BACBI: Resources.

    The Policy Working Group, 2018 (pdf, 47p.): ,
  • "NGO Monitor: Shrinking Space. Defaming human rights organizations that criticize the Israeli occupation" (The Policy Working Group, 2018, pdf, 47p.): click here!
    NGO Monitor is an organization that was founded in 2002 under the auspices of the conservative think tank JCPA (the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs) and has been an independent entity since 2007. Its declared goal is to promote “transparency and accountability of NGOs claiming human rights agendas, primarily in the context of the Arab-Israeli conflict”.
  • Seraje ASSI: "The History and Politics of the Bedouin: Reimagining Nomadism in Modern Palestine" (Routledge Studies on the Arab-Israeli Conflict, April 27, 2018): click here!
    This book examines contending visions on nomadism in modern Palestine, with a special focus on the British Mandate period. Extending from the late Ottoman period to the founding of the State of Israel, it highlights both ruptures and continuities with the Ottoman past and the Israeli present, to prove that nomadism was not invented by the British or the Zionists, but is the shared legacy of Ottoman, British, Zionist, Palestinian, and most recently, Israeli attitudes to the Bedouin of Palestine.
  • "Palestijnse vluchtelingen en de UNRWA" (The Rights Forum Dossiers): click here!
    Het rigoureuze beleid van de regering-Trump heeft de kwestie van de Palestijnse vluchtelingen op de agenda gezet. In het debat daarover worden, ook in Nederland, volop oneigenlijke argumenten gebruikt. In het belang van een zuivere discussie heeft The Rights Forum een compact dossier over de vluchtelingenkwestie samengesteld.
  • Fanack – Chronicle of the Middle East & North Africa. Country files: "Palestine" ( click here!
  • "The Israeli Occupation of the West Bank and the Crime of Apartheid: Legal Opinion by Adv. Michael Sfard". Yesh Din Position paper" (June 2020, pdf, 58p.): click here!
    Writing assistance: Adv. Noa Amrami and Noa Resheff. Contributors: Adv. Shlomy Zachary, Ziv Stahl, Adv. Yehudit Karp, Adv. Michael Ben Yair & Prof. Naomi Chazan.
  • European Council on Foreign Relations: "Mapping Palestinian Politics" (Update 29 maart 2020, pdf, 76p.): click here!
    Mapping Palestinian Politics provides an interactive overview of the main Palestinian political institutions and players in Palestine, Israel, and the diaspora. Its goal is to provide an easy-to-use, scene-setting resource for researchers, journalists, andpolicymakers ahead of significant transformations to the Palestinian political order centred around the anticipated departure of Mahmoud Abbas in the near term.
    The events of October 2000 shook the earth. The riots in the Arab sector inside the State of Israel in early October were unprecedented. The events were extremely unusual from several perspectives...
  • "EU and Israel – The Case Of Complicity” (ECCP, Dec 10, 2019, pdf, 12p.): click here!
    For many years European and Palestinian civil society and human rights organisations have been raising concerns over EU taxpayers’ money being channelled to Israeli companies and institutions accused of war crimes and involved in violations of international law and human rights.
  • "The European Legal Support Center (ELSC)" (The Rights Forum, pdf, 3p.): click here!
    Contact: The European Legal Support Center (ELSC) is an independent, non-governmental initiative dedicated to protecting the fundamental rights to freedom of expression and assembly of those who speak out and take peaceful action in Europe for justice and freedom of the Palestinian people. The ELSC is a joint initiative of Palestinian civil society, The Rights Forum in the Netherlands and European jurists. It is based in Amsterdam and will become operational in early 2019.
  • HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH: "Born Without Civil Rights. Israel’s Use of Draconian Military Orders to Repress Palestinians in the West Bank" (November 2019, ISBN: 978-1-6231-37816, pdf, 97p.): click here! Summary (Dec 17): click here!
    The Israeli army has deprived generations of Palestinians in the West Bank of their basic civil rights, including the rights to free assembly, association and expression, regularly drawing on military orders issued in the first days of the occupation. Even if such restrictions could have been justified then to preserve public order and safety, the suspension of core rights more than half a century later with no end in sight violates Israel’s core responsibilities under the law of occupation.
  • ADDAMEER "Collects Hard Evidence on Torture and Ill-Treatment Committed against Palestinian Detainees at Israeli Interrogation Centers" (23 Dec 2019, pdf, 8p.): click here!
    Since its creation, the occupying state developed and enforced laws and practices that led to both the systematic use of torture and to absolute impunity for the perpetrator of this crime. There has never been any individual or agency held accountable for the well-documented crimes of torture and ill-treatment at Israeli prisons and interrogation centers. The occupation authorities, in particular, the Israeli intelligence agency “Shabak” resorts to torture and ill-treatment as standard operating procedure in a systematic and wide-scale approach against Palestinian detainees.
  • ADDAMEER Annual Violations Report 2018 (pdf, 98p.): click here!
    In 2018, the Israeli occupation authorities continued implementing their main policy to enshrine the apartheid and racism regime against Palestinians, this policy is integrated within its laws, judiciary and practices… In 2018, the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) arrested around (6500) Palestinians, including (1080) children, (133) women, (6) PLC members and (17) journalists. Additionally, they issued (912) administrative detention orders, (398) of which were new. In 2018, the IOF continued its policy of arbitrary detention of Palestinians. The year, 2018, ended with 5700 Palestinian detained in Israeli prisons, this number included (230) were children, (54) are females including one minor, approximately (500) administrative detainees, (19) journalists, (8) PLC members, and around (700) prisoners with health issues needing urgent medical attention. There are also (27) long-term prisoners who were arrested before the signing of the Oslo Accords in 1993; including the two longest serving prisoners, Karim and Maher Younis, who were arrested in 1983.”
  • Kenniscentrum Israël Palestina. Documentatie over Palestijnen, Israël, Midden-Oosten (docP): click here!
    Een volledig vernieuwd digitaal kenniscentrum over Israël en Palestina. Met inmiddels een kleine honderd artikelen over onderwerpen die belangrijk zijn voor het begrip van wat er is gebeurd in het Palestina van vóór 1948, in de joodse staat vanaf 1948 en in de bezette gebieden. En voor wat er vandaag de dag aan de hand is in de Negev woestijn, in de Jordaanvallei en in Jeruzalem...
  • Court of Justice of the European Union, "Press Release No 140/19, 12 November 2019" (pdf, 2p.): click here!
    Foodstuffs originating in the territories occupied by the State of Israel must bear the indication of their territory of origin, accompanied, where those foodstuffs come from an Israeli settlement within that territory, by the indication of that provenance.
  • "Letter from European researchers and academics concerning Israel's participation in Horizon Europe" (June 4, 2019, pdf, 6p., with list of 155 endorsers): click here!
    Letter sent to: Ms. Federica Mogherini - High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, and to: Mr Carlos Moedas - European Commission, DG for Research and Innovation. The letter was answered by Commissioner Moedas, July 11: click here!
  • World Health Organization - Occupied Palestinian Territories & Health Cluster oPt: "Emergency Trauma Response to the Gaza Mass Demonstrations 2018–2019. A One-Year Review of Trauma Data and the Humanitarian Consequences" (Issued May 2019, pdf, 86p.): click here!
    Gaza’s health system is chronically deteriorating and more than a decade of blockade has led to a serious deterioration of the social determinants of health. Water from the aquifer is basically unfit for human consumption, sewage flows largely untreated into the Mediterranean and the economy is stifled, with unemployment rates way over 50%. Of the 1.4 million Palestinians in need of humanitarian interventions in 2019, 1.2 million live in the Gaza Strip.
  • "Israeli & Palestinian Human Rights Organisations" (BACBI, pdf, 2p.): click here!
  • Report: "House Demolitions as a Central Tool for the Dispossession and Concentration of the Bedouin Population in the Negev/Naqab: Updated Data for 2017" (Dukium, Nov 27, 2018, pdf, 33p.): click here!
    In the course of 2017, an unprecedented amount of 2,220 structures were demolished in the Bedouin communities in the Negev/Naqab - an unfathomable number. The State of Israel implements its demolition policy in all Bedouin localities, recognized and unrecognized alike, and demolishes new structures alongside old ones, in order to force its Bedouin citizens to settle according to the government’s aspirations and the various master-plans it created.
  • Ico MALY: "Over Racisme en beeldvorming in het Israëlisch-Palestijnse conflict" (Licentieverhandeling, UGent 2001): click here!
  • "I've Been There": "A Study of Torture and Inhumane Treatment in Al-Moscabiyah Interrogation Center" (Report of Addameer, 25 Oct 2018, pdf, 46p.): click here!
  • "September 2018 Demolition and Displacement Report" (ICAHD - The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, Oct 3): click here!
  • "Questions & Réponses: Ce que vous avez besoin de savoir à propos des réfugiés palestiniens et des personnes déplacées internes" (BADIL, mai 2015, pdf, 32p.): click here!
  • Jonathan COOK: "Apartheid Israel" (16p., The Link, Vol. 51, Issue 2, April-May 2018): click here!
  • "Palestine and the Israeli Occupation, Issue No. 1: Israeli Practices towards the Palestinian People and the Question of Apartheid". Rapporteurs: Prof. Richard Falk & Prof. Virginia Tilley. UN Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (Beirut 2017, 74p., was removed but is saved on click here! La traduction française (AURDIP, 62p.): click here!
    The authors of this report, examining whether Israel has established an apartheid regime that oppresses and dominates the Palestinian people as a whole, fully appreciate the sensitivity of the question. Even broaching the issue has been denounced by spokespersons of the Israeli Government and many of its supporters as anti-Semitism in a new guise.
  • "Palestine and the Israeli Occupation, Issue No. 1: Israeli Practices towards the Palestinian People and the Question of Apartheid, Executive Summary" (UN-ESCWA, 2017): click here!
    "This report concludes that Israel has established an apartheid regime that dominates the Palestinian people as a whole. Aware of the seriousness of this allegation, the authors of the report conclude that available evidence establishes beyond a reasonable doubt that Israel is guilty of policies and practices that constitute the crime of apartheid as legally defined in instruments of international law".
  • Herman DE LEY, "“Moreel verwerpelijk”: Tweede open brief aan minister Alexander De Croo" (De Wereld Morgen, 28 sept 2018 ): click here!
    "Telkens als in uw repliek de Israëlische zijde ter sprake komt, kenmerkt uw woordgebruik zich door een hoge mate aan empathie en gevoelsmatig inlevingsvermogen. Dit empathische taalgebruik blijft bij u achterwege zodra de duizenden onschuldige, Palestijnse slachtoffers ter sprake komen. Dit volharden in een 2-maten-2-gewichten-politiek, waarin de zwakke wél zwaar wordt aangepakt maar men de sterke de facto laat betijen, hoe moeten we dat vanuit moreel opzicht benoemen, geachte Minister De Croo? Ik zou durven gewagen van: “moreel verwerpelijk”."
  • Alexander DE CROO: "De Croo reageert op kritiek tegen stopzetting Belgische ondersteuning van Palestijns ministerie van Onderwijs" (De Wereld Morgen, 25 sept 2018 ): click here!
  • Herman DE LEY, "'Vrijheidsstrijder' versus 'Terrorist': Open brief aan De Croo, minister van Ontwikkelingssamenwerking" (De Wereld Morgen, 21 sept 2018 ): click here!
  • Herman DE LEY, "Lettre ouverte à Alexander De Croo, Vice-Premier ministre et ministre de la Coopération au développement" (Pour la Palestine, 19 sept 2018 ): click here!
  • BACBI-Dossier N° 3 (EN): "Boycott Israel (BDS), A Moral Duty", Part 1 (draft): "Apartheid" (11 March 2018, pdf, 69 p.): click here!
  • BACBI-Dossier N° 3 (EN): "Boycott Israel (BDS), A Moral Duty", Part 2 (draft): "Boycott" (23 Oktober 2018, pdf, 78 p.): click here!
  • BACBI-Dossier Nr 3 (NL): "Boycot Israël (BDS), een morele plicht" (12 mei 2017, pdf, 55 blz.): click here!
  • BACBI-Dossier Nr 3 (FR):"Le boycott d'Israël (BDS), un devoir moral" (traduction par J.-M. Flémal, 10 mai, 2017, pdf, 45p.): click here!
  • Letter to Ms. Federica Mogherini and Mr. Carlos Moedas (March 8, 2017): click here! Also on AURDIP, 10 mars: click here! Trad. française: click here!. Nederlandse vertaling: click here!
  • BACBI-Dossier Nr 2 (EN): "The "LAW-TRAIN" Project: Why A Partnership With The Israeli Police Is Indefensible" (March 8, 2017, pdf, 50p.): click here!
  • BACBI-Dossier Nr 2 (FR): "Le projet "LAW-TRAIN": Un partenariat avec la police israélienne est indéfendable" (15 février 2017, pdf, 50p.): click here!
  • BACBI-Dossier Nr 2 (NL): "Het “LAW-TRAIN” Project: Waarom een partnership met de Israëlische politie onverdedigbaar is" (17 maart 2017, pdf, 54p.): click here!
  • BACBI-Dossier Nr 1b: "Universiteit en Kolonialisme. Bedenkingen bij partnerships met Israël" (Herman De Ley, 4 maart 2017, pdf, 97 p.): click here!
  • BACBI-Dossier Nr 1: "Kritische bedenkingen bij UGent partnerships met “Technion – Israel Institute of Technology” en “Israel Aerospace Industry (IAI)”." (23 januari 2016, pdf, 19p.): click here!
  • "ADDAMEER Annual Violations Report 2018" (pdf, 98p.): click here!
    In 2018, the Israeli occupation authorities continued implementing their main policy to enshrine the apartheid and racism regime against Palestinians, this policy is integrated within its laws, judiciary and practices...
  • "Articles: 50 Years of Occupation” (Staat van Beleg, juli, 2017): click here!
    100 Selected Readings.
  • Maayan GEVA: "From policing to warfare: the Israeli governance of the West Bank and Gaza" (British Society of Criminology Newsletter No. 80, Summer 2017, pp. 37-41): click here!
  • "Timeline: Israel’s anti-Palestinian laws since 1948" (MEMo, May 15, 2017): click here!
  • Human Rights Watch: "Occupation, Inc.: How Settlement Businesses Contribute to Israel’s Violations of Palestinian Rights" (Jan 19, 2016): click here!
  • N.ALVA: "Palestinian Workers Campaign for Social Justice" (Middle East Research and Information Center, published in MER281, Winter 2016): click here!
  • Katarzyna LEMANSKA: "Les liens entre la Belgique et l'occupation israélienne" (Étude, avril 2014; mise à jour en août 2014, pdf, 89p.): click here!
  • Uri Yacobi KELLER: "Academic Boycott of Israel and the Complicity of Israeli Academic Institutions in Occupation of Palestinian Territories" (in: The Economy of the Occupation, A Socioeconomic Bulletin, No 23, October 2009, The Alternative Information Center), pdf, 64pp.: click here!
  • "PACBI Guidelines for the International Academic Boycott of Israel (Revised July 2014)": click here!
  • Yvonne A. SCHMIDT: "List of U.N. Security Council Resolutions on Israel (1948 – 2006)": click here!
  • Human Rights Watch: "SECON CLASS. Discrimination Against Palestinian Arab Children in Israel’s Schools" (Sept 30, 2001, pdf, 139p.: click here!



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