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BA4P:   Israel Children Abuse Crimes.

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  • « CONVENTION ON THE RIGHTS OF THE CHILD. » UN Committee on the Rights of the Child (CRC), General comment No. 10 (2007): Children's Rights in Juvenile Justice, 25 April 2007, CRC/C/GC/10, available at : click here! [accessed 11 September 2023]
  • UNICEF: « Four principles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. » Four principles that together form a new attitude toward children : click here!
    24 June, 2019: These four principles contribute to a general attitude towards children and their rights. They are based on the notion that children too are equal as human beings. The affirmation of the rights to play underlines that childhood has a value in itself; these years are merely a training period for life as an adult. How do we grant children equal value and at the same time guarantee them the necessary protection? The answer lies in the implementations of the four general principles. Together they form nothing less than a new attitude toward children. They give an ethical and ideological dimension to the convention.
  • 'Child Abuse:' Overview: by FindLaw Staff. Legally reviewed by John Mascolo, Esq. Last reviewed August 23, 2023, click here!
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  • MILITARY COURT WATCH: « Monitoring the Treat of Children in israeli Military Detention » ─ Newsletter - August 2023: : click here!
    At the end of June 2023, there were 161 Palestinian children held as 'security prisoners' in Israeli prisons. 72% of children were unlawfully transferred to Israel in violation of the Geneva IV and the Rome Statute of the ICC. Also in this issue: Evidence update - threats to extract confessions; UK seeking to block ICJ decision on Israel's occupation of Palestine; and a child's testimony. "Israeli forces are gunning down Palestinian children living under occupation with increasing frequency,” said Bill Van Esveld, associate children’s rights director at Human Rights Watch.
  • « Parents Against Child Detention (PACD): » NGO Tel Aviv, PACD’s goal is to end violations of Palestinian children’s rights when detained by Israeli forces (LinkIN): click here!
    Children as young as 12 years old who are detained and their rights are violated in many contexts during the procedure - the arrest is often aggressive and in the middle of the night, many times they are not allowed to consult with a lawyer before their interrogation and their parents are not present or informed of their detainment. PACD’s overall goal is to end these violations of Palestinian children’s rights and to reduce the number of Palestinian children arrested. We do this by working within the Israeli society, exposing the issue to the public, placing pressure on decision-makers to enact change, and educating and mobilizing influencers in the public sphere.
  • « PACD’s goal is to end violations of Palestinian children’s rights when detained by Israeli forces : « Children in israeli Military Detention. » Observations and Recommendations (Feb 2023, pdf, 28p.) : click here!
    Following an increasing number of allegations of ill-treatment of children in military detention, UNICEF has conducted a review of practices related to children who come into contact with the military detention system, from apprehension, to court proceedings and outcome.
    Israeli forces’ systemic denial of fair trial rights to Palestinian child prisoners amounts to arbitrary detention. Palestinian children in the West Bank, like adults, face arrest, prosecution, and imprisonment under an Israeli military detention system that denies them basic rights.
  • HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH, August 28, 2023: « West Bank: Spike in Israeli Killings of Palestinian Children. End Systematic Impunity for Unlawful Lethal Force. » click here!
  • AL MEZAN Center for Human Rights: « Children and Armed Conflict » . Monthly Statistical Reports, 4 Sept 2023: click here!
    Gaza Strip, 2023: statistical update on violations against children in times of armed conflict by Israeli and Palestinian duty bearers – in accordance with the Monitoring and Reporting Mechanisms established by UN Security Council Resolution 1612.
  • DCI-P: « Gaza: Israel denied life-saving healthcare to 'two Palestinian children a day' in 2023 » (Middle East Eye, Sept 13, 2023) : click here!
    Almost 400 sick children from Gaza were deprived the chance to leave the besieged enclave for the West Bank in six months, according to Save the Children.
  • STOP THE WALL, Resources on Education:
    ─ « Israeli policies of physical elimination » : click here!
    ─ « Israel’s Logic of Elimination » : click here!

Articles (latest first):
  • Nathan THRALL: « A Hidden Universe of Suffering’: the Palestinian children sent to jail » (The Guardian, The Long Read, Sept 21, 2023) : click here!
    One night in 2005, Israeli soldiers came for Huda Dahbour’s teenage son. He was gone for a year and a half. The damage done to their family – and so many others like them – was incalculable.
    PS This is an edited extract from « A Day in the Life of Abed Salama: A Palestine Story », published by Allen Lane on 3 October and available at
  • Maha HUSSAINI: « Gaza: Israel denied life-saving healthcare to 'two Palestinian children a day' in 2023 » (Middle East Eye, Sept 13, 2023) : click here!
    Almost 400 sick children from Gaza were deprived the chance to leave the besieged enclave for the West Bank in six months, according to Save the Children.
  • « Israeli Occupation Forces Shoot Dead Child in Hebron » (PCHR, Sept 11, 2023) : click here!
    The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) strongly condemns the Israeli Occupation Forces’ (IOF) use of excessive force that killed a Palestinian child 2 days ago in Hebron, south of the West Bank, after IOF opened fire at him despite posing no danger or threat to Israeli soldiers’ lives. According to information collected by PCHR’s fieldworker and eyewitnesses’ testimonies, at around 20:25 on Saturday, 09 September 2023, one of the Israeli soldiers stationed at a military watchtower established at the northwestern entrance to Al-‘Arroub refugee camp, north of Hebron, opened fire at 3 children who were behind cement cubes, 20 meters away from where the soldiers were stationed.
  • Kelly James CLARK, « Every day, settlers violently attack Palestinians, including children, with impunity. This will continue unless the international community acts now » (Middle East Eye, Sept 10, 2023): click here!
    Every day, settlers violently attack Palestinians, including children, with impunity. This will continue unless the international community acts now.
  • « Evidence update: Threats to extract confessions » (Military Court Watch, Aug 31, 2023): click here!
    Over 10 years ago, UNICEF described the interrogation of children held in Israeli military detention as follows: "The children are questioned by men dressed in civilian clothes or military uniforms, or sometimes in Israeli police uniforms. No child has been accompanied by a lawyer or family member during the interrogation [...] The children are rarely informed of their rights, particularly the right against self-incrimination [...] The interrogation mixes intimidation, threats and physical violence, with the clear purpose of forcing the child to confess...
  • « ‘No Accountability’: HRW Report Reveals Spike in Israeli Killing of Palestinian Children » (The Palestine Chronicle, August 28, 2023): click here!
    A report by Human Rights Watch (HRW) published on Monday has revealed a spike in Israeli killing of Palestinian children in the occupied West Bank. “The Israeli military and border police forces are killing Palestinian children with virtually no recourse for accountability,” the report read, adding that, although 2022 was “the deadliest year for Palestinian children in the West Bank in 15 years,” 2023 is “on track to meet or exceed 2022 levels”. As of August 22, at least 34 Palestinian children were killed in the occupied West Bank, according to the HRW report.
  • Maren MANTOVANI, « Targeting Palestinian children is necessary for Israeli settler colonialism » (Mondoweiss, August 21, 2023): click here!
    Israeli settler colonialism and apartheid is based on the extermination of the indigenous population and the elimination of their hope of living freely. Palestinian children represent that hope.
  • « Number of Palestinian Children (12-17) in Israeli Military Detention » (Defence for Children International-Palestine, August 11, 2023): click here!
    Each year approximately 500-700 Palestinian children, some as young as 12 years old, are detained and prosecuted in the Israeli military court system. The most common charge is stone throwing. A key component of DCI-Palestine’s work is to provide legal assistance to children detained in the Israeli military detention system and to compile accurate statistics on the number of children detained at any one time. The table below shows the number of Palestinian children held in Israeli prisons and detention centers at the end of each month. The table is updated monthly, but the data only provides a snapshot. The figures are compiled by DCI-Palestine from sources including the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) and Israeli army temporary detention facilities.
  • « Jewish Settlers Attack Palestinian Elementary School near Ramallah » (The Palestine Chronicle, August 14, 2023): click here!
    The school, which is already threatened with demolition by the Israeli occupation authorities, is located in a Bedouin community in the lands of the villages of Kafr Malik, Khirbet Abu Falah, and Al-Mughayer, east of Ramallah.
  • « Palestinian children abused in Israeli detention: NGO » (Al Jazeera, July 10, 2023): click here!
    Some of the abuses are sexual in nature, in addition to being beaten, handcuffed and blindfolded, a report says. The study said 86 percent of the 228 former child detainees surveyed were beaten in detention, and 69 percent were strip-searched, adding that 42 percent were injured at the point of arrest, including gunshot wounds and broken bones. They were also interrogated at unknown locations without the presence of a guardian or caregiver and are often deprived of food, water and sleep, the report says.
  • « Stripped, beaten and blindfolded: new research reveals ongoing violence and abuse of Palestinian children detained by Israeli military » (Save the Children, July 10, 2023): click here!
    Ramallah, 10 July – Palestinian children in the Israel military detention system face physical and emotional abuse, with four out of five (86%) of them being beaten, and 69% strip-searched, according to new research by Save the Children. Nearly half (42%) are injured at the point of arrest, including gunshot wounds and broken bones. Some report violence of a sexual nature and some are transferred to court or between detention centres in small cages, the child rights organisation said.
  • « Mishandeling Palestijnse kinderen in Israëlische hechtenis ‘wijdverbreid en systematisch’ » (The Rights Forum, 4 juli 2023) : click here!
    In strijd met zijn beloften heeft Israël de afgelopen tien jaar geen verbetering gebracht in de behandeling van Palestijnse kinderen in militaire detentie. Fysieke en psychische mishandeling zijn de norm. wat blijkt uit recente rapportages van de organisaties 'Military Court Watch' en 'Defence for Children International – Palestine,' en uit het jaarlijkse voortgangsrapport van de VN over kinderen en gewapend conflict. Ze wijzen uit dat Palestijnse kinderen tot de voornaamste slachtoffers van het Israëlisch-Palestijnse ‘conflict’ behoren – en dat Israëlische beloften om daaraan een einde te maken niets waard zijn gebleken.
  • Noa SHPIGEL, « Israeli Ministers Advance Bill on Imprisoning Children Under 14 for Terror-related Manslaughter » (Haaretz, July 2, 2023) : click here!
    Under the bill by MK Yitzhak Kroizer of Otzma Yehudit, minors under the age of 14 will be eligible for prison sentences if convicted of homicide or attempted homicide in the course of a terrorist act.
  • « Israeli forces’ systemic denial of fair trial rights to Palestinian child prisoners amounts to arbitrary detention » (DCIP, June 1, 2023) : click here!
    Israeli authorities' systematic denial of fair trial rights to Palestinian children detained by Israeli forces from the occupied West Bank and prosecuted in Israeli military courts constitutes arbitrary detention, Defense for Children International - Palestine said in a report released today.
  • Nir HASSON & Noa SHPIGEL: « Israeli Government Advances Bill That Could End Funding for Most East Jerusalem Schools » (Haaretz, May 14 , 2023): click here!
    Co-sponsored by far-right lawmaker Simcha Rothman, the bill would ban funding for East Jerusalem schools teaching the official Palestinian curriculum, arguing that it includes ‘incitement to terrorism’.
  • Yuval ABRAHAM: "Palestinian school razed after campaign by gov’t-linked settler group" (+972, May 8, 2023): click here!
    The residents of Jib al-Dib lost their years-long fight to save their elementary school, leaving dozens of children without proper access to education.
  • Kelly James CLARK "Israeli settlers attack children in Palestine. When will the world stop them?" (Middle East Eye, April 10, 2023): click here!
    Every day, settlers violently attack Palestinians, including children, with impunity. This will continue unless the international community acts now.
  • "Israeli Soldiers Injure Schoolchildren, Teachers, In Hebron School" (IMEMC, Sept 29, 2022): click here!
    On Thursday, Israeli soldiers invaded a Palestinian school in the southern area of Hebron city, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank, before attacking and injuring many schoolchildren and teachers..
  • "PCHR Condemns Israeli Authorities’ Attempts to Impose Distorted Version of Curriculum in Occupied Jerusalem Schools" (IMEMC, Sept 21, 2022): click here!
  • Zen AL TAHHAN: "Palestinian schools in Jerusalem strike over Israel-imposed books" (Haaretz, Sept 19, 2022): click here!
    Hundreds of Palestinian schools strike in protest at Israeli efforts to impose censored Palestinian textbooks.
  • Ahmad MELHEM: "Israel revokes licenses of six schools in East Jerusalem" (Al-Monitor, August 12, 2022): click here!
    Israeli Minister of Education Yifat Shasha-Biton revoked on July 28 the permanent operating licenses of six Palestinian schools in East Jerusalem, under the pretext that their curricula contain “dangerous incitement” against the Israeli government and army. The six schools will be granted a conditional one-year license to amend their curriculum or lose their license entirely.
  • "Heads of Mission of the European Union and likeminded countries visit Ein Samiya School under imminent threat of demolition." The Office of the European Union Representative (West Bank and Gaza Strip, UNRWA, August 12, 2022): click here!
    Heads of Mission of the European Union and likeminded countries together with the Ministry of Education visited Ein Samiya community near Ramallah in light of the imminent threat of demolition of a donor-funded school, which currently provides access to education for 17 children in Ein Samiya and neighbouring herder communities.
  • "Israel Decides To Demolish A Palestinian School Near Ramallah" (IMEMC News, August 11, 2022): click here!
  • Gideon LEVY: "A Brief History of Killing Children" (Haaretz, Nov 20, 2021): click here!
    First we were ashamed, then we were shocked, and we even investigated. Then we denied it and lied. After that we ignored and repressed it, yawned and lost interest. Now is the worst phase of all: We’ve started to extol the killers of children. That’s how far we’ve gone.
  • "UNICEF says 25 Palestinian children killed in three months" (Middle East Eye, May 14, 2016): click here!
    Twenty-five Palestinian children were killed in the last three months of 2015 during a wave of anti-Israeli attacks and the number detained was the highest in seven years, the UN children's agency said on Saturday.
  • Almog BEN ZIKRI: "Over 5,000 Israeli Bedouin Children Lack Access to Compulsory Preschool" (Haaretz, May 8, 2016): click here!
    Lack of transportation funding and state's refusal to grant building permits to unrecognized Bedouin communities bar kids' access to preschool.
  • "April 2016 Report: 567 Palestinians arrested by Israeli occupation, including 123 children" (Samidoun, May 3, 2016): click here!
    567 Palestinians were arrested by Israeli occupation forces during April 2016, bringing the number of those arrested since the beginning of the popular uprising in October 2015 to 5334 Palestinians.

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