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    « The Right to Education » : click here!
    ─ « Colonizing Palestine through the denial of education » : click here!
    ─ « Education as a colonial tool in the eyes of International law » : click here!
    ─ « The Reality on the ground based on Israeli political-legal framework » : click here!
    ─ « Our Struggle » : click here!
    « Targeting education – Israel’s Attempts to eliminate the hope and capacity to resist » : click here!
    « Israeli policies of physical elimination » : click here!
    « Israel’s Logic of Elimination » : click here!
    « Palestinian resistance or a Palestinian pedagogy of liberation » : click here!
  • Lynn HASTINGS, « Back to school: 1.3 million Palestinian children in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip are returning to school during a tumultuous year » (OCHA, August 21, 2023): click here!
    Statement of Lynn Hastings, United Nations Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.
  • "Legacy of a Palestinian Educator: Honoring Saniya Nusseibeh’s Journey as a Teacher on Land Day" Global Voices, Informed Comment, 4 April, 2023): click here!
    Saniyeh Saleh Nagy Nusseibeh could not have fathomed that preserving scraps of paper, from mundane water bills to official correspondence, nestled inside her bag and between her books and bibliography for seventy years would unveil so much of what we remain ignorant about today. Even after her passing, her collection discloses insights into places, events, and people whose memories have vanished with time.
  • "On International Day of Education: Palestinians’ right to education must be guaranteed" (Al Mezan Center for Human Rights, p.r. January 24, 2023): click here!
    In the occupied Palestinian territory (OPT), the right to education is systematically violated by the Israeli authorities, whose apartheid policies against Palestinians affect key components of the educational process at all educational levels—ranging from attacks against students and teachers to destruction of premises and equipment.
  • Hamoked Center for the Defence of the Individual: "New Israeli Procedure on Entry of Foreigners to the West Bank" (briefing paper September 2022): click here!
    Interference with Palestinian Civil Society and Academic Freedom: In the new procedure, the Israeli Defense Ministry gives itself the prerogative to set academic qualifications for lecturers. Faculty and student visas can only be renewed for a maximum of 27 months, and then a person would have to leave the West Bank before applying for a new visa. There is no possibility to offer tenure to foreign faculty, as after a cumulative stay of five years, a foreign lecturer must remain abroad for nine months before they can re-enter the West Bank... It should also be noted that this procedure would not apply to foreigners who wish to travel to Israeli settlements in the West Bank. For example, foreign lecturers and students at Ariel University in the Ariel settlement will continue to be governed by the much more lenient regulations set by Israel’s Ministry of Interior.
  • Abe SILBERSTEIN: " A Logic of Elimination. Historian Lorenzo Veracini discusses settler colonialism, Zionism, and decolonial futures. (Jewish Currents, Jan 11, 2022): click here!
  • David KATTENBURG: "How Apartheid Israel stifles Palestinian education and scientific research" (Mondoweiss, Oct 8, 2021): click here!
    An educated citizenry and advanced scientific research capacity are key drivers of sovereign national development. No one knows this better than “Start-Up” Israel. According to one recent estimate, Israel has the third most educated population in the world (behind Canada and Japan). As for the five million Palestinians living under permanent belligerent Israeli rule and presumptive apartheid, Israel honors this truth in the breach — systematically impeding Palestinian access to education, and the ability of Palestinian scientists to carry out research.
  • UNRWA: "What we do: Education" click here!
    Our students are among the most highly educated in the region. Since the 1960s, girls have made up around half of UNRWA students.
  • "Arab League warns for collapse of education in Palestine due to Israeli occupation" (Palestine News Network, May 25, 2015): click here!
    ... In his speech Sunday during the the opening session of the 72nd course for the council of the educational affairs, Assistant Secretary General of Palestine Affairs in the Arab League, Mohammad Sbeih confirmed the necessity of Arab support to the educational process for Palestinian students, and the strong steadfast against the Israeli occupation attempts to strip them from education, which can produce a generation that is able to challenge the occupation and establish a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.
    Sbeih also warned that Israel was continually targeting the educational procedure in Jerusalem through imposing the Israeli curriculum on East Jerusalem educational institutes, to completely demolish the Arab identity and Judaize Jerusalem.
    Occupation is also preventing the establishment of any new schools in East Jerusalem or renovating the old ones, which lead to lack of about 1000 classrooms, in addition to using ineligible rooms for classes, such as narrow corridors, caravans and Zinc rooms crowded and narrow. The expensiveness of private schools also lead to the increase of students dropping out at an early age.
    "Israel, the occupying Power, on May 15 celebrated its sixty-seventh anniversary of occupying Palestinian land, and destroying all sides of Palestinian daily life including economic, social, health, cultural, and mostly educational, since the occupation is aware of its importance in nation-structure and its effect on the strength of a nation," Sbeih said. He continued, "Israel is using every possible way to restrict the movement of Palestinian students in the West Bank and Jerusalem, and fight against having an academically educated Palestinian youth by preventing them from heading to universities."
    Sbeih assured that Israeli forces in their consecutive attacks on Gaza always targeted educational institutes and hindered the reconstruction process. They also blocked the school textbooks from being entered to the Strip and prevented Gazans from reaching West Bank universities, scattering the Palestinian curriculum.
  • Nurid PELED-ELHANAN: "Palestine in Israeli School Books: Ideology and Propaganda in Education". I.B.Tauris, 2012, 9781780765051, pb 280 p., 14.99 £. Review by Asa Winstanley: The Electronic Intifada.

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    Articles (latest first):
    • « #FreePalestinianStudents : Raid militaire et vague d’arrestations à l’Université de Birzeit » (Collectif Palestine Vaincra, Sept 25, 2023): click here!
      Dimanche 24 septembre à l’aube, l’occupation israélienne a mené un raid militaire sur le campus de l’Université de Birzeit en Cisjordanie occupée. Après avoir agressé les gardes de l’université, les soldats ont envahi la salle du conseil des étudiants et vandalisé les lieux. Ensuite, ils ont arrêté huit étudiants : le président du Conseil des étudiants, Abdel Majeed Hasan, le coordinateur du Bloc islamique (la première organisation étudiante du campus), Amr Khalil, et les étudiants Abdallah Nejim, Mahmoud Nakhleh, Ahmad Owiedat, Hasan Alwan, Abdallah Abu Qias et Yahya Farah. L’Université de Birzeit, le syndicat des travailleurs, le conseil des étudiants et les blocs étudiants ont appelé à une marche de protestation dans l’enceinte du campus ce 25 septembre pour protester contre cette agression.
    • Nir HASSON: «Israel Police Confiscate Hundreds of Books Depicting Palestinian Flag From East Jerusalem Students » (Haaretz, Sept 10, 2023): click here!
      According to East Jerusalem education officials, hundreds of books teaching the Palestinian Authority's curriculum have been confiscated thus far with police claiming they are incendiary materials.
    • Shira KADARIA-OVADIA, Sheren Falah SAAB & Keren SHIMONI: « Israeli Education Ministry Cancels Hebrew Language Program for Arab Schools » (Haaretz, Sept 3, 2023): click here!
      Teachers bump into their students at funerals, explain to nine-year-olds why the neighbor was shot and fear they could be next. When an entire society faces a crime epidemic, teachers get another job they didn't sign up for.
    • Lior DATTEL: « Israeli Education Ministry Cancels Hebrew Language Program for Arab Schools » (Haaretz, August 22, 2023): click here!
      The Ivritana Hebrew proficiency program helps high schoolers from Israel's Arab society practice Hebrew, which affects their success rates in the matriculation exams and in the job market ■ The Education Ministry denied reports of the program's cancellation.
    • « Jewish Settlers Attack Palestinian Elementary School near Ramallah » (The Palestine Chronicle, August 14, 2023): click here!
      The school, which is already threatened with demolition by the Israeli occupation authorities, is located in a Bedouin community in the lands of the villages of Kafr Malik, Khirbet Abu Falah, and Al-Mughayer, east of Ramallah.
    • « Israeli Education Ministry Backs Down on East Jerusalem Program After Far-right Minister Freezes Funds » (Haaretz, July 8, 2023): click here!
      Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich has refused to approve funds for a program to encourage higher education, claiming university study ‘radicalizes’ Palestinians.
    • Or KASHTI: «From the First Grade to the Grave, Israelis Are Educated to Dehumanize Palestinians » (Haaretz, August 3, 2023): click here!
      The Israeli Palestinian Bereaved Families for Peace, which brings students together with Israeli and Palestinian bereaved families, is being targeted by the right for daring to offer an alternative to the endless cycle of blood.
    • Shira KADARIA-OVADIA: « Number of Arab Israeli Women With Academic Degree Doubled Within Decade, New Report Shows » (Haaretz, July 6, 2023): click here!
      The number of Arab Israeli women between 30 and 34 years old with a bachelor's degree or higher now stands at 25 percent. And it's not just young women either.
    • Anat PELED: « 'A Synagogue Toting Guns': How the Religious Right Is Distorting History in Israeli Schools » (Haaretz, June 11, 2023): click here!
      When Israeli schoolkids learn the history of Zionism, they're increasingly presented with a narrative focusing on religion and hyper-nationalism, with a black hole where the country’s secular and socialist founding fathers were once featured. Who can confront the right's hijacking of history?
    • Haaretz Editorial: « Arab Teachers Are the Next Target » (Haaretz, June 5, 2023): click here!
      After the government declared war on flying the Palestinian flag, it has now marked the Arab school system as the next target of its ultranationalism.
    • Shira KADARIA-OVADIA: « Israeli Education Minister Accused of Creating a 'Submissive' Academia » (Haaretz, May 30, 2023): click here!
      University presidents responded to the Education Minister's accusation that they are 'losing their way' and 'gagging an entire political camp,' saying that the coalition sees academia 'as an ideological enemy that must be subdued'.
    • Nir HASSON & Noa SHPIGEL: « Israeli Government Advances Bill That Could End Funding for Most East Jerusalem Schools » (Haaretz, May 14 , 2023): click here!
      Co-sponsored by far-right lawmaker Simcha Rothman, the bill would ban funding for East Jerusalem schools teaching the official Palestinian curriculum, arguing that it includes ‘incitement to terrorism’.
    • Yuval ABRAHAM: "Palestinian school razed after campaign by gov’t-linked settler group" (+972, May 8, 2023): click here!
      The residents of Jib al-Dib lost their years-long fight to save their elementary school, leaving dozens of children without proper access to education.
    • Basel ADRA: "Defying PA repression, Palestinian teachers lead biggest strike in years" (+972, April 18, 2023): click here!
      Amid an economic crisis caused by Israeli policies and PA corruption, teachers are bringing schools and streets to a standstill until their demands are met.
    • Haaretz Editorial: "Trash Israel’s Regime-approved Civics Textbook" (Haaretz, April 17, 2023, via: AURDIP)): click here!
      The right has put control over civics classes at the top of its agenda over the past decade. The religious and extreme nationalist right homed in on civics lessons as the main vehicle for changing the minds of generations of students and future voters. The subject, which is meant to serve as a foundation for democratic life, has been gutted and neutered in a gradual, methodical process intended mainly to satisfy the regime.
    • Nir HASSON: "Teacher Strikes Keep About 2,000 East Jerusalem Students Out of School" (April 16, 2023): click here!
      Teachers in the Palestinian Authority, who make about $1,000 a month at most, are demanding a 15 percent raise and have been striking since February.
    • Awdah HATHALEEN: "In Masafer Yatta, teachers like me can’t guarantee our students an education" (+972, Nov 15, 2022): click here!
      With schools facing demolition orders and soldiers detaining students and teachers for hours, obstacles to education are becoming insurmountable.
    • Shira KADARI-OVADIA: "Bedouin Children Fall Through Cracks Despite Israel's Compulsory Education Law" (Haaretz, Sept 30, 2022): click here!
      Education Ministry and local governments blame overcrowding in Negev Bedouin preschools on late registration by parents and say the problem will soon be solved, but thousands of children are still deprived of a preschool education.
    • "Israeli Soldiers Injure Schoolchildren, Teachers, In Hebron School" (IMEMC, Sept 29, 2022): click here!
      On Thursday, Israeli soldiers invaded a Palestinian school in the southern area of Hebron city, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank, before attacking and injuring many schoolchildren and teachers..
    • Shira KADARI-OVADIA: "Ministry Walks Back Demand for External Educators to Pledge to Uphold Nakba Law" (Haaretz, Sept 23, 2022): click here!
      New wording applies criteria only to content of programs offered by outside providers, not the educators themselves.
    • "PCHR Condemns Israeli Authorities’ Attempts to Impose Distorted Version of Curriculum in Occupied Jerusalem Schools" (IMEMC, Sept 21, 2022): click here!
    • "European Union lawmakers criticize UNRWA chief over Palestinian textbooks" (Jewish News Syndicate, Sept 4, 2022): click here!
      The chair of the E.U. Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee, MEP David McAllister, called UNRWA’s failure to address hate education an “endless saga” and demanded “sustainable improvements.”
    • Zen AL TAHHAN: "Palestinian schools in Jerusalem strike over Israel-imposed books" (Haaretz, Sept 19, 2022): click here!
      Hundreds of Palestinian schools strike in protest at Israeli efforts to impose censored Palestinian textbooks.
    • Eitan NECHIN: "How Israelis Are Taught to Erase the Palestinians" (Haaretz, August 28, 2022): click here!
      When Israel's education ministry ordered the removal of maps showing the 1967 borders from classrooms, it was the just the most recent blatant, dangerous, absurd attempt to erase the occupation – and the Palestinians.
    • Or KASHTI: "Tel Aviv and the Israeli Government Spar Over School Maps Showing 1967 Borders" (Haaretz, August 23, 2022): click here!
      The Tel Aviv municipality is spearheading a rare initiative: teaching students about the Green Line. But the Education Ministry is barring the use of maps depicting occupied territories, 'not even as a poster on the wall'.
    • Ahmad MELHEM: "Israel revokes licenses of six schools in East Jerusalem" (Al-Monitor, August 12, 2022): click here!
      Israeli Minister of Education Yifat Shasha-Biton revoked on July 28 the permanent operating licenses of six Palestinian schools in East Jerusalem, under the pretext that their curricula contain “dangerous incitement” against the Israeli government and army. The six schools will be granted a conditional one-year license to amend their curriculum or lose their license entirely.
    • "Heads of Mission of the European Union and likeminded countries visit Ein Samiya School under imminent threat of demolition." The Office of the European Union Representative (West Bank and Gaza Strip, UNRWA, August 12, 2022): click here!
      Heads of Mission of the European Union and likeminded countries together with the Ministry of Education visited Ein Samiya community near Ramallah in light of the imminent threat of demolition of a donor-funded school, which currently provides access to education for 17 children in Ein Samiya and neighbouring herder communities.
    • "Israel Decides To Demolish A Palestinian School Near Ramallah" (IMEMC News, August 11, 2022): click here!
    • Carrie KELLER-LYNN : "Reformers want schools to stop churning out Arabic students who can’t speak Arabic" (TOI, July 19, 2022): click here!
      With a focus on formal rather than conversational Arabic, Israel’s high schools are ‘teaching a living language as if it were dead,’ says one critic pushing for changes.
    • Shira KADARI-OVADIA: "Israel Cites Nation-State Law to Block Educators From Refuting Its Jewish Nature" (Haaretz, June 6, 2022): click here!
      Outside school program operators in Israel will have to sign 12 conditions in the bidding process, including vowing to not treat Independence Day as a 'day of mourning'.
    • Shira KADARI-OVADIA: "Israel's Education Ministry Includes anti-Nakba Clause in Tender" (Haaretz, April 14, 2022): click here!
      The requirements, which also require that school program operations declare that their content doesn’t include statements negating Israel’s existence as a Jewish and democratic state, have been challenged in court.
    • Or KASHTI: "Israeli Plan to Boost Coexistence in Schools Slammed for Not Tackling Racism " (Haaretz, April 3, 2022): click here!
      Education Ministry panel's recommendations include expanding spoken Arabic studies, appointing a coexistence coordinator and holding field trips with schools of different backgrounds, but makes no mention of funding for these changes.
    • Or KASHTI: "Israeli Military, Intel Agencies to Enlist High Schoolers for Weapon Development Program " (Haaretz, Jan 16, 2022): click here!
      The full program, which appears to involve the development of autonomously guided weaponry, involves a 12-year commitment and experts warn against the use of children by the military.
    • Or KASHTI: "Multi-billion Dollar Plan for Israeli-Arab Schools Includes Programs on Arab Identity, New Classrooms " (Haaretz, 2 Jan, 2022): click here!
      It is difficult to remember when a strategic discussion similar to the one involved in developing the plan was conducted on Arab education in Israel.
    • Shira KADARI-OVADIA & Or KASHTI: "Anti-racism Training to Become Mandatory for New Israeli Teachers" (Haaretz, Nov 21, 2021): click here!
      The training program will give Israel's future teachers the tools to engage their students with hot-button topics in Israeli society from various perspectives and tackle racism on campus.
    • Or KASHTI: "Ignoring Court Ruling, Israel's Education Ministry Discriminates Against Pluralist Jewish Groups " (Haaretz, Nov 17, 2021): click here!
      The ministry republished its decision to reduce support for pluralistic Jewish organizations’ activities in schools by tens of thousands of shekels, which was disqualified in April by the High Court of Justice.
    • Or KASHTI: "Groundbreaking Arab College Opens Its Doors to Students – Without a Permit" (Haaretz, Nov 12, 2021): click here!
      While other colleges in Israel have violated rules and introduced programs before acquiring necessary permits, opening an entire college without a permit is a new nadir and a criminal offense.
    • Reem KHAMIS-DAKWAR: "The long and winding road for Palestinian educational equity in Israeli schools" (Haaretz, Oct 27, 2021): click here!
      Palestinian students are forced to leave the mixed Israeli city of Nof Hagalil to attend school in nearby Nazareth. Why? Because local schools refuse to accommodate Arab students, which reflects the vision of local leaders -- a town devoid of an Arab population whatsoever.
    • Shira KADARI-OVADIA: "Arab Teachers’ in Israel Face Dilemma: Civics by the Book or Talk About the Nakba " (Haaretz, Oct 16, 2021): click here!
      Some Arab teachers in Israel juggle the Zionist and Palestinian versions of history. Others just outright rebel.
    • Or KASHTI: "Israeli School System Takes Small but Significant Step in Discussing the Nakba" (Haaretz, Sept 19, 2021): click here!
      The new take, which seems likely to expand from the current 55 high schools, explores the comments of an Israeli military leader who sought to ‘cleanse the interior of the Galilee’ of Palestinians.
    • Haaretz Editorial: "Don't Want Your Kids Taught by an Arab? Yes, That's Racist" (Haaretz, August 26, 2021): click here!
    • Assaf DAVID: "No, Palestinian Textbooks Are Not Antisemitic" (Haaretz, August 10, 2021): click here!
      A new study unequivocally refutes the accusation made by right-wing Israeli organizations.
    • Assaf DAVID: "This Jewish-Arab School Embodies an Israeli Utopia. Its Arab Principal Reveals What's Beneath the Surface" (Haaretz, June 24, 2021): click here!
      Her grandma was Jewish but she was raised as a Muslim, in a secular environment. Now Manar Hayadre heads one of Israel's most complex educational institutions.
    • Or KASHTI: "When It Comes to Education, Israel's Ashkenazi-Mizrahi Divide Is Still Growing " (Haaretz, June 11, 2021): click here!
      A new study finds that Israel's ethnic gaps are proving persistent in the third generation, with Mizrahi women languishing at the bottom of a clear hierarchy.
    • Or KASHTI: "Inside the Conflicted World of Israeli Arab Teachers in Jewish Schools" (Haaretz, May 23, 2021): click here!
      'I chose to work in a Jewish school partly because I wanted to change reality. I’m less certain this is possible now. But if I give up and leave, pupils won’t hear a voice like mine,' says one Arab teacher in a Jewish school.
    • Or KASHTI: "Separate School Systems for Jews and Arabs Are Policy in Israel, Not a ‘Problem " (Haaretz, May 23, 2021): click here!
      The Education Ministry’s systematic disregard of studies, surveys and state comptroller reports has buried hope for education for coexistence.
    • Haaretz Editorial: "Israel's Education System's Shameful Censorship" (Haaretz, Feb 16, 2021): click here!
      The fact that the attorney general’s office approved Education Minister Yoav Gallant’s move some months ago to intervene in the Bible studies curriculum and remove clips from the satirical program “The Jews are Coming” from the ministry’s website for Bible studies teachers, is additional evidence that Israel’s democracy is in crisis.
    • Shira KADARI-OVADIA & Noa SHPIGEL: "Israel's Education Ministry Holds Hearing for High School Principals Over B'Tselem Lecture" (Haaretz, Jan 28, 2021): click here!
      Dozens hold a rally in support for the of the Hebrew Reali School's decision to allow B’Tselem director Hagai El-Ad to talk to students.
    • Yumna PATEL: "Rights groups defy Israeli minister’s ban on their activities in country’s schools" (Mondoweiss, Jan 19, 2021): click here!
      "The Israeli government will have to contend with us until the apartheid regime ends," B'Tselem's director Hagai El-Ad tweeted after defying a ban put in place by Israel’s Education Minister that sought to prevent human rights groups from entering public schools. - Israel’s Education Minister announced a ban this week on human rights groups from entering Israeli public schools, a move seen by many as a response to a bombshell report from B’Tselem, one of the country’s leading human rights groups, calling Israel an “apartheid state”.
    • Haaretz Editorial: "Elite Israeli School Teaches Silencing" (Haaretz, Dec 8, 2020): click here!
      Students at the Hebrew Reali High School in Haifa learned an important life lesson this week. To mark International Human Rights Day, which is Tuesday, the director of B’Tselem, Hagai El-Ad, was meant to address them. But when students and right-wing activists denounced the meeting, the principal of the school’s upper division, Mendi Rabinovitz, postponed it.
    • "The State of Education in East Jerusalem: Discrimination against the Backdrop of COVID-19" (Report Ir Amim, Sept 2020, pdf, 29p.): click here!
      This report was compiled before Israel's second nationwide lockdown and at a time in which the school system in East Jerusalem's "red" neighborhoods had been shut down (based on the Israeli government's COVID-19 'traffic light' system as of September 13, 2020). According to the National Emergency Portal, "formal educational activities are not being carried out in these neighborhoods, with the exception of matriculation examinations, special education, at-risk youth programs and daycare centers."
    • Ali GHAITH: "The politics of education in East Jerusalem" (Open Democracy, July 23, 2018): click here!
      After Trump’s decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, Israel has gained its ally’s backing to go even further in its control over the Palestinian part of Jerusalem.


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