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  • "Institute for the Critical Study of Zionism" (August 2023): click here!
    The Institute for the Critical Study of Zionism aims to support the delinking of the study of Zionism from Jewish Studies, and to reclaim academia and public discourse for the study of Zionism as a political, ideological, and racial and gendered knowledge project, intersecting with Palestine and decolonial studies, critical terrorism studies, settler colonial studies, and related scholarship and activism. Contact: Join the email list for updates: click here! (google form).
  • "PACBI Guidelines for the International Academic Boycott of Israel" (BDS, July 9, 2014): click here!
    Being the part of the Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC) tasked with overseeing the academic and cultural boycott aspects of BDS, the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) has advocated, since 2004, for a boycott of Israeli academic and cultural institutions. This is based on the fact that these institutions are deeply complicit in the Israeli system of oppression that has denied Palestinians their basic rights guaranteed by international law, or has hampered their exercise of these rights, including academic freedom and the right to education.
  • Nick RIEMER: "Scholasticide: The Relentless Attack on Palestinian Universities" (The Wire, 1 Jan 2019): click here!
    The brutality of Israeli occupation isn't limited to wars. It also includes constant assault on the Palestinians' access to basic necessities like higher education.
    Een recente studie over het belang van academische boycot is van de hand (het hoofd) van onze Australische vriend en collega Nick Riemer: "Boycott Theory and the Struggle for Palestine: Universities, Intellectualism and Liberation" (9781538175873, 15 Jan 2023, 310 p.). Nick Riemer is senior lecturer in the Dpt of English at the University of Sydney.
  • "Academia for Equality": click here!
    "Academia for Equality is an organization of about 550 instructors, researchers, students and others involved in academic life in Israel. Academia for Equality is a members' organization working to promote democratization, equality and access to higher education for all communities living in Israel. We believe that furthering our vision and mission in the academic field will promote justice and equality in our society as a whole. We struggle against the complicity of Israeli academia with oppression and denial of education in the occupied Palestinian territories. We criticize the neoliberalization of academic life and the degradation of academia as a public institution; we combat abusive labor relations, sexual harassment and the silencing of critical voices in Israel and around the world."
  • Adalah: « Academic Freedom & Palestinian Universities in the Occupied West Bank » (Adalah's News, 30 June 2022: "Birzeit Letter," pdf, 10p.): click here!
    Over the past two months, Adalah's team has worked to protect Palestinians on both sides of the Green Line against Israel's growing attempts to restrict and control their education systems, in violation of their rights to education, freedom of expression and self-determination. Adalah sent a letter on behalf of Birzeit University to the Attorney General and the Israeli army on 26 May 2022 demanding that the procedures be amended and that many of the restrictions be lifted, and to allow Palestinian universities to submit applications for residence permits for foreign lecturers and students rather than requiring individuals to make requests.
  • « Largest Palestinian Professors' Union Urges RMIT To End Partnership With Israeli Weapons Producer » (BDS Movement, August 11, 2022): click here!
    The 6,000 members of the Palestinian Federation of Unions of University Professors and Employees (PFUUPE) "know that Elbit Systems markets its weapons around the world, including to other oppressive regimes, as 'battle-proven' and 'field-tested,' and that "they are the subjects of those tests."
  • Sheryl NESTEL & Rowan GAUDE: "Unveiling the Chilly Climate: The Suppression of Speech on Palestine in Canada" (Independent Jewish Voices, October, 2022, pdf, 106p.) : click here!
    (This Report) is the first broad and detailed examination of the experiences of faculty and students whose work is critical of the policies of Israel toward Palestine and Palestinians or who actively attempt to change those policies through their support of of BDS and opposition to the adoption of the IHRA definition. While focused primarily on Canada, the report briefly touches on the experiences faced by European academics, artists, and students who publicly support Palestinian rights...
  • 'Israel practices apartheid,' say Israeli law professors" (MEMo, March 30, 2023.) : click here!
    The Israeli Law Professors' Forum for Democracy has found that changes introduced by the current government led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "validate the claim that Israel practices apartheid." The group represents 120 of Israel's most prominent law professors. It reached the conclusion in a position paper titled "Implications of the Agreement Subordinating the Civil Administration to the Additional Minister in the Ministry of Defence", click here. The forum is an ad hoc and voluntary group of experts on Israeli law and specifically Israeli public law.
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    • « Letter protesting intensification of arrests of students at Birzeit University. » Committee on Academic Freedom (MESA, November 22, 2023): click here!
      Dear Prime Minister, Ministers, Brigadier-General, and Chief Clerk, We write to you on behalf of the Committee on Academic Freedom of the Middle East Studies Association of North America (MESA) to protest against the Israeli army’s ongoing targeting and intensification of arrests of university students in the West Bank, occupied Palestinian territories.
    • Meron RAPOPORT: "‘It’ll turn campus into an army base’: Tel Aviv University to host soldiers’ program" (+972, Oct 4, 2023): click here!
      A collaboration between the Israeli army and TAU has drawn backlash from faculty and Palestinian students decrying the militarization of academia.
    • « Letter to Israeli Authorities Regarding Italian-Palestinian Student Khaled El Qaisi » (BRISMES, Sept 28, 2023): click here!
      The BRISMES Committee on Academic Freedom, the Italian Society for Middle East Studies (SeSaMO) and the Middle East Studies Association of North America (MESA) have written a joint letter to Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and Ambassador Alon Bar to express our concern for the Italian-Palestinian student Khaled El Qaisi. As associations that are vested in Middle East scholarship and education, we are deeply concerned for the well-being of Khaled El Qaisi who was arrested on August 31, 2023, by the Israeli border police at the Allenby bridge while he, his wife and son were on their way from the West Bank to Amman to return to Italy. SeSaMO, BRISMES and MESA call on the Israeli authorities intervene to ensure the immediate release of Khaled El Qaisi
    • « #FreePalestinianStudents : Raid militaire et vague d’arrestations à l’Université de Birzeit » (Collectif Palestine Vaincra, Sept 25, 2023): click here!
      Dimanche 24 septembre à l’aube, l’occupation israélienne a mené un raid militaire sur le campus de l’Université de Birzeit en Cisjordanie occupée. Après avoir agressé les gardes de l’université, les soldats ont envahi la salle du conseil des étudiants et vandalisé les lieux. Ensuite, ils ont arrêté huit étudiants : le président du Conseil des étudiants, Abdel Majeed Hasan, le coordinateur du Bloc islamique (la première organisation étudiante du campus), Amr Khalil, et les étudiants Abdallah Nejim, Mahmoud Nakhleh, Ahmad Owiedat, Hasan Alwan, Abdallah Abu Qias et Yahya Farah. L’Université de Birzeit, le syndicat des travailleurs, le conseil des étudiants et les blocs étudiants ont appelé à une marche de protestation dans l’enceinte du campus ce 25 septembre pour protester contre cette agression.
    • Judy MALTZ: "Jewish Students at Princeton Defend Professor Slammed for Promoting anti-Israel Book" (Haaretz, August 25, 2023): click here!
      Members of a progressive Jewish organization on campus have attracted nearly 400 signatures in an open letter backing Satyel Larson, after she included the controversial book « The Right to Maim: Debility, Capacity, Disability » [by Jasbir K. Puar, 2017, Rutgers Univ.] on her fall syllabus. The book's author has been accused of promoting an antisemitic blood libel.
    • Rabab Ibrahim ABDULHADI and Heike SCHOTTEN, « Why we created the Institute for the Critical Study of Zionism » (Mondoweiss, 24 August, 2023): click here.
      The Institute for the Critical Study of Zionism seeks to create an intellectual and political community that is grounded in solidarity with those most harmed by Zionism and in uplifting their voices.
    • « Letter to the president of Princeton University defending Professor Satyel Larson, » from: MESA, Committee on Academic Freedom, August 24, 2023: click here! 
      We write on behalf of the Middle East Studies Association of North America (MESA) and its Committee on Academic Freedom to express our concern about the attacks to which Assistant Professor Satyel Larson has been subjected because she chose to include a particular book on the reading list of a course she plans to offer in fall 2023. These politically motivated attacks seek to prevent a member of Princeton’s faculty from exposing her students to certain perspectives by, in effect, banning a scholarly work. They thereby threaten the principles of academic freedom which your university is committed to uphold... Professor Larson’s reading list for her course “The Healing Humanities: Decolonizing Trauma Studies from the Global South” (Near Eastern Studies 301) includes "The Right to Maim: Debility, Capacity, Disability," by Professor Jasbir Puar, published in 2017 by Duke UP. The book received many positive reviews and in 2018 won the National Women’s Studies Association’s Alison Piepmeier Book Prize, awarded each year to “a groundbreaking monograph in women, gender, and sexuality studies that makes significant contributions to feminist disability studies scholarship.” Nonetheless, because "The Right to Maim" includes critical analysis of Israeli state violence toward the Palestinians under its rule, the executive director of Princeton’s Center for Jewish Life, several American Jewish organizations, a number of media outlets and a minister in the Israeli government have, according to media reports, alleged that the book is antisemitic and demanded that it be removed from Professor Larson’s reading list.
    • « American Anthropological Association - AAA Votes by 71% to Boycott Complicit Israeli Universities. » Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI, July 24, 2023): click here!
    • Amir TIBON: "Why Israel Is Attacking Germany's Top Middle East Expert" (Haaretz, July 10, 2023): click here!
      Muriel Asseburg says the Israeli embassy manipulated her quotes, while her workplace, a prominent German think-tank slammed the embassy's 'insinuations and personal defamations' against her.
    • Fayha SHALASH: "Palestinian student leader violently detained by the PA after election success" (Middle East Eye, June 20, 2023): click here!
      Students condemn Abdul Majeed Hassan's treatment as Birzeit University calls on security forces to end their arrest campaign.
    • Alisse WATERSTON: "I am past President of the American Anthropological Association and this is why I am voting to boycott Israeli academic institutions" (Mondoweiss, June 14, 2023): click here!
      Eight years since the American Anthropological Association first considered the academic boycott of Israel, conditions for Palestinians have only gotten worse, and Israeli academic institutions are complicit. That is why I am supporting the new boycott resolution.
    • Manal Totry JUBRAN: "The Palestinian Flag Litmus Test for Israel's Democratic Protesters" (Haaretz, June 1, 2023): click here!
      An amendment to the Students’ Rights Bill is due to appear in the near future before the Ministerial Committee for Legislation. The amendment would require academic institutions to suspend or even permanently expel students and not recognize their degrees obtained overseas if they are found to have expressed themselves in a way that could be perceived as supporting terrorism.
    • Haaretz Edit. : « Israel's Politruk of Ignorance Wages a War on Academia » (Haaretz, June 1, 2023): click here!
      Education Minister Yoav Kisch this week assailed the research universities – a favorite target of every budding populist – for having become buzzing hubs of the protest against the government coup.
    • Shira KADARI-OVADIA: « Israeli Education Minister Accused of Creating a 'Submissive' Academia » (Haaretz, May 30, 2023): click here!
      University presidents responded to the Education Minister's accusation that they are 'losing their way' and 'gagging an entire political camp,' saying that the coalition sees academia 'as an ideological enemy that must be subdued'.
    • Hani AL-MASRI: « Palestine: Do Birzeit University election results mark a turning point? » (Middle East Eye, May 25, 2023): click here!
      Landslide victory of Hamas-aligned bloc in the student vote reflects a broader dissatisfaction with the Palestinian Authority.
    • "(Israel) University heads denounce coalition bill that would ban display of Palestinian flag" (Times of Israel, May 25, 2023): click here!
      Joint statement says measure would infringe on free speech, make schools ‘branches of police and Shin Bet’; Tel Aviv University chief vows not to enforce ‘fascist’ law if passed.
    • "U.S. Dep’t of Education Opens First of its Kind Investigation into Anti-Palestinian Discrimination at George Washington University" (Palestine Legal, May 11, 2023): click here!
      The Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) announced yesterday that it has opened a formal investigation into a complaint alleging George Washington University (GW) discriminated against Palestinian students and students perceived to be Palestinian. This is the first public investigation into anti-Palestinian racism by OCR.
    • ECCP: « Horizon Europe: funding death, displacement and discrimination in Palestine » (Corporate Accountability, EU Research Programs, Our Work ─ ECCP, 13 April 2023): click here!
      European Union research subsidies have been a crucial source of funding for Israeli academic institutions, businesses, and government agencies, including many military companies, that are deeply involved in human rights abuses and international law violations – including entities operating in, and profiting from, illegal Israeli settlements... Israel is not a member of the EU but, following the signing of the EU-Israel Association Agreement, since 1995 Israeli applicants have had the same access to the EU research grants as EU members.
    • Jonathan SHAMIR: "Columbia University Faculty Divided Over Plans to Open Israel Campus" (Haaretz, April 9, 2023): click here!
      The plan faced backlash from around 100 staff members over Israel’s human rights record while a letter supporting the move drew over 170 signatures and points to pre-existing campuses in countries with poor human rights records, such as China, Jordan and Turkey.
    • Michel ARRIA: "“No evidence”: GWU investigation clears Dr. Lara Sheehi of antisemitism allegations" (Mondoweiss, March 30, 2023): click here!
      The pro-Israel group StandWithUs accused GWU professor Lara Sheehi of antisemitism. A third-party investigation found the accusations were "inaccurate or taken out of context and misrepresented."
    • Kathryn SHIHADAH: "The fraud of the "anti-Zionist" label: the Lara Sheehi case" (Palestine Home, March 30, 2023): click here!
      An article in the Jewish periodical 'Forward' entitled “University clears anti-Zionist professor after discrimination claim,” revealed the exoneration of a George Washington University professor who had been charged with antisemitism. According to the article, a complaint was filed “following a claim that her views on Israel had created a hostile environment for Jewish students.”
    • "AfP statement on recent protests in Israel" (Academics for Palestine, March 28, 2023): click here!
      As part of the widespread protests against the Israeli government's plans to reform the judicial system and move Israel's regime further towards a right-wing dictatorial system, and in specific response to the dismissal of the Minister for Defence by Prime Minister Netanyahu, the heads of Israel's universities and research institutions decided to suspend classes indefinitely. The decision, according to Prof Daniel Haimovich of Ben Gurion University, was made because ‘we have only one nation, one state and one common future’. This demonstrates that the ‘democracy protests’ are about preserving the status quo of a Jewish state which purports to be a democratic state, but which in fact both discriminates against and excludes Palestinians generally with the approval of the Supreme Court and the judicial system.  Continue...
    • Lior DATTEL: "‘We’re the Next Target’: The Israeli Government’s Takeover of Academia Would Be Quick and Brutal" (Haaretz, March 15, 2023): click here!
      If it successfully weakens the judiciary, the Netanyahu government could next look to gain control of Israel’s institutes of higher education – long seen as a thorn in the right’s side.
    • Michael ARRIA: "IDC court dismisses lawsuit targeting academics over BDS support" (Mondoweiss, March 3, 2023): click here!
      "I hope that the ruling will deter pro-Israel outfits with no means of winning a debate beyond harassment and defamation from trying to impoverish those of us committed to the wellbeing of the Palestinian people,” Dr. Steven Salaita said in a statement.
    • Shira KADARI-OVADIA: "International Academic Group Cancels Jerusalem Event Due to Israel's West Bank Policy" (Haaretz, March 2, 2023): click here!
      Pressure from some members of international linguistics organization GLOW against Israel’s policies concerning the Palestinians led to the cancellation – and the new government’s plans 'added fuel to the fire,’ according to one Israeli member.
    • Umar A FAROOQ: "Students accuse US university of anti-Palestinian climate" (Middle East Eye, Feb 17, 2023): click here!
      George Washington University students say school discriminated against Palestinians, including cancelling space meant to provide mental health services.
    • Ibrahim KHALILIYE: "Israel sees reliance on Palestinian health workers as a ‘threat to national security’" (Mondoweiss, Feb 16,, 2023): click here!
      Israel is putting its commitment to Jewish supremacy above the functioning of its healthcare system, proposing rejecting graduates of Palestinian universities in favor of "Jewish purity."
    • Shira KADARI-OVADIA: "Israeli Knesset Committee Holding Hearing at the Request of Right-wing Group on Alleged Silencing of Opinion on College Campuses" (Haaretz, Feb 1, 2023): click here!
      It ironically follows a campaign by the group, Im Tirtzu, objecting to comments in class by a Ben-Gurion University professor who has been summoned to the hearing and refuses to appear.
    • "Harvard backtracks and offers ex-HRW chief fellowshipl" (Middle East Eye, Jan 19, 2023 ): click here!
      The former HRW leader said "I remain worried about academic freedom," ... "The problem of people penalized for criticizing Israel is not limited to me, and most scholars have no comparable capacity to mobilize public attention."
    • Kenneth ROTH: "I once ran Human Rights Watch. Harvard blocked my fellowship over Israel" ( If Americans Knew, reposted from the Guardian, January 10, 2023 ): click here!
      Kenneth Roth: “I was told that my fellowship at the Kennedy School was vetoed over my and Human Rights Watch’s criticism of Israel. How can an institution that purports to address foreign policy – that even hosts a human rights policy center – avoid criticism of Israel?”
    • Shira KADARI-OVADIA: "Israeli University to Reprimand Arab Student Over Reference to Palestinian Poet Darwish" (Haaretz, December 13, 2022): click here!
      The student was convicted of disobeying campus authorities by using the word 'shahid’ (martyr) while quoting Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish at a campus event, but the university’s disciplinary court commissioner advised to halt the legal proceedings due to 'fundamental flaws'.
    • "Kadoorie University Denounces Israeli Occupation’s Violation Inside its Campus in Tulkarem" (AURDIP, November 20, 2022): click here!
      The administration of Palestine Technical University – Kadoorie (PTUK) denounces and strongly condemns the Israeli Occupation forces’ desecrating actions, disrespecting its sanctity and forcing the university staff to open the main gates and the cameras control room to drag out certain records and photocopied clips.
    • "UK university excludes Palestinian staff and Palestine scholars from IHRA discussion" (MEMo, Nov 16, 2022): click here!
      The University of Edinburgh has excluded Palestinian staff and scholars of Palestine from a task group set up to discuss the "vicious repercussions" of the highly controversial International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of anti-Semitism. Details of the marginalisation of Palestinian voices at the Scottish university was reported by senior lecturer in international relations Nicola Perugini.
    • AL-HAQ: "Al-Haq Launches New Report: Finding David: Unlawful Settlement Tourism in Jerusalem’s so-called ‘City of David’" (November 16, 2022, 146p., ISBN 978-9950-327-91-7): click here!
      Authors: Marguerite Remy, Dr Susan Power. Summary: click here!
    • Committee on Academic Freedom,, « Case Western Reserve University’s recent statement about anti-Semitism » MESA, Nov 15, 2022): click here!
      Dear President Kaler: We write on behalf of the Middle East Studies Association of North America (MESA) and its Committee on Academic Freedom to express our grave concern over your 9 November 2022 statement to the Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) community that equates criticism of policies and actions of the State of Israel with anti-Semitism.
    • Shira KADARI-OVADIA, « Faculty Demand Reversal of Disciplinary Action Over Use of Word ‘Shahid’ » (Haaretz, Nov 15, 2022): click here!
      In appeal to Ben-Gurion university’s president, 400 faculty members claim flaws in disciplinary process, say conviction violates academic freedom of speech and principle of equality.
    • Committee on Academic Freedom (MESA): « COGAT regulations’ impact on international scholar selection » (Oct 20, 2022): click here!
      Letter sent on 20 October 2022 to: Israel PM Yair Lapid, Minister of Education Yifat Shasha-Biton, Minister of Justice Gideon Sa'ar, Brigadier-General Ghasan Alyan, Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT), Chief Clerk Idit Malul, Supreme Court of the State of Israel.
    • "Trinity College boycotts arms companies complicit with apartheid Israel" (Middle East Monitor, Oct 20, 2022): click here!
      Trinity College in Ireland, one of the country's most prestigious universities, has announced that it no longer has investments in arms and weapons companies that are complicit with the Israeli apartheid regime. The move comes following a petition launched by the Trinity Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign (BDS), calling for the University to "divest from the war industry".
    • Sheryl NESTEL & Rowan GAUDE, "Unveiling the Chilly Climate: The Suppression of Speech on Palestine. The Suppression of Speech on Palestine on Canada" (Independent Jewish Voices, October, 2022, pdf, 106p.) : click here!
    • Billy BRIGGS, "University of Aberdeen votes against using IHRA definition of anti-Semitism" (The National, Oct 9, 2022): click here!
      Aberdeen University has rejected a “working definition” of antisemitism as recommended by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance for governments and organisations around the world to adopt. After a two-year consultation, the university has adopted the Jerusalem Declaration of Antisemitism (JDA) instead.
    • Maureen Clare MURPHY: "“Racial engineering” behind Israel’s new West Bank entry restrictions" (The Electronic Intifada, 26 Sept, 2022): click here!
      The 97-page procedure serves Israel’s “racial engineering” of the population in the West Bank “within the framework of its apartheid regime, which constitutes a crime against humanity,” according to a coalition of Palestinian human rights groups... Those seeking to work or study in the West Bank “must apply for an entry visa 45, 60, or even up to 153 days before arrival as well as provide an extensive questionnaire on their CV [resume], and any familial or spousal connections in the West Bank,” according to the coalition of rights groups.
    • Hamoked Center for the Defence of the Individual: "New Israeli Procedure on Entry of Foreigners to the West Bank" (briefing paper September 2022): click here!
      Interference with Palestinian Civil Society and Academic Freedom: In the new procedure, the Israeli Defense Ministry gives itself the prerogative to set academic qualifications for lecturers. Faculty and student visas can only be renewed for a maximum of 27 months, and then a person would have to leave the West Bank before applying for a new visa. There is no possibility to offer tenure to foreign faculty, as after a cumulative stay of five years, a foreign lecturer must remain abroad for nine months before they can re-enter the West Bank... It should also be noted that this procedure would not apply to foreigners who wish to travel to Israeli settlements in the West Bank. For example, foreign lecturers and students at Ariel University in the Ariel settlement will continue to be governed by the much more lenient regulations set by Israel’s Ministry of Interior.
    • Palestinian Human Rights Organizations Council (PHROC): "International Community Must Take Prompt and Concrete Measures to Halt Israel’s New Procedure for Entry and Residence of Foreigners in the West Bank" (Al Mezan, 8 Sept, 2022): click here!
      The Israeli occupying authorities have imposed further restrictions on the entry of foreign nationals and Palestinians who hold foreign passports and wish to work, volunteer, join their Palestinian family members or act in solidarity with the Palestinian people in the oPt. The constraints of the new procedure, which was published on 4 September 2022 and will enter into force on 20 October 2022, also apply to foreign nationals whose work requires that they stay for any length of time in the West Bank (excluding occupied Jerusalem).
    • Hagar SHEZAF, “Israel Loosens West Bank Travel Restrictions Following International Pressure” (Haaretz, Sept 7, 2022): click here!
      Foreign visitors to the West Bank will no longer have to declare their romantic relationships with Palestinians and the quota on entry of outstanding students and lecturers was lifted. The U.S. has held 'quiet and consistent' talks with Israel in recent months, a U.S. embassy official said.
    • Judy MALTZ: "Jewish Leaders in Australia Furious Over anti-Israel Motion at Top University" (Haaretz, August 15, 2022): click here!
      BDS resolution at Melbourne University ‘is imbued with hatred and its language drips with venomous hatred,’ Jewish organizations charge in joint statement.
    • Hagar SHEZAF & Nir HASSON: "'First Deny Access, Then Call It State Land' | Israeli University Holds Archaeological Dig in West Bank Area Claimed to Be Palestinian" (Haaretz, August 10, 2022): click here!
      While Bar-Ilan University insists that the dig follows guidelines by the Civil Administration in Judea and Samaria, activist Bassem Tamimi says he has Jordanian documents proving his ownership over the land.
    • "Israel academics demand University drops complaint against student who quoted Mahmoud Darwish" ( Middle East Monitor, August 1, 2022): click here!
      A group of 120 faculty members at Ben-Gurion University sent a letter to the school's Chief Administrator demanding the withdrawal of its disciplinary complaint against a Palestinian student using the term 'martyr' at a memorial event to mark Nakba Day. The student, Watan Madi, used the term while quoting Palestinian poet, Mahmoud Darwish, during a speech she gave at a student-led Nakba Day ceremony on campus. The University claimed that it "takes very seriously" the flying of Palestinian flags at the event and the term 'martyr' are to be interpreted as support for terrorism.
    • Nati YEFET: "120 Israeli Academics Demand Scrapping Complaint Against Student Who Quoted Palestinian Poet" (Haaretz, July 31, 2022): click here!
      The Arab student, Watan Madi, used the term 'martyrs' while quoting an article by Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish at a memorial event to mark Nakba Day. She was later summoned by Ben-Gurion for a disciplinary hearing.
    • Jessica BUXBAUM : "Palestinian students facing increased harassment on Israeli campuses" (Mondoweiss, July 20, 2022): click here!
      For Palestinians attending Israeli universities, freedom of expression is often met with racism and violence from neo-fascist Zionist groups.
    • Neve GORDON : "« Palestinian universities are once again under attack »" (AlJazeera, July 15, 2022): click here!
      And as they fight for their survival under apartheid rule, they are receiving no real solidarity from their Israeli counterparts.
    • Shira KADARI-OVADIA: "After Years of Unofficial Segregation, Tel Aviv University Offers Mixed Jewish-Arab Dorm Rooms" (Haaretz, July 6, 2022): click here!
      The pilot program was developed 'out of a sense that it’s what the students want,' the university’s commissioner of equality and diversity explained.
    • Or KASHTI: "Israeli Universities Imposing Dress Codes on Women in ultra-Orthodox Tracks" (Haaretz, Juni 28, 2022): click here!
      Most colleges and universities with Haredi tracks require female students to dress in accordance with Jewish law and tradition, even outside the classroom.
    • Adi HASHMONAI & Or KASHTI: "University of Haifa Scholarship Effectively Excludes Arabs" (Haaretz, June 8, 2022): click here!
      Though Arabs constitute 41 percent of the University of Haifa's student body, the award is only given to students who have passed the matriculation exam in a subject related to Judaism.
    • Jonathan SHAMIR]: "A Revolution in Arabic Studies Is Shaking Up Israeli Universities" (Haaretz, June 1, 2022): click here!
      From the Negev to the north, universities are changing how Arabic is being taught, challenging both Jewish and Arab students. Could new trends in academia transform Jewish-Arab relations across the country?
    • Basil AL-ADRAA: "Hamas’ landslide student election win marks major shift in Palestinian politics" (+972, May 31, 2022): click here!
      The Islamist movement's stunning victory in Birzeit University’s student union vote reflects growing discontent with the West Bank's ruling Fatah party. - The annual elections at Birzeit are widely regarded as a reflection of the broader political mood in the Palestinian street in the occupied West Bank. The university did not hold elections for two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, making this the first round since 2019. Out of around 12,500 students at the university, four out of five voted in the latest elections, held on May 18, with the voter turnout similar to the rounds in previous years.
    • Mudar KASSIS, Rita GIACAMAN & Maher HASHWEH [BZU]: "Knowledge Production: Perspective on Promotion and Tenure Regulations in Palestine and beyond" (Middle East Critique, March 24, 2022, pdf, open access): click here!
      This article aims to deconstruct the neo-colonial and neo-liberal approaches embedded and reproduced in academic institutions in the Arab World, in part by using the prism of academic regulations for promotion and tenure, which perpetuate the reproduction of neo-coloniality.
    • Haaretz Editorial: "Israel's Universities Are for Students, Not Cops or Soldiers" (Haaretz, April 3, 2022): click here!
      An extraordinary incident took place on the Mount Scopus campus of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem on Monday. Four students in police uniforms, who are studying at the university as part of a police program, detained two other students – Palestinians from East Jerusalem – claiming that they had sung a “jihadi” song..
    • Shira KADARI-OVADIA & Or KASHTI: "High Court Orders State to Give Left-wing Professor Withheld Israel Prize" (Haaretz, March 29, 2022): click here!
      The prize jury’s decision to award Prof. Oded Goldreich the prize was initially overturned by then-Education Minister Yoav Gallant over calls against cooperation with a university in a West Bank settlemen.
    • “Call to Action: Birzeit University Rejects Israeli Measures Against Academic Freedom” (BZU, March 12, 2022): click here!
    • Haaretz Editorial: "Resist Israel's Academic Occupation of the Palestinians" (Haaretz, March 10, 2022): click here!
      An officer in the Defense Ministry’s Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories will soon rule that a certain college instructor, a U.S. citizen, cannot enter the West Bank to teach at a university in Jenin because her area of expertise is not an “essential field” for Palestinians. The field will be determined in accordance with a COGAT ruling.
    • Amira HASS, “Israel to Decide for Palestinians Which Foreign Lecturers Can Teach at West Bank Universities” (Haaretz, Feb 8, 2022): click here!
      A set of procedures published by the Defense Ministry puts further restrictions on who can enter, work and stay in the West Bank.
    • Or KASHTI: "Israeli Military, Intel Agencies to Enlist High Schoolers for Weapon Development Program " (Haaretz, Jan 16, 2022): click here!
      The full program, which appears to involve the development of autonomously guided weaponry, involves a 12-year commitment and experts warn against the use of children by the military.
    • Shira KADARI-OVADIA & Or KASHTI: "Israel Prize Will Be Withheld From Left-wing Professor, Minister Says " (Haaretz, Nov 18, 2021): click here!
      'I cannot award Israel Prize for academic achievements, impressive as they are, [to someone] who calls to boycott academic institutions in Israel,' the education minister says.
    • Or KASHTI: "Groundbreaking Arab College Opens Its Doors to Students – Without a Permit" (Haaretz, Nov 12, 2021): click here!
      While other colleges in Israel have violated rules and introduced programs before acquiring necessary permits, opening an entire college without a permit is a new nadir and a criminal offense.
    • David KATTENBURG: "How Apartheid Israel stifles Palestinian education and scientific research" (Mondoweiss, Oct 8, 2021): click here!
      An educated citizenry and advanced scientific research capacity are key drivers of sovereign national development. No one knows this better than “Start-Up” Israel. According to one recent estimate, Israel has the third most educated population in the world (behind Canada and Japan). As for the five million Palestinians living under permanent belligerent Israeli rule and presumptive apartheid, Israel honors this truth in the breach — systematically impeding Palestinian access to education, and the ability of Palestinian scientists to carry out research.
    • Or KASHTI: "High Court Voids Former Education Minister's Decision to Withhold Israel Prize From Left-wing Professor" (Haaretz, August 12, 2021): click here!
      Education Minister Yifat Shasha-Biton will next be given the opportunity to decide whether to affirm Former Education Minister Yoav Gallant's decision to withhold prize from Prof. Oded Goldreich.
    • Or KASHTI: "Education Minister Announces Final Decision to Withhold Israel Prize From Left-wing Professor" (Haaretz, June 12, 2021): click here!
      Israel's attorney general will now have to consider whether to defend the decision by Gallant – set to be replaced as a new coalition prepares to take the helm of government – before the High Court.
    • Haaretz Editorial: "Did You Sign This, Professor?" (Haaretz, May 7, 2021): click here!
      Education Minister Yoav Gallant can be pleased. Not for his personal conduct or for the way his ministry functioned during the coronavirus crisis, but for an invention he may wish to patent: the establishment of a tribunal for the examination of political opinions, particularly ones that right-wing governments wish to keep hidden. That is the real significance of Weizmann Institute Prof. Oded Goldreich’s invitation to a hearing concerning his opinions and political activity over the last 16 years. This is part of an “examination process now being conducted regarding your candidacy for receiving the Israel Prize,” as the official letter drily notes.
    • Or KASHTI: "Education Ministry Summons Goldreich to Hearing Over Israel Prize" (Haaretz, May 7, 2021): click here!
      The summons is part of the ministry’s examination of whether Professor Goldreich should be awarded the prize due to claims that he supports BDS.
    • Or KASHTI & Hagar SHEZAF: "Settlement University Crediting Students for Volunteering at Illegal Israeli Outposts" (Haaretz, April 22, 2021): click here!
      Program includes opportunities at West Bank 28 farms, including locations that have been the scene of violence and the seizure of Palestinian-owned land.
    • Adalah: “Israel forcing international lecturers out of West Bank Palestinian universities” (Adalah, April 20, 2021): click here!
      Birzeit University, Adalah, Al-Haq now fighting to end escalating discriminatory Israeli policy aimed at preventing international academics from staying in the West Bank and refusing to renew visas for those with teaching contracts .
    • Haaretz Editorial: "Don’t Cooperate With Ariel University" (Haaretz, April 13, 2021): click here!
    • Or KASHTI: "Prof.: Denying Me the Israel Prize Is Delegitimization of Left" (Haaretz, April 11, 2021): click here!
      Presidents of Israeli universities rebuke Israeli Education Minister Yoav Gallant for withholding the prize from Prof. Oded Goldreich over his alleged support for BDS. 'If I supported BDS I would not have agreed to accept the prize,' he says.
    • Or KASHTI: "Top Court Allows Minister to Withhold Israel Prize Over BDS Accusations" (Haaretz, April 8, 2021): click here!
      Court grants request to investigate whether Israel's anti-boycott law applies to a petition signed by Prof. Oded Goldreich, meaning he can't get the prize in mathematics and computer sciences this month.
    • Meron RAPOPORT: "Tel Aviv University faculty condemn deal with settlement medical school" (+972, Jan 21, 2021): click here!
      The deal will allow students from Ariel University to do clinical work in TAU's affiliated hospitals. "We're being forced to support the occupation."
    • Shira KADARI-OVADIA: "Despite More Arabs at Israeli Campuses, Cooperation With Jewish Students Remains Rare" (Haaretz, Nov 30, 2020): click here!
      First-of-its-kind study shows that fear and barriers prevent Jews and Arabs from cooperating in coursework and research, but there’s also a reason to hope.
    • Shira KADARI-OVADIA: "Israeli University to Give Credits to Students Who Work With Far-right Group" (Haaretz, Nov 11, 2020): click here!
      Im Tirtzu aims to strengthen and promote 'Zionist values in Israel,' and a significant part of its activity is battling lecturers with left-wing views.
    • Shira KADARI-OVADIA: "For Bedouin Israeli University Students, Remote Learning Is an Obstacle Course" (Haaretz, Oct 18, 2020): click here!
      Often with no internet access at home and weak cellphone connections in their unrecognized villages, they might start dropping out, educators fear.
    • "The State of Education in East Jerusalem: Discrimination against the Backdrop of COVID-19" (Report Ir Amim, Sept 2020, pdf, 29p.): click here!
      This report was compiled before Israel's second nationwide lockdown and at a time in which the school system in East Jerusalem's "red" neighborhoods had been shut down (based on the Israeli government's COVID-19 'traffic light' system as of September 13, 2020). According to the National Emergency Portal, "formal educational activities are not being carried out in these neighborhoods, with the exception of matriculation examinations, special education, at-risk youth programs and daycare centers."
    • Or KASHTI: "Israeli Universities to Be Rewarded for Achieving 50% Female Faculty" (Haaretz, Aug 28, 2020): click here!
      "Each year $2 million will be allotted to increase women’s current 32-percent presence at research positions – though not in programs for the ultra-Orthodox."
    • Shira KADARI-OVADIA & Or KASHTI: "Organization of Israeli Universities Chief Resigns in Protest Over 'Political Takeover' of Academia" (Haaretz, July 14, 2020): click here!
      "In recent weeks, under the scepter of the higher education commissar, Minister Zeev Elkin, we are witnessing attempts to paralyze the gatekeepers entrusted with the future of science in Israel," Prof. Ron Rubin writes.
    • Shira KADARI-OVADIA: "Israeli University Presidents Slam Minister's Proposed Committee Appointee as 'Political'" (Haaretz, June 30, 2020): click here!
      Minister of higher education says he won’t back down from appointing professor from West Bank university [Ariel] to top committee despite criticism.
    • Haaretz Editorial: "Israel's Higher Education Minister Is a Threat to Academia" (Haaretz, June 2, 2020): click here!
      A few weeks after he began serving as minister for higher education and water resources, Zeev Elkin marked his target: curbing the independence of Israeli academia.
    • Shira KADARI-OVADIA: "Israel No Longer Leads the World in Holocaust Research, National Academy of Sciences Says" (Haaretz, June 15, 2020): click here!
      Study cites decline in Israel's basic research on Holocaust, linked to general devaluation of humanities studies.
    • Akiva BIGMAN: "Many Arab Israeli students look elsewhere for higher education" (Israel Hayom, June 12, 2020): click here!
      The number of Arab students in Israeli academia has doubled over the past decade, but thousands of others choose to study abroad or in the Palestinian Authority. Former Education Ministry official: Instead of stepping up integration, we hand over education to the Palestinian elite.
    • Oren ZIV: "Palestinian students battle militarization of Hebrew University" (+972, May 27, 2020): click here!
      Palestinian students released a video on Nakba Day highlighting the growing militarization of their university campus, sparking right-wing calls for a criminal investigation.
    • Akiva BIGMAN (2018): "The Hebrew University's department of BDS" (Israel Hayom, Oct 21, 2018): click here!
    • Rossella TERCATIN: "Bar Ilan President: We feel the impact of BDS but are not afraid" (Jerusalem Post, June 6, 2020): click here!
      “Ensuring that our students know more about the Jewish nation is part of our DNA and it is not about the religious aspect, but about knowledge.”
    • Lior DATTEL: "Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya Announces Name Change to Reichman University" (Haaretz, June 2, 2020): click here!
      Council for Higher Education says it must approve any name change; IDC says as a research institution with authority to grant doctorates, it is also entitled to call itself a university.
    • Shira KADARI-OVADIA: "Jerusalem's Hebrew U to Reexamine Collaboration With Right-wing Group That Blacklists Academics"" (Haaretz, Feb 27, 2020): click here!
      Students will continue to receive credits for volunteering with Im Tirtzu, which has targeted left-wing groups and academics, at least through the end of the academic year.
    • Or KASHTI & Shira KADARI-OVADIA: "Tel Aviv U Rejects Request by Group That Blacklisted Academics to Give Credits for Volunteers" (Haaretz, Feb 20, 2020): click here!
      Tel Aviv University has rejected a request by the right-wing organization Im Tirtzu and will not grant students academic credit for volunteering with the organization, Haaretz has learned.
    • Academy for Equality: "An open letter to the administration of the Hebrew University and the academic community with regard to the University’s involvement in police harassment of the Issawiyah neighborhood" (Jan 19, 2020): click here!
    • Shira KADARI-OVADIA: "Jerusalem's Hebrew U to Give Students Credit for Volunteering With Right-wing Group That Blacklists Academics" (Haaretz, Jan 13, 2020): click here!
      Im-Tirzu targets left-leaning politicians, public figures and academics as subversives.
    • Or KASHTI: "Tel Aviv University Shutting Down Center for Peace Research" (Haaretz, Dec 27, 2019): click here!
      According to Prof. Emeritus Ilai Alon of the Philosophy Department, who studies conflicts in Islamic culture, “The subject of peace has been pushed aside in academia, just as in the general public. This isn’t a matter of direct political influence, but rather of the general atmosphere. No one is talking about peace.
    • Jaclynn ASHLEY: "Israel is turning Palestinian students into criminals" (+972, Oct 11, 2019): click here!
      According to data collected by Right to Education, a grassroots campaign aimed at defending education in Palestine, Israeli forces have detained at least 64 university students since the start of this year. A spokesperson at Addameer, a Palestinian prisoners’ rights organization, told +972 that Israel has been targeting an increasing number of Palestinian students since the start of 2019. There are currently 260 Palestinian high school and university students in Israeli prisons. Of the 18 Birzeit students who were arrested in August, Israel has released only three.
    • Amira HASS: “Israeli university heads say won’t intervene in discrimination against Palestinian schools" (Haaretz, Aug 28, 2019): click here!
      Committee says refusal to grant visas to guest lecturers is not in its purview. Hundreds of academics ask top officials to match guidelines at West Bank institutions to those at Israeli ones.
    • "Palestinian student activists among 23 seized by Israeli occupation forces" (Samidoun, Aug 27, 2019): click here!
      Israeli occupation forces seized at least 23 people from their homes on Monday morning, 26 August, including several Palestinian student leaders and activists at Bir Zeit University. They join approximately 60 fellow students at Bir Zeit and over 300 Palestinian students overall held in Israeli prisons. Student activists involved in the elected council or other organizations are particularly targeted for arrest, interrogation and imprisonment; nearly every year, the Bir Zeit student body president is seized by occupation forces and prevented from carrying out his or her term on campus.
    • "Following pressure, mental health academics may reverse decision to cancel conference in Israel" (MEMo, Aug 9, 2019): click here!
      A European association of mental health researchers may reverse a decision to cancel a planned conference in Israel, reported Haaretz, following an organised campaign by boycott opponents. Last month, the European Network for Mental Health Service Evaluation (ENMESH) announced that it would be cancelling the gathering, over fears that it would be targeted by the Palestinian-led Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign.
    • David PALUMBO-LIU: "Israel’s restrictions on international academics at Palestinian universities must be opposed" (Times Higher Education, July 27, 2019): click here!
      While the denial of visas to international scholars might seem a small inconvenience by comparison, put into the context of the overall weakened conditions of Palestinian schools and universities, as well as the totality of deprivation the Palestinians suffer under, it is a terrible thing indeed. The international community, especially the international academic community, needs to wake up.
    • Amira HASS: "Israel's Academy for Indifference" (Haaretz, July 15, 2019): click here!
      Why should Israeli professors and students care that their country is subverting the academic freedom of Palestinian universities and interfering with their hiring of foreign lecturers? This routine Israeli interference with the ordinary life of Palestinian universities doesn’t interest presidents, faculty deans or senior lecturers of Israeli universities, nor their student population. Their voices are not heard despite the fact that the meddling of the Interior Ministry and the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories in granting visas to academics and students headed for the Palestinian enclaves began long ago, and has only exacerbated over the last three years.
    • Amira HASS: "As Israel Tightens Entry Rules, Foreign Lecturers at Palestinian Universities Forced to Leave" (Haaretz, July 13, 2019): click here!
      Short-term tourist visas and refusals to extend them are routine obstacles, but the West Bank's Birzeit University is now fighting back... Israel's scholasticide policies are clearly driven by "the desire to weaken our institutions and destroy the Palestinian future. When they fight against the quality of the Palestinian academic institution, they’re weakening our future”.
    • BZU, Adalah & Al-Haq: "Israel forcing international lecturers out of West Bank Palestinian universities" (July 11, 2019): click here!
      Birzeit University, Adalah, Al-Haq are now fighting to end escalating discriminatory Israeli policy aimed at preventing international academics from staying in the West Bank and refusing to renew visas for those with teaching contracts. In a letter sent on 30 April 2019 to Israeli Interior Minister Aryeh Deri, Israeli Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit, Israeli Chief Military Advocate General Sharon Afek, and the Israeli military's Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) Kamil Abu Rokon, Birzeit University, Al-Haq, and Adalah demand that Israel: lift the restrictions preventing international academics employed by Birzeit University from staying and working in the West Bank; refrain from imposing arbitrary restrictions on the duration of stay or extension of stay for international academics; order the publication of a clear and lawful procedure for issuing entry visas and work permits for international academics in the West Bank, which will enable the university to manage and maintain its academic freedom. Adalah Deputy General Director Attorney Sawsan Zaher, who drafted the letter to Israeli authorities, said: "Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip – like all other peoples around the world – are entitled to exercise their right to academic freedom as part of their right to self-determination. The Israeli military occupation cannot prevent Palestinians from exercising this right". Indeed, according to the interpretation applied to Article 43 of the Hague Regulations of 1907, sovereignty of education does not change hands - it is inalienable - and must remain in the hands of the occupied Palestinian population.
    • Brendan O'MALLEY: "Israel 'blocks international academics' in West Bank, Gaza" (University World News, 11 July 2019): click here!
    • Maureen Clare MURPHY: "Israel isolates Palestinian universities" (The Electronic Intifada, 11 July 2019): click here!
      Israel is isolating Palestinian universities by forcing international scholars to leave their academic positions in the occupied West Bank. Two Palestinian human rights groups, as well as Birzeit University, are calling on Israel to lift restrictions preventing international academics from working in the West Bank and to publish “a clear and lawful procedure for issuing entry visas and work permits.” Israel’s policy of denying internationals entry to the West Bank, as well as refusing and failing to process visa extension applications in a timely manner, has affected dozens of scholars working at Palestinian universities.
    • Yumna PATEL: "Palestinian universities fight back against Israel forcing international academics out of the country" (Mondoweiss, 11 July 2019): click here!
      Birzeit, which has ranked within the top three percent of universities worldwide, is fighting back. The highly acclaimed university, hand in hand with legal rights groups Adalah and Al-Haq, is "demanding an immediate halt to this policy targeting Palestinian academic freedom and isolating Palestinian institutions of higher learning," the groups said in a press release on Thursday. "Blocking our right to engage international academics is part of an ongoing effort by the Israeli occupation to marginalize Palestinian institutions of higher education," Birzeit University President Abdullatif Abuhijleh said in a statement. "The latest escalation in visa restrictions is just one in a longstanding and systematic Israeli policy of undermining the independence and viability of Palestinian higher education institutions."
    • Stuart LITTLEWOOD: "EU blasted for ever closer cooperation with terror regime in Israel" (Redress Information & Analysis, June 13, 2019): click here!
      One hundred and fifteen European researchers and academics have delivered a stinging rebuke to Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the European Commission, and Carlos Moedas, European Commissioner for Science, Research and Innovation.
    • "Hebrew University professor calls Zionist student activists 'Nazi dogs'" (Israel Hayom, June 4, 2019): click here!
      Professor Amiram Goldblum reportedly threatened to photograph activists with right-wing Zionist group Im Tirtzu on campus, so “teachers know whom they shouldn't accept to advanced degrees.”
    • "Recordings show anti-Israel bias towards international students at the Hebrew University" (Jewish News Syndicate, May 20, 2019): click here!
      “You are a student whose presence in class is very disturbing to the whole group, and your remarks are very unpleasant. I am sorry I had to read your unpleasant and not intelligent papers,” wrote senior professor Daphna Golan, co-founder of the far-left NGO B’Tselem.
    • Judith E.TUCKER: "MESA: Israeli Arrests of Palestinian Students and Professors, Israeli Assaults on Palestinian Campuses" (Informed Comment, Jan 25, 2019): click here!
      Dear Prime Minister, Ministers, and Major, We write to you on behalf of the Committee on Academic Freedom of the Middle East Studies Association of North America (MESA) to urge a halt to the Israeli army and security forces conducting arbitrary arrests at and incursions into Palestinian universities, assaulting students, faculty, and staff, and obstructing the education of thousands of students. We also condemn in the strongest possible terms the Israeli Army’s harm to students at all levels of education through these arrests and incursions.
    • American University of Beirut (AUB): "Announcement" (Office of the President, Jan 24 2019, pdf): click here!
      Earlier in January, the university was informed by representatives of the US government that students from the West Bank and Gaza would no longer be eligible for comprehensive scholarships under its US - Middle East Partnership Initiative - Tomorrow’s Leaders (MEPI-TL) program and that their funding would cease effectively January 31, 2019. It was explained that suspension of assistance to all projects in the Palestinian Authority and to citizens of those areas was an unintended consequence of the Anti-Terrorism Clarification Act of 2018 (ATCA) passed by Congress on October 3 last year.
    • Sari BASHI: "Israel's truthiness on Palestinian academic freedom" (+972, Jan 13, 2019): click here!
      In denying that Israel limits academic freedom in Palestine, the Israeli embassy in Washington seems to forget about the Palestinian students and academics whose movement it restricts.
    • Or KASHTI: "Israel’s Council for Higher Education Now Allows Gender Segregation on Campuses" (Haaretz, Nov 23, 2018): click here!
      In a bid to integrate ultra-Orthodox men at colleges and universities, the council permits separation as long as it's ‘voluntary’.
    • Asaf RONEL: "Israel's State Prosecutor to Top Court: Don't Let Science Minister Deny Neuroscientist Post Over Protesting Occupation" (Haaretz, Nov 6, 2018): click here!
      Science minister blocked Prof. Yael Amitai’s appointment to a scientific commission because she signed a petition supporting students who refused to serve in the West Bank.
    • Haaretz Editorial: "Academic Loyalty Test" (Haaretz, Oct 25, 2018): click here!
      Education Minister Bennett has endangered Israel's academic world by deciding to put it to a test of loyalty as a condition for receiving funding.
    • Zvi BAR'EL: "‘University Cartel’? Oh Please" (Haaretz, Oct 18, 2018): click here!
      The education minister is well aware that he cannot claim credit for the democratization of higher education in Israel. It started long before him, with the establishment of public colleges throughout the country.
    • Or KASHTI: "Israel Left Hebrew University No Choice but to Oppose Lara Alqasem's Deportation in Court" (Haaretz, Oct 12, 2018): click here!
      The university's decision to join the appeal of the American student, whose entrance to Israel was denied over BDS, shows a unique expression of academic civics.
    • Daphna GOLAN: "Destroying Palestinian Universities" (Haaretz, July 26, 2018): click here!
      Foreign lecturers as well as Palestinian lecturers who studied or taught abroad are being expelled from West Bank academic institutes with a form of bureaucratic violence”.
    • "Birzeit University condemns breach of academic freedom after academics forced to leave Palestine" (BZU, July 12, 2018): click here!
      Since the beginning of the current academic year (2017-2018), scores of foreign passport holders, many of Palestinian origin but without residence documents, living and working in the occupied Palestinian territory have been denied entry in the country, or have had their visa renewal applications refused by the Israeli authorities. At Birzeit University alone, we have 15 foreign passport-holding faculty members whose requests for visa renewals have been refused or significantly delayed.
    • Or KASHTI: "Israeli Anthropological Association: We Won't Cooperate With Institutions in the West Bank" (Haaretz, June 26, 2018): click here!
      Members of the Israeli Anthropological Association passed a decision not to cooperate with institutes of higher education that are located beyond the Green Line.
    • Cynthia FRANKLIN: "A Firsthand Account of Israel's Siege on a Palestinian University" (truthout, 28 April, 2018): click here!
      ... I also witnessed the lesser-known ways the violence of occupation permeates all of Palestine, including Al-Quds. The Israeli Army regularly invades the Al-Quds campus I was visiting.
    • Haaretz Editorial: "Academia in the Government's Service Has No Place in a Democracy" (Haaretz, 27 March 2018): click here!
      Education Minister Bennett's effort to regiment Israel’s higher education system through disciplinary rules against voicing anti-government views is fundamentally unacceptable.
    • Yarden ZUR: "Israeli Universities Urged to Bar Professors From Calling to Boycott Israel" (Haaretz, 25 March 2018): click here!
      We will not be used as a 'political thought police for the government,' heads of universities say in unusually harsh response.
    • Michael BACHNER: "Universities urged to enforce code banning politics in lectures" (The Times of Israel, 25 March 2018): click here!
      Contentious rules, which go into effect in 2019 and were pushed by education minister, also include prohibition of calls for boycott of Israel.
    • Amiram GOLDBLUM: Silence as Israel Destroys Academia” (Haaretz, Jan 14, 2018): click here!
      A bill that would make Ariel University in the West Bank a de facto part of Israel is a guaranteed formula for a tsunami against science in the country.
    • Tali HERUTI SOFER: "Israel's Technion Beats MIT in Teaching Digital Skills to Graduates” (Haaretz, Nov 28, 2017): click here!
      The Haifa-based university's nearest rivals were University College London in second place and Korea's KAIST in third. The only American university in the top 10 was MIT, in sixth place.
    • Vardit GILOR: "Israeli Academia’s Real Problem” (Haaretz, Nov 21, 2017): click here!
      There’s no shortage of women with advanced degrees, but the number of Israeli Arab women with doctorates is far below their representation in the population, and that hurts the whole country.
    • "Statement by Legal Scholars and International Lawyers Against Holding ESIL Forum at the Hebrew University in East Jerusalem” Critica Legal Thinking, Nov 22, 2017): click here!
      As legal scholars and international lawyers committed to the rule of law and human rights, we are dismayed by the decision of the European Society of International Law (ESIL) to hold its 2018 annual research forum at the Mount Scopus Campus of the Hebrew University. We believe that holding the annual forum on international law in an occupied territory legitimates this occupation and all of the other human rights violations that are part of it.
    • Shlomi ELDAR: "Why Israeli Arabs prefer studying in the West Bank” (Al-Monitor, Nov 8, 2017): click here!
      For example, Technion, the Haifa technology institute, raised the bar of its entrance exams in Hebrew this year.This change mainly harms members of minority groups who want to study at Technion.
    • "PHROC condemns organising a scholarly forum at the Hebrew University in East Jerusalem by ESIL” (Palestinian Human Rights Organisations Council, Nov 6, 2017): click here!
    • "New academic year kicked off with contemporary academic programs and innovative co-curriculum initiatives” (Birzeit Univ., Sept 9, 2017): click here!
      On September 9, 2017, around 3500 new students began their journey at Birzeit University for the new academic year 2017-2018. The university welcomed a diverse group of new students, symbols of the growth of the institution, which has reached around 14,000 enrolled student.
    • Yarden ZUR: "Survey: Half of Arabs in Israeli Universities Suffer Racism” (Haaretz, July 5, 2017): click here!
      Some 40 percent of Arab students said they suffer racism from faculty, 60 percent said they had forged ties with Jewish students unconnected to their studies.
    • Uri MISGAV: "Leftists, Stop Teaching in Israel's West Bank University” (Haaretz, July 4, 2017): click here!
      Decent Israelis, seekers of peace, must engage in the smallest act of civil resistance and refuse to study or work in Ariel.
    • Judy MALZ: "U.S. Professors Who Fight Boycott of Israel Slam Plans to Gag Political Speech in Academia” (Haaretz, June 28, 2017): click here!
      The proposed ethics code for Israeli professors would radically circumscribe the authority of Israeli academic institutions to do their work, Alliance for Academic Freedom says.
    • Jonathan OFIR: "New Israeli ‘ethics code’ for academia seeks to combat BDS" (Mondoweiss, June 21, 2017): click here!
      Last December, Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett appointed Tel Aviv university philosophy professor Asa Kasher, to author an ‘ethical code’, to define rules in the area of “overlap between academic and political activity”.
    • Bernard AVISHAI: "The Creeping Fascism of Israel’s Right-wingers" (Haaretz, June 12, 2017): click here!
      It’s not by chance the latest government target is Israel’s universities: Academia offers a constant challenge to their dream of social discipline in the Jewish state.
    • Or KASHTI: "Israeli Education Minister's Ethics Code Would Bar Professors From Expressing Political Opinions" (Haaretz, June 10, 2017): click here!
      The code would forbid academic staff from calling for boycotts of Israel, and would prevent institutions from collaborating with political organizations.
    • Chaim LEVINSON, “Israeli Education Chief Orders 'Ethics Rules' for Professors Aimed at Curtailing 'Political Preaching” (Haaretz, June 8, 2017): click here!
      Bennett asks former IDF ethics chief to take on 'ongoing situation of overlap between academic and political activity.'
    • [TAU] "Lettre de l’AURDIP au directeur de Sciences Po Rennes" (AURDIP, 4 mai, 2017): click here!
      L’Association des Universitaires pour le Respect du Droit International en Palestine (AURDIP) a appris que l’Institut d’Études Politiques - Sciences Po Rennes avait conclu en 2017 un accord de coopération avec l’Université de Tel Aviv.
    • Steven SALAITA: "Speaking of Palestine and Academic Freedom" (Mondoweiss, April 24, 2017): click here!
      In the past few years, I’ve become something of a counselor. I have no formal credentials and a bad track record at the very thing I’m supposed to help others avoid. How can I be critical of Israel, friends and strangers ask, without losing my job or getting into trouble?
    • Tom SUAREZ: "Israel, naked under the microscope in Cork" (Mondoweiss, April 7, 2017): click here!
      “Phew! If you receive this…” it means the Conference is actually happening — so began the letter that welcomed us at the three-day International Law and the State of Israel: Legitimacy, Exceptionalism and Responsibility conference in Cork, Ireland, so tenuous and troubled was its genesis.
    • Chen MISGAV: "The Silence of Israeli Academics "(Haaretz, March 21, 2017): click here!
      This story is part of a bigger story that Israeli academics tell themselves as they nestle in their safe, protected ivory towers. From university presidents to fledgling researchers, they choose to believe they’re operating in a democratic, modern, Western system that respects academic freedom. Most of them prefer not to look at the state of their Palestinian colleagues who don’t enjoy the privileges that Israeli academics take for granted.
    • Shimrit LEE: "Top Israeli university marketing country's arms industry to the world" [TECHNION] (+972, March 9, 2017): click here!
      A new university course at Israel’s Technion Institute of Technology teaches students how to brand and market Israel’s defense industry to global audiences.
    • "Report: Crimes against Humanity: Israel kills 26 Palestinian students, arrests 198 in 2016" (MEMo, Feb 28, 2017): click here!
      Official Palestinian statistics indicated that Israeli occupation forces committed violations and attacks on 89,799 students and 5,528 teachers and employees during 2016.
    • "Undercover Israeli forces detain 2 students from Birzeit University" (Ma'an, Feb 2, 2017): click here!
      Israeli special forces disguised themselves as Palestinians and “kidnapped” two Palestinian students at the entrance of Birzeit University in the occupied West Bank district of Ramallah on Thursday afternoon, according to a statement released by the university.
    • Rogel ALPHER: "Why Does Israel's Technion Even Have a Rabbi?" (Haaretz, Dec 25, 2016): click here!
      What is a rabbi who bans Jewish students from entering a building with a Christmas tree doing in the prestigious technological institution? | Opinion.
    • "Israeli Occupation Continues to Violate Palestine's Education" (Birzeit Univ., Dec 14, 2016): click here!
      In continuation of its barbaric aggression on our people and national institutions, the Israeli occupation forces stormed Birzeit University’s campus in the early morning hours of Wednesday 14 December 2016. These blatant attacks and subsequent measures of harassment constitute outrageous interferences to our right to education.
    • "Israeli forces raid al-Quds University, damage contents of book fair for the needy" (Ma'an, Nov 19, 2016): click here!
      Israeli forces stormed the campus of al-Quds University in the Jerusalem district village of Abu Dis on Saturday morning, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Education.The ministry said in a statement on Saturday that “large numbers of heavily armed” Israeli troops stormed the university campus at dawn and damaged the "contents of a book fair," which students had been organizing to help their fellow students in need.
    • Sam BAHOUR: "Palestinian Universities on the Frontline" (ePalestine, Oct 7, 2016): click here!
      Palestinian universities are fighting an uphill battle on two fronts, one being the Israeli military occupation, and more recently, the other being the Palestinian government.
    • Stanley L. COHEN: "Israel and Academic Freedom: a Closed Book" (CounterPunch, Sept 30, 2016): click here!
      You have a 17-year-old daughter… let’s call her Rachel, or perhaps Nadia… raised in a home where dialogue, debate and disagreement have been served as so much a mainstay of the family dinner every night for years.
    • Entsar ABU JAHAL: "Al-Aqsa University students pay the price of Gaza-Ramallah bickering" (Al Monitor, Aug 14, 2016): click here!
      On Aug. 9, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Ramallah announced its official withdrawal of accreditation from Al-Aqsa University in the Gaza Strip. The ministry issued a statement the following day appointing the current chairman of the board of trustees as chairman of the university.
    • "An Israeli University Teaches a Lesson in Spinelessness" (Haaretz Editorial, June 28, 2016): click here!
      By retracting a prize to Breaking the Silence in the name of 'the consensus', Ben-Gurion University has made a dangerous capitulation to the forces that seek to suppress civil society.
    • Or KASHTI: "Backtracking on Past Decision, Israel Refuses to Recognize Palestinian University's Degrees" (Haaretz, June 22, 2016): click here!
      Some 30 nursing graduates of Al-Quds University in East Jerusalem have filed a complaint with Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit over the Education Ministry’s refusal to recognize their degrees for salary and pay-grade purposes.
    • "UK academic union of over 100,000 members urges freedom for Imad Barghouthi, defense of Palestinians under attack" (Samidoun, June 5, 2016): click here!
      The UK’s University and College Union (UCU), representing over 100,000 members as the largest trade union and professional association for academics, lecturers, trainers, researchers and academic-related staff working in further and higher education throughout the UK, affirmed its support for the rights of Palestinian academics under attack in an emergency motion passed at its Congress on 1-3 June.
    • Martin ENSERINK: "Peace of Mind" (Science, June 3, 2016): click here!
      A young Palestinian neuroscientist [Mohammad Herezallah] hopes to create a research oasis in the West Bank that transcends politics.
    • Jack KHOURY: "Israeli Army Charges Palestinian Astrophysicist With Incitement to Violence and Terrorism " (Haaretz, May 30, 2016): click here!
      Army prosecutors produce charges against Prof. Imad Barghouthi three days after judge rules he poses no immediate danger and orders his release from administrative detention.
    • Charlotte SILVER: "Under scrutiny from world scientists, Israel will free astrophysicist" (The Internet Intifada, May 27, 2016): click here!
      In a rare move, an Israeli military court granted jailed Palestinian astrophysicist Imad Barghouthi’s demand to be released from administrative detention. This week, an Israeli court also ordered the release of long-term hunger striker Sami Janazreh.
    • Herman DE LEY: "Het Technion: Universiteit en Bezetting. Kritisch commentaar bij UGent partnerships met Israël" (6 juni 2016, 41 blz.): klik hier!
    • Steven DAVIDSON: "‘This is not an environment to learn’: Palestinian college struggles to exist next to IDF training ground" (Mondoweiss, May 20, 2016): click here!
      A Palestinian agricultural and technical college, Khadoori’s location right on the pre-1967 border with Israel in the city of Tulkarem is what makes it so special. Authorities built the separation wall across Khadoori’s campus, taking 200 dunums of land in the process. Authorities transferred a chemical factory to property next to the campus in order to circumvent Israeli environmental laws. This factory, located next to the university’s agricultural area, has polluted the environment and poisoned the grounds of this institution specializing in agriculture...
    • "LAW-TRAIN: Justice Closer to Israeli crimes?" (factsheet,, 4p.): click here!
      On May 1, 2015 implementation of the European project LAW TRAIN began. The project aims at developing technology that will unify methodology for police questioning. It is coordinated from Israel and includes the participation of the Ministry of Israeli Public Safety - the organ that is, among others, responsible for the Israeli police and prison system, both of which have long been denounced by human rights organizations and the UN for using during interrogations various forms of racism, torture, ill-treatment and other forms of human rights violations.
    • Charlotte KATES: "Love of country fills his soul’: Daughter of imprisoned Palestinian astrophysicist speaks out on her father’s case" (Mondoweiss, May 10, 2016): click here!
      Barghouthi, from the village of Beit Rima, marked his 54th birthday in Israeli prison after being arrested on 24 April by Israeli soldiers at a military checkpoint by Nabi Saleh. Not only has he been taken away from his research and his students at Al-Quds University, he has also been taken away from his family.
    • Rori DONAGHY & Lubna MASARWA: "Palestinian student leaders facing jail for opposing occupation" (Middle East Eye, May 9, 2016): click here!
      Students at Palestine’s leading university will choose their new president on 16 May, after recent elections in which a Hamas-linked bloc won a majority of seats, but a prominent student activist says their new leader will almost certainly be imprisoned by Israeli authorities.
    • Ramona WADI: "Horizon2020 endorses Israeli colonial violence and EU complicity" (MEMo, May 6, 2016): click here!
      For all its glorification of human rights and dignity, the European Union has not bothered to even conceal its involvement in funding Israeli research for atrocities under the Horizon2020 framework. The trend is to persist in the manipulation of legal loopholes which provide the continuation of funding state-sanctioned terror disguised under the now widely-acceptable and deceitful euphemism of security concerns.
    • Ofer NEIMAN: "Israeli academic elite’s complicity in oppression" (AURDIP, 5 mai 2016): click here!
      Israel’s academic elite is mobilised on behalf of the national project, and is well compensated by the regime. When its members shout things such as “fascism”, it’s appropriate that this criticism be directed at itself as well.
    • "Dual use and misuse of research results in the case of EU funding to Israeli military and security companies" (European Coordination of Committees and Associations for Palestine, May 4, 2016): click here!
    • "Letter to the European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation concerning the renewed detention of the astro-physicist Imad Barghouthi" (AURDIP, 4 mai, 2016): click here!
    • "Prominent Palestinian astrophysicist Imad Barghouthi detained by Israeli occupation forces" (Samidoun, April 26, 2016): click here!Palestinian astrophysicist Imad Barghouthi was arrested again by Israeli occupation forces at Nabi Saleh checkpoint northwest of Ramallah on 24 April. Barghouthi, 53, is a professor of theoretical space-plasma physics at Al-Quds University. A former employee at NASA in the United States, his scientific work is well-regarded internationally.
    • Yarden SKOP: "Leading Israeli Sociologist Calls for Boycott of West Bank University" (Haaretz, April 14, 2016): click here!
      Prof. Uri Ram, who heads the Israeli Sociological Society, urged colleagues to boycott academic institute in settlement of Ariel.
    • "Israeli forces raid, destroy property at al-Quds University" (Ma'an, April 5, 2016): click here!
      Israeli troops raided the university campus at 3 a.m. and left at 5 a.m. For two hours, the soldiers locked campus security guards in one room after breaking their walkie-talkies. The soldiers then ransacked a building hosting the Dean of Students and destroyed property, including printers.
    • "Student leader Abdullah Ramadan seized by undercover occupation forces in Dheisheh refugee camp" (Samidoun, April 5, 2016): click here!
      “Student leader Abdullah Nayef Ramadan, the Secretary of the Progressive Student Labor Front at Al-Quds University in Beit Jala, was arrested mid-morning on Tuesday, 5 April in Dheisheh refugee camp in Bethlehem, occupied Palestine.
    • "Israeli forces raid, confiscate items from Jenin-area university" (Ma'an, March 22, 2016): click here!
      Israeli forces overnight Monday raided the campus of the Arab American University in the occupied West Bank city of Jenin and confiscated items -- including computers and flags -- from student union offices.
    • Ahmad MELHEM: "Why is Israel raiding Palestinian universities?" (Al-Monitor, Feb 19, 2016): click here!
      “The Israeli army is attacking universities within the scope of an Israeli systematic scheme designed to eradicate the Palestinian identity and tame the Palestinian young generation's libertarianism by disrupting the educational process," Palestinian Minister of Education and Higher Education Sabri Saidam told Al-Monitor.
    • David LLOYD: "Walter Benjamin in Palestine". Philantropic foundations donating to Israel Studies often have clear links to Israel advocacy (Savage Minds, Jan 10, 2016): click here!
      "Walter Benjamin never did go to Palestine. Despite frequent invitations from his friend Gershom Scholem, who emigrated there in 1925, and despite the rapidly deteriorating situation for European Jews in the 1930s, he never abandoned whatever ambivalence prevented him from making a decision he often contemplated.
    • Hilary AKED: "Israel Studies 101: Undermining Palestine in Western Academia". Philantropic foundations donating to Israel Studies often have clear links to Israel advocacy (The New Arab, Jan 7, 2016): click here!
      "If, for Palestinians, "existence is resistance", the epistemic violence inherent in the framing of Israel studies can be seen as an attempt to erase Palestinian culture and deny Palestinian political claims".
    • "Hebrew University to host conference on ‘widening’ BDS campaign". (Middle East Monitor, Dec 23, 2015): click here!
      According to the conference’s Facebook event, the aim of the gathering is to examine questions such as how to prevent the “widening” boycott, how the impact of BDS is felt – including specifically in academia – and how the boycott is justified by its supporters.
    • "Israeli forces raid, confiscate items from Jenin-area university" (Ma'an, Dec 20, 2015)): click here!
      "At least 9 Palestinian students were shot and injured on Sunday when clashes broke out with Israeli forces outside a university in the occupied West Bank city of Tulkarem. Clashes erupted after a group of Israeli soldiers deployed at an Israeli military base illegally set up on the campus of Palestine Technical University- Kadoorie, locals told Ma’an.
    • "Israeli participants in Horizon 2020" (ECCP, Nov 25, 2015)): click here!
      "Horizon 2020 is a new EU research and innovation program with around €80 billion available over the period from 2014 to 2020. At the moment 70 Israeli companies participate in 212 projects under the Horizon2020.
    • "EU funding to Israeli military companies and institutions through Horizon2020" (European Coordination of Committees and Associations for Palestine, October 13, 2015): click here!
      "...Technion - Israel Institute of Technology - is coming under increasing scrutiny from academics concerned with its involvement in and collaboration with the Israeli military and Israeli arms companies. The institute conducts a wide variety of research into technology and weapons used to oppress and attack Palestinians. For example, Technion researchers have developed special unmanned vehicles that aid the Israeli army in carrying out demolitions of Palestinian houses. By knowingly developing technology used in house demolitions, Technion is actively and directly complicit in the violations of international law. The institute also provides special tailored courses and programs for military officials and Israeli arms company executives Technion has a history of deep collaboration with Elbit Systems, including receiving research grants and opening a joint research centre. Through Horizon 2020, Technion is participating in over 30 projects and receives over €17 million of EU taxpayers money...".
    • Radhika Balakrishnan, Karma R. Chávez, Ira Dworkin, Erica Caple James, J. Kēhaulani Kauanui, Doug Kiel, Barbara Lewis and Soraya Mekerta: "Obama must end support for Israeli apartheid against Palestinian scholars" (The Electronic Intifada, Sept 3, 2015): click here!
      "We are a group of US-based academics, representing diverse ethnic, racial and cultural backgrounds, as well as a range of national origins, who recently visited Palestine. We were able to gain firsthand exposure to what Obama described in [an] interview as Israel’s “Jewish democracy” and to what kinds of infrastructure our tax dollars help to support — walls, checkpoints and modern weaponry".
    • Rapport: "Les universités palestiniennes sous l’occupation", 1er juillet 2015 |AURDIP. Ce rapport a été préparé par une délégation de 8 universitaires de 5 pays européens représentant la Plateforme européenne pour le boycott académique et culturel d’Israël (EPACBI): click here!
    • HEBREW University (2013-Aug 2015):
      *** "Has Israeli college in East Jerusalem deceived its EU donors? " (David Cronin, The Electronic Intifada, 25 August 2015).
      *** "Israeli college in East Jerusalem bags $15 million of EU funds" (David Cronin, The Electronic Intifada, 22 July 2015).
      *** The Hebrew University in Jerusalem has been complicit in the Gaza massacre: "Israeli universities lend support to Gaza massacre"(The Electronic Intifada, 25 July 2014).
      *** The university has also set police on students protesting against military service: The Electronic Intifada (9 May 2014).
      *** In addition, the university’s facilities have been illegally built on occupied territory in occupied East Jerusalem: see "Hundreds of academics call for boycott of Hebrew University conference in 2014" (The Electronic Intifada, 26 September 2013). The latter link serves as proof that conscientious people all over the world are keeping note of the university’s violations of human rights and refusing to take part in its activities.
    • TECHNION University:
    • Ahmed ABBES & Ivar EKELAND: "Technion, incubator of the student-soldier elite" (AURDIP, 6 octobre, 2015): click here!
      "...participation in the war of occupation by Israeli universities — the Technion in particular — has the effect of blurring the distinction between civil and armed society, and of destroying the possibility of a negotiated peace in the Middle East. The triumph of the concept of the student soldier only exacerbates the double split in Israeli society — the internal split between Jews and non-Jews, and the external split between Israel and its geopolitical surroundings, including, of course, occupied Palestine...".
    • Ivar EKELAND: "Nouvel accord X-Technion : l’École polytechnique continue à mépriser le droit international, l’éthique et la déontologie universitaires" (AURDIP, 21 septembre, 2015): click here!
      "un nouvel accord de coopération a été signé entre le Technion et l’École polytechnique, représentée par son président, Jacques Biot. Le Technion a été (et est toujours) à la pointe de l’innovation et de l’expérimentation en matière de technologie militaire. C’est au Technion par exemple, qu’ont été conçus et développés les drones militaires, assurant ainsi à Israël, aux côtés des USA, une maîtrise indiscutée dans le domaine. Ce succès n’est pas dû uniquement aux qualités des ingénieurs du Technion, ni au soutien du gouvernement aux programmes militaires, mais aussi au fait que le Technion bénéfice d’un avantage considérable par rapport à ses concurrents étrangers : toutes ses armes ont été testées en situation réelle."
    • David CRONIN: "Top Israeli recipient of EU grants is based in occupied East Jerusalem" (The Electronic Intifada, 14 April, 2015): click here!
      A college in occupied East Jerusalem is the top Israeli recipient of European Union science grants. Hebrew University of Jerusalem took part in 237 projects under an EU multi-annual scientific research program, which ran from 2007 to 2013. According to an internal EU document that I have seen, the university was the leading Israeli participant in the program.
    • "Technion opens new 'defense exports' course" (Alternative Information Center, March 22, 2015): click here!
      The Technion is launching a new training programme for professionals to enter Israel's growing “defense exports” industry. “People aren't aware of just how much money can be made in this field”, states a programme lecturer. “Israeli high tech and Israeli security have good reputations – the combination is a winner”.
    • Basic information:
      *** Uri Yacobi KELLER: "Academic Boycott of Israel and the Complicity of Israeli Academic Institutions in Occupation of Palestinian Territories" (in: The Economy of the Occupation, A Socioeconomic Bulletin, No 23, October 2009, The Alternative Information Center), pdf, 64pp.: click here!
      *** "Le dossier du boycott universitaire contre Israël", pdf, 16pp., 2007: click here!
      *** "Structures of Oppression: Why McGill and Concordia Universities must sever their links with the Technion University, pdf, 12pp.: click here!
    • TEL AVIV University:
      *** "Tel Aviv University - A Leading Israeli Military Research Centre", SOAS Palestine Society, briefing paper, February 2009, pdf, 10p.: click here!
    • Extra information:
      *** "Putting the spotlight on London University’s links to Israel’s war machine" (The Electronic Intifada, 21 June 2015): click here!
      *** "Why a boycott of Israeli academics is fully justified. The majority of Israeli academics do little to support the rights of Palestinians, and their institutions are complicit in the occupation" (Ben White, The Guardian, 12 Sept 2012): click here!
      *** New Yorkers Against the Cornell-Technion Partnershipt: Further Reading & Resources: here!
      *** "Montreal activists launch campus boycott campaign": click here!
      *** FAQ: Why Boycott Divestment Sanctions (published by the College and University Workers United): click here!
    • Yossi GURVITZ: "Israeli universities becoming Hasbara mills" click here!  (+972, 21 June 2015).
      "Two Israeli universities, Haifa University and Tel Aviv University, now offer programs in Hasbara. The Haifa course is meant for Israeli students, the Tel Aviv one for foreign students... The two universities, starved after years of neo-liberalism, have quietly acquiesced to becoming propaganda arms of the government. In this, they have betrayed their mission. A university is not supposed to sing the praises of its own society; it is supposed to study it and criticize it".
    • "Arab League warns for collapse of education in Palestine due to Israeli occupation" (Palestine News Network, May 25, 2015): click here!
      ... In his speech Sunday during the the opening session of the 72nd course for the council of the educational affairs, Assistant Secretary General of Palestine Affairs in the Arab League, Mohammad Sbeih confirmed the necessity of Arab support to the educational process for Palestinian students, and the strong steadfast against the Israeli occupation attempts to strip them from education, which can produce a generation that is able to challenge the occupation and establish a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.
      Sbeih also warned that Israel was continually targeting the educational procedure in Jerusalem through imposing the Israeli curriculum on East Jerusalem educational institutes, to completely demolish the Arab identity and Judaize Jerusalem.
      Occupation is also preventing the establishment of any new schools in East Jerusalem or renovating the old ones, which lead to lack of about 1000 classrooms, in addition to using ineligible rooms for classes, such as narrow corridors, caravans and Zinc rooms crowded and narrow. The expensiveness of private schools also lead to the increase of students dropping out at an early age.
      "Israel, the occupying Power, on May 15 celebrated its sixty-seventh anniversary of occupying Palestinian land, and destroying all sides of Palestinian daily life including economic, social, health, cultural, and mostly educational, since the occupation is aware of its importance in nation-structure and its effect on the strength of a nation," Sbeih said.
      He continued, "Israel is using every possible way to restrict the movement of Palestinian students in the West Bank and Jerusalem, and fight against having an academically educated Palestinian youth by preventing them from heading to universities."
      Sbeih assured that Israeli forces in their consecutive attacks on Gaza always targeted educational institutes and hindered the reconstruction process. They also blocked the school textbooks from being entered to the Strip and prevented Gazans from reaching West Bank universities, scattering the Palestinian curriculum.
    • Urgent Current Appeal (19 April 2015): "Call to action: Exclude Hebrew University from all EU grants, prizes and financial instruments": (Justice for Palestine Matters): click here!
      Violations: The Hebrew University has strong links to the Israeli armament industry and the military and is a contributor to Israel’s war crimes.
      Please urge Carlos Moedas, EU Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation to respect the EU guidelines and rescind present grants and exclude the Hebrew University from all future grants, prizes and financial instruments.
      Send letter of protest to H.E. CARLOS MOEDAS, EU Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, H.E. Federica MOGHERINI, EU High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy; H.E DONALD TUSK, President of the European Council, H.E RIYAD H.MANSOUR, Ambassador, Permanent Observer Mission of Palestine to the United Nations. Can be done on the webpage itself.
    • David CRONIN: "Revealed: EU science chief promised to be “flexible” towards Israel’s war crimes" (The Internet Intifada, 15 Oct 2014): click here!
      Israel’s war crimes sometimes have to be overlooked, according to a senior European Union representative. During 2013, Israel reacted angrily when Brussels officials issued a policy paper stating that the EU would not award funding to firms and institutions based in Jewish-only settlements in the occupied West Bank.
    • European Report: "Israel Targets the Palestinian Academicians" (Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor, 13 Feb 2012): click here!.
      The Euro-Med Human Rights expressed its deep concern for the constant targeting of the Palestinian academicians and scholars and putting them in detention by the Israeli Authorities. The Euro-Med observer reported a number of arrests among the Palestinian academicians, lecturers, and scholars at Palestinian universities by the Israeli authorities. These arrests were done on a regular basis and without declaring any reasonable charges against the academicians, who are now in “Administrative Detention”, according to an order signed by the Israeli Territorial Military Governor.
    • Gideon LEVY: "The Shin Bet's Academic Freedom" (Haaretz, 8 Sept 2008): click here!
      A civil society striving for economic and intellectual growth must be weaned from its worship of those in uniform, whose role in benefiting or damaging the state remains controversial.
    • "Confrontation as Hebrew University Arab Students Mark 'Nakba'" (Arutz Sheva, 15 May 2007): click here!
      Arab and Jewish students at Hebrew University squared off against each other when a group of Arab students protested against Israel's creation.


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