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Bulletin 3 (13 December 2021)


Against the Repression of Academic Freedom and For Democracy in The Sciences
(European Legal Support Center, pdf, 2p., CONFIDENTIAL)


"We the undersigned scholars, activists and organisations, stand in solidarity with Dr. Anna-Esther Younes, a German-Palestinian critical race and post-colonial scholar, who has faced discrimination and smearing in Germany due to her academic and personal expressions on Palestinian rights...We are alarmed by recent efforts to exclude Dr. Anna-Esther Younes from academia and from the public debate in Germany." Continue...

To add your signature, please confirm you would like to do so by emailing, with in the subject line: "Signature for Anna-Esther Younes." Please endorse by December 22th 2021 and indicate: Your title -- Name -- Position/Affiliation -- Country.

« Don't buy into the occupation of Palestine »

woensdag 15 december 2021, 19:00 - 20:30

Vredescafé #10
Org.: Vrede vzw, 11.11.11., FairFin


Inleiding en samenvatting van het "Don't Buy Into Occupation" rapport door INÈS ABDEL RAZEK, beleidsmedewerkster van de Palestine Institute for Public Diplomacy (PIPD) (Engels).
Video statement door MICHAEL LYNK, Speciaal Rapporteur voor de VN over de mensenrechten in de door Israël bezette gebieden (Engels).
Politiek debat met ELS VAN HOOF (CD&V), VICKY REYNAERT (Vooruit), STEVEN DE VUYST (PVDA) en WILLEM STAES, beleidsmedewerker Midden-Oosten bij 11.11.11. en medeauteur van het rapport "Don't Buy Into Occupation" (Nederlands).


Als je bent ingeschreven, bezorgen we je op dinsdag 14 december de Zoom-link van het webinar.
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Academia :

"Israel Prize Will Be Withheld From Left-wing Professor, Minister Says"

Shira Kadari-Ovadia & Or Kashti (Haaretz, Nov 18, 2021):

Education Minister Yifat Shasha-Biton has decided to affirm her predecessor's decision to withhold the prestigious Israel Prize in mathematics and computer science from Prof. Oded Goldreich... The Weizmann Institute of Science, where Goldreich teaches, criticized the decision, saying "Prof. Goldreich is a leading and respected scientist in his field whose research contributes significantly to advancing science and expanding knowledge for the benefit of all mankind ... In a democratic society, the principle of freedom of expression must be preserved as a supreme principle, and political statements should not be a consideration in Israel Prize recipients." Continue...

Middle East Studies Association Members Vote to Advance BDS Resolution to Full Membership Vote in Early 2022

Resolution Endorses Palestinian Civil Society's Call for Solidarity As They Work to Safeguard Their Human Rights, Including the Right to Education and Academic Freedom.

(MESA, Dec 2, 2021)

During their annual meeting, members of MESA voted to advance a resolution endorsing the Palestinian call for solidarity in the form of boycotts, divestment and sanctions, or BDS, to a full membership vote in early 2022. 93% of the 444 voting members present at the business meeting approved of sending the resolution out to the entire membership for a referendum next year. Continue...

The full text of the resolution can be found here.

Analysis :

« Hamas terror listing is yet another UK betrayal of the Palestinians »
Avi Shlaim (Middle East Eye, Nov 30, 2021):

As long as its political opponents are labelled 'terrorists', Israel is absolved from the need to negotiate and gets a free pass from its allies to continue using naked military force... 
Close contact with Israeli officials and lobbyists for Israel in the UK, as well as her own right-wing worldview, left Priti Patel eager to swallow Israel's narrative about Hamas. This narrative is utterly distorted and blatantly self-serving. Here, however, are some of the relevant facts. Continue...

Avi Shlaim is an Em. Professor of International Relations at Oxford University and the author of "The Iron Wall: Israel and the Arab World" (2014) and "Israel and Palestine: Reappraisals, Revisions, Refutations (2009)."

Calls, Reports, Resolutions...

« 370 European Parliamentarians call for an end to forced dispossession of Palestinians, referencing inequality and apartheid »

(Council for Arab-British Understanding, 8 Dec 2021):

(In a letter dd. 7 Dec 2021) 370 European Parliamentarians from 21 countries and respective Parliaments from across Europe and the European Parliament (including from the UK) have written to European Foreign Ministers and the EU's High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borell, calling on Europe to take immediate and concrete steps to prevent the displacement and forcible transfer of Palestinians in the occupied Palestinian Territory and to actualise differentiation between illegal Israeli settlements in all dealings with Israel. Continue... [full text & list of signatories]

Belgian endorsers: Malik Ben Achour, PS ++ Maria Arena, PS ++ Saskia Bricmont, Ecolo ++
Philippe Lamberts, Ecolo ++ Simon Boutquin, Ecolo ++ Albert Vicaire, Ecolo.

"UN vote affirms Palestinian sovereignty over their natural resources"
(Middle East Monitor, Nov 19, 2021):

157 UN member states yesterday (Nov 18) voted in favor of a resolution affirming Palestinian sovereignty over their natural resources. Seven countries - Canada, Israel, Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Nauru, Palau and the United States - voted against the motion, with 14 abstentions. The General Assembly adopted the draft on "Permanent sovereignty of the Palestinian people in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem and of the Arab population in the occupied Syrian Golan over their natural resources". Continue...

« The Palestinian Security Sector: Entrenching State Repression »

Alaa Tartir (Al-Shabaka, Nov 14, 2021):

Rather than a process of democratization, inclusiveness, and accountability, the PA's internationally-sponsored security reform processes - which have been the lynchpin of the PA's post-2007 state-building project - have resulted in repression, persecution, and the professionalization of Palestinian authoritarianism. Thus, structural authoritarianism is imbedded in the Palestinian political system. Continue...

« Creeping Dispossession »
HaMoked's new report on the steady escalation in restrictions Israel imposes on Palestinian farming beyond the Separation Barrier

Hamoked - Center for the Defence of the Individual
Report October 2021 (pdf, 50p.

The report includes a case study, focusing on the devastating impact of one segment of the Separation Barrier, adjacent to the farming communities of Qaffin and Akkaba in the north-west of the West Bank. This segment of the Barrier isolates over half of the communities' farmlands. In June 2020, HaMoked petitioned the HCJ to dismantle this segment of the Barrier. The petition is still pending. HaMoked reiterates its call on Israel to dismantle the segments of the Separation Barrier built inside the West Bank and enable all Palestinians to freely access these areas.

Executive Summary (pdf, 12p.): click here!

« The Gaza Bantustan - Israeli Apartheid in the Gaza Strip »


During the last 74 years, the State of Israel has denied all Palestinians the exercise of their fundamental and inalienable rights, including the right to self-determination, and subjects them to an institutionalized and systemic regime of racial domination and oppression - now recognized as apartheid.
Al Mezan Center for Human Rights issues this new report which considers Israeli apartheid from the perspective of two million Palestinians struggling to live in the Gaza Strip.

Executive Summary.

« Punishing Journalists:
Israel's restrictions on freedom of movement and travel against Palestinian journalists »

New Report Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor (Nov 2021, pdf, 29p.)

Article with Summary (29 Nov, 2021):

This report documents the Israeli restrictions on Palestinian journalists in terms of their right to freedom of movement and travel and their impact on journalists' social, cultural, and economic rights. It documents cases and testimonies of Palestinian journalists who are banned from traveling because of their work. Euro-Med Monitor's team in the Gaza Strip, West Bank, and East Jerusalem interviewed Palestinian journalists whose right to freedom of movement and travel was violated. Continue...

Research :

« Women and checkpoints in Palestine »

Mark Griffiths (Newcastle U) & Jemima Repo (Newcastle U)

Sage Pub., Security Dialogue, 2021, Vol. 52(3) 249 -265.

The objective of this article is to bring Palestinian women to the centre of a discussion about the gendered dimensions of Israel's convoluted permit system and checkpoint security infrastructure. Drawing on fieldwork close to one of the largest checkpoint terminals in the West Bank, Checkpoint 300 between Bethlehem and Jerusalem, the article develops knowledge about checkpoints in three important ways: i) as gendered spaces that regulate women's mobility differently from that of men; ii) as spaces that produce particular embodied experiences for women; and iii) as security mechanisms that disrupt and regulate relations of care. Continue...

Download pdf (17p.)

« Palestine's Accession to Geneva Convention III:
Typology of Captives Incarcerated by Israel »

Dr. Mutaz M. Qafisheh & Ihssan Adel Madbouh

(Asian Journal of International Law, 8 Nov 2021, pp. 1-30)

Upon the 2014 State of Palestine's accession to Geneva Convention III, captured Palestinians who took part in belligerent acts against the occupier should be treated as prisoners of war (POWs) due to the fact that they belong to a party to an armed conflict. These individuals fall under 3 categories: members of security forces, affiliates of armed resistance groups, and uprisers who fight the occupant spontaneously on an individual basis. 

"Research Published by a Cambridge Journal on Palestinian Prisoners Might Trigger ICC Prosecution" (Law for Palestine, Nov 20, 2021).

« The Expansion of Digital Surveillance in Jerusalem and Impact on Palestinians Rights »

7amleh - The Arab Center for Social Media Advancement

Author: Sophia Goodfriend
(Summer and Fall 2021, pdf, 13p.)


Soutenez les défenseurs palestiniens des droits de l'homme'!
Steun de Palestijnse Mensenrechtenverdedigers!

Le ministre israélien de la "Défense" a déclaré six organisations de défense des droits humains de premier plan, dont le Bisan Center for Research and Development, comme illégales, mettant ainsi en péril leur travail et les exposant à des attaques arbitraires de l'occupation.

Steun voor mensenrechtenverdedigers in Palestina is nu meer dan ooit nodig. Steunt u hen ook? U kunt dat doen via Viva Salud, een verdediger van de Palestijnse mensenrechtengemeenschap.
Le soutien aux défenseurs et défenseuses des droits humains en Palestine est aujourd'hui plus nécessaire que jamaisVous pouvez apporter votre soutien via cette page / U kunt uw steun geven via deze pagina, ou par une transaction directe à Viva Salud sur BE15 0010 4517 8030 | BIC : GEBABEBB, avec la description "Don Palestina Human Rights Defenders".

Ending the Occupation, One Soldier at a Time.

"Dear Herman, My name is Shahar Perets. I live in Kfar Yona, Israel. I just spent my 19th birthday behind prison bars for refusing to become a soldier of the Israeli Occupation... I was fortunate to have the support of the Refuser Solidarity Network (RSN) and Mesarvot. They have been a critical moral and financial force in supporting refusers like me for over a decade...

Will you help us raise the $25,000 needed to continue the critical support of our strong community of Refusers in Israel? Join us today and be the driving force that sustains conscientious objectors as they refuse to be complicit in the Israeli Occupation."

  ACT NOW: Israeli refusers need your support! (Dec 7, 2021)

See also: "Refusing to serve in the army is my small act of making change"
(Oren Ziv, +972, Nov 27, 2020).

BACBI Resources :

BACBI Culture: Newsletter N°67 (Nov 2021)

BACBI Academy -- BACBI Culture

Herman De Ley, "De 'Omvolking' van Palestina 1917-2021"
Deel 1: "Van Yishoef tot Nakba"
(pdf, 34p.)

BACBI's Academic Boycott Statement:

The academic and cultural boycott campaign was launched by Palestinian academics, students and civil society already in 2004. Guided by PACBI and the Palestinian BDS National Committee, it gets a hearing on more and more campuses all over the world. The academic campaign, in particular, is directed at Israeli academic and research institutions because of their profound collusion with the Israeli apartheid regime and their close ties with the Israeli armament and security companies using the Occupied Territories as their laboratory where new high-tech military weapons and surveillance systems can be tested (and sold afterwards as being "battle-tested"). 
Just like the general BDS campaign, the academic boycott is not an end but a tool. It is a temporary, democratic and nonviolent tactic aimed at putting an end to Israel's criminal policies of apartheid, aggression and persecution, in general but especially in the fields of education and research. We aim at a constructive dialogue and collaboration with our Israeli colleagues for the restitution of the full human rights of the Palestinian people and for the compliance of the Israeli state with international law.

We pledge our full solidarity with and support for our embattled Palestinian colleagues and students. Thanks to their much-praised "sumud" or resilience, Palestinians wherever they live persist to stand up as a society, in spite of all the evil and injustice still being done to them. They are counting though on our support. Let us stand with them, also in our capacity of scholars, i.e. human and nature scientists, researchers and intellectuals.

Statement with possiblity to endorse (google form): click here.

BACBI Coordination Committee:

Prof. Karel Arnaut (KU Leuven), Prof. ém. Marie-Christine Closon (UCLouvain), Prof. Patrick Deboosere (VUB), Prof. Lieven De Cauter (KU Leuven), Em. Prof. Herman De Ley (UGent), Em. Prof. Marc De Meyere (UGent), Prof. Serge Deruette (UMONS), Lieve Franssen (director Brussels Brecht-Eislerkoor), Prof. ém. Michel Gevers (UCLouvain), Carl Gydé (director CAMPO), Prof. ém. Perrine Humblet (ULB), Prof. ém. Marc Jacquemain (ULiège), Em. Prof. Madeline Lutjeharms (VUB), Raven Ruëll (metteur en scène), Dr. Nozomi Takahashi (UGent), Prof. Karin Verelst (VUB).


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