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Newsletter N°47 (October 2019)

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"The Palestinian Circus School"

is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that was established in 2006 by the Palestinian Shadi Zmorrod and the Flemish Jessika Devlieghere. The circus school believes that a future for Palestine is possible, a future in which people can dream of a better life and invest that positive energy in their society. With their school, Shadi and Jessika want to develop the creative potential of young people in Palestine.

The Palestinian Circus School encourages the development of a new form of cultural expression, an art form that is dynamic and experimental and aims to challenge traditional perceptions of art and artistic interaction. It also trains a new generation of Palestinian artists.

Visit the official website of the Palestinian Circus School. Read here the annual report 2014-2015 of the Palestinian Circus School.

Les amis de l'Ecole de cirque Palestinienne -- De Vrienden van de Palestijnse Circusschool: E-mail:


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Actions & Calls:

Manifestation devant la CPI le 29 novembre : la mobilisation s'élargit ! (Europalestine, 18 oct), avec liste provisoire des organisations signataires.

La procureure générale doit rendre des comptes : pourquoi les nombreuses plaintes déposées par les victimes palestiniennes contre les criminels israéliens, et leurs dossiers on ne peut plus documentés ne sont-ils pas encore traités par Mme Fatou Bensouda ? À quand l'ouverture d'une enquête appropriée ? Le nombre de signataires et de participants européens au rassemblement qui aura lieu le vendredi 29 novembre devant la CPI (Cour Pénale Internationale) à La Haye, ne cesse d'augmenter ! Des cars sont affrétés à partir de nombreuses villes. Inscrivez-vous ! Bruxelles départ le 29/11 8h30 Gare du Nord (10 euros, aller-retour). Voir aussi: FacebookPour vous inscrire, ou pour avoir plus d'informations sur les départs à partir de différentes villes, merci de contacter:

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"Strafhof koerst af op harde botsing met civil society over lot Palestijnen" (The Rights Forum,14 okt):

Vanuit de hele wereld wordt het Internationaal Strafhof gemaand om eindelijk op te treden tegen het Israëlische geweld waaraan de Palestijnen blootstaan. Op 29 november vindt in Den Haag een internationale demonstratie plaats. - Een coalitie van 60 organisaties vormt de voorhoede van wat bezig is uit te groeien tot een wereldwijd protest tegen de passiviteit van het Internationaal Strafhof. Dat laat nog altijd na officieel onderzoek in te stellen naar Israëlische (oorlogs)misdaden, waardoor die onbestraft blijven en kunnen voortduren. De Palestijnen betalen daarvoor de prijs.

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Analyses & Comments:

"Farming Palestine for Freedom", by Samer Abdelnour, Alaa Tartir, Rami Zurayk (Al-Shabaka, on July 2, 2012):

For Palestinians, agriculture is more than a source of income or an economic category in budgets and plans. It is tied to the people's history, identity, and self-expression, and drives the struggle against Israel's Separation Wall.

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Thomas Suárez, "Israel has never had any intention of honouring either the 1947 Partition Plan or 1967 borders" (Middle East Monitor, Oct 10):

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu promised to annex parts of the occupied West Bank if re-elected in last month's General Election, eliciting outrage from world leaders. However, that "promise" to usurp not just the West Bank, but all of Palestine, is century-old news, an ongoing promise being kept, and no international outrage has ever really mattered in any case. A well-worn chapter of Israel's creation myth explains its conquests thus: When in November 1947, the United Nations proposed partitioning Palestine into two states (Resolution 181), Israel's founders embraced the offer with gratitude, whereas the Palestinians scoffed at it and attacked the fledgling "Jewish state". The result of this alleged Palestinian intransigence? The "fundamental fact", as the pro-Israel spin-doctors at CAMERA put it, is that had the Palestinians accepted partition, there would have been a Palestinian state since 1948, "and there would not have been a single Palestinian refugee".

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Miriam Deprez, "Rights now: Why Palestinian women do not want to wait for liberation" (Al-Monitor, Oct 7):

Women from the West Bank to the Gaza Strip and from Beirut to Berlin chanted "No free homeland without free women," in a concerted effort to bring gender equality in Palestine to the forefront of social and political discourse rather than allow it to remain in the shadows of the national liberation.

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Nooran Alhamdan, "Palestinian women walk the tightrope of toxic 'shame' and occupation" (+972 Sept 23):

The murder of a young Palestinian woman, Israa Ghrayeb, at the hands of her family highlights what many Palestinian women have been saying all along: The struggle against patriarchy and gender-based violence cannot be separated from the fight against Israel's occupation.

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Arts, Culture & Heritage:

Natasha Eder, "(Belal Khaled:) 'Ik ben niet bang om in Gaza kunst te maken. Ik heb niks te verliezen'" (MO*, 9 okt):

Belal Khaled is een 28-jarige graffiti- en kalligrafieartiest uit de Gazastrook. Hij was te gast in Gent om er een grote muurschildering te maken in de oude haven. Daarmee vestigt hij de aandacht op de moeilijke situatie in Gaza. 'Wij strijden met onze kunst, niet met wapens.'

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Ahmad Melhem, "Palestinian film festival stars gender-based violence" (Al-Monitor, Oct 17):

The murder of Israa Gharayeb, a young Palestinian makeup artist from Bethlehem, by her family has placed violence against women firmly on the country's agenda for the last two months. The Palestinian feminist group Tala'at organized demonstrations in cities in Palestine, Israel, Lebanon and Germany. Discrimination, violence and marginalization of women in Palestine, the region and beyond has also been taken up on the silver screen as the central theme of "Palestine Cinema Days," an annual event organized by Palestine's Filmlab, earlier this month. 

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"We are not numbers" -- Palestinian youth tell the human stories behind the numbers in the news:

When the world talks about Palestinians living under occupation and in refugee camps, it is usually in terms of politics and numbers - specifically, how many killed, injured, homeless and/or dependent on aid. But numbers are impersonal, and often numbing. What they don't convey are the daily personal struggles and triumphs, the tears and the laughter, the aspirations that are so universal that if it weren't for the context, they would immediately resonate with virtually everyone. That's why established and aspiring "word artists" from around the world have joined with youth in Gaza, and now, Lebanon, to create "WE ARE NOT NUMBERS." Through this platform, we share and celebrate their stories, with experienced authors mentoring the youth. 

Get Involved! You too can help the youth of Gaza share their stories by... See more at:

"Palestinian Museum received prestigious architectural award" (Al-Monitor, Oct 2):

Standing on a hill that looks out over the town of Birzeit, the Palestinian Museum is a cultural oasis whose architecture mimics the surrounding landscape. The museum's hillside gardens and stone walls imitate the stone terraces used in agricultural lands in the Palestinian villages and the building itself is made of limestone quarried locally near Bethlehem. The aim of the museum is preserving Palestine's national heritage and conveying its cultural narrative to all parts of the world, according to its website. Unusual for a museum, it does not have a permanent collection. In August, the Palestinian Museum, the largest cultural center in the West Bank, won the Aga Khan Award for Architecturealong with five other projects.

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"Jordan book fair held with theme 'Jerusalem: The Capital of Palestine'" (Mohammad Ersan, Al-Monitor, Oct 5):

AMMAN, Jordan - Some 350 Arab and foreign publishing houses from 22 countries have joined the 2019 Amman International Book Fair, which took place this week with the theme "Jerusalem: The Capital of Palestine." The fair was held from Sept. 26 to Oct. 5. The program includes political seminars, including a symposium titled "Facing the Zionist Narrative" on Sept. 29, and another titled "The Reality and Future of Jerusalem" on Sept. 30.

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David Clennon, "I'm a Hollywood Actor. I Support BDS. Will I Be Blacklisted?" (Truthout, Oct 19):

As actors age in Hollywood, they find fewer and fewer opportunities to earn a living, even those in the most privileged category: white males like me. So a reader's comment I came across below a recent article about me in the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles captured my full, survival-mode attention. The Jewish Journal article was titled "Actor Declines Netflix Audition Because of Israeli Producing Affiliation." The article reported on my recent decision to honor the cultural boycott of Israel for Palestinian rights.

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Tamara Nassar, "Israeli artist warned in Germany not to support BDS" (The Electronic Intifada, 4 Oct):

A German venue is warning Israeli-German artist Nirit Sommerfeld that her upcoming concert, Oct 5, in Munich will be canceled if she expresses support for the boycott, divestment and sanctions ( BDS) movement for Palestinian rights. Nirit: "May I remind you that I am a Jewish woman born in Israel, a daughter of a Holocaust survivor and a granddaughter of a grandfather murdered by anti-Semites in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp?"

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"German Museum to Give Walid Raad Art Prize Despite City Government's Objection: Report" (Alex Greenberger, ARTNews, Oct 2):

On Monday, the German city of Aachen announced that it had withdrawn a decision to give a prestigious art prize worth 10,000 euro to Lebanese-American artist Walid Raad, citing his alleged support for BDS, a pro-Palestine movement. But that move is not the end of the story. Raad will receive the award after all, via the Ludwig Forum for International Art, a museum in the city that facilitates the award, the Aachen Art Prize. The Ludwig Forum's board reportedly disagreed with the city's of Aachen's decision (and) said that its members could not find any evidence that Raad was an anti-Semite.

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Amira Hass, "The calves' rebellion" (Haaretz, Oct 16):

The nation of high-tech and (according to foreign reports) nuclear bombs is once again threatened by a malicious, anti-Semitic plot - a Palestinian boycott on purchasing calves from Israel. If only it were a Palestinian vegetarian intifada, but no. It's a decision made in September by the Palestinian Authority to stop buying 120,000 head of cattle a year from Israel, which account for 60 percent of the beef consumed in the Palestinian enclaves of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. The PA is searching for and encouraging its ranchers and traders to find alternatives. Oy gevalt! The coordinator of government activities in the territories, Maj. Gen. Kamil Abu Rokon, of course rushed in to help. Last week he warned that "Israel will not allow boycotts of any kind against Israeli produce."

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Ali Abunimah, "UN report gives Israel free hand to smear BDS movement" (EI, 1 Oct):

A new report by a UN expert gives Israel and its lobby carte blanche to smear the movement for Palestinian rights as anti-Semitic. Ahmed Shaheed, the UN special rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief, issued the report ostensibly focused on anti-Semitism in late September.

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Current Affairs:

Jake Batinga, "70 years of shooting refugees" (The Electronic Intifada, 8 Oct):

In his book "Israel's Border Wars, 1949-1956" (1997) the Israeli historian Benny Morris, focusing on Arab 'infiltration' into Israel and Israeli retaliation, recounts, for example, how Israel operated a "free fire" policy on refugees seeking to return home. According to Morris, Israeli forces "fired at anything that moved" and often executed injured refugees "on the spot." Between 2,700 and 5,000 refugees were killed under the free fire policy, the vast majority of whom were unarmed civilians, from 1949 to 1956. Furthermore, "no Israeli soldier, policeman, or civilian was ever tried for shooting and killing an unarmed Arab infiltrator," Morris writes. While Palestinian refugees were slaughtered for attempting to exercise their right of return, Israel's parliament passed the cynically titled "Law of Return" in 1950. It granted Jews from around the world the right to gain Israeli citizenship and live in Israel.

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Oren Ziv, "Settlers attack olive harvesters, Israeli volunteers in West Bank village" (+972, Oct 16):

Masked settlers uproot olive trees, set groves ablaze, and beat several Israeli volunteers with stones and metal rods in the West Bank village of Burin. Masked men from the settlement of Yitzhar wielding metal rods and stones attacked volunteers from Rabbis for Human Rights, a human rights organization based in Israel, while they were picking olives alongside Palestinian farmers in the West Bank village of Burin on Wednesday.

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"Campaign launched to end Facebook's attack on Palestinian content" (MEMo, Oct 9):

Palestinians said the social media giant was giving in to the Israeli government's influence to suppress the Palestinian narrative and was adopting the occupiers' definition of what incitement is. - Journalists and activists in Palestine yesterday launched a social media campaign against Facebook's censorship of Palestinian content. Using the hashtag FBblocksPalestine, the drive hopes to bring to light "the threat posed by Facebook against Palestinian content, and to make it public, as well as reveal the double-standard policy of Facebook management in dealing with Israeli and Palestinian incitement on its site," says Eyad Rifai, head of Sada Social Centre which is running the drive.

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"Facebook takes down page of Palestine news site" (Middle East Monitor, Oct 11):

Facebook on Wednesday deleted the page of the Palestinian Information Centre (PIC) in a move, the news site says, which is part of its war on Palestinian content on social media networks. The site's management said Facebook provided them with no prior warning before deleting the page, which had nearly five million followers, without any justification.

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EU, UN, US & the World:

"'Gaza' sera le candidat de l'Irlande aux Oscars 2020" (Agence Media Palestine, 21 oct):

Vendredi 4 octobre 2019 l'Académie Irlandaise de Cinéma et de Télévision (IFTA) a annoncé que le long métrage documentaire "Gaza" a été sélectionné comme candidat aux Oscars dans la catégorie du Meilleur Long Métrage International (autrefois catégorie du Meilleur Film en Langue Etrangère) pour la prochaine 92ème remise annuelle des Oscars. Le documentaire captivant des coréalisateurs Garry Keane et Andrew McConnell montre la dure réalité de la vie à Gaza. Majoritairement tourné en arabe, il emmène les spectateurs dans un endroit unique, hors d'atteinte des reportages télévisuels, pour révéler l'humanité d'un monde riche de personnages éloquents et résilients.
Review (en anglais): "Gaza: moving stories from the beleaguered strip of land," cliquez-ici!

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Ann De Boeck, "De Belgische overheid vraagt een schadevergoeding aan Israël voor de vernieling van een Belgisch Oxfam-project in Palestijns gebied. Of Israël die ooit zal betalen, is onduidelijk" (De Morgen, 14 okt):

Op 4 juli vernielden Israëlische troepen drie watercontainers en 2.500 bomen in Khirbet Al-Duqayqah, in Palestijns gebied. De infrastructuur maakte deel uit van een project van Oxfam dat gefinancierd werd met Belgisch geld. De schade zou oplopen tot meer dan 75.000 euro. Minister van Buitenlandse Zaken Didier Reynders (MR) noemt de beschadigingen onaanvaardbaar.


Médecins Sans Frontières : "À Gaza, plus de 1000 patients souffrent d' 'infections graves' suite aux blessures par balles reçues lors de la Grande Marche du Retour" (Agence Media Palestine):

Selon un nouveau rapport publié par MSF, plus de 1000 Palestiniens blessés par les balles de l'armée israélienne au cours de l'année écoulée ont développé des « infections graves des os » de plus en plus difficiles à traiter. Les forces israéliennes ont blessé plus de 7400 Palestiniens alors qu'ils manifestaient, « dont la moitié environ souffre de fractures ouvertes où l'os est fracturé près de la blessure » dit MSF.

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Ebe Daems, "België moet beslissen: is de Gazastrook te gevaarlijk om te leven, of niet?" (MO*, 8 okt):

"Als ik geen veiligheidsprobleem had en als mijn leven niet in gevaar was, dan zou ik niet zomaar mijn kinderen en mijn zwangere vrouw achtergelaten hebben in Gaza. Ik heb niet voor niets mijn lot in de handen van mensensmokkelaars gelegd en een moeilijke weg afgelegd naar hier." - Uit de Gazastrook vluchten en in België erkend worden als asielzoeker? Sinds het Commissariaat-generaal voor de Vluchtelingen en de Staatlozen (CGVS) zijn beleid wijzigde, is dat moeilijker geworden. Volgens de gevluchte Gazanen is de algemene situatie in de Gazastrook ernstig genoeg om iedereen bescherming te geven, maar het CGVS hamert op de individuele behandeling van elke asielaanvraag.

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Richard Silverstein, "Senior Israeli Security Minister: We Will Redeem the Temple Mount, Make It Ours" (Tikun Olam, Oct 19):

The headline blasted off the pages of Israel HaYom: Israel's Public Security Minister, Gilad Erdan, boasted: "Freedom of worship on the Temple Mount? It can happen in the next few years, a decade at most." The explicit meaning is clear to all Israelis: Erdan plans to topple the decades-old compact between Israel and the Jordanian Waqf to offer the most extreme Israeli settlers, who seek to rebuild the Temple, total and free access to Haram al Sharif.

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Amjad Iraqi, "Likud vs Likud: How Revisionist Zionism conquered Israeli politics" (+972, Sept 27):

The past two elections may have been billed as a clash of the titans between Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Gantz. But there's one man who looms far larger over the current state of Israeli politics: Vladimir Jabotinsky... The irony is that, despite their bitter rivalry during the election campaigns, the platforms of Likud and Blue and White are almost identical. Their main sticking point revolves around who should become prime minister... The meeting in Rivlin's office was decades in the making, and marks a resounding victory for the legacy of Vladimir (Ze'ev) Jabotinsky - the founder of Revisionist Zionism, commander of the Irgun militia, and grandfather of the Likud.

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Jonathan Cook, "Bedouin mass eviction is part of Israel's efforts to drive Palestinians off their historic lands" (J.C., Oct 16):

Tens of thousands are to be driven out of their homes because their numbers pose a major demographic threat to a Jewish state. The decades-long struggle by tens of thousands of Israelis against being uprooted from their homes - some for the second or third time - should be proof enough that Israel is not the western-style liberal democracy it claims to be. Last week 36,000 Bedouin - all of them Israeli citizens - discovered that their state is about to make them refugees in their own country, driving them into holding camps. These Israelis, it seems, are the wrong kind.

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Sarah Flatto Manasrah, "How Palestinian women successfully defended their village from demolition" (Waging Nonviolence, Oct 8):

One year after Israel gave the green light to demolish Khan al-Amar, the small Bedouin village survives thanks to a bold and creative women-led campaign. - Just over one year ago, photos and videos of Israeli border police violently arresting a young Palestinian woman went viral. She appeared to be screaming as they ripped her hijab off and wrestled her to the ground. It was an indelible scene in a theater of cruelty that has defined the beleaguered village.

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"Israel launches plan to force its own Bedouin citizens into refugee camps" (Adalah, Oct 10):

Israel plans 'urgent' forced displacement of tens of thousands of Bedouin citizens from unrecognized villages in Naqab (Negev) desert into refugee or displacement camps to make way for military and other development projects, without offering any permanent housing solutions. ...Three days earlier, on Thursday, 3 October, Adalah - The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel sent a letter to Israeli authorities calling on them to reject the proposed plans and stop them from moving forward.

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Tamara Nassar, "Partying on ethnically cleansed land" (The Electronic Intifada, 16 Oct):

Palestinians are calling for the boycott of a music festival taking place where Israel plans to ethnically cleanse tens of thousands of Palestinian Bedouins. The InDnegev music festival is scheduled to take place in the Naqab desert in southern Israel from 24 to 26 October... The Naqab Bedouins hold Israeli citizenship. But like all Palestinians with Israeli citizenship, they lack basic rights and suffer some 65 Israeli laws that directly and indirectly discriminate against them.

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Jeff Halper, "The Meaning of Israel's Massive Housing Demolitions in East Jerusalem" (The Nation, Aug 6):

The act itself wasn't unusual. Israeli demolition of Palestinian homes is a routine, almost daily occurrence. What set it apart was the scale, the impunity, and the political implications. On July 22, the Israeli Civil Administration - that's the Orwellian term Israel uses for its military government in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) - deployed 900 IDF soldiers and Border Police to demolish 13 apartment blocks, evicting 17 people in 70 apartments that were slated to house hundreds more in the Palestinian neighborhood of Wadi al-Hummus, to the southeast of Jerusalem.

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Nir Hasson (Haaretz), "Provocation gratuite" : un enregistrement met la lumière sur "une politique pourrie" (AFPS, 14 octobre):

Au cours d'un enregistrement vidéo, des policiers se plaignent des opérations menées dans le quartier d' Issawiya à Jérusalem-est qui ne " provoquent que des problèmes supplémentaires ". Des officiers de police israéliens postés dans le quartier palestinien d'Issawiya à Jérusalem-est ont été filmés en train de dénoncer l'inefficacité de leur opération en cours dans le quartier, si ce n'est pour provoquer délibérément les habitants.

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"Administrative Torture: Free Heba al-Labadi, a Jordanian Citizen in Israeli Prison!" (Ramzy Baroud, MEMo, October 9):

On August 20, Heba Ahmed al-Labadi fell into the dark hole of the Israeli legal system, joining 413 Palestinian prisoners who are currently held in so-called administrative detention. On September 26, Heba and seven other prisoners declared a hunger strike to protest their unlawful detention and horrific conditions in Israeli prisons... Heba and all Palestinian prisoners experience humiliation and abuse daily. Their stories should not be reduced to an occasional news item or a social media post but should become the raison d'être of all solidarity efforts aimed at exposing Israel, its fraudulent judicial system and Kangaroo courts.
Take action: Write to Heba Al-Labadi, tortured "administrative detainee" on hunger strike! Your letter of support will send a powerful message to both her and the Israeli jailers. Write to: Heba Al-Labadi, Kishon Detention Center, PO Box 175, Kiryat Tivon. Israel. [Samidoun, Oct 10].


# Fact Sheet: "The Human and Financial Losses of Fishing Under Occupation" (Al Mezan, Oct 15):

Palestinian fishermen in the Gaza Strip experience systematic difficulties practicing their livelihood due to restrictions on their right to work and persistent exposure to ill-treatment. Gaza's fishermen endure constant harassment, arrest and detention, shooting and confiscation of fishing boats and equipment by the Israeli navy.
Fact Sheet (pdf, 4p.): click here!

@ European Council of Foreign Relations: "ECFR Differentiation Tracker"

ECFR's Differentiation Tracker provides a snapshot of third state relations with Israel - and the extent to which these contain a clearly defined territorial definition that explicitly excludes Israeli settlements constructed on occupied territory in line with UNSCR 2334.

EU Differentiation FAQ - What is EU Differentiation?

"Palestine in Pictures: September 2019" (The Electronic Intifada):

Israeli occupation forces killed four Palestinians during September. Two were children shot while participating in Great March of Return protests along the Gaza-Israel boundary fence on 6 September. Ali Sami Ali al-Ashqar, 17, was hit in the chest with a live bullet that exited through his neck, according to Defense for Children International Palestine.

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@ palestine - Bulletin de l'Association belgo-palestinienne Wallonie-Bruxelles asbl. Trimestriel N°81 - Juillet/Août/Septembre 2019.

Dossier: "Apartheid & Environnement": Crise environnementale à Gaza: l'arroseur arrosé - Guerre écologique contre les agriculteurs de Gaza - Le mur israélien sépare les animaux et menace l'environnement local - L'agroécologie comme résistance globale.


# Charleroi, samedi le 26 octobre, de 10 h à 13 h: un cycle de formation. Thème de la première séance : "Israël, État d'apartheid." Avec le témoignage d'Ahmed Frassini. Lieu: l'UT de Charleroi (bâtiment de la bibliothèque). Org. : Plate-forme Charleroi-Palestine en collaboration avec IHT.  Ce cycle est pensé en fonction d'un nouveau voyage solidaire auprès des réfugiés palestiniens au Liban au printemps 2020. Les formations seront données par des militants et concrétisées par des témoignages de Palestiniens vivant en Belgique ou venant directement de la Palestine occupée.

# Gistel, dinsdag 5 november 2019 van 19:30 - 21:30: "Palestina," door Ludo De Brabander, woordvoerder van Vrede vzw.  Waar: Bibliotheek Gistel, Warandestraat 7, 8470 Gistel. In samenwerking met Oxfam Wereldwinkel. Prijs: € 2,50 (drankje inbegrepen). Vooraf inschrijven in de bib - 059 27 40 41 - Info facebook: klik hier! Het conflict tussen Israël en de Palestijnen lijkt eindeloos. In deze lezing zal Ludo De Brabander geschiedenis en achtergrond bij het conflict schetsen. Hij staat ook stil bij de verschillende lokale en internationale hinderpalen voor het bereiken van vrede. 

# Watermael-Boitsfort, le 6 novembre : projection du film " Tel Aviv in Fire." La Plateforme Palestine Watermael-Boitsfort a le plaisir de vous inviter à la  projection qui aura lieu à La Vénerie, dans le cadre des cinés apéros. Deux projections, l'une à 18 heures et une deuxième à 20h30. Une séance questions-réponses aura lieu après la séance de 18 heures, avec la participation d''Henri Wajnblum, membre de l'UPJB (Union des Progressistes Juifs de Belgique). Réservation: ou 02 672 14 39. Info facebook: cliquez-ici! .

# Marchienne-au-Pont, le 7 novembre, 19 h, à la Maison pour Associations: Thomas Suárez - auteur de: "Comment le terrorisme a créé Israël" (2019)  examine les débuts de la question israélo-palestinienne: les centaines d'attentats à la bombe et de massacres de civils perpétrés par les mouvements sionistes juifs jusqu'en 1948 pour chasser les Palestiniens, mais aussi frapper l'administration britannique et les juifs "non-coopérants". Org.: Plate-forme Charleroi-Palestine et Investig'Action.

# Evere, vrijdag 8 november van 17:30 - 21:00: "Palestina 4 Dummies". Everna Gemeenschapscentrum, Sint-Vincentiusstraat 30, 1140 Evere, infoklik hier!

# Molenbeek, zondag 10 november  van 17:00 - 20:00: "Palestinian Circus School". Waar:  Maison des Cultures, Molenbeek Stwg op Merchtem 67, 1080 Sint-Jans-Molenbeek. Org.: Friends of the Palestinian Circus School. INfo: klik hier!

# Bruxelles, le 16 novembre: projection du film 'Le char et l'olivier' de Roland Nurier (20ième Festival du Cinema Attac pour un autre monde). Au Kinograph. Avec débat "Israël au pied du mur" (ABP et UPJB). Info Facebook: cliquez-ici!

# Hasselt, 29 november, 19u: Vernissage tentoonstelling "De verdwenen dorpen van Palestina", expo Johan DepoortereWaar: Hasselt, Open Universiteit-Studiecentrum, Martelarenlaan 42klik hier!


"Gaza" Trailer (2019) : Documentary Movie HD

"Administrative Detention" (Addameer)

Freedom for Heba al-Labadi!

Belgian Campaign for the Academic & Cultural Boycott of Israel

Committee: Prof. ém. Marie-Christine Closon (UCL), Prof. Patrick Deboosere (VUB), Prof. Lieven De Cauter (KULeuven), Em. Prof. Herman De Ley (UGent), Em. Prof. Marc De Meyere (UGent), Prof. Serge Deruette (UMons), Lieve Franssen (dir. Brussels Brecht-Eislerkoor), Carl Gydé (director CAMPO), Prof. Perrine Humblet (ULB), Prof. Marc Jacquemain (ULiège), Em. Prof. Madeline Lutjeharms (VUB), Raven Ruëll (metteur en scène), Prof. ém. Christiane Schomblond (ULB), Dr. Nozomi Takahashi (UGent), Prof. Karin Verelst (VUB).


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Mailing address: Belgian Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (BACBI), 12, Kasteellaan, Deinze, O-Vla, 9850, BE