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Free E-Book on Palestine, the Palestinians, and Palestinian History.
The Palestine Review: E-Books, found at , provides the largest online library of free ebooks on Palestine, the Palestinians, and Palestinian history available anywhere. Download and read a free ebook on Palestine now! (The Palestine Review, Jan 20, 2016): click here!

  • Pamela E. PENNOCK: "The Rise of the Arab American Left: Activists, Allies, and Their Fight against Imperialism and Racism, 1960s-1980s", North Carolina Press 2017, 329 p., ISBN: 9781469630977 Hardcover 39,43$; pb 28,45$. Review: Rod Such, "The Arab American radicals who paved way for BDS" (EI, 5 Sept 2017), click here!
  • Eyal WEIZMAN: ""Hollow Land. Israel’s Architecture of Occupation", Verso, June 2017, new edition, 352 p.; ISBN 9781786634481; £10.49, click here!
  • Sunaina MAIRA: "Boycott!The Academy and Justice for Palestine", UP California, pb January 2018, 132 pages, ISBN: 9780520294899, $18.95, £14.95. click here!
  • Ilan PAPPÉ: "Ten Myths About Israel". Verso, pb 2017, 192 pages, ISBN: 9781786630193, £5.99. click here!
  • Richard FALK: "Palestine's Horizon Toward a Just Peace". Pluto Press, pb 2017, 196 p., ISBN: 978-0-7453-9974-4, £13.00. click here!
  • "On Antisemitism. Solidarity and the Struggle for Justice", by Jewish Voice for Peace. Foreword by Judith Butler. Haymarkt, 2017, pb, 300 pages, ISBN: 9781608467617. $19.95: $11.97 40% off, click here!
  • William E.ROBINSON & Maryam S.GRIFFIN (ed.), "We Will Not Be Silenced. The Academic Repression of Israel's Critics". Preface by R.Falk. Foreword by Cynthia McKinney. AK Press, ISBN 9781849352765, 280p., $14.96. click here!
  • Ofra YESHUA-LYTH: "Politically Incorrect: Why a Jewish State is a bad idea. A memoir". Skyscraper Books, pb 2016, 400 p.; ISBN 978-1911072041 £12.99.
  • Thomas SUÀREZ: "State of Terror. How terrorism created modern Israel". Skyscraper Books, 2016, 418 p. UK (hard cover with dust jacket), ISBN: 978-1911072034, £20. US, pb, ISBN-13: 978-1566560689, $20. Review: Dr. David Gerald Fincham, in Mondoweiss. Info:
  • Eyal SIVAN & Armelle LABORIE, "Un boycott légitime : Pour le BDS universitaire et culturel de l’État d’Israël." Éditeur : La Fabrique Editions Prix : 10 €; 192 pages ; broché; ISBN 978-2-35872-087-8. Bespreking: Sonia Dayan-Herzbrun: "Note de lecture du livre « Un boycott légitime. Pour le BDS universitaire et culturel de l’État d’Israël » par Eyal Sivan et Armelle Laborie" (AURDIP, Oct 18, 2016): click here!
  • David Gerald FINCHAM, "‘State of Terror,’ by Thomas Suárez" (Mondoweiss, Oct 13, 2016): click here.
    A review of 'State of Terror: How terrorism created modern Israel', by Thomas Suárez. UK Edition published by Skyscraper Publications, 13 October 2016, RRP £20. Format: Hardcover, 417 pages. ISBN: 978-1911072034.
  • Jeremy R. HAMMOND, “Obstacle to Peace: The US Role in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict”. With a foreword by Richard Falk. Worldview Publications, Cross Village, Michigan. 2016., 2016. ISBN: 9789675068966, pb, 177p. $22.99. Revieuw by Jim Miles, in: The Palestinian Chronicle (Aug 8, 2016): click here.
  • Norma HASHIM, “Dreaming of Freedom. Palestinian Child Prisoners Speak”. With a foreword by Richard Falk. Saba Islamic Media, 2016. ISBN: 9789675068966, pb, 177p. $9.99. Revieuw by Alia Al Ghussain, "The horror of childhood under occupation" (Electronic Intifada, 9 Aug 2016): click here.
  • Sara ROY, "The Gaza Strip. The Political Economy of De-development". Expanded Third Edition, Institute for Palestine Studies, 2016. ISBN 978-0-88728-321-5, 511p., $24.00.
  • Yakov M. RABKIN, "What is Modern Israel?" Pluto Press, 2016. ISBN 9780745335810 , pb, 240 p., € 20,99.
  • Ben EHRENREICH: "The Way to the Spring. Life and Death in Palestine". Penguin Random House, Jun 14, 2016 | 448 Pages, $28.00.
  • Noam CHOMSKY & Ilan PAPPÉ: "Palestine". Entretiens dirigés par Frank Marat. Éd. Écosociété, avril 2016. ISBN 9782897192457, 184 p., € 19,00. Info: cliquez ici. Entretien avec Frank Marat, cliquez ici.
  • Fazal SHEIKH (photographs) & Eyal WEIZMAN (text): "The Conflict Shoreline: Colonialism as Climate Change in the Negev Desert". Steidl, Göttingen, Germany, 2015. 96 pp., 8x10½. Review by Sarah Bay Gachot (photo-eye, Dec 3, 2015): click here.
  • Marwan DARWEISH & Andrew RIGBY: "Popular Protest in Palestine. The Uncertain Future of Unarmed Resistance". Pluto Press, 2015; ISBN: 9780745335094; 224pp., £16.00. Info (Pluto Press).
  • Keith P. FELDMAN: "A Shadow over Palestine: The Imperial Life of Race in America". How Israel and Palestine shaped the post–World War II politics of race in the United States. Publ. University of Minnesota Press, 2015; 312 p.; $24.95. Critical review by Max Ajl, "A Different Kind of Future" (Warscapes, Jan 21, 2016): click here!
  • Lucas CATHERINE & Kareem EL HIDJAAZI: "Jihad en kolonialisme". EPO, 2015; isbn: 9789462670518, paperback, 224 p., prijs: 22.50 euro.
  • Noga KADMAN: "Erased from Space and Consciousness: Israel and the Depopulated Palestinian Villages of 1948". Indiana Univ. Press, 2015; ISBN: 978-0-253-01682-9. Critical review by Sarah Irving (The Electronic Intifada, 28 Dec 2015): click here!
  • Anthony LÖWSTEDT: "Apartheid - Ancient, Past, and Present". "Gross, Racist Human Rights Violations in Graeco-Roman Egypt, South Africa, Israel/Palestine and Beyond". With a Foreword by Ilan Pappe, and a Postscript by Richard A. Falk. Wien: Gesellschaft für Phänomenologie und kritische Anthropologie, September 6, 2014. Free e-Book, 514p. Download: click here! Foreword by Ilan Pappe (Medium): click here!
  • David CRONIN: "Europe-Israël. Une alliance contre-nature". Préface par Omar Barthouti. Éd. La Guillotine, 2012. ISBN : 978-2-9543806-0-5; 224 p. Prix : 15 €. Info: click here.
  • Jon SOSKE & Sean JACOBS (ed.): "Apartheid Israel. The Politics of an Analogy". Foreword by Achille Mbembe. Haymarket Books, Nov 2015; $16.00; ISBN: 9781608465187; 150 p. Info: click here.
  • Kate RAPHAEL: "Murder Under The Bridge. A Palestine Mystery". Publ. She Writes PR, 2015; 400 p.; ISBN-13: 978-1631529603; 15,49 euro. Review by Jessica Purkis (MEMO, Nov 14): click here.
  • Mark LeVINE & Mathias MOSSBERG (Ed.): "One Land, Two States. Israel and Palestine as Parallel States". Univ. of California Press, 2014; pb, 296 p.; ISBN: 9780520279131; $29.95, £19.95. Info: click here. Presentation, with text of Chapter One: Monoweiss, Nov 6, 2015: click here.
  • Adi KUNTSMAN and Rebecca L. STEIN: "Digital Militarism Israel's Occupation in the Social Media Age" (Series: Stanford Studies in Middle Eastern and Islamic Societies and Cultures). Stanford UP, 2015. Paper ISBN: 9780804794909; 192 p.; price: $ 21.95. Info: click here.
  • Cherine HUSSEIN: "The Re-Emergence of the Single State Solution in Palestine/Israel. Countering an Illusion". Routledge Studies on the Arab-Israeli Conflict, 2015. ISBN: 978-0415713320; 214 p. Book review by Antony Loewenstein: "The elusive path to a one-state solution" (The Electronic Intifada, 19 October 2015): click here.
  • Jean-Pierre FILIU: "Gaza: A History". Publ. C. Hurst & Co Ltd, 2015. ISBN: 978-1849045490; 422 p. Book review by Diana Alghoul: Middle East Monitor.
  • Against Apartheid. The Case for Boycotting Israeli Universities". Edited by Ashley Dawson and Bill V. Mullen, Foreword by Ali Abunimah. Haymarket Books, 2015. Price: $19.95; ISBN: 9781608465262; 258 p. Info.
    Focusing on the complicity of Israeli universities in maintaining the occupation of Palestine, and on the repression of academic and political freedom for Palestinians, "Against Apartheid" powerfully explains why scholars and students throughout the world should refuse to do business with Israeli institutions. This rich collection of essays is a handbook for scholars and activists.
  • Steven SALAITA: "Uncivil Rites. Palestine and the Limits of Academic Freedom". Haymarket Books, 2015. Price: $22.95. ISBN: 9781608465774. Info.
    PS In the summer of 2014, renowned American Indian studies professor Steven Salaita had his appointment to a tenured professorship revoked by the board of trustees of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Salaita’s employment was terminated in response to his public tweets criticizing the Israeli government’s summer assault on Gaza.
  • Jeff HALPER: "War Against the People. Israel, the Palestinians and Global Pacification". Pluto Press, 2015. ISBN: 9780745334301; 352pp.; £ 13.00. Review: Tom Sperlinger, "How does Israel get away with it?", The Electronic Intifada, 2 October 2015, klik hier!
  • Ben WHITE: "Être palestinien en Israël. Ségrégation, discrimination et démocratie" (trad. de l'anglais). Éd. La Guillotine, 2015. ISBN : 978-2-9543806-1-2; 160 pages; Prix : 10 €.
  • Neve GORDON & Nicola PERUGINI: "The Human Right to Dominate". Oxford UP, 2015, ISBN: 9780199365005; 216 p.; $ 24.95. Review by Rod Such, "How human rights groups reinforce Israeli colonialism", The Electronic Intifada, 22 Sept 2015: klik hier!
  • Refaat ALALEER & Laila EL-HADDAD (ed.): "Gaza Unsilenced". Just World Books, 2015, ISBN: 978-1-935982-55-5; $ 21.00.
    (The editors) are distinguished Palestinian writers and analysts from Gaza. In Gaza Unsilenced they present reflections, analysis, and images—their own, and those of many other contributors — that record the pain and resilience of Gaza’s Palestinians and the solidarity they have received from Palestinians and others around the world.
  • Ilan PAPPE (ed.): "Peoples Apart. Israel and South Africa: The Many Faces of Apartheid". Zed Books, 2015, ISBN: 9781783605897; 225 pages; £ 14.99. Info: klik hier!
    In People's Apart, Ilan Pappé, one of Israel's preeminent academics and a noted critic of the current government, brings together lawyers, journalists, policy makers, and historians of both countries to assess the implications of the apartheid analogy for international law, activism and policy making.
  • Mads GILBERT: "Night in Gaza". Skyscraper Publications, London 2015 (ISBN-13: 978-0993153365). Review by Chris Doyle, Middle East Eye, 22 juli 2015: klik hier!
  • Max BLUMENTHAL: "The 51-Day War: Ruin and Resistance in Gaza". Nation Books, 2015, 272 p. Review: Rod Such, "Max Blumenthal’s unflinching book on Gaza war must not be ignored" (The Electronic Intifada, June 15, klik hier!.
  • "The Case for a Cultural Boycott of Israel". Published by Artists for Palestine UK, 64 p., £ 3.00. Is readable, succinct, well-sourced and rationally argued. In its 64 pages, you will find answers to all the questions you’ve ever been asked, or are ever likely to be asked, about a cultural boycott of Israel. With a foreword by novelist Kamila Shamsie. Can be ordered online!
  • Céline LEBRUN & Julien SALINGUE (dir.): "Israël, un État d’apartheid ? Enjeux juridiques et politiques". L'Harmattan, 2013, 272 p. Présentation sur le site web de UJFP: cliquez ici.
  • Max BLUMENTHAL: "The 51-Day War: Ruin and Resistance in Gaza". Nation Books, 2015, 272 p. Review: Rod Such, "Max Blumenthal’s unflinching book on Gaza war must not be ignored" (The Electronic Intifada, June 15, clique here).
  • Susan ABULHAWA: "Blue between sky and water". Bloomsbury Publ. 2015, 304 p., ISBN 9781408865118, 19,49 euro.
  • Noam CHOMSKY, Ilan PAPPÉ & Frank Barat (red.): "On Palestine". Haymarket Books 2015, 220 pag., ISBN 8-1608464708. Bespreking in De Wereld Morgen .
  • Hamde ABU RAHMA: "My Book. Roots Run Deep - Life in Occupied Palestine". Photo book - 35 photos; size: 15×20 cm; page count: 86; prize: £8.50. Info & order online: klik hier .
  • Marcel LIEBMAN: "Figures de l'antisémitisme". Textes choisis et présentés par Jean Vogel. Éd. Aden, 2015; prix: 20 euro (frais d'envoi compris). Info: Institut Marcel Liebman .
  • Norman FINKELSTEIN: "Method and Madness. The Hidden Story of Israel's assaults on Gaza". OR Books, 2014. 236 pages • Paperback ISBN 978-1-939293-71-8 • E-book 978-1-939293-72-5. Price: pb $17.00; e-book: $10.00. Nederlandse vertaling van het integrale slothoofdstuk op De Wereld Morgen .
  • Ali ABUNIMAH: "The Battle for Justice in Palestine". Haymarkt Books 2014, 288 pag., ISBN 9781608463244; price: $ 17.00.
  • Mandy TURNER & Omar SHWEIKI (ed.): "Decolonizing Palestinian Political Economy. De-development and Beyond". Series: Rethinking Peace and Conflict Studies. Palgrave Macmillan 2014, 288 pag., ISBN 9781137448743; price: £ 65. Review by Sarah Irving: "How development aid has failed Palestine and benefitted Israel", in: The Electronic Intifada.
  • Lieven VANHOUTTE: "Overleven in Palestina". Uitg. boekboek, 2014, 90p., aangeboden in epub-formaat. Gratis dowloadbaar op .
  • Richard FALK: "Palestine: The Legitimacy of Hope". Just World Books, 2014; ISBN 978-1935982425; 238 p.; $ 24.00. Bespreking door Rod Such, "The Moral Clarity of Richard Falk" (14 Nov 2014): The Electronic Intifada.
  • Ilan PAPPÉ: "The Idea of Israel: A History of Power and Knowledge". Verso 2014, isbn: 9781844678563; hardback; 288p.; prijs: £ 16.99. Info: Verso (boekbespreking door Lode Vanoost, op De Wereld Morgen, 10 september 2014).
  • Ahron BREGMAN: "Cursed Victory: A History of Israel and the Occupied Territories". Allen Lane 2014, isbn: 978-0713997750; hardback; 461 p.; prijs: $ 22.36. Info: [boekbespreking door Rod Such, "New book reveals top-secret collusion between Israel, US during twenty years of “peace talks”" (The Electronic Intifada, 29 August 2014): klik hier.]
  • Lucas CATHERINE: "De Israël Lobby". Epo 2011, isbn: 9789064457951 · paperback (12,5 x 20 cm) - 200p. · prijs: € 16.50.
  • Ali ABUNIMAH: "The Battle for Justice in Palestine". Publ. Haymarket Books 2014; ISBN: 9781608463244; paperback; price: $17.00.
  • Stéphane HESSEL & Véronique DE KEYSER: "Palestine, la trahison européenne". Éditions Fayard, 2013; ISBN 978-2213678078; 280 pages; 18,00 euros. "Palestine, la trahison européenne, Questions à Véronique De Keyser": Association France Palestine Solidarité.
  • Jo ROBERT: "Contested Land, Contested Memory. Israel's Jews and Arabs and the Ghosts of Catastrophe". Dundurn, 2013; ISBN 978-1459710115; paperback, 304 pages; $20.23. Book review by Rosemarie M. Esber: The Electronic Intifada.
  • Suraya DADOO & Firoz OSMAN: "Why Israel? The Anatomy of Zionist Apartheid – A South African Perspective". Porcupine Press, Melville, South Africa, 2013; 778 pages. Book review by Jim Miles: The Palestine Chronicle.
  • Inge NEEFS: "Gaza op mijn hoofd". EPO, 2013 (1 dec); isbn: 9789491297489, paperback, ca. 250p., prijs: circa € 17.00. Info: EPO.
  • Khaled FURANI: "Silencing the Sea: Secular Rhythms in Palestinian Poetry". Stanford UP, 2012; ISBN-13: 978-0804776462; hardcover; 312 pp.; Price: 55.00$. Bespreking door Sarah Irving op: The Electronic Intifada, 21 January 2013.
  • "Breaking the Silence. Getuigenissen van Israelische soldaten uit de Bezette Gebieden, 2000-2010". Uitg. De ArbeidersPers, 2012, paperback; ISBN 9789029586023; 368 blz.; 25,00 euro (boekpresentatie 25 okt 2012).
  • Miko PELED: "The General's Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine". With a Foreword by Alice Walker. Just World Books, 2012; ISBN:978-1-935982-15-9; 223pp; $20. Voor een bespreking: klik hier!
  • Nurid PELED-ELHANAN: "Palestine in Israeli School Books: Ideology and Propaganda in Education". I.B.Tauris, 2012, 9781780765051 | Paperback | 280 pages, 14.99 £. Bespreking door Asa Winstanley: The Electronic Intifada.
  • Antony LOEWENSTEIN & Ahmed MOOR (edd.): "After Zionism: One State for Israel and Palestine". Saqi Books, 2012, $ 15.95 (bespreking door Sarah IRVING op: The Electronic Intifada, 14 August 2012).
  • Ben WHITE: "Palestinians in Israel". Segregation, Discrimination and Democracy. With a Foreword by Haneen Zoabi. Pluto Press, 2012, $ 25.00 (uitvoerige bespreking op: The Electronic Intifada).
  • William A.COOK (ed.): The Plight of the Palestinians: a Long History of Destruction". Palgrave Macmillan London, 2010.
    Collection of articles about the ongoing Palestinian Genocide by about 3 dozen variously eminent humanitarian writers from around the world. Review by Gideon POLYA, click here!
  • Abbas ISMA'IL: "The Israeli Racism. Palestinians in Israel: A Case Study". Transl. by Aladdin Assaiqeli. Publ. by Al-Zaytouna Centre For Studies & Consultations, Beirut – Lebanon, 2009. e-Book: click here).
  • Yakov RABKIN: "A Threat from Within: A Century of Jewish Opposition to Zionism". Zed Books 2006; 224p.; 109,00 euro.



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