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Newsletter N°46 (September 2019)

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"Feminism, Nakba and Tears:
This Young Palestinian Artist's Works Are Hard to Look Away From"

Womanhood and national identity politics are at the heart of the drawings of artist Samah Shihadi, now on display at her solo Tel Aviv Museum exhibition.

A mysterious, mythological and enchanted-looking mulberry tree, planted in a barrel, is at the heart of artist Samah Shihadi's lyrical and heart-rending work "Mother and Daughter." As I kept gazing at the large, melancholy drawing, I realized that my eyes were welling up with tears. " This is also the work that is most dear to me. My family believes that my grandmother's soul is in that tree." This charcoal-on-paper drawing alludes to the enduring nature of the Palestinian people, which continues to grow and flourish despite being removed from its land (Vered Lee, Haaretz, September 19, 2019).


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Actions & Calls:

PRESS RELEASE: "BDS co-founder Omar Barghouti not granted visa to speak at Labour Conference fringe events" (Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Sept 20):

Omar Barghouti is unable to travel to the UK because his visa was abnormally delayed by the British Government without explanation. He was due to speak at a Labour Party Conference fringe event, hosted by Palestine Solidarity Campaign, alongside Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott, Unite General Secretary Len McCluskey and Labour MP Lisa Nandy among others.

"Tell Microsoft: Drop AnyVision!" (Petition Jewish Voice for Peace):

AnyVision is actively helping the Israeli government set up an Orwellian surveillance system to monitor Palestinians' every move.
To: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella:
"I urge you to cut all Microsoft investment in AnyVision, which is actively helping the Israeli government set up an Orwellian surveillance system to monitor Palestinians' every move. You recently said Microsoft has to translate its ethical Artificial Intelligence principles into its everyday work. This is your chance to make good on that commitment...". 


# Bruxelles, le 27 septembre, 20h15, CINEMATEK: "Conte des trois diamants" de Michel Khleifi. Projection en présence du réalisateur. Lieu: 9 rue Baron Horta, 1000 Brx. Dans le cadre de:  Carte blanche Michel Khleifi (1/9-11/11).

"Conte des trois diamants", BE/UK/FR/CH - 1994 - fiction - couleur - 112'. Le quotidien d'un gamin palestinien de douze ans qui vit avec sa mère dans la bande de Gaza. Sur fond de ghetto en ruines, une réflexion sur les problèmes de la Palestine, nation non-reconnue : violence, place des femmes dans une société musulmane, rêves et illusions de l'enfance.

# Marchienne-au-Pont, le 6 oct, 12h - 15h: EXPO : "4 générations de réfugiés palestiniens au Liban." Org.: Maison Pour Associations & Pour la Palestine. Lieu: Maison Pour Associations, 80, route de Mons, 6030 Marchienne-au-Pont. Info: Facebook.

LE VERNISSAGE : dimanche le 6 oct,
11h00: Brunch palestinien, 5 euros/personne (réservation : ou 0473/28.63.75);
12h30: Mot d'accueil et verre de l'amitié offert;
13h-15h: Activités: témoignages en paroles et lecture de poèmes, avec Mustafa Awad, Milady Renoir, Rami Al Banna...

# Luxembourg, 5 oct, Luxembourg symposium: "Quel futur pour les Palestiniens et les Israéliens ?" # English: ""What future for Palestinians and Israelis? Views from the Palestinian and Israeli civil societies." Où: Luxembourg. Neimünster, 28 Rue Münster Salle Robert Krieps, 2160 Luxembourg. (Facebook)
Org.: Comité pour une Paix Juste au Proche Orient. Avec le soutien de : European Coordination of Committees and Associations for Palestine, Ass. belgo-palestinienne, Ass. France Palestine Solidarité, Jüdische Stimme für gerechten Frieden zu Nahost, UPJB.

Analyses & Comments:

Nicholas Kattoura & Matt Kinsella-Walsh, "The ballot box cannot dismantle settler colonialism" (Mondoweiss, Sept 20):

September 17th marked the second Israeli general election of the year. Although the Joint List emerged from this election as the third largest party in the Knesset, and, some have argued, with the power to play kingmaker, they cannot change the fundamental structure of Israel... Settlements will never be stopped by the Israeli state because Israel itself is a settlement. The checkpoints and Israeli-only access roads that serve as the nuts and bolts of occupation and apartheid will not disappear with an election. The infrastructure of settler colonialism is built to last. At the end of the day settler-colonialism is not an event - it is not encapsulated in an election - but rather a structure: a continued project to disenfranchise, marginalize and displace Indigenous people in order to seize land.

David Kattenburg, "Palestinians are facing climate dystopia under Israeli apartheid" (Mondoweiss, Sept 16):

Long before the 'intractable conflict' between Israeli Jews and Palestinians gets resolved, through the creation of a sovereign Palestinian state, a single apartheid state or a multi-ethnic federation of some sort, climate change will have thrown everything up for grabs - literally. In the world's only settler-colonial apartheid state forcible transfer and climate adaptation denial are the name of the game. In a region where climate futures promise to be especially dystopic the ensuing crisis will either accentuate inequity and conflict, or prompt solutions for once and for all for everyone's benefit.

Maureen Clare Murphy, "Israeli court approves use of Palestinian bodies as bargaining chips" (The Electronic Intifada, 19 sept):

A Palestinian family in the Jerusalem-area village of al-Eizariya has been unable to bury their 14-year-old son, who was killed by Israeli police last month. Nassim Abu Rumi's family has petitioned Israel's high court to order the release of his body, which will be reportedly transferred on Friday... This month, following a petition by several families whose relatives' remains are being held by Israel, the country's highest court rubber-stamped its approval of the policy. The court ruled that Israel's military has "the legal right to hold on to the bodies of slain terrorists for use as leverage in future negotiations with Palestinians," as The Times of Israel reported.

Arts, Culture & Heritage:

"La Britannique-Palestinienne Mona Hatoum remporte un grand prix artistique japonais" (Agence Media Palestine, 17 septembre):

L'artiste britannique-palestinienne Mona Hatoum pose avec son oeuvre 'Remains to be Seen' dans le cadre d'une exposition multi-artiste à la galerie White Cube à Londres. Auteure d'installations et de multi-média,  Mona Hatoum a été sélectionnée comme l'une des cinq gagnants d'un grand prix japonais pour ses 45 ans de travail en exil hors de sa terre natale. Elle va recevoir le prix 'Praemium Imperiale' - d'une valeur de 100.000 £ - dans la catégorie sculpture, en reconnaissance de toute une vie de réalisations dans ce domaine. Le prix sera présenté en octobre par le prince Hitachi, président d'honneur de l'Association Japonaise des Arts, lors d'une cérémonie au Japon.

Ahmad Abu Amer, "Can Elia Suleiman's satirical film bring Palestine its first Oscar?" (Al-Monitor, Sept 4):

The Palestinian Ministry of Culture has selected " It Must Be Heaven " - a satire written and directed by Elia Suleiman - to represent the country at the 92nd Academy Awards, scheduled to take place in Los Angeles on Feb. 9, 2020. Suleiman draws much of his inspiration from the reality of the suffering he endured at the hands of the Israeli army, which arrested him when he was 17 years old on charges of belonging to the PLO. Following these events, he emigrated to the UK and later to the US and France. He recently returned to his hometown of Nazareth and took up temporary residency for the shooting of "It Must Be Heaven."


"Boycott DGTL Tel Aviv Festival 2019!" (PACBI Statement, Sept 19):

PACBI calls for the boycott of 'DGTL Tel Aviv 2019' festival. The festival is due to take place in Yarkon Park, also known as Ganei Yehoshua, built atop the ruins of Jarisha, an ethnically cleansed Palestinian village. Its indigenous Palestinian inhabitants were forcibly expelled in 1948 and never allowed to return by Israel's apartheid regime. Peggy Gou withdrew from last year's DGTL Tel Aviv festival, joining the scores of DJs and producers in endorsing the cultural boycott of Israel through the inspiring and artist-led #DJsforPalestine initiative.

"Pacbi Welcomes Statement by More Than 500 Filmmakers Against "Close Up" Initiative Normalizing Israeli Apartheid" (Aug 28):

The Palestinian Campaign for Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) warmly welcomes the statement signed to date by more than 500 filmmakers, primarily from the Arab world, denouncing "Close up," a new documentary film project that violates the anti-normalization guidelines agreed on by the vast majority of Palestinian civil society. PACBI calls for boycotting this complicit project. 

"Stripping Shamsie of German Prize Over Pro-Palestinian Positions Assault on Free Speech" (Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor, Sept 21):

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor condemns the decision of the Nelly Sachs Prize jury to withdraw author Kamila Shamsie's award over her support for the pro-Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement. The British-Pakistani author has reportedly been participating in the boycott movement against the Israeli government for its Palestinian policies since 2014. (The Nelly Sachs Prize is a biennial literary prize awarded by the German city of Dortmund to honor authors for their contributions to the promotion of understanding between peoples. It is named after the German-Swedish Jewish poet Nelly Sachs.)

Current Affairs:

"Ala' Nafeth Wahdan" (If Americans Knew, Sept 18):

Ala' Nafeth Wahdan, 28, was shot and killed by Israeli soldiers at Qalandia checkpoint near Jerusalem. Israeli sources have confirmed that the wounded Palestinian woman, who was shot by the soldiers after an alleged stabbing attempt, later died from her injuries. The slain Palestinian woman was later identified as Ala' Nafeth Wahdan, 28, from Qalandia refugee camp. After she was shot, she was left bleeding for a long time, before an Israeli ambulance moved her to Hadassah Israeli Medical Center in Jerusalem, where she succumbed to her wounds. A video filmed by a Palestinian bystander shows soldiers several meters away from the woman before one of them shot her, then a soldier approached her and kicked an object away from her.

EU, UN, US & the World:

"TUC Congress '19: Motion passed supporting right of return for Palestine" (Morning Star, 12 Sept):

Britain's trade union movement has voted to support the right of return for the Palestinian people. Delegates at the Trades Union Congress in Brighton voted to oppose any "proposed solution" in the conflict that is not "based on international law and UN resolutions recognising their collective rights to self-determination and to return to their homes."

Noa Landau, "UN chief condemns Netanyahu's pledge to annex parts of West Bank" (Haaretz, Sept 12):

United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres expressed concern overnight Wednesday over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's stated intention to apply Israeli sovereignty in the Jordan Valley and the northern Dead Sea area of the West Bank if he is reelected prime minister in next week's election.

"108 British Parliamentarians demand British Prime Minister act robustly to any Israeli annexation of Occupied Palestinian Territory" (CAABU - Advancing Arab-British Relations, Sept 13):

108 British Parliamentarians demand British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson act robustly to any Israeli annexation of Occupied Palestinian Territory. In the letter, sent from the Britain-Palestine All-Party Parliamentary Group, the Parliamentarians insisted that the British Government andd its partners in Europe should respond robustly to demonstrate that flouting international law will have serious consequences for their relationship with Israel. 


Maureen Clare Murphy, "Israeli snipers kill two Gaza boys" (The Electronic Intifada, 6 Sept):

Israeli occupation forces shot and killed two Palestinian children during Great March of Return protests, Gaza's health ministry stated on Friday. The ministry named one of those slain as Ali Sami Ali al-Ashqar, 17. He was reportedly shot in the head east of Jabaliya, northern Gaza. The second killed child was identified as Khalid Abu Bakr al-Rabai, 14, shot in the chest east of Gaza City. Sixty-six others were injured during Friday's protests, 38 of them by live fire.

"Statusless in Gaza" (Physicians for Human Rights - Israel, Sept 10):

PHRI has recently been handling cases of female cancer patients from the Gaza Strip who are stateless. Some have no personal identification documents at all. These are women whose family unification applications were never processed or ultimately not approved, or whose families were absent from the Gaza Strip during the 1967 census and therefore never included in the population registry. The plight of people in this situation became worse after an Israeli decision from 2000 to stop updating its copy of the Palestinian population registry, which prompted the Palestinian Authority to stop issuing ID cards.

"Palestine Justice Campaign: Accounting for War Crimes in Gaza. Update: The Hague Court hearing on 17th September concluded. # Statement presented by Ismail Ziada at the Court hearing on September 17, 2019.

On July 20th 2014 the Ziada family home in Bureij refugee camp in Gaza was bombed by Israeli military forces. It was a targeted attack that reduced the three storey building instantly to rubble and left everyone inside it fatally wounded. Amongst the dead lay Ismail Ziada's mother, three brothers, his sister-in-law, a 12 year old nephew and a visiting friend. Israeli army Chief of Staff Benny Gantz is being sued in The Hague by Ismail Ziada for the bombing of his family's home in Gaza that same day, resulting in the deaths of seven people including Ziada's mother.
Adri Nieuwhof, "Israeli generals sued in Dutch court for killing Gaza family" (EI, 29 March 2018): (Ismail Ziada) a Palestinian-Dutch citizen is suing two senior Israeli military commanders for the bombing of his family's home during Israel's 2014 attack on the Gaza Strip... A key claim in the complaint is that the Dutch courts have jurisdiction over the case both because of Ziada's connections to the Netherlands and because there is no way for him to obtain justice in Israeli courts. 
Every donation large or small helps the Ziada family struggle for justice for the Palestinian people. Please contribute what you can and encourage others to do the same.

Haidar Eid, "L'élection surprise israélienne, vue depuis Gaza" (Agence Media Palestine, 18 sept):

Il y a 5 mois, j'ai écrit pour Middle East Eye un article sur les élections législatives israéliennes dans lequel j'affirmais que ces élections ne changeraient absolument rien pour nous, les Palestiniens, la population indigène de cette terre. Et aujourd'hui, les Israéliens se sont de nouveau rendus dans les bureaux de vote, apparemment pour vivre une réédition de ce qui s'est passé en avril. Et pourtant, les Israéliens ne connaissent toujours pas l'identité de leur prochain Premier Ministre. Mais nous, les Palestiniens, sommes certains que ce sera un Blanc ashkénaze du sexe masculin, fidèle au consensus sioniste qui unit actuellement tous les partis quel que soit leur programme pour le pays.


"Israel: Arab Parties Emerge as Key Brokers in Forming New Government" (teleSur, Sept 22):

President Reuven Rivlin began Sunday two days of consultation with political parties regarding the position of the Prime Minister. The Joint List's demand for Gantz includes freezing house demolitions in Palestinian villages, stem violence in those areas, repealing the Nation-state Law and launching negotiation with Palestinian Authority.

David Breakstone, "The day the Arabs saved Zionism" (The Times of Israel, Sept 22):

The Jewish state got its first Arab minister more than a century ago, nearly 50 years before Israel even came into being. It was back in 1902, with the publication of Theodor Herzl's "Altneuland", the utopian novel describing in glorious detail the exemplary society that Zionism's founding father envisaged coming into being in an imaginary 1923.

Gideon Levy, "If there's such a thing as a murderous culture, then it exists in Israel" (Haaretz, Aug 29):

This is what the editor of Haaretz's Culture and Literature supplement, Benny Ziffer, wrote on his Facebook page upon returning from paying a condolence call in the settlement of Ofra: "En route I looked at the Palestinian villages alongside the Jewish communities, and I thought of how for the Palestinians murder is a type of sport or enjoyment, perhaps a substitute for erotica. From that perspective we will never have anything culturally in common with them."

Amira Hass, "Israeli university heads say won't intervene in discrimination against Palestinian schools" (Haaretz, Aug 28):

The Committee of University Heads in Israel has declared that the discrimination against Palestinian universities with regard to granting visas for visiting lecturers is a political issue and thus not one in which they will intervene. The announcement was made in response to an appeal made by 33 faculty members at Haifa University to Prof. Ron Rubin, the university's president and the chairman of the committee. The faculty members asked Rubin to address the harm inflicted by Israel on higher education in the West Bank over Israel's handling of visas given to guest lecturers, which are generally not given at all, given after long delays, or not renewed. "As lecturers concerned with the academic freedom of ourselves and our guests, we feel obliged to see to it that the academic freedom of our colleagues is maintained," reads their letter, which was sent on July 18 after a report on the matter was published in Haaretz a week earlier.

Aron Heller, "Deadlocked election highlights Israel's secular-religious divide" (The Times of Israel, Sept 21):

As secular voters complain of 'overboard' religious coercion, it appears Netanyahu's iron-clad alliance with ultra-Orthodox parties has cost him politically. Experts say the cloistered communities of the ultra-Orthodox are being left behind by modern society, creating a culture of poverty that threatens the future well-being of the entire country.

Haggai Matar, "The end of the Netanyahu era doesn't mean the end of the occupation" (+972, Sept 18):

If Netanyahu is replaced, things might actually get worse for Palestinians. - As election results started pouring in Tuesday night, one could hear a sigh of relief - and even some cries of joy - among Israelis who identify with the center-left. According to near-final results, the right absorbed a serious blow... The occupation not only is not going anywhere, but might actually become even more deeply entrenched. Apart from the Joint List, not a single party in these elections offered any solution for ending the occupation. As Meron Rapoport previously wrote, Jewish rule and supremacy throughout Israel-Palestine has become so thoroughly etched into the political consensus that it's actually fracturing the right, which has lost its unifying ideological pillar.

Occupied Palestine:

New report: "477 Israeli violations in August: Settlers' raids at Al-Aqsa reflect official tendencies to change status quo in Jerusalem" (Euro-Med HRM, Sept 9):

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor confirmed in a report that the Israeli occupation forces escalated their attacks in the occupied city of Jerusalem, as party of a policy adopted by the highest Israeli political level, amid clear indications of Israeli tendencies to break the status quo at Al-Aqsa Mosque. The most serious incident was witnessed in the city was on the morning of Eid al-Adha, August 11, 2019, when hundreds of settlers stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque following a decision by the Israeli Prime Minister to perform their Talmudic rituals in commemoration of the so-called Tisha B'Av - the destruction of the Second Temple. The storming changed the current practice of not carrying out raids on Islamic holidays, amid massive repression of Muslim worshipers that resulted in the injury of 65 and the arrest of eight others. Cf. "Palestinians in Jerusalem. Victims of Israeli Occupation's dominance" (E-M HRM, 2018).

Pierre Breteau, "Cinquante ans d'occupation illégale : comment l'Etat israélien encourage la colonisation de la Cisjordanie" (Le Monde, 22 nov 2018, mis à jour le 11 septembre 2019):

Malgré les résolutions internationales, l'État hébreu continue d'encourager la colonisation des territoires occupés depuis la guerre des Six-Jours en 1967. À une semaine des élections législatives du 17 septembre, le premier ministre israélien Benyamin Nétanyahou a promis, s'il était reconduit au pouvoir, d'annexer toute la vallée du Jourdain sise dans l'est de la Cisjordanie, soit 30 % de ce qui représente le territoire de l'autorité palestinienne.

"Israeli army cut off water supply to Jordan Valley village" (Palestinian Information Center, Sept 19):

The Israeli occupation army on Thursday morning cut off water supply to the Palestinian village of Bardala in the northern Jordan Valley. Local official Derar Sawafta said that Israeli soldiers stormed the village and sealed up water holes that feed the local residents of the village with water, without stating the reason for such action. The Israeli army had cut off water supply to the village many times before in an attempt to force the local residents to leave the area.

Gideon Levy, "Only for Jews: The West Bank's apartheid springs" (Haaretz via IAK, Sept 4):

What could be more idyllic than the sight of a natural bubbling spring amid craggy boulders, welling up from the hills, its crystalline waters flowing silently into a small pool where people are cavorting in delight? What could be more innocent than parents and children splashing about in a natural pond of greenish water, the gurgling of the water mingling with yelps of joy?


"Israeli Occupation Forces Raid Addameer's Office and Steal its Belongings" (Addameer, Sept 19):

Israeli occupation forces raided today, Thursday, 19 September 2019 at around 2:00am the office of Addameer Prisoners Support and Human Rights Association. The Israeli forces stole five laptops, memory cards, three laptop memories, one laptop card, several books and additionally searching through the belongings of the office. Addameer sees this raid as a part of ongoing and systematic attacks against the Palestinian civil society organization. Those attacks are targeting the organizations that have a role in facing the occupation's violations and claiming accountability for those violations. This is additionally a part of the occupation's campaign to shrink space, delegitimize and de-fund those human rights and civil society organizations.

"Condemnation Against IDF night raid into Addameer's offices" (Sept 23):

The undersigned Israeli and Palestinian NGOs strongly condemn the night raid of Addameer - Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association in Ramallah - by the Israeli army. Addameer's work in protecting the rights of prisoners is crucial in preventing violations of human rights. A prestigious human rights organization founded nearly 30 years ago, many of us have worked closely with Addameer on a variety of issues in order to safeguard basic rights, including prevention of torture, arbitrary arrests and unfair trials...
The signed organizations: ACRI - The Association for Civil Rights in Israel, Adalah - The legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel, Akevot Institute, Bimkom - Planners for Planning Rights, B'tselem, Emek Shaveh, Gisha, Haqel: In Defense of Human Rights, HRDF - Human Rights Defenders Fund, Ir Amim, Physicians for Human Rights Israel, PCATI - The Public Committee Against Torture in Israel, Torah of Justice, Yesh Din - Volunteers for Human Rights.

"Israeli Authorities Holds Responsibility for Death of Prisoner in Their Custody" (Al-Mezan Human Rights Organisation, Sept 9):

On Sunday, 8 September 2019, the prisoner Bassam Al Sayeh, 47, resident of the northern West Bank city of Nablus, was pronounced dead at Assaf Harofeh Medical Center after his health deteriorated following claimed medical negligence. Al Sayeh was arrested on 28 October 2015 from the courtroom, while he was present at the trial of his wife, Mona Al Sayeh. According to Addameer Association for Prisoner Support and Human Rights, he was subjected to torture and ill-treatment while in detention, even though he was a cancer patient.
He spent most of the detention period in Al Ramleh prison, and his health condition worsened in the last two months as he suffered heart failure and acute infection of lungs. Israeli authorities did not respond to appeals calling for his release and first transferred him to Al Ramleh clinic and then to Assaf Harofeh Medical Center, where he died on Sunday.
Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons experience practices and policies that violate the rights guaranteed under International law, including medical negligence, depravation of lawyers' visits for 21 days, and ill-treatment during arrest and the interrogation. Al Mezan's documentation indicates that this is the third Palestinian to die in Israeli custody in 2019.


@ OCHA OPT: "Protection of Civilians Report | 3 - 16 September 2019" (Sept 19):

- Latest development: On 18 September, Israeli forces shot and killed a woman at the Qalandiya checkpoint, which controls access to East Jerusalem from the north, after she reportedly attempted to carry out a stabbing attack.
- Biweekly highlights: Israeli forces shot and killed two Palestinian children during the Great March of Return (GMR) demonstrations near the perimeter fence between Gaza and Israel, and injured another 437, including 200 children. The two boys killed, 14 and 17 years old, were shot on 6 September in two demonstrations held to the east of Jabaliya and Gaza City...

@ Palestina Solidariteit Nieuwsbrief Nr 57:

Redactioneel - Westelijke Jordaanoever - Jeruzalem - Gazastrook - Israël - Gevangen - BDS - België - Verenigde Staten - VN - Cultuur - Palestina Solidariteit - Kalender. 
Uit het Editoriaal: "... 
Wat betreft Israël Palestina kunnen we zeker spreken van stagnatie. Dieptepunt afgelopen zomer was de vernietiging op maandag 22 juli van ongeveer 70 appartementen, die in aanbouw waren. Sommige appartementen waren al gebouwd. Al die energie van Palestijnen om hun leven te verbeteren, de moeite om in een lang proces steen voor steen te werken aan je toekomst – met wat dynamiet en een bulldozer wordt alles op één dag met de grond gelijk gemaakt. Helaas is die gebeurtenis van 22 juli geen incident. De sloop van de appartementen maakt deel uit van een lange rode draad. De vernieling van gebouwen, de diefstal van land, het vernietigen van zelf aangelegde nutsvoorzieningen, het afpakken van waterbronnen, de illegale nederzettingen, de onwettige arrestaties, de exploitatie van mineralen op Palestijnse grond - het maakt deel uit van een systeem dat al tientallen jaren de Palestijnse gemeenschap ten gronde richt."


Gaza street art: Belal Khaled

Dominique Vidal : " La campagne électorale en Israël a été un déferlement de haine anti-arabe "

Remembering the Sabra and Shatila massacre

Belgian Campaign for the Academic & Cultural Boycott of Israel

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