Mohammad Zain al-Dein Hasan Attar, 8 months, and the oldest victim was Ameen Mohammed Hamad al-Kulk, 90.  With a full list of victims and personal info.
Source: "Israel-Palestine Timeline. The Human Cost of the Conflict."

Actions, Calls & Denunciations: 


Take action now! Please contact your representatives or government officials now and help us to put pressure for international action to stop the ethnic cleansing of Jerusalem.

« One War Older: Israeli violations against children and women during the military attack on Gaza (10 - 21 May 2021) »

Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor, July 4, 2021.

In a new report (pdf, 16p.) released today, Euro-Med Monitor  documented the suffering of the two most vulnerable groups in the besieged Strip: women and children. The report, entitled "One War Older", said that around 50% of the two million people in the Gaza Strip are children under 15 years, and 49% are female. The organization indicated that during Operation "Guardian of the Walls" in the Gaza Strip, Israel carried out disproportionate attacks against densely populated residential neighborhoods with the majority (75%) being children and women. The report comes after more than five weeks of field research by Euro-Med Monitor's team, which documented hundreds of cases of direct targeting of civilian homes that contained large numbers of women and children in the Gaza Strip. Continue...

« United Nations Accuses Israel of 'Grave Violations' against Palestinian Children »

Juan Cole (Informed Comment, July 3, 2021):

This week, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres presented a report to the 75th General Assembly on the "Promotion and protection of the rights of children: promotion and protection of the rights of children: Children and Armed Conflict." It had a damning section on the situation in Israel and Palestine. The report notes some violations by the Palestinian Muslim fundamentalist party-militia, Hamas, which runs the Gaza Strip, but the number is minor compared to the violations charged against Israel... 

75. The United Nations verified 1,031 grave violations against 340 Palestinian and 3 Israeli children (327 boys, 13 girls) in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip and Israel. In addition, 96 grave violations against 96 children (92 boys, 4 girls) which occurred in previous years were verified at later date. Continue...

© Mati Milstein/NurPhoto via Getty Images.

« Israeli police used 'ruthless excessive force' against Palestinian protesters - new research »

Amnesty International UK - Press Releases (June 24, 2021):

'Discriminatory crackdown' allowed Jewish supremacists to freely organise their own violent demonstrations. "Tonight we are not Jews, we are Nazis" - Jewish supremacists circulated extremist social media messages to organise attacks on Palestinians. "This discriminatory crackdown was orchestrated as an act of retaliation and intimidation to crush pro-Palestinian demonstrations" - Saleh HigaziIsraeli police committed a catalogue of violations against Palestinians in Israel and occupied East Jerusalem - including using unlawful force against peaceful protesters, sweeping mass arrests, and subjecting detainees to torture and other ill-treatment - during and after recent armed hostilities in Israel and Gaza, Amnesty International said today. Continue...

« Statement: Stop the Wall calls for stopping the PA escalated oppression »

(27 June, 2021):

This is a crucial moment within our struggle as Palestinians in our homeland and in exile and many international supporters are asking what the role of solidarity with our people is. We try to give some answers:

  • Support and amplify the voices of the people fighting oppression;
  • Demand your governments redirect any funds that sustain the PA security forces to support for our farmers, workers and people in struggle against dispossession;
  • Keep focused on ending Israel's decades old regime of occupation, settler colonialism and apartheid and international complicity with it.

A shuttered Palestinian shop in Hebron closed down by the Israeli military that was vandalized with a Star of David, an ancient Jewish symbol adopted by the Israeli state as a national symbol. (Photo: Lauren Surface)

« Take down the Israeli flag »

An international group of Jews is calling on Jewish institutions to take down the Israeli flag saying, "The Israeli flag has the status of the Confederate flag. We are appalled at the idea that it represents us. It should be taken down."

Stanley Heller (Mondoweiss, 14 June, 2021:

On Tuesday, June 15th hundreds of far-right Israelis escorted by Israeli police and the IDF will march to the Damascus Gate waving Israeli flags and staging an "Israeli Flag Dance".  Then they will march though part of the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem to assert Jewish superiority and intimidate Palestinians. It's a postponement from the usual ugly nationalist march on "Jerusalem Day". In sharp contrast more than a hundred Jews have signed a strong statement calling on synagogues and Jewish institutions to take down the Israeli flag. Continue...

Open Letter: Take Down the Israeli Flag.

« Social Rights for Palestinian Spouses of Israeli Citizens and Residents »
Sharon Abraham-Weiss (ACRI,

Earlier this year, a child born in an Israeli hospital to a mother with Israeli citizenship was denied a birth certificate because his father is a resident of the Occupied Palestinian Territories. During the first and most critical months of his life, the child was denied health services, as his parents scrambled to receive the proper documentation. Sadly, this is not an exception, but the rule. The Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law prohibits the spouse of an Israeli citizen from acquiring legal status and access to rights in Israel solely for being from the West Bank or Gaza.
Today, as Knesset members seek a compromise over the Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law, there are thousands of people living in Israel who are denied their full rights and live under constant fear of separation. The
political stalemate surrounding this issue isn't just about power - it's about the fundamental rights to family life and equality. Continue...

Gideon Levy in the West Bank village of Turmus Ayya, on Monday. Credit: Alex Levac.

« Haaretz Journalist Gideon Levy Awarded Israel's Top Journalism Prize »

'Levy challenges the Israeli consensus in courageous work on the ground that brings the voices of Palestinians' in the West Bank and Gaza, Sokolow Prize committee says.

Ofer Aderet (Haaretz via AFOPA - Australian Friends of Palestine Association, 18 June 2021):

Haaretz journalist Gideon Levy is one of the winners of the prestigious Sokolow Prize for 2021, which is awarded by the city of Tel Aviv. Levy, 68, who has been writing for Haaretz since 1982, won the prize for print journalism.
Levy has been writing a weekly column, "The Twilight Zone," since the First Intifada on the suffering of Palestinians in the occupied territories. In his opinion pieces in Haaretz, he writes about the injustice of the occupation and does not hesitate to express unpopular views against Israel's policies, which often draw a heavy criticism from readers and the general public. Continue...

A Palestinian child, wounded by Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip, receives treatment at Al-Shifa Hospital on May 19, 2021 in Gaza City. Photo: Fatima Shbair/Getty Images.

« Scientific American Retracted Pro-Palestine Article Without Any Factual Errors »

After right-wing outrage, the esteemed journal removed an opinion piece expressing solidarity with Palestinians under Israeli bombardment.

Murtaza Hussain (The Intercept, July 1, 2021):

Sabreen Akhter felt an urge to help in whatever way she could. Like many people around the world this May, Akhter was following news of war in the Gaza Strip, where Israeli bombardment was exacerbating a humanitarian crisis in the territory. Scanning her social media feed, Akhter, a doctor from Chicago, made contact with a few other health care professionals across the United States who had also been posting news online about the crisis.
Akhter set up a call to discuss what they could do, on behalf of their profession, for Palestinians. They settled on the idea of writing an article together as a group of medical workers concerned about the medical situation in Gaza and pitching it to Scientific American, where Akhter had published in the opinion section in the past.

Link to the by SA retracted article (via Wayback Machine).

Academia & Academic Calls:

« Over 700 Scholars and Artists call for the dismantling of the apartheid regime in historic Palestine »

(AURDIP, 8 July, 2021):

Over 720 scholars, artists and intellectuals from more than 45 countries have signed the following declaration calling for the dismantling of the apartheid regime set up on the territory of historic Palestine and the establishment of a democratic constitutional arrangement that grants all its inhabitants equal rights and duties. The signatories include many distinguished figures, including the Nobel Peace Prize laureates Adolfo Pérez Esquivel and Mairead Maguire, academics with legal expertise Monique Chemillier-Gendreau and Richard Falk, scholars Étienne Balibar, Hagit Borer, Ivar Ekeland, Suad Joseph, Jacques Rancière, Roshdi Rashed and Gayatri Spivak, health researcher Sir Iain Chalmers, composer Brian Eno, musician Roger Waters, author Ahdaf Soueif, economist and former Assistant Secretary-General of the UN Sir Richard Jolly, South African politician and veteran anti-apartheid leader Ronnie Kasrils and Canadian peace activist and former national leader of the Green Party of Canada Joan Russow. Continue...

* The full list (for now) of signatories is available here.

* Academics, artists and intellectuals can endorse this declaration by completing this form.

* Version française: click here!


Position des universitaires belges francophones - déclaration de solidarité avec la population palestinienne (, 6 juillet 2021, 242s.):

Être neutre dans une situation d'injustice, c'est être du côté de l'oppresseur.

Universitaires, nous sommes fortement préoccupés par le nouveau cycle de violences que les populations palestinienne et israélienne ont subies. 278 Palestiniens dont 70 enfants ont trouvé la mort à Gaza et en Cisjordanie, et 12 Israéliens sont morts des tirs de roquettes. L'émergence des violences ne peut cependant être comprise hors contexte, et un cessez-le-feu n'empêche pas la perpétuation des injustices, discriminations et expropriations illégales. Continue...

"Palestinian student Layan Nasir seized by Israeli occupation forces"
Samidoun, 7 July 2021:

Palestinian student Layan Nasir was seized in the early morning hours of Wednesday, 7 July, by Israeli occupation forces who invaded her home. She is a student at Bir Zeit University who wrote on social media only two days ago about the attacks she suffered at the hands of undercover Palestinian Authority security forces wearing civilian clothes, who violently beat protesters against the assassination of Palestinian activist Nizar Banat. She is currently being held in the Israeli Ofer prison.
There are currently hundreds of Palestinian students detained by the Israeli occupation. At Bir Zeit University alone, Nasir's university, approximately
74 students were detained by occupation soldiers during the 2019-2020 academic year. Students are routinely and specifically targeted for Israeli colonial imprisonment and repression for their student activism, organizing student events and participation in student elections and other political and social activities on campus. Just days ago, a UN panel declared that the imprisonment of Palestinian students Layan Kayed, Ruba Assi and Elia Abu Hijleh was unlawful and arbitrary, calling for their release. Continue...

Academic Associations's Newsletters:

# Newsletter de l'AURDIP du 30 juin 2021 (Association des Universitaires pour le Respect du Droit International en Palestine). Quelques thèmes:

À la suite de pressions exercées par un groupe pro-israélien, Scientific American supprime une tribune de professionnels de la santé appelant au boycott.
* La mort sous détention palestinienne d'un opposant à Abbas attise le dégoût contre son régime (Amira Hass).
* La suspension par Israël de la distribution de courrier en provenance et à; destination de Gaza est une punition collective inacceptable. 

# BRICUP Newsletter No.140 May-June 2021 (British Committee for the Universities of Palestine), pdf, 43p. Some topics:

Section One: BDS Initiatives and the New Academic Commitment for Palestine:
1. Monica Wusteman: "Editorial Introduction"; 2. Tom Hickey: "A New Academic Commitment for Palestine"; 3. Manchester Staff: "Severing Partnership with Tel Aviv"; 4. Architects and Planners Against Apartheid: "Stand for Palestine"; 5. Tom Hickey: "BDS Motions in UCU Branches"; 6. PACBI: "Unprecedented Surge in Scholars' Condemnation of Israel". 7. Palestine Mental Health Networks: "DO NO HARM - Boycott Conferences in Israel".

« AARDi - Against Apartheid and Racial Discrimination »

AARDi is a non-governmental organization composed of human rights advocates, academics, and activists who firmly stand against apartheid and racial discrimination, and who believe that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is mainly an issue of human rights. They also believe that dismantling the apartheid regime Israel has imposed on all Palestinians is a necessary precondition for reaching a true, just and durable peace.
AARDi is registered in Geneva, Switzerland as 'the Global Organization against Racial Discrimination and Segregation', and its work is guided by International conventions and declarations, in particular the
 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination, and the International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid. Continue...

University of California, Berkeley.

« US faculty members stand with Palestinians against 'settler colonialism and racial apartheid' »

(Middle East Monitor, May 21, 2021):

Over one hundred faculty members of one of the world's leading universities have issued a statement in support of Palestinians and their "struggle as a global movement for liberation from settler colonialism and racial apartheid""Standing with Scholars for Palestinian Freedom, we affirm the foundational principles of academic integrity and the rights and dignity of the Palestinian people. We join the growing number of faculty members across the United States - from Yale, Princeton and the Universities of Illinois Chicago and Urbana-Champaign, to UC Santa Cruz and Gender Studies Departments around the country - to express our solidarity with Palestine and to recommit to deepening Palestinian knowledge in our teaching, research and scholarship." Continue...

« Yale students approve statement denouncing Israeli 'apartheid' and 'ethnic cleansing' »

Yale University students label Israel an apartheid state guilty of ethnic cleansing.

(Middle East Monitor, July 1, 2021):

The student council in one of America's most prestigious universities has approved a statement denouncing Israel for "genocide", "ethnic cleansing" and "apartheid" in occupied Palestine. The Yale College Council, the undergraduate student government, approved the statement earlier this week. The vote was 8-3 in favour, with four abstentions. The statement was adopted a month-and-a-half after an open letter was released on 14 May by Yale Jews for Palestine demanding accountability for Israel. Over 50 student organisations are said to have endorsed the letter, including the Yale College Democrats, the Yale Women's Centre and the Yale Literary Magazine. The letter called on Yale University to join the global Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign. Continue...

« Victory: Middle East Anthropologists Overwhelmingly Support Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions »

Anthropologists for the Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions (June 14, 2021): 

Anthropologists of the Middle East have voted overwhelmingly to support the boycott of Israeli academic institutions. In a special referendum held June 2-11 by the Middle East Section of the American Anthropological Association, a boycott resolution passed 157 to 11, with 71% of the membership participating.
Anthropologists for the Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions (Anthroboycott) submitted the resolution during Israel's assault on the Gaza Strip last month. The boycott represents an act of solidarity from scholars specializing on the region, many of whom have long studied U.S. support for Israel's colonial practices and violent suppression of the Palestinian people.
Anthroboycott calls on our colleagues across the discipline to take up the boycott call, especially in light of the
strong statement of solidarity with the Palestinian people released by the board of the Middle East Section in May and endorsed by 17 other sections of the American Anthropological Association. We offer our assistance and resources to those who wish to organize for the boycott. Continue...

US Zionist academics: Bernard-Lewis, Fouad Ajami and Norman-Stillman.

« US Zionist academics align themselves with the power of a proven apartheid state, Israel »

Tensions in academia.

Lawrence Davidson (Redress Analysis and Information, June 21, 2021):

The growing divide in the US between Zionists and supporters of Palestinian rights has led to pronounced tensions in academia. Much has been said about increasing pro-Palestinian student protests as well as the activities of pro-Israel boards of governors, presidents, deans, etc. The latter try to guard their campuses from pro-Palestinian faculty, student clubs, invited speakers and the like. These tensions have found yet another academic front on which to contest. There are two historical associations in the US for scholars of Middle East studies, reflecting opposing attitudes towards Israel and its behaviour towards the Palestinians. And this divide presents us with a dichotomy of values at the professional academic level. Continue...

Analyses : 

Sahar Huneidi has a BA in Political Science from the American University of Beirut, and a Ph.D. from the University of Manchester.

« Racism and Violence: The Corollaries and Logical Implications of Political Zionism »

Sahar Huneidi (AARDI, June 5, 2021):

It is well-documented that Israel systematically discriminates against non-Jews, and Palestinians in particular. This, after all, is a country where the current prime minister openly boasted that "Israel is not a state of all its citizens. According to the basic nationality law we passed, Israel is the nation state of the Jewish people - and only it." 
This raises the question of whether this racism is a recent phenomenon or if it was instead embedded in the original thinking of the founding Zionist leaders. This brief tries to answer this question by going back to the origins of the Zionist project and examining how it intersected with colonialism and race theories in the late 19th century. In asserting that Zionism is indeed inherently (both in theory and practice) racist, it draws attention to its clear desire to dispossess, dominate and persecute Palestine's indigenous population. 

Illustration by The New York Times/Photographs via Getty.

« The Myth of Coexistence in Israel »
Diana Buttu* (The New York Times, June 25, 2021):

Secretary of State Antony Blinken is visiting Israel and plans to visit the West Bank in an attempt to bolster Friday's cease-fire, which halted Israel's bombing campaign in Gaza and Hamas's rocket attacks on Israel. On Tuesday, Mr. Blinken spoke in Jerusalem about his intention to "rally international support" to aid Gaza and rebuild what was destroyed. Despite the cease-fire, protests by Palestinians in Jerusalem and elsewhere have continued, the Israeli police have arrested scores of Palestinians in the West Bank and East Jerusalem and Israeli settlers have persisted in their provocations. The fault lines in Israeli society have never been clearer. Continue...

* Ms. Buttu is a lawyer, former adviser to the negotiating team of the Palestine Liberation Organization, and Palestinian citizen of Israel.

Extract from a design by Ismail Shammout.

« Le droit inaliénable des Palestiniens à la résistance »

Louis Allday* 

(Ebb Magazine via Collectif Palestine Vaincra, trad. J-M F., 1 juillet, 2021):

En décembre 1982, suite à l'invasion dévastatrice du Liban par Israël six mois plus tôt, l'Assemblée générale des Nations unies adoptait la Résolution A/RES/37/43 intitulée « Importance de la réalisation universelle des droits des peuples à l'autodétermination »
Elle appuyait, sans qualification, « le droit inaliénable » du peuple palestinien à « l'autodétermination, à l'indépendance nationale, à l'intégrité territoriale, à l'unité nationale et à la souveraineté sans interférence extérieure », et réaffirmait la légitimité de sa lutte pour ces droits « par tous les moyens possibles, y compris la lutte armée » Continue...

* Louis Allday is a writer and historian based in London. He is the founding editor of Liberated Texts.

« Defying Fragmentation and the Significance of Unity: A New Palestinian Uprising »

Yara Hawari (Al-Shabaka, June 29, 2021):

The ongoing Palestinian uprising against the Israeli settler-colonial regime in colonized Palestine did not begin in Sheikh Jarrah, the Palestinian neighborhood of Jerusalem whose residents face imminent ethnic cleansing. While the threat of the expulsion of these eight families certainly catalyzed this mass popular mobilization, the ongoing uprising is ultimately an articulation of a shared Palestinian struggle in the wake of over seven decades of Zionist settler-colonialism. These decades have been characterized by continuous forced displacement, land theft, incarceration, economic subjugation, and the brutalization of Palestinian bodies. Palestinians have also been subjected to a deliberate process of fragmentation, not simply geographically - into ghettoes, Bantustans, and refugee camps - but also socially and politically. Yet the unity witnessed over the last two months as Palestinians across colonized Palestine and beyond mobilized in shared struggle with Sheikh Jarrah has challenged this fragmentation, to the surprise of both the Israeli regime and the Palestinian political leadership alike.  Continue...

Mansour Abbas speaks during a Knesset session in Jerusalem, June 13, 2021. Photo: Ariel Schalit/AP.

« The Two Paths of Palestinian Islamism »

Peter Beinart (Jewish Currents, June 25, 2021).

For the first time ever, Israel's newly formed governing coalition includes one Palestinian Islamist Party, Mansour Abbas's Ra'am. Meanwhile, the very same government has only recently agreed to a cease-fire with another Palestinian Islamist organization, Hamas. While Ra'am and Hamas are very different entities, they have some common origins, and understanding the divergence between them is crucial to making sense of the politics of Israel/Palestine right now.
For background on this divide, I talked about the history and development of Palestinian Islamism with Khaled Al Hroub, a professor in residence at Northwestern University in Qatar and the author of the books
Hamas: A Beginner's Guide and Hamas: Political Thought and Practice.

Current equipment and weapons of the Israel Defense Forces, 2017 (Wikipedia).

« Israel: the model coercive state and why boycotting it is key to emancipation everywhere »

Israel's arms and security industry has become an intrinsic part of the apartheid regime. It is not only present in the brutal violence of the bombing of Gaza and the constant harassment and dispossession of Palestinians, it is also shaping the coercive dimensions of states everywhere, bringing the politics and methodology of occupation to other countries and regimes.

Alys Samson Estapé (State of Power, May 2020):

Israel is one of the world's most militarised and securitised countries. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), in 2020 Israel was among the 5 countries with the highest  military budgets in the world , at 5.6% of its GDP. Israel is also the 8th largest arms exporter in the world. Continue...

Israeli PM Naftali Bennett speaks during a visit to a Maccabi healthcare maintenance organisation (HMO) outlet which offers vaccinations against the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Holon, near the central city of Tel Aviv, on June 29, 2021.(Photo by AMIR COHEN/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

« Bennett's political theatre: The decisive Israeli-Palestinian fight ahead »

Ramzy Baroud (Middle East Monitor, June 29, 2021):

Many Palestinians believe that the 10-21 May military confrontation between Israel and the Gaza Resistance, along with the simultaneous popular revolt across Palestine, was a game-changer. Israel is doing everything in its power to prove them wrong. 
Palestinians are justified to hold this viewpoint; after all, their minuscule military capabilities in a
besieged and impoverished tiny stretch of land, the Gaza Strip, have managed to push back - or at least neutralise - the massive and superior Israeli military machine. Continue...

« Gaza's Summer: Destruction, Pandemic, and Climate Change »

Asmaa Abu Mezied (Al-Shabaka, June 13, 2021):

In 2013, the UNDP* warned of the increasing occurrence of dangerous heatwaves in Palestine over the coming years as a result of climate change. Indeed, at the end of August 2020, the Palestine Meteorological Office issued a warning about an impending heatwave, where the temperature ranged between five to nine degrees above its yearly average. As climate change continues to destroy the planet, Palestinians are struggling to manage its dramatic effects in great part due to the Israeli occupation. Continue...

* 'The United Nations Development Programme is the global development network of the UN. It promotes technical and investment cooperation among nations and advocates for change and connects countries to knowledge, experience and resources to help people build a better life for themselves.'

ā€˜Stop the Wall', Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign 2015.

« Book Review: Women's Political Activism in Palestine: Peacebuilding, Resistance, and Survival by Sophie Richter-Devroe »

Dr Mark Griffiths
(LSE Review of Books, June 9, 2021, via Jewish Voice for Labour, June 22, 2021):

For writers on contemporary colonised Palestine, there are basic issues to address. First, the issue of positionality is fraught. If you are an 'outsider', colonial violence is forcibly present but always at one remove; this is crucial for situating claims made on the workings of power. Second, there is the question of framing. Life is not reducible to political formations, but nor is it divorced from political context. One thus cannot write about contemporary Palestine without addressing the brutal violence of Israel's occupation; one should not over-determine Palestine as (passive) object of that violence. Third, accounts must speak with and through Palestinians. For a population in continual struggle for political visibility, it is imperative that authors do not replicate the silencing of already-marginalised voices. Continue...

Remnants of agricultural plots separated by a low stone barrier that's invisible to the naked eye, in Beit Guvrin, in the central part of the country. Credit: Miki Kratsman and Shabtai Pinchevsky.

« The Photos Exposing What Israel Is Trying to Hide »

A show at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art exposes in a thrilling yet disturbing way, from the air and the ground, abandoned villages, fenced-off lands and unrecognized locales.

Gili Merin (Haaretz Archive, June 22, 2021):

An exhibition now on at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art illustrates starkly the impact of limited access to high-quality photography. "Anti-Mapping," by Miki Kratsman and Shabtai Pinchevsky (curator: Raz Samira), features spectacular images that present an alternative to the official means of mapping that are controlled by the state. Over the course of several years, the two photographers wandered the country documenting sites that are contested both literally and symbolically - on the land and in the public consciousness: Palestinian towns that were destroyed in 1948, unrecognized Bedouin villages, and a string of locales abutting the route of Green Line. Using a variety of technologies, the duo created a detailed mapping of Israel ā€“ precisely in places the state sought to erase, obstruct and conceal. Continue...

« Palestinian Liberation and the Israeli Working Class »

As the Israeli army committed another massacre in Gaza, there were anti-war protests in Tel Aviv, but much of Israeli society supports the war and the occupation. Socialists are debating if anything can be expected from the working class in Israel. Revolutionary politics need to oppose imperialism, but still fight for a class perspective.

Nathaniel Flakin (Left Voice, May 31, 2021):

The Israeli army committed another horrific massacre in Gaza. An estimated 248 people in Gaza have been killed by rockets, including 66 children. Whole apartment blocks have been flattened. During the war, there were a number of anti-war protests in Tel Aviv, Jaffa, and other Israeli cities, with Jewish and Arab people coming together to call for peace. But these hopeful signs should not distract us from the fact that the majority of Israeli society today stands behind the occupation regime, with all the systematic, brutal violence it implies. One poll, for example, showed 72% of Israelis rejecting a ceasefire. 
In this context, there has been a renewed debate among English-speaking socialists about the potential role of the Israeli working class in the liberation struggle. In the magazine New Politics,
Daniel Fischer, brian bean, and Moshe Machover have recently written on this question, centered around the recently published volume Palestine: A Socialist Introduction. Can Israeli workers be an ally of the Palestinian liberation struggle? And if so, under what conditions? 

"One hand in craft, the other with the dagger", 1954 Poster of the Histadrut, the Zionist labor organization that carried out settlement and formed the backbone of the Haganah militia that perpetrated the ethnic cleansing of the 1948 Nakba.

« No Joint Struggle With Settler Colonialism »

brian bean (New Politics, May 4, 2021):

New Politics editor's note: brian bean, co-editor of the anthology " Palestine: A Socialist Introduction," responds to Daniel Fischer's "In Support of Joint Struggle." Both articles refer to the anthology's chapter "Not an Ally" by Daphna Thier. A summary of this and other chapters can be found in Steve Leigh' review. Continue...

Israeli settlers in the unauthorized Evytar outpost in the West Bank, this month. In the 1967 occupied territories, the process of dispossessing and settling is underway. Credit: Tomer Appelbaum.

« The Problem With Talking About Israeli Apartheid »

Amira Hass (Haaretz, July 5, 2021):

We should be grateful that the title "apartheid," to denote the Israeli regime between the river and the sea, is becoming more and more common and legitimate, even fashionable. But like every fashion, there is a problem here too. It is not with the definition itself, but with what is omitted from it.
The problem is that in all the heat of the talk about apartheid, a dynamic, active and dangerous dimension of it - the
Jewish settler colonialism - has become dulled and blunted. According to the ideology and policies of Jewish settler colonialism, the Palestinians are superfluous. In short, it is possible, worthwhile and desirable to live without the Palestinians in this country between the river and the sea. Their existence here is conditional, dependent on our wishes and our goodwill - a matter of time. 
The ideology of "superfluousness" is a poison that spreads especially when the process of settler colonialism is at its height. Continue...

BDS - Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions :

« Decision to exclude companies with links to Israeli settlements in the West Bank »

(Kommunal Landspensjonskasse, June 2021, pdf, 7p.):

Effective from June 2021, KLP and KLP Funds (KLP) have decided to exclude16 companies from their investment portfoliosas part of a due diligence-based divestment. In KLP's assessment, there is an unacceptable risk that the excluded companies are contributing to the abuse of human rights in situations of war and conflict through their links with the Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank. KLP has also previously excluded companies with links to the West Bank Barrier or the Israeli settlements. Continue...

Cf. de Standaard, 6 juli, ("Economie"): "Het grootste pensioenfonds van Noorwegen, Kommunal Landspensjonskasse (KLP), zal niet langer investeren in 16 bedrijven ā€“ waaronder Motorola Solutions en Alstom ā€“ die betrokken zijn bij activiteiten die te maken hebben met de Israëlische nederzettingen in de bezette Palestijnse gebieden. De desinvestering van KLP is goed voor ongeveer 27 miljoen euro aan aandelen en obligaties."

* Kommunal Landspensjonskasse Gjensidig Forsikringsselskap or KLP is a mutual insurance company responsible for the management of municipal and county pensions and insurance issues. The company has total assets of NOK 280 billion, with 337 municipal and county authorities, 31 health trusts and 2,300 public sector companies as clients. The company is based in Oslo. (Wikipedia)

Photo by Luigi Morris.

« CUNY Union Passes Resolution Demanding End to All U.S. Aid to Israel »

Rank-and-file activists in CUNY's faculty and staff union fought against bureaucratic machinations to pass a resolution calling for internal discussions of BDS and demanding that Joe Biden end all aid to Israel and other countries participating in human rights violations.

Olivia Wood (Left Voice, June 11, 2021):

On Thursday, June 10, the delegate assembly of PSC-CUNY, the faculty and staff union at the City University of New York, considered two resolutions in support of the Palestinian people. This resolution comes in light of the May 2021 bombings in Gaza that resulted in the deaths of at least 274 Palestinians (including 71 children) and the injury and displacement of tens of thousands more. Despite union leaders' attempts to minimize and hollow out the content of the original, more combative resolution, the assembly passed a version explicitly describing Israel as an apartheid state, calling on chapters to discuss support for BDS, and demanding that the Biden administration end all aid funding human rights violations and the occupation of Palestine. Continue...

Palestinian Trade Unions Call for Immediate And Urgent Action From International Trade Unions, May 22, 2021.

Palestinian trade unions and workers' organisations across historic Palestine are calling on our brothers and sisters in the global trade union movement to take immediate action in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for freedom and justice.

European Trade Union Initiative for Justice in Palestine (ETUN-Palestine):

As Israel's settler mobs and occupation forces continue a campaign of violence and ethnic cleansing against Palestinians in Gaza, Sheikh Jarrah, Lydd and Haifa - Palestinian workers bare the brunt of this violence and we are at the forefront of the struggle for our liberation. This week, Palestinian activists and trade unions held a General Strike across historic Palestine. This is the first strike in recent history to bring together Palestinians no matter where we are located. In order to achieve our liberation, however, we require the solidarity of our comrades and friends in the trade union movement internationally. As Israel escalates its attacks and brutality we need this solidarity more than ever, and we need it urgently in order to restrain Israel's war machine from continuing its massacres even further. Continue...

(Image by Snowscat)

« How Pro-Palestine Activists and Union Workers are Blocking Israeli Trade in Port Cities »

Naomi LaChance (CounterPunch+, June 20, 2021):

The protests have been a clear example of a way people can directly impact Israeli trade. According to a statement from the Palestinian BDS National Committee: "Our people power is working, and sending a clear message that Israel's ongoing settler-colonialism, occupation, and violence against the Palestinian people will come with a heavy price. Every hour that ZIM cargo ships remain undocked and unloaded is a huge victory, as it means that the apartheid state of Israel is losing enormous amounts of money." Continue....

COVID-19 in the oPt:

« COVID-19 Delta variant outbreak threatens to deepen wellbeing crisis among exhausted Palestinian health workers »

Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP, July 7, 2021):

The arrival of the highly contagiouDelta variant of COVID-19 in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) threatens to worsen the crisis in the fragmented and unprepared Palestinian health system, and deepen a burgeoning mental health and wellbeing crisis among a depleted Palestinian healthcare workforce. 
Doctors, nurses and other health professionals interviewed by Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) report feeling isolated, anxious, under-prepared and under-appreciated during the COVID-19 response. Already working under decades of occupation and blockade, healthcare workers revealed how shortages of medicines and personal protective equipment, restrictions on movement, and witnessing the suffering of patients has left them physically and mentally exhausted. Continue...

As of 1 July, the number of people confirmed to currently have COVID-19 across the oPt was 2,420, down from 2,985 last week. Since the outbreak began, about 337,000 of the approximately 343,000 cases have recovered, and 3,833 have died. The number of patients in intensive care units is eight, with two people requiring mechanical ventilation. Twelve patients are being treated in Corona hospital centres and departments in the West Bank. The Case Fatality Rate (CFR), the proportion of deaths among confirmed cases, remains at 1.1 per cent.
In Gaza, as of 1 July, some 2,268 active cases were reported, down from 2,818 last week, who were isolated either at home or in hospitals designated for COVID-19 treatment by the Ministry of Health (MoH). The cumulative number of COVID-19 cases is 114,453, with 111,121 people recovered, and 1,064 deaths recorded. Gaza continues to account for 94 per cent of all active cases in the oPt. 
The West Bank continues to witness a decline in confirmed COVID-19 cases, with only 152 recorded, and in related deaths. During the reporting period, the MoH announced that 20 cases of the COVID-19 Delta variant were detected in West Bank and are in isolation. The MoH has implemented a 14-day quarantine for arrivals from Gulf countries and is encouraging members of the public to take the COVID-19 vaccination. As of 1 July, about 500,000 Palestinians have been vaccinated, including about 110,000 Palestinian workers who have been vaccinated by the Israeli authorities.

For latest World Health Organization COVID-19 update, see here.

Current Affairs :

A pick of Haaretz articles: (contact)

@ Judy Maltz: « A Grandson of Palestinian Immigrants Could Be Chile's Next President, and these Jews are worried. Daniel Jadue, who has previously accused Jews of controlling the media and refers to the Jewish community as the 'Zionist community,' is close to assuming Chile's highest office. Chilean Jews explain their concerns and why some are now making aliyah » (Haaretz, May 27).

@ Hagar Shezaf: « Masked Israelis Filmed Throwing Stones at Palestinians While Soldiers Stood By. The alleged assault took place on private Palestinian lands in the West Bank that a 2013 military order bans Israelis from entering » (Haaretz, June 23).

@ Odeh Bisharat: « Israel's Citizenship Law Is a Scion of the Nuremberg Laws, and the Left Is Silent » (Haaretz, June 28).

@ Gideon Levy & Alex Levac: « Israeli Border Police Blocked Ahmad's Car, Shot Him Point-blank - Then Drove Off. After a night out, Ahmad 'Abdu got into his car in a town near Ramallah, where Border Police ambushed him and shot him dead. His family says the cops mistook him for his uncle» (Haaretz, June 28).

@ Dahlia Scheindlin: « Israel's Cruel Citizenship Law Is Rotten, Racist and Unredeemable. For 18 years, Israeli governments have backed a law built on faulty security arguments, explicit demographic engineering and pure human suffering. The Bennett coalition seems set to prolong ruining Palestinian and Israeli lives » (Haaretz, June 24).

@ Amira Hass: « As Palestinians Protest Death of Abbas Opponent, Women Are Assaulted in Response While senior PA officials understand the political damage caused by the killing of Nizar Banat, Fatah is questioning the demonstrators' loyalty, with female journalists especially targeted » (Haaretz, July 3)

@ Carolina Landsmann: « With Bennett as Prime Minister, Political Power Is in Israeli Settlers' Hands » Haaretz, July 4).

International :

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett. (Photo: video grab)

« 'Putting Lipstick on a Pig': Why Washington is Fawning over Israel's New Government »

Ramzy Baroud (Politics for the People June 23, 2021):

When former US President Barack Obama used an old cliché to denigrate his political opponent, the late US Senator, John McCain, he triggered a political controversy lasting several days. "You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig," Obama said at a campaign event in 2008. The maxim indicates that superficial changes have no bearings on outcomes and that modifying our facade does not alter who we really are. American politicians are an authority on the subject. They are experts on artificial, rhetorical and, ultimately, shallow change. Once again, Washington's political make-up artists are busy at work. Continue...

People stand together during an interfaith Rally Against Anti-Semitism, in Miami Beach, Florida, earlier this month. Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images/AFP.

« U.S. State Dept. Doubles Down on Embrace of IHRA Antisemitism Definition »

Several liberal Zionist groups have previously cautioned that the definition of antisemitism, adopted by the Trump administration, conflates legitimate criticism of Israel and advocacy for Palestinian rights.

Ben Samuels (Haaretz, June 25, 2021):

Months after several House Democrats urged U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken to use the various definitions of antisemitism at his disposal to combat antisemitism, the State Department has doubled down on its embrace of the contentious International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance's working definition of antisemitism. Several liberal Zionist organizations have previously cautioned that the definition, adopted by former President Donald Trump's administration in September 2018, conflates legitimate criticism of Israel and advocacy for Palestinian rights with antisemitism. Continue...

EU flags flying half-mast outside headquarters of the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium on 4 December 2020. [Dursun Aydemir/Anadolu Agency]

« Another textbook scandal exposes EU's selective outrage »

Middle East Monitor (June 23, 2021):

Another textbook scandal has broken out but this one has the potential to expose double standards and selective outrage within the EU, Israel's largest trading partner. A top EU official backed tougher action against the Palestinian Authority (PA) on Monday including conditioning aid and financial assistance following the release of a report which claims to have found evidence of incitement and anti-Semitism in Palestinian textbooks. Continue...

People gather in Brooklyn to demonstrate in support of Palestinians in New York City, on May 15, 2021. Protests are taking place worldwide against Israel's recent escalated actions towards the Palestinian people. [Tayfun Coskun / Anadolu Agency]

« More US labour unions join alliance against 'Israeli apartheid' »

Middle East Monitor (June 19, 2021):

Vermont State Labour Council has announced joining alliance of Labor for Palestine which stands against "Israeli apartheid," raising the number of American labour bodies which joined this alliance to 15. 
"Our affiliate Vermont State Labor Council AFL-CIO joins its counterpart at the Connecticut Labor Council in standing against Israeli apartheid," the council said in a statement posted on Facebook. "This should come as no surprise," it said, citing its leadership's "reputation of standing on the right side of history and embracing rank-and-file unionism."  

Amir Cohen/Reuters.

« La solidarité avec Israël repose sur du sable de plus en plus instable aux Etats-Unis »

La solidarité avec Israël a longtemps fait partie intégrante de l'identité juive. Mais la jeune génération de Juifs américains se montre de plus en plus critique à l'égard d'Israël.

Sascha Lehnartz (Die Welt via Le Soir, 15 juin 2021):

D'après le politologue Dov Waxman, qui est professeur d'études israéliennes à l'Université de Californie à Los Angeles et étudie depuis plusieurs années les rapports des Juifs américains avec Israël, deux changements cruciaux se sont opérés au cours de la dernière décennie. « L'Israël avec lequel ont grandi les membres de la jeune génération est très différent de celui de leurs parents ou grands-parents », explique-t-il d'abord. « Ils voient principalement le pays sous l'angle du conflit israélo-palestinien. Et c'est là qu'Israël est de plus en plus considéré comme l'occupant, voire l'oppresseur des Palestiniens. En tout cas, le pays est vu comme le plus puissant des deux camps. » Continue...

IfNotNow rally. Source: IfNotNow Facebook Page.

« Et si les Juifs se détournaient d'Israël ? »

Henri Goldman (Le blog cosmopolite, 28 juin 2021):

Pour le commun des mortels, l'identification des Juifs avec Israël constitue le trait le plus évident de leur identité. La religion reflue, la culture juive se folklorise, reste Israël. Cet État est d'ailleurs désormais officiellement «l'État-nation du peuple juif», où moi qui n'y ai jamais vécu j'ai virtuellement plus de droits qu'un Arabe palestinien qui y est né et y réside depuis toujours. Symétriquement, le CCOJB, la coupole des associations juives de Belgique francophone, « promeut le soutien par tous les moyens appropriés à l'État d'Israël, centre spirituel du judaïsme et havre pour les communautés juives menacées. » Tout semble concourir à valider l'équation « Israël = Juif » et inversément.  Continue...

Israel Apartheid State:

A former Israeli Druze officer (R) holds a banner (not shown) that reads in Hebrew, "Bibi, look at the absurdity that you have created with your law," as members of the Israeli Druze community and their supporters demonstrate to protest against the Jewish Nation-State Law in the Israeli coastal city of Tel Aviv on Aug. 4, 2018. JACK GUEZ/AFP via Getty Images.

« Israeli Supreme Court affirms Apartheid law limiting Sovereignty to Jewish Israelis, excluding 20% of Population »

Juan Cole (Informed Comment, July 9, 2021:

The Israeli Supreme Court on Thursday refused to strike down the basic law passed by the parliament or Knesset in 2018 declaring Israel a Jewish nation such that sovereignty is solely invested in the Jewish population. Over 20% of Israels population is not Jewish. This would be like a law in the United States declaring that the U.S. is a white nation and that sovereignty and self-determination is solely invested in its white population. When it was passed in 2018, the law was lambasted by Haaretz as "the single most gratuitously hateful piece of legislation in the nation's history.Continue...

Jérusalem-Est, 5 mai 2021. Manifestant palestinien arrêté à Sheikh Jarrah devant la maison d'un colon israélien. Emmanuel Dunand/AFP.

« Vague d'arrestations arbitraires parmi les Palestiniens d'Israël »

Ce rapport a été rédigé par des avocats et juristes palestiniens israéliens sur le terrain. En quelques jours, plus de 700 Palestiniens citoyens d'Israël ont été arrêtés, dont des dizaines de mineurs. Des arrestations arbitraires dont le seul but est de terroriser les Palestiniens pour les dissuader de manifester..

 (OrientXXI, 17 mai, 2021):

Haïfa, mai 2021.
Durant la première semaine de ce soulèvement unitaire palestinien, les militants des droits humains en Israël ont enregistré des cas de violence extrême et des violations flagrantes des droits humains perpétrées par les forces israéliennes, qu'il s'agisse de la police, des unités spéciales, de la police aux frontières (Magav), de la police secrète ou des mista'arivim*, sans parler de la répression légale menée par les juges et les procureurs. Parallèlement aux centaines d'arrestations qui ont eu lieu à Jérusalem et en Cisjordanie, plus de 700 arrestations ont été enregistrées dans les territoires de l'intérieur entre le 9 et le 14 mai, dont des dizaines d'enfants. Continue...

Unité spéciale israélienne dont les membres parlent arabe et se font passer pour des Palestiniens pour infiltrer les manifestations.

Palestinian women wait to cross Qalandiya checkpoint as an Israeli security officer stands guard outside the West Bank city of Ramallah August 28, 2009.(Issam Rimawi/Flash90).

« The law tearing Palestinian families apart »

The controversial Citizenship Law is supposedly about maintaining Israel's security. In reality, it's a tool to engineer Israel's population.

Salah Salaime (+972, July 2, 2021)

In 2003, at the height of the Second Intifada, the Israeli government passed an emergency order titled "The Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law (Emergency Order)." Since then, the legislation has taken on many names: the family reunification law, the demographic balance law, the "security threat" law. But the goal of this law has remained the same: to prevent Palestinians in the West Bank or Gaza from marrying Arab citizens of Israel, and thus obstructing their path to Israeli citizenship.
The so-called Citizenship Law harms thousands of Palestinian families in Israel. It has been renewed every year since its passing - until this year. The order is set to expire on July 6, and currently the government does not have the parliamentary majority to re-extend it. Continue...

PS June 6 the Knesset failed to approve an extension of the contentious Palestinian family reunification law, after a rebel member of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett's Yamina party voted against the measure (a tie vote, 59-59) (The Times of Israel).

Joint List MKs Ayman Odeh and Ahmad Tibi celebrate the overturning of the Citizenship Law amendment in the Knesset, Tuesday. Credit: Ohad Zwigenberg.

« "Chaos" in Israeli Parliament over Apartheid-style Law against Family Unification for Palestinian-Israelis ».

Juan Cole (Informed Comment, July 6, 2021):

Al-Quds Al-Arabi [Arab Jerusalem] reports "chaos" in the Israeli parliament as it debated into the wee hours of Tuesday morning the renewal of a 2003 law that places obstacles to family unification inside Israel of Palestinian-Israelis who marry Palestinians living in the Occupied West Bank or Gaza. Members of parliament clashed with one another, giving fiery and denunciatory speeches. 
In the end, the government of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett failed to renew the law. 
Haaretz reports that there were some abstentions in the vote, so that a majority did not vote against the extension. If that had happened, the government would have fallen and Israel would have gone to new elections. Continue...

MK Aida Touma-Sliman at the Eli Horowitz Conference for Economy and Society, Jerusalem, June 19, 2018. (Yossi Zeliger/Flash90)

« In Israel's Mixed Jewish-Palestinian Towns, Old Frustrations Boil Into Violence »

A Palestinian member of Israel's Knesset writes that dispossession, discrimination, and occupation cannot be swept under the rug.

Aida Touma-Sliman* (The Intercept, May 20, 2021):

In light of the unprecedented wave of intercommunal violence, many have in recent days bemoaned the loss of Jewish-Arab coexistence in Israel's mixed towns, urging a return to the "status quo." Yet we should remember that the status quo in places like Yaffa and Lydd - towns whose majority Palestinian population were made refugees in 1948, forming a large portion of Gaza's population today - includes settler-backed organizations "Judaizing" neighborhoods. The remaining Arab populations in these towns suffer from deliberate abandonment, crumbling infrastructure, and poverty. 
There cannot be true coexistence under the
nation-state law, which codifies a racist doctrine of "separate and unequal," and as long as Palestinian citizens of Israel - a fifth of the country's citizenry - are treated as second-class citizens, their very existences threatened by forced expulsions, police violence, and discriminatory legislation

Aida Touma-Sliman is a Palestinian member of the Israeli Knesset, representing Hadash on the Joint List. She was the chair of the Knesset's Standing Committee on Women and Gender Equality. She is the founder and past head of the Arab feminist group Women Against Violence. She was previously the editor in chief of the newspaper Al-Ittihad.

Palestine Colonized :

Palestinian flags flutter towards a new Israeli settler outpost in the village of Beita, south of Nablus in the occupied West Bank, on 13 June 2021 [JAAFAR ASHTIYEH/AFP/Getty Images]

« Beita is an icon of the popular Palestinian resistance »
Majed Azzam (Middle East Monitor, July 7, 2021):

The town of Beita has turned into an icon of the popular resistance in occupied Palestine. It appears to have channelled the spirit of the Jerusalem uprising during the day and the harsh activities of Gaza at night, in harmony with the developments in Palestine recently. This was specifically in terms of strengthening the unity of the Palestinian people, wherever they might be, behind the option of all kinds of resistance, especially on a popular level.
Lying south of Nablus, Beita defends its property and land across the adjacent Mount Sabih area, part of which was seized by settlers to establish an illegal outpost that they called Eviatar, after a settler who was killed in a resistance operation there some time ago. Continue...

The late activist Nizar Banat, Photo| Mayadeen.

« West Bank: Urgent and independent investigation must be opened into the killing of activist Nizar Banat »

"The family of Nizar Banat, a former member of Fatah and an outspoken critic of the Palestinian Authority, say that he was severely beaten after his arrest by Palestinian security forces" (A.Hass).

Euro-Med Monitor (24 June 2021):

Geneva - The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor expresses its deep shock at the death of the Palestinian opposition political activist Nizar Banat after his arrest and direct attack by the Palestinian security services in Hebron, in the southern West Bank. The Euro-Med Monitor calls for the opening of a diligent, urgent, and independent investigation into the incident, especially since all the circumstances point to a deliberate process of assassination to suppress a voice heavily opposed to the policies of the Palestinian Authority. Continue...

Cf. Samidoun, "Demand Justice for assassinated Palestinian Nizar Banat: Down with Oslo!" (24/6).

Palestinians protest the death of Palestinian human rights activist Nizar Banat who died after being arrested by Palestinian Authority security forces, in the West Bank city of Ramallah, on June 24, 2021. (Flash90)

« Palestinians demand Abbas step down after death of Nizar Banat »

The activist and critic of the Palestinian Authority died of 'unnatural' causes after his violent arrest, in the latest PA crackdown on dissent.

Dima Abumaria (+972, June 25, 2021):

Hundreds of Palestinians took to the streets near Al-Manara Square in Ramallah on Thursday to protest Banat's death, and were met with police repression. They chanted for the departure of President Abbas and demanded an end to his rule. Thousands more marched in Banat's funeral in Hebron on Friday, calling for a change of government... Banat's death shortly after his arrest by the PA "is no anomaly," said Omar Shakir, Israel and Palestine director at Human Rights Watch. "PA security forces have for years systematically arbitrarily arrested, mistreated, and tortured critics and dissidents," he added. In 2018, HRW released a report criticizing the Palestinian leadership's use of torture to crush dissent. Continue...

« Palestinians need their own State and the 'Palestinian Authority' isn't it: The PA is actually Israel's auxiliary occupation force »

Asa Winstanley(Informed Comment, 28 June, 2021):

...Contrary to many misconceptions in the West (even among many on the left and in the Palestine solidarity movement) the PA is not a "government" in charge of a state. Ironically, considering its name, it has little real authority and does not serve Palestinian interests. In fact, its main and only real purpose is to quash Palestinian resistance to Israel - whether armed or peaceful. And the PA's policy of collaboration with the enemy is not a matter of weakness, degeneration or of corruption (although the PA is also very corrupt, with a well-known and well-deserved reputation for misappropriating funds) - it is a matter of design during the Oslo capitulation process. The PA was always designed as a subcontractor for the Israeli occupation. Every occupation force and colonial entity in history has sought to recruit native informants and agents to its cause, and Israel is no different in that regard. Continue...

(AP Photo/Nasser Shiyoukhi, File)

« Issa Amro à nouveau arrêté par la police de Mahmoud Abbas »

Le militant palestinien Issa Amro, déjà ciblé par l'armée et les colons qui occupent son pays, a été à nouveau arrêté par la police de « l'Autorité » palestinienne.

(EuroPalestine, 23 juin, 2021).

Âgé de 40 ans, Issa promeut depuis son plus jeune âge la lutte non-violente pour la libération de la Palestine. Fondateur, dans sa ville d'Hébron/al-Khalil, du mouvement Youth Against Settlements, il ne compte plus les arrestations, menaces et intimidations, tant de la part d'Israël que des sbires de Mahmoud Abbas, dont il dénonce la corruption généralisée.
Une fois encore, c'est à un post sur son compte Facebook, où il dénonçait l'arrestation d'un rival politique du « Président » palestinien, qu'Amro doit ses nouveaux tourments. 

Soldiers on an "intelligence mapping" operation in the Nablus area, last year. Credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit.

« Israel's night raids on Palestinian families aren't over, whatever the courts say »

Masked soldiers will still terrorise Palestinian children in the middle of the night, but new military jargon will hide the true purpose.

Jonathan Cook (Middle East Eye, 23 June 2021):

The videos are all over YouTube. Masked Israeli soldiers storm a Palestinian family's home in the middle of the night. Parents, dressed in nightwear, are suddenly surrounded by heavily armed men in balaclavas. Young children are forced awake. With a mix of bleary-eyed confusion and fear, they are made to answer questions posed to them in broken Arabic by these faceless, armed strangers. They are lined up in one room while the soldiers take photographs of them holding their identity cards. And then, just as suddenly as they arrived, the masked men disappear into the night. Continue...


Young Palestinians climb over the Israel's separation barrier as Palestinians are not allowed to enter Jerusalem for Friday Prayer at Al-Aqsa Mosque at a checkpoint between Jerusalem and West Bank where tight control is carried out to Palestinians in Jerusalem on July 11, 2014. Photo by Issam Rimawi. Anadolu Agency.

« What Travel Restrictions Reveal about Palestinian Life under Israeli Occupation »

My uncle passed away in 2015 in the West Bank and my mother was given another exceptional permit to attend his funeral; however, it was issued after my uncle was buried.

Yousef Aljamal (Politics Today, June 25, 2021):

Today, Israeli restrictions imposed on the freedom of movement of Palestinians shape our lives to the minutest details. The separation of Palestinians from one another due to Israeli policies is not new and takes different forms. My family, like thousands of others, have suffered a great deal because of Israeli travel restrictions.
My mother grew up in the West Bank city of Bethlehem. Having moved to Gaza upon her marriage to my father, she had to change her address, which meant that she had to give up her West Bank ID. She never thought that this would create a problem for her later in terms of her ability to see her own family in the West Bank.

Still from Rona Segal's short documentary « Mission: Hebron »

« In Hebron, a soldier's life filled with brutality and boredom »

Simi Horwitz (The Forward, June 21, 2021):

Depending on your point of view, Rona Segal's short documentary "Mission: Hebron," is either a hatchet job designed to make Israel look bad or a justifiable indictment of the country's brutal military presence in Hebron, home to approximately 30,000 Palestinians flanked by an encroaching wave of Jewish settlers - to date an estimated 1,000.
Six young ex-soldiers on stools face the camera and recount their experiences in Hebron in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). They are conscripted at the age of 18 and serving because they are obliged to do so. Others were further fueled by political and/or religious conviction. Continue...

A seaside cafe damaged by an Israeli airstrike in Gaza city on May 23, 2021. (Photo: Ashraf Amra/APA Images)

« I was waiting for my turn to be bombed »

Zahra Shaikha has amended her diary of life during Israel's 11-day attack on Gaza with her feelings since the fighting. The result reflects her fragmented reality.

Zahra Shaikha (Mondoweiss, June 23, 2021):

Five weeks ago I sat in my family's house in Bureij refugee camp in central Gaza and the sound bombs were louder that night than any from the previous week and a half. It was the tenth day in the 11-day escalation between Israel and Gaza. I urgently felt the need to write. I did not believe and did not see a scenario of how I would survive this time. So I started at the beginning when violence broke out on May 10, 2021, and I drafted diaries for each day after. Continue...

** Editor's Note: The article is part of our series Gaza Diaries which shares firsthand accounts of Palestinians who lived through the 11-day Israeli attack on Gaza in May 2021, and are now dealing with its aftermath. You can read the entire series here.

A woman bathes a child by the rubble of their home, destroyed in an Israeli airstrike on the northern Gaza Strip. Mohammed Zaanoun ActiveStills.

« No child safe under Israel's rule of terror »

Maureen Clare Murphy (The Electronic Intifada, 30 June 22021):

Of Israel's multiple air wars on Gaza over the past 15 years, the one in May was the "most fearful" yet, say those who survived the horror. While Israel dispatches soldiers to Palestinian bedrooms in the West Bank, it drops 2,000-pound bombs on them in Gaza. "Every time there is an Israeli attack against Gaza, I find myself unable to provide a safe place for my children," Mohammad Abu Rukbeh, a field researcher for Defense for Children International Palestine, stated regarding last month's offensive. "The Israeli bombing in my residential area terrifies us all, adults and children alike," he added.
The attacks came on top of a stress-inducing COVID-19
outbreak in Gaza with positivity rates between 35 and 40 % in the weeks leading up to the offensive. Yasser Abu Jamei, a psychiatrist and director of the Gaza Community Mental Health Program, wrote in Scientific American earlier this month that the intensity and duration of Israel's bombardment in May made it "the most fearful experience that I have had throughout four large offensives over the years."

Palestinians in an Area C community of the West Bank not connected to the water grid. Archive picture by OCHA.

« Palestinians strive to access water in the Jordan Valley »

This article was contributed by the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Cluster and its partners.

OCHA (22 June, 2021):