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Belgian Academic Boycott of Israel
Bulletin 1 (10 October 2021)

European Coordination of Committees & Associations for Palestine (ECCP):

Upcoming plenary vote on EU budget and Palestinian textbooks - civil society concerns.

The European Parliament's plenary vote on the 2022 EU budget will take place between 18 and 21 October. We are deeply concerned about a proposal concerning Palestinian textbooks and UNRWA (the UN agency for Palestinian refugees). The proposal aims to freeze a portion of EU funds for UNRWA on the basis of misleading allegations about Palestinian textbooks that are largely refuted by a EU-funded study... BACBI Contact.

« Belgian Minister of Development Cooperation and Major Cities Policy visits Baqa'a Palestine Refugee Camp in Jordan »

Minister of Development Cooperation and Major Cities Policy, H.E. Ms. Meryame Kitir visited the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) Baqa'a Girls' School in Baqa'a refugee camp, Jordan. Continue...


« How Apartheid Israel stifles Palestinian education and scientific research »

David Kattenburg (Mondoweiss, Oct 8, 2021):

No one knows this better than "Start-Up" Israel. According to one recent estimate, Israel has the third most educated population in the world (behind Canada and Japan). Continue...

Scientists for Palestine (S4P)

Scientists for Palestine is an international organisation created by and for scientists to promote science and support the integration of the occupied Palestinian territories in the international scientific community.
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« Hamas: Dismantling the Dilemmas of Governance and Resistance »

by Belal Shobaki (Al-Shabaka, Sept 30, 2021):

With the end of the Second Palestinian Intifada, the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, expressed its willingness to participate in the Palestinian Authority's (PA) municipal and legislative elections, ultimately winning many electoral contests.  Continue...


« Nike to end sales in Israeli shops »

Israel has been dealt a hammer blow by sports clothing manufacturer Nike.
(Middle East Monitor, Oct 6, 2021). Continue...

« Sally Rooney Won't Let Her New Novel Be Published in Hebrew »

The Hebrew-language publisher of Rooney’s first two books said last month that the author won’t allow her new book to be published in Hebrew in due to her BDS support.
(JTA, Haaretz, Oct 12, 2021,


« Don't Buy Into Occupation »

The "Don't Buy into Occupation" (DBIO) coalition is a joint project between 25 Palestinian, regional and European organisations based in Belgium, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain and the UK. The Report (pdf, 125p.): click here! 

Reporting On Palenstinian Health

« Political censorship in academic journals sets a dangerous new precedent », by Rania Muhareb, Bram Wispelwey & Mads Gilbert (British Medical Journal, June 2, 2021): click here!

 «'Scientific American' Retracted Pro-Palestine Article Without Any Factual Errors,» by Murtaza Hussain (The Intercept, July 1, 2021): click here!

  "Are there 'two sides' to attacks on healthcare? Evidence from Palestine" by Yara M Asi, Osama Tanous, Bram Wispelwey, Mohammed AlKhaldi (European Journal of Public Health, Sept 25, 2021), click here!

« The long history of the suppression of medical journals' reports on Palestinian health », by Alice Rothchild (Mondoweiss, Oct 6, 2021): click here!


« Des sociétés belges citées pour leur implication dans les colonies israéliennes »

Pauline Hofmann (Le Soir, 29 septembre, 2021, pdf):

Les noms de BNP Paribas, KBC, Argenta et Solvay apparaissent dans un rapport d'associations que « Le Soir » a pu consulter. Les investissements des grandes banques du pays sont particulièrement pointés du doigt. Continue...

UN Conference on Trade and Development

(71rd Executive Session Geneva, 29 Nov - 3 Dec 2021)

Report on UNCTAD assistance to the Palestinian people:
Developments in the economy of the Occupied Palestinian Territory (advance copy).

The far-reaching socioeconomic ramifications of the coronavirus pandemic have been compounded, and in certain respects marginalized, in the Occupied Palestinian Territory by a severe fiscal crisis triggered by the threat of de jure annexation of large areas of the West Bank by the occupying Power. Continue..


Euro-Med Monitor at HRC: Gazans are slowly poisoned as 97% of Gaza's water is undrinkable (Oct 4, 2021):

Geneva - Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor and the Global Institute for Water, Environment and Health (GIWEH) said in a joint oral statement during the 48th session of the Human Rights Council (HRC) that the long-term Israeli blockade has caused a serious deterioration of water security in Gaza, making 97% of the water contaminated, while the residents of the besieged enclave are forced to witness the slow poisoning. Continue...


« The Nakba Demands Justice. Reckoning with the ongoing Palestinian catastrophe means giving the land back »

Kaleem Hawa (Jewish Currents, May 14, 2021):

NEARLY 75 YEARS after the Nakba began, many remain unfamiliar with the full extent of its horrors. In 1996, around 500 pages of International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) documents on the 1948 war in Palestine became accessible to the public. The files - which comprised field accounts and correspondence with local authorities - included details about the detentions of prisoners of war in Palestine and documented violations of the 1929 Geneva Conventions. They detailed the little-known existence of four "official" Israeli concentration camps for Palestinian prisoners; further research has revealed the existence of at least 17 others.  Continue...


 Teodora TODOROVA, « Decolonial Solidarity in Palestine-Israel. Settler Colonialism and Resistance from Within. » Bloomsbury Publ. 2021, hb ISBN 9781786996411, 168p., £58.50. Info: click here!

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