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  • Mitri RAHEB: « Decolonizing Palestine: The Land, The People, The Bible » . Orbis Books, September 2023; ISBN:9781626985490, 184p., click here!
    "Decolonizing Palestine" powerfully examines the inseparability of the liberation of Palestinians and the decolonizing of theological discourses. Raheb interrogates the interpretations of biblical stories as a warrant to practice violence in all its forms while illuminating decolonial theological pathways. The book scrutinizes obvious manifestations of violent Jewish and Christian theological justifications authorizing the dispossession of Palestinians. It also focuses on liberal forms of Christian Zionism and their likewise harmful insidious legacies.
  • Avi SHLAIM: « Three Worlds. Memoirs of an Arab-Jew » . Oneworld Publications, July 11, 2023; 336 p., ISBN13: 9780861544639, $29.95.
    A unique coming-of-age story from the lost world of Arab-Jews. In July 1950, Avi Shlaim, only five, and his family were forced into exile, fleeing from their beloved Iraq into the new state of Israel.
  • Hil AKED: « Friends of Israel: The Backlash Against Palestine Solidarity » . Verso, April 2023, 304 p., pb ISBN 9781786637659, £13.29; eBook ISBN: 9781786637673, £2.00.
    "Friends of Israel" provides a forensically researched account of the activities of Israel's advocates in Britain, showing how they contribute to maintaining Israeli apartheid. The book traces the history and changing fortunes of key actors within the British Zionist movement in the context of the Israeli government's contemporary efforts to repress a rising tide of solidarity with Palestinians expressed through the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement. click here! Edited excerpt: click here!
  • Ghada KARMI: « One State. The Only Democratic Future for Palestine-Israel » . Pluto Press, April 2023, pb ISBN: 9780745348315; eBook ISBN: 9780745348339, 208p., £14.99.
    Ch. 1, "The Problem of Zionism", (p. 8): "It is important to frame the situation in Israel/Palestine within its proper context. Israel is not a natural phenomenon in the Middle East, did not arise as a normal result of circumstance, and had no historical antecedents in the region, despite the biblical mythology employed to suggest the contrary. It is a settler colonial state, set up denovo, aiming to provide a home for the Jews of the world, or as many of them as would come, with the aim of maintaining a permanent Jewish majority presence in that state..." click here!
  • Oren KESSLER: « Palestine 1936: The Great Revolt and the Roots of the Middle East Conflict » . Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2023, ISBN 978-1-5381-4880-8 • Hardback • February 2023 • $26.95 • (£20.99), click here! 
    In spring 1936, the Holy Land erupted in a rebellion that targeted both the local Jewish community and the British Mandate authorities that for two decades had midwifed the Zionist project. The Great Arab Revolt would last three years, cost thousands of lives—Jewish, British, and Arab—and cast the trajectory for the Middle East conflict ever since. Yet incredibly, no history of this seminal, formative first “Intifada” has ever been published for a general audience…
    Zack Rothbart, "A Journey to the Roots of Today’s Israeli-Palestinian Conflict" (Haaretz, April 5, 2023), click here!  ‘Palestine 1936,’ a new history of the Great Revolt in the British Mandate of Palestine, argues that the seeds for the Mideast conflict were cultivated, if not sown, nearly a century ago.
  • Thomas SUÀREZ: « PALESTINE HIJACKED. How Zionism Forged an Apartheid State from River to Sea » . Olive Branch Press, 2023, ISBN 978-1-62371-819-0, 470p., $ 25.00. click here! ─ For a 'Selection of Source Documents cited in Thomas Suárez, 'Palestine Hijacked,' and other writings': click on   Presentation (back cover): click here!
    The Israel-Palestine so-called “conflict” is typically understood to be a clash between two ethnic groups—Arabs and Jews—inhabiting the same land. Thomas Suárez digs deep below these preconceptions and their supporting “narratives” to expose something starkly different: The violent take-over of Palestine by a European racial-nationalist settler movement, Zionism, using terror to assert by force a claim to the land that has no legal or moral basis.
  • « The One State Reality. What Is Israel/Palestine? » Ed. by Michael Barnett, Nathan J. Brown, Marc Lynch and Shibley Telhami, Cornell UP, March 15, 2023, 372 p., ISBN 1501768425, 9781501768422, $39.95.
    The "One State Reality" argues that a one state reality already predominates in the territories controlled by the state of Israel. The editors show that starting with the one state reality rather than hoping for a two state solution reshapes how we regard the conflict, what we consider acceptable and unacceptable solutions, and how we discuss difficult normative questions. "The One State Reality" forces a reconsideration of foundational concepts such as state, sovereignty, and nation; encourages different readings of history; shifts conversation about solutions from two states to alternatives that borrow from other political contexts; and provides context for confronting uncomfortable questions such as whether Israel/Palestine is an "apartheid state."
  • JEENAH, N. (ed.), « Pretending Democracy: Israel, and Ethnocratic State. » Afro-Middle East Centre, Africa ( August 27, 2012 , 416 p.).
    Summary: This powerful collection from an international mix of respected academics, newer voices and political activists explores the place of Israel as a Jewish state in today’s modern world – a world in which identities, citizenship and human rights are defined in increasingly cosmopolitan and inclusive ways. Offering compelling and comprehensive arguments as to why Israel falls into the category of an ethnocentric state, the contributions to this volume explore four central themes. They reveal the reality behind Israel’s founding myths. They document the experiences of some of those who have fallen victim to this ethnic state. Then, they draw comparisons with other ethnic states, notably South Africa, and finally, they point towards the radical hope of achieving a single nation, united, peaceful and just. Unpacking both Jewish and Palestinian nationalism, the nation-state, and ethnic nationalism, this fascinating collection offers new insights into one of the world’s most intractable conflicts. It will appeal not only to scholars and teachers, but to anyone interested in the history, politics, anthropology and legal standing of Palestine-Israel. Contributors: Ali Abunimah, Neville Alexander, Max du Plessis, Steven Friedman, Daryl Glaser, Ran Greenstein, Heidi Grunebaum, Adam Habib, Na’eem Jeenah, Ronnie Kasrils, Smadar Lavie, Fouad Moughrabi, Nadim N Rouhana, Shlomo Sand, Avi Shlaim, Azzam Tamimi, Salim Vally, Oren Yiftachel, Andre Zaaiman.
  • Fida JIRYIS: « STRANGER IN MY OWN LAND. Palestine, Israel and One Family’s Story of Home,” 392 pp., Hurst (2022), $29.95. Review: Hatim KANAANEH, "My diagnosis is PTSD: Fida Jiryis and our ongoing Nakba" (Mondoweiss, Feb 15; 2023), click here!
    Fida Jiryis's narrative of exile and return weaves together her reflections on Palestinian identity, the pain of loss, and the ongoing Nakba.
  • Gideon LEVY: « How Ties Between Mizrahi Jews and Arabs Were Ruined – With Help From Ashkenazi Israelis » (Haaretz, Oct 31, 2022): click here!
    Scholar Hillel Cohen embarks on a journey to the roots of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, offering in his new book a sharp indictment of the coun-try's racist elites.
  • Antony LERMAN, "Whatever Happened to Antisemitism? Redefinition and the Myth of the 'Collective Jew".< Pluto Press, June 2022. Pb ISBN: 9780745338774, eBook ISBN: 9781786806307, 336 pages. Price: £17.99, ebook: £9.99.
    Reviewed by Deborah H. Maccoby, "Antony Lerman's 'Whatever Happened to Antisemitism?' (Jewish Voice for Labour, July 21, 2022), click here!
  • Selma DABBAH: "A murder-mystery set in Gaza, with a bookish bent " (The Electronic Intifada, 20 June, 2022): click here!
    "Come What May," by Ahmed Masoud, Victorina Press (2022).
  • Ramzy BAROUD & Ilan PAPPÉ, "Our Vision for Liberation. Engaged Palestinian Leaders & Intellectuals Speak Out". Clarity Press, March 31, 2022, 462p., ISBN 1949762440 , price: £15: click here!
    "Our Vision for Liberation: Engaged Palestinian Leaders & Intellectuals Speak Out" aims to challenge several strata of the current Palestine discourse that have led to the present dead end: the American pro-Israel political discourse, the Israeli colonial discourse, the Arab discourse of purported normalization, and the defunct discourse of the Palestinian factions. None promote justice, none have brought resolution; none bode well for any of the parties involved. Here, an alternative Palestinian view of liberation and decolonization is provided by engaged Palestinian leaders and intellectuals, those who been actively involved in generating an ongoing Palestinian discourse on liberation, taking into account the parameters of their struggle as it now stands.
  • Ahmed MASOUD, "Come What May." Victorina Press, May 2022, 221p., ISBN13 9781916905757, price: £10: click here!
    Review: Selma DABBAH, "A murder-mystery set in Gaza, with a bookish bent " (The Electronic Intifada, June 20, 2022): click here!
  • Azmi BISHARA, « Palestine. Matters of Truth and Justice. » C. Hurst & Co. Publ., London, 342pp., pb 9781787387102, £20. click here!
    A leading Arab scholar considers settler colonialism, occupation and nationhood, powerfully arguing for a justice-based approach to the ongoing conflict. Book review (Juan Cole).
  • Sylvain CYPEL, « The State of Israel vs. the Jews. Transl. by William Rodarmor (Other Press, 360pp., $27.99). click here!
    Review: David Shulman, "Lost Illusions. Sylvain Cypel's transformation from liberal Zionist to ferocious critic of Israel" (NYRB, Jan 12, 2022), click here!
    Review: Robert Herbst, "The State of Israel vs the Jews." Important new book chronicles Israel's spiritual demise"" (Mondoweiss, January 10, 2022), click here!
  • Joshua RICKARD, « The Fragmentation of Palestine. Identity and Isolation since the Second Intifada » (I.B.Tauris, Feb 2022, pb, 184p., ISBN 9781784535872, £76.50). click here!
    This book examines processes of fragmentation that have altered the social dynamics of Palestinian society since the second intifada. With a specific focus on the city of Nablus and its outer laying areas, the book details the extraordinarily personal experience of isolation - namely the physical division of communities through long-term military siege, and the ways that communities have adapted to get by despite frequently changing restrictions. J.R. shows various forms of isolation and social fragmentation, combined with the uncertainty of everyday life, that have come to characterise the existential experience of being Palestinian. More relevant than how the conditions of fragmentation have occurred is what isolation and uncertainty mean to communities that are severed from those surrounding them.
  • Mahmood MAMDANI, "Neither Settler Nor Native: The Making and Unmaking of Permanent Minorities" (Belknap Press, Nov 30, 2020, hardcover, ISBN 9780674987326, 416p., $27.55), click here!
    In this genealogy of political modernity, Mahmood Mamdani argues that the nation-state and the colonial state created each other. In case after case around the globe--from the New World to South Africa, Israel to Germany to Sudan--the colonial state and the nation-state have been mutually constructed through the politicization of a religious or ethnic majority at the expense of an equally manufactured minority.
  • Haim BRESHEETH-ŽABNER, « An Army Like No Other.» How the Israel Defense Forces made a Nation. Verso, 2020, 425p.
    To understand Israel, you must first understand its army. ─ The Israeli army, officially named the Israel Defence Forces (IDF), was established in 1948 by David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister, who believed that ‘the whole nation is the army’. In his mind, the IDF was to be an army like no other. It was the instrument that might transform a diverse population into a new people. Since the foundation of Israel, therefore, the IDF has been the largest, richest and most influential institution in Israel’s Jewish society and is the nursery of its social, economic and political ruling class.
  • Lori ALLEN, "A History of False Hope. Investigative Commissions in Palestine" (Stanford UP, Dec 2020, ISBN pb 9781503614185, 432p., from $30.00), click here!
    This book offers a provocative retelling of Palestinian political history through an examination of the international commissions that have investigated political violence and human rights violations. More than twenty commissions have been convened over the last century, yet no significant change has resulted from these inquiries. Drawing on debates in the press, previously unexamined UN reports, historical archives, and ethnographic research, Lori Allen explores six key investigative commissions over the last century. She highlights how Palestinians' persistent demands for independence have been routinely translated into the numb language of reports and resolutions. These commissions, Allen argues, operating as technologies of liberal global governance, yield no justice - only the oppressive status quo. Excerpt (Mondoweiss): click here!
  • Shay HAZKANI, "Dear Palestine. A Social History of the 1948 War" (Stanford Studies in Middle Eastern and Islamic Societies and Cultures, April 2021 352 p. Pb ISBN: 9781503627659; Ebook ISBN: 9781503627666. From £28.00), click here!
    Shay Hazkani's "Dear Palestine" is an incredibly valuable contribution that uses meticulous archival research to upend our understanding of the 1948 war...  Among other things, the author Shay Hazkani exposes Ashkenazi racism towards Moroccan Jewish soldiers, as well as revealing the tensions between the Arab League Army (ALA) and those of the indigenous Palestinians. When all is said and done, this account reinforces the view that there never was any genocidal intent on the part of the ALA to "throw the Jews into the sea" nor any encouragement for Palestinians to leave their homes. Quite the contrary. It also reveals "disturbing, blood-curdling calls to genocide in the indoctrination materials produced by the Israeli military" (Jewish Voice for Labour).
  • Sumaya AWAD and Brian BEAN (eds.), "Palestine: A Socialist Introduction" (Haymarket Books, Dec 2020, 250p., Pb ISBN: 9781642592764, $18.95, $13.26 30% off, with free bundled Ebook. Ebook: ISBN: 9781642595314, $15.99: FREE 100% off), click here!
    This edited volume makes an impassioned and informed case for the central place of Palestine in socialist organizing and of socialism in the struggle to free Palestine. "Palestine: A Socialist Introduction" systematically tackles a number of important aspects of the Palestinian struggle for liberation, contextualizing it in an increasingly polarized world and offering a socialist perspective on how full liberation can be won.
  • Ella SHOHAT, "On the Arab-Jew, Palestine, and Other Displacements. Selected Writings" (Pluto Press, 2017, pb ISBN 978 0 7453 9949 2, 464p., £15.00. ), click here!  Winner of the MEMO Palestine Book Awards 2017.
    Defying the binarist and Eurocentric Arab-versus-Jew rendering of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, Shohat's work has dared to engage with the deeper historical and cultural questions swirling around colonialism, Orientalism and nationalism. Shohat's paradigm-shifting work unpacks such fraught issues as the anomalies of the national/colonial in Zionist discourse; the narrating of Jewish pasts in Muslim spaces; the links and distinctions between the dispossession of the Nakba and the dislocation of Arab-Jews; the traumatic memories triggered by partition and border-crossing; the echoes within Islamophobia of the anti-Semitic figure of 'the Jew'; and the efforts to imagine a possible future inter-communal 'convivencia'.
  • Bashir BASHIR and Amos GOLDBERG, eds., "The Holocaust and the Nakba: A New Grammar of Trauma and History" (published online by Cambridge UP: 08 April 2021), click here!
    Authors: Doris L. Bergen, Geoff Eley, Laura Jockusch, Philipp Ther, Michelle Tusan, Teresa Koloma Beck, Bashir Bashir and Amos Goldberg.
  • Daud ABDULLAH, "Engaging the World: The Making of Hamas's Foreign Policy." Publisher: Afro-Middle East Centre (AMEC), ISBN978-0-9947048-2-5, pb, 272p., £20.00. Published January 2021.
    "This book challenges successfully the common misrepresentation of Hamas in the West. It is a must read for anyone engaged with the Palestine issue and interested in an honest introduction to this important Palestinian movement" (Prof. Ilan Pappé).
  • Omar BARGHOUTI, “Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions. Globalized Palestinian Resistance to Israel's Settler Colonialism and Apartheid” (Institute for Palestine Studies-USA, Current Issues, December 2020, pdf, 42p.): click here!
    IN AN ERA when the cause of Palestine has suffered multiple setbacks, and when the Palestinian national movement is at a low point of disunity and strategic incoherence, it is heartening that an initiative launched by Palestinian civil society has achieved resounding global success in the face of fierce opposition by the Israeli state and its supporters.
  • Jerome SLATER, "Mythologies Without End. The US, Israel, and the Arab-Israeli Conflict, 1917-2020." Oxford UP, Nov 2020, 512p., ISBN: 9780190459086, $29.95.
    The history of modern Israel is a fiercely contested subject. From the Balfour declaration to the Six-Day War to the recent assault on Gaza, ideologically-charged narratives and counter-narratives battle for dominance not just in Israel itself but throughout the world. Excerpt from the Introduction: Jerome Slater, "'Mythologies Without End' - a new reading of Israeli history" (Mondoweiss, Oct 27).
  • Renato COSTA, Rodrigo D.E. CAMPOS & Lucas Bonatto DIAZ: "No Way to Gaza." MEMO Publishers, July 2020, 152p.; ISBN: 978-1-907433-44-3, £18.00: click here!
    A group of Brazilian filmakers on an academic mission attempt to reach the Gaza Strip via Egypt. What was supposed to be an alternative route to the Israeli-controlled Erez Crossing, which allows only accredited journalists and humanitarian organisations to pass, soon became a dangerous adventure into the depths of Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi's dictatorship and his controversial war on terror in the Sinai Peninsula. This chronicle, which gathers the group's anecdotes and adventures, also tells the story of the Palestinians who risk everything to get to their homeland. It exposes an Egypt that, after the seed of its first democratic experiment was sown in 2011, has buried the voices of hope that once echoed from Tahrir Square in the days of the Arab Spring.
  • Rashid KHALIDI, "The Hundred Years' War on Palestine. A History of Settler Colonial Conquest and Resistance." Profile Books 2020, ISBN 978-1781259337, 319p., £25.00.
    The last century for Palestine and the Palestinians has been one of denial: denial of statehood, denial of nationhood, and denial of history. The Hundred Years' War on Palestine is Rashid Khalidi's powerful response, reclaiming the fundamental right of any people: to narrate their history on their own term.
  • David LANDY, Ronit LENTIN, and Conor McCARTHY (ed.), "Enforcing Silence. Academic Freedom, Palestine and the Criticism of Israel." ZED Books, 2020, pb ISBN: 9781786996503, 288p., £15.19: click here!
    This collection uses the controversies surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a means of exploring the limits placed on academic freedom in a variety of different national contexts. It looks at how the increased neoliberalisation of higher education has shaped the current climate, and considers how academics and their universities should respond to these new threats. Bringing together new and established scholars from Palestine and the wider Middle East as well as the US and Europe, "Enforcing Silence" shows us how we can and must defend our universities as places for critical thinking and free expression.
  • Paul LOOKMAN, "Het zionistische project Israël. Etnisch zuiver, of binationaal gidsland?" Uitg. Geopolitiek in Context-Koersel 2020, 304 blz., ISBN 9789464060171, prijs: 30,00 euro. click here!
    Terwijl de 'Deal of the Century' definitief komaf maakt met het Palestijnse recht op zelfbeschikking, analyseert Paul Lookman opties die wél het internationaal recht respecteren. Amerikaanse steun hielp Israël uitgroeien tot een land met een sterke economie en een superieur leger. Maar het land behandelt de Palestijnen als tweederangsburgers, in de bezette gebieden bijna als slaven. De situatie van de Palestijnen in Gaza is onhoudbaar.
  • Vered KRAUS and Yuval YONAY, "Facing Barriers : Palestinian Women in a Jewish-Dominated Labor Market" Cambridge UP, 2019, 298p., ISBN: 9781316510476p. Online price: 80.18€: click here!
    Palestinian women have slowly become active in the formal labor market in Israel. In this book, Vered Kraus and Yuval Yonay describe and analyse the labor experience of these Palestinian women, and explain why Palestinian and Jewish women have different rates and outcomes in the labor market. Challenging popular views that ascribe these differences to Arab culture and Islam, they instead find that it is state policies and widespread discrimination that hinder Palestinian women's participation and success. By including the various Palestinian sub-groups - Muslims, Bedouins, Druze, Christians, non-citizen residents of Jerusalem - this book shows how the specific life circumstances of the women from these subgroups affect their employment and achievements. The book thus enriches the acute discussion on the labour market experiences of Muslim and Arab women in the Middle East and North Africa and in advanced industrialized societies.
  • Yasmeen ABU-LABAN & Abigail B. BAKAN, "Israel, Palestine and the Politics of Race." I.B. Tauris 2019, ISBN: 9781780765334, 352p. Online price: £20.69: click here!
    As the situation in Israel/Palestine seems to become ever more intractable and protracted, the need for new ways of looking at recent developments and their historical roots is more pressing than ever. Bearing this in mind, Yasmeen Abu-Laban and Abigail B.Bakan discuss the historic and contemporary dynamics in Israel/Palestine, and their international reverberations, from the unique vantage point of 'race', racialization, racism and anti-racism. They therefore offer close analysis of the 'idea' of Israel and the 'absence' of Palestine by examining the concepts of race and identity in the region. With fresh coverage of themes relating to gender, indigeneity, the environment, surveillance and the war on terror, "Israel, Palestine and the Politics of Race" will appeal to scholars in political science, sociology and Middle East studies.
  • Massoud HAYOUN, "When We Were Arabs: A Jewish Family's Forgotten History." The New Press, 2019, hard cover, 304 p., ISBN: 978-1-62097-416-2; $ 24.29: click here!
    Review/Report: Dana El Kurd, "Memoir of a Jewish Arab" (Middle East Report Online, Oct 04): click here!
  • Noura ERAKAT, "Justice for Some. Law and the Question of Palestine."Stanford UP, April 2019, Cloth ISBN: 9780804798259, 352 pages, $30.00: click here!
    Justice for Some offers a new approach to understanding the Palestinian struggle for freedom, told through the power and control of international law. Focusing on key junctures — from the Balfour Declaration in 1917 to present-day wars in Gaza — Noura Erakat shows how the strategic deployment of law has shaped current conditions. Over the past century, the law has done more to advance Israel's interests than the Palestinians'. But, Erakat argues, this outcome was never inevitable. Interview & excerpt on Jadaliyya: click here!
  • Uri BEN-ELIEZER, "War over Peace: One Hundred Years of Israel’s Militaristic Nationalism." Transl. by Shaul Vardi. 2019, University of California Press, ISBN: 9780520304345, 328p., $34.95/£27.00: click here! Review by Rod Such, "Religiously inspired colonial nationalism feeds Israel’s wars" (The Electronic Intifada, 14 Aug): click here!
    Religiously inspired colonial nationalism feeds Israel's wars. "War over Peace", by the Israeli sociologist Uri Ben-Eliezer, raises several questions about the nature of Israeli society, chief among them being: Why has Israel attempted to solve virtually every conflict it has encountered or engendered by military rather than diplomatic means? His answer might briefly be summarized as follows: War and violence are embedded in Zionist ideology.
  • "Palestinians of Syria: The Story of Unending Suffering. Annual Field Record of the Situation of Palestinians of Syria, 2018." MEMO Publishers/Palestine Return Center (2019, 230p.; ISBN: 978-1-907433-40-5, £5.00: click here!
    As the atrocities of war continued with an unabated pace throughout 2018, hundreds of Palestinian families living in Syria fell prey to a new tide of forced deportation and displacement, both inside and outside of the embattled Syrian territories. Dozens of families were torn apart; others learned that their relatives were tortured to death in Syria's mysterious dungeons; scores more breathed their last on their way to fetch bread loafs to feed their starved children or onboard the death boats to Europe, seeking a safe shelter. At the same time, several families who returned to their shelters and refugee camps after the Syrian government recaptured zones previously held by the different warring militias had been subjected to abject living conditions and simmering crackdowns, both in the northern and southern corners of the ravaged Syrian territories.
  • Eitan BRONSTEIN Aparicio & Éléonore Merza BRONSTEIN, ""NAKBA - Pour la reconnaissance de la tragédie palestinienne en Israël." Éd. Omniscience, 2018, ISBN 979-10-97502-09-6, 320p., 20 euros : click here!
    En 1948, 750 000 Palestiniens sont expulsés de leur terre et 615 localités sont détruites pour établir l’État d’Israël. C’est ce qu’on appelle la Nakba (« catastrophe » en arabe), terme tabou hier et entré dans le vocabulaire israélien aujourd’hui, bien que honni par certains. Quinze ans de combat politique ont été nécessaires pour placer la Nakba au centre des débats pour la reconnaissance de la tragédie palestinienne. Une lutte de premier plan contre les pages sombres d’une histoire coloniale qui a débuté à la fin du XIXe s. et qui continue de nos jours.
  • Ronit LENTIN, "Traces of Racial Exception. Racializing Israeli Settler Colonialism" Bloomsbury, 2019, ISBN: 9781350150942, 224p., pb; online price: £20.29: click here!
    Positioning race front and centre, this book theorizes that political violence, in the form of a socio-political process that differentiates between human and less-than-human populations, is used by the state of Israel in racializing and ruling the citizens of occupied Palestine. Lentin argues that Israel's rule over Palestine is an example of Agamben's state of exception, Goldberg's racial state and Wolfe's settler colony; the Israeli racial settler colony employs its laws to rule besieged Palestine, while excluding itself and its Jewish citizen-colonists from legal instruments and governmental technologies. Governing through emergency legislation and through practices of exception, emergency, necessity and security, Israel positions itself outside domestic and international law.
  • "NGO Monitor: Shrinking Space. Defaming human rights organizations that criticize the Israeli occupation" (The Policy Working Group, 2018, pdf, 47p.): click here!
    NGO Monitor is an organization that was founded in 2002 under the auspices of the conservative think tank JCPA (the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs) and has been an independent entity since 2007. Its declared goal is to promote “transparency and accountability of NGOs claiming human rights agendas, primarily in the context of the Arab-Israeli conflict”.
  • Sunaina MAIRA: "Boycott!The Academy and Justice for Palestine", UP California, pb January 2018, 132 pages, ISBN: 9780520294899, $18.95, £14.95. click here!
  • Pamela E. PENNOCK: "The Rise of the Arab American Left: Activists, Allies, and Their Fight against Imperialism and Racism, 1960s-1980s", North Carolina Press 2017, 329 p., ISBN: 9781469630977 Hardcover 39,43$; pb 28,45$. Review: Rod Such, "The Arab American radicals who paved way for BDS" (EI, 5 Sept 2017), click here!
  • Eyal WEIZMAN: "Hollow Land. Israel’s Architecture of Occupation", Verso, June 2017, new edition, 352 p.; ISBN 9781786634481; £10.49, click here!
  • Ilan PAPPÉ: "Ten Myths About Israel". Verso, pb 2017, 192 pages, ISBN: 9781786630193, £5.99. click here!
  • Richard FALK: "Palestine's Horizon Toward a Just Peace". Pluto Press, pb 2017, 196 p., ISBN: 978-0-7453-9974-4, £13.00. click here!
  • "On Antisemitism. Solidarity and the Struggle for Justice", by Jewish Voice for Peace. Foreword by Judith Butler. Haymarkt, 2017, pb, 300 pages, ISBN: 9781608467617. $19.95: $11.97 40% off, click here!
  • William E.ROBINSON & Maryam S.GRIFFIN (ed.), "We Will Not Be Silenced. The Academic Repression of Israel's Critics". Preface by R.Falk. Foreword by Cynthia McKinney. AK Press, ISBN 9781849352765, 280p., $14.96. click here!
  • Ofra YESHUA-LYTH: "Politically Incorrect: Why a Jewish State is a bad idea. A memoir". Skyscraper Books, pb 2016, 400 p.; ISBN 978-1911072041 £12.99.
  • Thomas SUÀREZ: "State of Terror. How terrorism created modern Israel". Skyscraper Books, 2016, 418 p. UK (hard cover with dust jacket), ISBN: 978-1911072034, £20. US, pb, ISBN-13: 978-1566560689, $20. Review: Dr. David Gerald Fincham, in Mondoweiss. Info:
  • Eyal SIVAN & Armelle LABORIE, "Un boycott légitime : Pour le BDS universitaire et culturel de l’État d’Israël." Éditeur : La Fabrique Editions. Prix : 10 €; 192 pages ; broché; ISBN 978-2-35872-087-8. Bespreking: Sonia Dayan-Herzbrun: "Note de lecture du livre « Un boycott légitime. Pour le BDS universitaire et culturel de l’État d’Israël » par Eyal Sivan et Armelle Laborie" (AURDIP, Oct 18, 2016): click here!
  • David Gerald FINCHAM, "‘State of Terror,’ by Thomas Suárez" (Mondoweiss, Oct 13, 2016): click here.
    A review of 'State of Terror: How terrorism created modern Israel', by Thomas Suárez. UK Edition published by Skyscraper Publications, 13 October 2016, RRP £20. Format: Hardcover, 417 pages. ISBN: 978-1911072034.
  • Jeremy R. HAMMOND, “Obstacle to Peace: The US Role in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict”. With a foreword by Richard Falk. Worldview Publications, Cross Village, Michigan. 2016. ISBN: 9789675068966, pb, 177p. $22.99. Revieuw by Jim Miles, in: The Palestinian Chronicle (Aug 8, 2016): click here.
  • Norma HASHIM, “Dreaming of Freedom. Palestinian Child Prisoners Speak”. With a foreword by Richard Falk. Saba Islamic Media, 2016. ISBN: 9789675068966, pb, 177p. $9.99. Review by Alia Al Ghussain, "The horror of childhood under occupation" (Electronic Intifada, 9 Aug 2016): click here.
  • Sara ROY, "The Gaza Strip. The Political Economy of De-development". Expanded Third Edition, Institute for Palestine Studies, 2016. ISBN 978-0-88728-321-5, 511p., $24.00.
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    Focusing on the complicity of Israeli universities in maintaining the occupation of Palestine, and on the repression of academic and political freedom for Palestinians, "Against Apartheid" powerfully explains why scholars and students throughout the world should refuse to do business with Israeli institutions. This rich collection of essays is a handbook for scholars and activists.
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