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  • "History of Palestine" (Wikipedia): click here! ── "Palestine Region" (Wikipedia): click here!
  • "Palestine Arab Congress: First congress: Jerusalem, 1919; Second congress: 1920; Third congress: Haifa, 1920; Fourth congress: Jerusalem, 1921; Fifth congress: Nablus, 1922; Sixth congress: Jaffa, 1923; Seventh congress: Jerusalem, 1928; General Islamic Congress: Jerusalem, 1931 (Wikipedia): click here!

  • Keith W.WHITELAM, « The Invention of Ancient Israel. The Silencing of Palestinian History » Routledge 1997, 296p., ISBN 9780415107594, £24.79: click here!
    "The Invention of Ancient Israel" shows how the history of ancient Palestine has been obscured by the search for Israel. Keith W. Whitelam argues that ancient Israel has been invented by scholars in the image of a European nation state. He explores the theological and political assumptions which have shaped research into ancient Israel by Biblical scholars, and contributed to the vast network of scholarship which Said identified as 'Orientalist discourse'. Keith W. Whitelam's groundbreaking study argues that Biblical scholars, through their traditional view of this region, have contributed to dispossession of both a Palestinian land and a Palestinian past. This is important reading for historians, biblical specialists, social anthropologists and all those who are interested in the history of ancient Israel and Palestine.
  • Bernard REGAN: « The Implementation of the Balfour Declaration and the British Mandate in Palestine: problems of conquest and colonisation at the nadir of British Imperialism (1917–1936) » PhD thesis, Januari 2016, pdf, 271p.: click here!
  • Bernard REGAN: « The Balfour Declaration. Empire, the Mandate and Resistance in Palestine. » Verso 2017, 278p.
    A hundred years later, Bernard Regan recounts the composition of the Balfour Declaration as one of the major events in the history of the Middle East. Offering new insights into the imperial rivalries between Britain, Germany and the Ottomans, Regan exposes British policy in the region as part of a larger geopolitical game. Yet, even then, the course of events was not straightforward, and Regan charts the debates within the British government, the Zionist movement, and the Palestinian groups struggling for self-determination.
  • Henry LAURENS: « Conférence de San Remo. Une base légale à la création d’un État juif en Palestine ? » (OrientXXI, mai 15, 2020): click here!
    Il y a cent ans, une réunion internationale à San Remo consacrait de nouvelles frontières au Proche-Orient et, de facto, le mandat britannique sur la Palestine établi en juillet 1920. Les sionistes y voient l’origine de l’État d’Israël, et Benyamin Nétanyahou a célébré cet anniversaire. Mais cette conférence, qui avait vu s’affronter Britanniques et Français, restera d’abord marquée par ses ambiguïtés concernant le projet sioniste en Palestine.
  • Salam AWAD: « In pictures: Life in Palestine from 1890 to 1937 » (Middle East Eye, May 20, 2021): click here!
    Home to unique ethnic groups and rich cultures, preserving Palestinian history has become an act of resistance against colonial erasure.
  • Nur MASALHA: « Expulsion of the Palestinians. The Concept of "Transfer" in Zionist Political Thought, 1882-1948. » Institute for Palestine Studies, 1992, 235p.
    The Zionist concept of "transfer" ─ a euphemism denoting the organized removal of the indigenous population of Palestine to neighboring countries ─ is a prickly and even explosive subject that myriad researchers and writers focusing of Palestine have avoided for obvious reasons...
  • Nur MASALHA: « Palestine. A Four Thousand Year History. » Zed Books, (2018) 2020, 448p.
    From the Late Bronze Age through to the present day, this is the definitive history of Palestine and its people.
  • Walid KHALIDI: « Before Their Diaspora. A photographic history of the Palestinians, 1876-1948 » (Digital Edition, Institute for Palestine Studies): click here!
  • Sam BAHOUR, « Man-made Israel (and the obsessive erasure of Palestinian history) » (Mondoweiss, July 31, 2020): click here!
    Hellbent on crafting an umbilical cord between itself and a biblical, mythical 2000-year old past, Israel has erased the ancient history of Palestinians.
  • Rashid KHALIDI: « The Hundred Years' War on Palestine. » A History of Settler Colonial Conquest and Resistance. Profile Books, 2020, 319p.
    The last century for Palestine and the Palestinians has been one of denial: denial of statehood, denial of nationhood, and denial of history.
  • Emanuel BEŠKA & Zachary FOSTER: « The Origins of the term “Palestinian” (“Filasṭīnī”) in late Ottoman Palestine, 1898–1914. »
    Academia Letters, Article 1884, July 2021 (pdf, 22p.): click here! E.B., Research Fellow, The Institute of Oriental Studies of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, & Z.F., Ph.D, Near Eastern Studies, Princeton University .
  • « Palestinian Christians - The Forcible Displacement and Dispossession Continues... » (BADIL & Kairos Palestine, May 2023, pdf, 36p.): click here!
    The land of Palestine is the cradle of Christianity. Over the centuries, it has been called the “Fifth Gospel”—its geographical features lending context to biblical events and the life and teachings of Jesus. From north to south, from east to west, the contours of the land bring deeper insight to the texts of the four Gospels. Despite the rich and diverse history of the Christian presence in the land, however, there are many who are surprised to learn that Palestine has always been—and still is—the home of a vibrant Christian community. Sadly, there is a real risk that the presence of a Christian community in Palestine will soon come to an end.
  • Peter SHAMBROOK: « Policy of Deceit. Britain and Palestine, 1914-1939 . »  OneWorld Academic, 2023, ISBN: 9780861546329; £35.00, 416p., click here!
    In this eye-opening book, Peter Shambrook delves into the secret correspondence between the British High Commissioner in Egypt, Sir Henry McMahon, and the Sharif of Mecca during the First World War. McMahon promised the Sharif an independent Arab state, including Palestine, after the war, in exchange for his alliance with Britain against the Ottomans. But what happened next changed the course of history.
  • Peter SHAMBROOK: "Policy of Deceit. Britain and Palestine, 1914-1939": Extract (Middle East Eye, Aug 25, 2023): click here!
    In this extract from his new book, Peter Shambrook shows that the evidence Britain included the Palestine region in its offer of an independent Arab state - long denied - is overwhelming.
  • Peter OBORNE: "Policy of Deceit: Britain's treachery over Palestine laid bare" (Middle East Eye, Aug 25, 2023): click here!
    With lucid thinking and meticulous scholarship, historian Peter Shambrook's new book proves that Britain lied about its intentions concerning Palestine from the very start.
  • Rashid KHALIDI (YouTube): "Rashid Khalidi on This Moment in Palestinian History" (Beinart Notebook, 19 January 2024): click here!
    On January 19, Peter hosted an online discussion entitled “Rashid Khalidi on This Moment in Palestinian History.” He was joined by special guest and Columbia Professor Rashid Khalidi, America’s most eminent historian of the Palestinian people and the Palestinian struggle. They talked about this latest iteration of what Rashid’s called “The Hundred Years' War on Palestine”— what’s new and what’s old since October 7. They also talked about where the Palestinian national movement goes from here, why Palestinian freedom has become a defining issue for progressive activists, and what the crackdown on that activism means for America’s universities. These online discussions are for paid subscribers to The Beinart Notebook. To become a paid subscriber, please visit:

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    • Marion KAWAS: « My Palestinian mother-in-law and the generation of survivors » (Mondoweiss, Sept 3, 2023): click here!
      My mother-in-law recently passed away at age 97. Her generation, the Nakba survivors, are quickly leaving us, along with their important historical legacy.
    • « A Pompei in Gaza: Major Archeological Discovery Announced » (The Palestine Chronicle, July 28, 2023) : click here!
      Archaeologists working on a 2,000-year-old Roman cemetery discovered in Gaza last year have found at least 125 tombs, most with skeletons still largely intact, and two rare lead sarcophaguses, Reuters news agency reported.
    • Hiba ASLAN: "Library restores Palestinian history one manuscript at a time” (Al-Monitor, July 23, 2023): click here!
      A library in Israeli-annexed east Jerusalem offers a rare glimpse into Palestinian history with its treasure trove of manuscripts dating back hundreds of years before the creation of Israel. At the Khalidi Library in the walled Old City, Rami Salameh expertly inspects a damaged manuscript as part of the effort to restore and digitise historical Palestinian documents.
    • Jeff WRIGHT: "New report describes continuing forcible displacement and dispossession of Palestinian Christians” (Mondoweiss, June 15, 2023): click here!
      A new report from BADIL and Kairos Palestine seeks to activate the Western church in opposition to Israel’s colonial-apartheid system. ─ It’s not uncommon that a Christian Palestinian tour guide is asked when his family became Christian, as if they were evangelized by Western missionaries. The polite response? “On the day of Pentecost, some fifty days after Jesus’ resurrection.” A more pointed, perhaps impatient response: “My friend, you became a Christian because my family suffered a harsh Roman occupation to bring the Christian faith to the world.”
    • Serraj ASSI & Zachary FOSTER: "'There's No Such Thing as Palestinians': The Ignorant Bigotry of pro-Israel Propagandists” (Haaretz, April 21, 2023): click here!
      Israeli politicians like Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich persistently deny the existence of a Palestinian people [“There is no such thing as a Palestinian nation. There is no Palestinian history. There is no Palestinian language”] but the historical record speaks for itself. Smotrich and pro-Israel U.S. conservatives should listen.
    • "Smotrich says there’s no Palestinian people, declares his family ‘real Palestinians’” (The Times of Israel, March 20, 2023): click here!
      In Paris, far-right minister says Palestinian nation is ‘an invention of past 100 years,’ and ‘world should hear this truth’; speaks in front of Israel map that includes Jordan.
    • Natasha ROTH-ROWLAND: "Netanyahu rewrites history, again” (+972, Dec 24, 2022): click here!
      Incoming Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continues to advance his mission of retconning Jewish history, one century at a time. His latest efforts were, as usual, designed to paint Palestinians, and Arabs more generally, as responsible for the worst episodes of anti-Jewish oppression over the millennia, in an attempt to reframe Israeli abuses as acts of liberation.
    Until 2017:
    • "After Balfour: 100 Years of History and the Roads Not Taken”, by Zena Agha, Jamil Hilal, Rashid Khalidi, Najwa al-Qattan, Mouin Rabbani, Jaber Suleiman, Nadia Hijab on (Al Shabaka, Oct 31, 2017): click here!
      Could history have taken a different trajectory? Were there points during the past century at which the Palestinians could have influenced the course of events in a different direction?
    • Gideon LEVY & Jehuda SHAUL: "Hébron, la ville où l’essence de l’apartheid israélien éclate au grand jour" (Pour la Palestine, 31 juillet, 2017): click here!
      “Si vous voulez voir l’apartheid israélien en résumé, allez à Hébron. Il n’y pas d’endroit où l’on puisse mieux voir avec une telle clarté éclatante toute une communauté expulsée des maisons de ses ancêtres, des milliers de personnes chassées de leurs magasins…".
    • Philip WEISS: "Israel’s efforts to erase Palestinian history reflect ‘incremental genocide,’ Ehrenreich says" (Mondoweiss, Feb 9, 2017): click here!.
      Ben Ehrenreich, author of The Way to the Spring, the chronicle of heroic resistance to occupation in a Palestinian village, spoke at Columbia’s Center for Palestine Studies a week ago, and described Israel’s treatment of Palestinians as an “incremental genocide.”

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