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BACBI: Africa and Israel-Palestine
  • Ali ABUNIMAH: « Germany supports genocide – again » (EI, January 14, 2024): click here!
    Namibia is hitting back hard at Germany’s decision to defend Israel’s genocide in Gaza at the World Court. “On Namibian soil, Germany committed the first genocide of the 20th century in 1904-1908, in which tens of thousands of innocent Namibians died in the most inhumane and brutal conditions,” Hage Geingob, president of the southwest African nation, said on Saturday. “The German government is yet to fully atone for the genocide it committed on Namibian soil.” “In light of Germany’s inability to draw lessons from its horrific history,” Geingob sharply denounced Berlin’s “shocking decision” to reject “the morally upright indictment brought forward by South Africa before the International Court of Justice that Israel is committing genocide against Palestinians in Gaza.”
  • "War on Gaza: South Africa launches International Court of Justice case accusing Israel of genocide" (Middle East Eye Staff, Dec 29, 2023): click here!
    ─ The International Court of Justice, press release 2023/77, December 29, 2023: "The Republic of South Africa institutes proceedings against the State of Israel and requests the Court to indicate provisional measures", click here!
    ─ "APPLICATION INSTITUTING PROCEEDINGS", 84p., 28 Dec 2023: click here!

    South Africa on Friday launched a case for the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to declare that Israel is committing genocide against Palestinians in its military campaign in Gaza. The submission from Cape Town, which says that Israel is in breach of its obligations under the Genocide Convention, calls for a halt to Israel's military operations in the besieged enclave. It said such an order is "necessary in this case to protect against further, severe and irreparable harm to the rights of the Palestinian people". "Israel has engaged in, is engaging in and risks further engaging in genocidal acts against the Palestinian people in Gaza," South Africa's application said. It said it had requested that the ICJ declare "on an urgent basis that Israel is in breach of its obligations in terms of the Genocide Convention, should immediately cease all acts and measures in breach of those obligations and take a number of related actions". The submission is the latest move by South Africa to put pressure on Israel to end its war on Gaza. Last month, lawmakers in the country voted in favour of closing down the Israeli embassy in Pretoria and severing diplomatic ties with Israel until a ceasefire was agreed upon.
  • Jewish Voice for Labour "South Africa files case at ICJ accusing Israel of ‘genocidal acts’ in Gaza" (Jewish Voice for Labour, Dec 29, 2023): click here!
    South Africa has filed a case against Israel at the International Court of Justice (ICJ), accusing it of crimes of genocide against Palestinians in Gaza after nearly three months of relentless Israeli bombardment has killed more than 21,500 people and caused widespread destruction in the besieged enclave. In an application to the court on Friday, South Africa described Israel’s actions in Gaza as “genocidal in character because they are intended to bring about the destruction of a substantial part of the Palestinian national, racial and ethnical group”.
  • Canaan LIDOR: "South Africa’s shift on Israel: From Mandela-era acceptance to ‘genocide’ allegations" (Times of Israel, Nov 22, 2023): click here!
    Unprecedented anti-Israel statements by the African nation’s head appear to be part of a broader geopolitical shift, but the country’s Jews report feeling safe and comfortable.
  • Ilham RAWOOT: "Solidarity means more than words" (Africa is a Country, Nov 16, 2023): click here!
    Although the South African government is one of the most vocal supporters of the Palestinian cause, its actions tell a different story.
  • "South Africa's ruling African National Congress backs motion to close Israeli embassy" (Middle East Eye, Nov 16, 2023): click here!
    South Africa's ruling African National Congress (ANC) party said on Thursday that it would support a parliamentary motion calling for the Israeli embassy in South Africa to be closed.
  • "South Africa recalls ALL remaining diplomats from Israel" (, Nov 6, 2023): click here!
    The human rights NGO Africa4Palestine welcomes the South African government’s decision today to recall all remaining South African diplomats from Israel. This is in protest of, what the South African government has termed as, Israel’s “genocidal airstrikes” and the “holocaust being committed by the Israeli government against the Palestinians.”
  • "Africans support Palestinian resistance and condemn Israeli attacks" (, press release, Oct 7, 2023): click here!
    Early this morning Palestinian resistance groups and fighters launched a massive multi-pronged surprise operation on Apartheid Israel in response to the Israeli regime’s recent killings of civilians in the Palestinian West Bank and its ongoing illegal occupation of Palestine. For decades the people of Palestine have been enduring a brutal, illegal and unlawful occupation by Apartheid Israel. The human right organization #Africa4Palestine, together with fellow Africans, salute the Palestinians as they continue to rise in defence of their land, families and human rights.
    Under international law, all oppressed peoples, have the right to armed self defence. Several United Nations resolutions affirm this. The UN General Assembly, in 1983, reaffirmed “the legitimacy of the struggle of peoples for their independence, territorial integrity, national unity and liberation from colonial domination, apartheid and foreign occupation by all available means, including armed struggle.” The international community should be consistent in supporting armed self defence of sovereignty. Israel’s ongoing oppression and its military attacks on Gaza, together with it’s over 15 year siege, is entirely illegal under International Law and the root cause of the issue.
  • "South Africa Adopts Visa Free Travel for Palestinians: A Landmark Decision" (, press release, Sept 22, 2023): click here!
    The human rights organization, Africa4Palestine, applauds the South African government’s landmark decision to offer visa-free entry to Palestinians visiting South Africa. This move comes after efforts and campaigning by Africa4Palestine, MRN, NFP as well as other dedicated groups and individuals including Chief Mandla Mandela MP (ANC) and Ahmed Munzoor Shaik Emam MP (NFP). In particular the persistency of the MRN should be noted and we also commend the recent ANC National Conference last year where members concretised the party’s support on the matter.
  • Alex WHITE: "With Morocco normalization, Israel revives a dangerous Africa policy" (+972, August 17, 2023): click here!
    Unable to reconcile its public diplomacy with colonialism at home, Israel has returned to courting key African partners through military-intelligence ties.
  • "BRICS summit issues special resolution in favour of Palestine" (MEMo, July 21, 2023): click here!
    The BRICS summit called for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital, the Wafa news agency reported. BRICS, a bloc comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, issued a resolution following its conference in the South African capital, Pretoria, yesterday calling for the implementation of United Nations and UN Security Council resolutions related to the Palestinian issue, including Resolution No. 2334 on the settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict within the framework of the two-state solution, by establishing a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital. A delegation from the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO), headed by Azzam Al-Ahmad, and senior Palestinian diplomat Salman Al-Harfi attended yesterday's session.
  • "SOUTH AFRICA PROTEST FOR PALESTINE": Press Release April 12, 2023: "Over 35 organisations support upcoming Johannesburg protest 4 Palestine" (Africa4Palestine): click here!
    Over 35 South African organisations, trade unions, women’s groups, youth formations and political parties have endorsed the upcoming protest rally for Palestine taking place this Friday (14 April) at 14h00 in Johannesburg (Joburg City Council, 163 Civic Boulevard, Braamfontein, Johannesburg). South Africans from various walks of life and political formations will be gathering in protest against the most recent Israeli attacks on Palestinian worshippers. Friday’s picket in Johannesburg has been endorsed by, among others: Africa4Palestine, Ahmed Kathrada Foundation, Al Jamaah Political Party, Al Quds Foundation, ANC, ANC Women’s League, ANC Youth League, Association of Muslim Accountants and Lawyers (AMAL), Communist Party of Swaziland (CPS), Communication Workers Union of South Africa (CWU), Congress of South African Students (Cosas), Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU), Ex-Political Prisoners Association (EPPA-SA), Friends of Cuba Society (FOCUS), FYMO, Good Party, Islamic Medical Association of South Africa (IMA-SA), Kairos Southern Africa, KZN PSF, Masjidul Quds Institute, Media Review Network (MRN), Muslim Youth Movement, NC4P, NEHAWU, National Freedom Party (NFP), PMB 4 Palestine, POPCRU, Progressive Tamil Movement (PTM), People’s United Democratic Movement (PUDEMO), Rustenburg PSF, South African Communist Party (SACP), South African Students Congress (SASCO), SAMNET, Swaziland Solidarity Network (SSN), UJ PSF, Uwais Qarni Center, Women’s Cultural Group, YCL, Young Hearts 4 Palestine and Youth 4 Palestine. If your organization would like to participate and endorse this protest please send an email to
  • Ramzy BAROUD: "How Israel miscalculated its political power in Africa" (Arab News, March 20, 2023): click here!
    The scene of Israeli diplomat Sharon Bar-Li, along with other Israeli delegates, being escorted out of the opening ceremony of the African Union summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, last month was historic. The very moment that was meant to crown 20 years of Israeli diplomacy in Africa turned, in a few seconds, into a representation of Tel Aviv’s failure on the continent. Unable to fathom the breakdown of its diplomatic and political efforts, Tel Aviv responded to Bar-Li's removal with a war of words against African countries.
  • "South African Parliament adopts historic resolution to downgrade Israel embassy" (Africa4Palestine, March 7, 2023): click here!
    The human rights organisation Africa4Palestine welcomes today’s historic motion adopted, with an overwhelming majority, by the Parliament of South Africa, to support the downgrade of South Africa’s Embassy in Israel to a Liaison Office. The parliamentary motion, introduced by the National Freedom Party (NFP), passed 208 for and 94 against.
    [Rina Bassist, AlMonitor March 8: "The decision was approved by 208 parliamentarians, while 94 rejected the motion for downgrading Israel-South Africa relations. While the parliament's vote is politically significant, it is not legislatively binding. In order for such a vote to become policy, the government in South Africa has to adopt the motion, and inform Israel. Only then an official downgrade would take effect. The government in Pretoria has not issued yet a reaction to the vote."]
  • Patrick GATHARA: "Could the African Union push Israel into international isolation?" (AlJazeera, March 5, 2023): click here!
    African states have led the charge against apartheid before. They could also spearhead the boycott of Israel today. ─ Even by the low standards of a country used to being regularly condemned for human rights abuses, disregarding international law and committing war crimes, February was a pretty bad month for Israel and its standing in the world.
  • Juan COLE: "Israeli Delegate Expelled from African Union Summit, in what may be First Global South Reaction to new Extremist Netanyahu Government" (Informed Comment, February 19, 2023): click here!
    On Saturday at the opening of the African Union summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the Israeli delegate was asked to leave. Sharon Bar-Li, the deputy director of the African desk at the Israeli foreign ministry, was escorted out of the opening session by security guards, according to the Al Jazeera correspondent at the summit, who saw it happen.
  • "Israeli observer delegation kicked out of African Union summit in Addis Ababa" (The Times of Israel, February 18, 2023): click here!
    An Israeli observer delegation at the African Union summit in Addis Ababa was kicked out of the opening ceremony on Saturday, the Foreign Ministry said, blaming South Africa and Algeria for the severe diplomatic breach.
  • Nicolas-Bilal URICK, « The Black-Palestinian Imaginary and Third-World Liberation » (Voices, Feb 7, 2023): click here!
    The 1960s and 70s typify the revolutionary spirit of the Black Liberation Movement and the Palestinian Culture of Resistance. The decade birthed the two movements— deeply intertwined, symbiotic excerpts of one struggle for independence and self-determination. Black and Palestinian activists found raw material for their nationalist ideologies through the nascent decolonization movement, or, as Franz Fanon termed it, “the consciousness of the colonized.” Both movements embraced left-internationalism as the human architecture of their liberation struggles, fusing Arab and Black nationalisms in a formidable battle against imperialism and racism.
  • Naeem JENAH: "Israel, Sudan Say Will Sign Peace Deal in 2023" (Haaretz, Feb 2, 2023): click here!
    After the UAE, Bahrain and Morocco, Sudan will be the fourth Arab country to join the Abraham Accords and sign a peace agreement with Israel.
  • Naeem JENAH: "De l’Afrique du Sud à Israël, les trois piliers de l’apartheid" (OrientXXI, 2 février, 2023): click here!
    Que ressent un Sud-Africain, ancien militant contre l’apartheid quand il se rend en Israël et dans les territoires palestiniens occupés ? Classification de la population, liberté du choix de lieu de résidence et de mouvement, importance de la sécurité : se fondant sur les trois moteurs centraux de la séparation, Na’eem Jeenah considère que l’apartheid israélien est pire que celui de l’Afrique du Sud.
  • « Afro-Palestinians And Palestine- Do You Know About The Historical Afro-Palestinian Connection? »(PaliRoots, Feb 21, 2022): click here!
    Afro-Palestinians make up a small percentage of the Palestinian population, but have regards to an astounding history. Mainly concentrated in Jerusalem, most current Afro-Palestinians made the trek over during the British Mandate of Palestine as religious pilgrims and stuck around. The largest population of Afro-Palestinians sit in a neighborhood located in old Jerusalem referred to as “Little Harlem” or “The African Quarter”.
  • « Qatar World Cup 2022: Morocco fans latest to unfurl 'Free Palestine' banner »(Middle East Eye, November 27, 2021): click here!
    Fans of Atlas Lions raised flag referencing Nakba in 48th minute of their stunning victory over Belgium.
  • Emad MOUSSA, « When it comes to BDS, Israel's worst fear is the South African boycott scenario » (The New Arab, November 15, 2021): click here!
    "BDS’ strength is in its ability to adapt, penetrate, and garner support, and it has triggered Israel's greatest fear of a shift in global public opinion regarding the state's history and legitimacy," writes Emad Moussa.
  • Salam AWAD, « A visual history of Black-Palestinian solidarity » (Middle East Eye, 18 Oct 2021), click here!
    From the 60s onwards, Black nationalist groups and Palestinian activists found common cause in opposing imperialism and racism.
  • Hatem BAZIAN, « Why black voices matter on Palestine » (Middle East Eye, 26 March 2019), click here!
    Prominent black voices expressing solidarity with Palestinians has riled the pro-Israeli lobby . ─ In 1979, Andrew Young, the first African American ever appointed as a US ambassador to the UN, was forced to resign because of pressure mounted by pro-Israel groups on then President Carter following Young's meeting with a representative of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation.
  • Ilan PAPPE (ed.): « Peoples Apart. Israel and South Africa: The Many Faces of Apartheid. » Zed Books 2015, ISBN: 9781783605897; 225 pages; £ 14.99. Info: click here!
    In "People's Apart," Ilan Pappé, one of Israel's preeminent academics and a noted critic of the current government, brings together lawyers, journalists, policy makers, and historians of both countries to assess the implications of the apartheid analogy for international law, activism and policy making.
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