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BA4P: Jerusalem
  • AL-HAQ Report: « Finding David: Unlawful Settlement Tourism in Jerusalem’s so-called ‘City of David' » (November 16, 2022, 146p., ISBN 978-9950-327-91-7): click here!Authors: Marguerite Remy, Dr Susan Power. Summary: click here!
    YouTube: « Finding David: Bogus Archaeology and the Fake City of David »: click here!
    In the context of Israel’s colonial-settler and apartheid regime, this report seeks to highlight how the illegal ‘City of David’ archaeological and tourist settlement in the Palestinian neighbourhood of Silwan, in Jerusalem, is a tool used by Israel to further entrench control over Palestine’s capital city of Jerusalem and strengthen the coercive environment imposed over Palestinians. The report builds on previous extensive Al-Haq reports, including ‘Annexing a City, Israel’s Illegal Measures to Annex Jerusalem Since 1948’, ‘Occupying Jerusalem’s Old City, Israeli Policies of Isolation, Intimidation and Transformation’, and ‘House Demolitions and Forced Evictions in Silwan – Israel’s Transfer of Palestinians from Jerusalem’.
    Ir Amim (“City of Nations” or “City of Peoples”) focuses on Jerusalem within the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The mission of Ir Amim is to render Jerusalem a more equitable and sustainable city for the Israelis and Palestinians who share it and to help secure a negotiated resolution on the city through sustained monitoring, reporting, public and legal advocacy, public education and outreach to re-orient the public discourse on Jerusalem.
  • B'TSELEM: "East Jerusalem", click here!
    Israel unlawfully annexed East Jerusalem to its territory. Since then, and despite its incursion upon their home, it has treated the Palestinian residents of the city as unwanted immigrants and worked systematically to drive them out of the area.
  • B'TSELEM: "This is Jerusalem: Violence and Dispossession in al-‘Esawiyah" (B'Tselem, May 2020, full report, pdf, 28p.) click here!
    The report describes life in the Palestinian neighborhood of al-‘Esawiyah 53 years after East Jerusalem was annexed to Israel. Over the past year, al-‘Esawiyah has become a flashpoint due to a police operation designed primarily to harass residents. In the report, B'Tselem analyzes Israel’s policy of dispossession, deliberate neglect, lack of planning and police violence in the neighborhood, which is an extreme example of its actions throughout East Jerusalem.
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  • Shalom JERUSHALMI, « Jerusalem pushing plans for new Jewish enclaves inside Palestinian neighborhoods » (TOI, March 28), 2023): click here!
    Some 2,000 housing units in Abu Dis, Umm Tuba and Ras-al-Amoud, as well as a proposal for a new neighborhood, are being advanced by the city together with right-wing groups.
  • Haaretz: « U.K., France and Dozen Other EU Members Call on Israel to Halt East Jerusalem Dispossession » (Haaretz, March 14), 2023): click here!
    The evictions, which have put hundreds of Palestinians at risk of dispossession, could come right ahead of Ramadan, the diplomats warned.
  • Sahera DIRBAS: "Jerusalem’s first female pastor on equality, Israeli occupation, and her new role" (Middle East Eye, Feb 24, 2023): click here!
    The 26-year-old speaks to us about her duties, discrimination and the challenges posed by the Israeli occupation.
  • Judith SIDULOVSKY: "The new national park threatening Jerusalem’s Christian community" (+972, Feb 23, 2023): click here!
    Concerns are building that Israel's new government will revive controversial plans to take over Palestinian- and church-owned land on the Mount of Olives.
  • Fayha SHALASH: "Hidden Motives: How Israel Causes Palestinian Houses in Jerusalem to Collapse" (The Palestine Chronicle, Feb 20, 2023): click here!
    Kayed Alrajabi didn’t expect that winter would bring destruction to his small home in Jerusalem. Heavy rains led to the collapse of a part of the house’s roof and the injury of one of his children. In his house, in the Batn Alhawa neighborhood, Alrajabi, a few days ago, was surprised by the collapse of a part of the roof during heavy rains, which caused his child to injure his leg. Eight people live in the house, including his elderly mother.
  • Mariam BARGHOUTI & Yumna PATEL: "Ben Gvir’s war on Jerusalem has begun" (Mondoweiss, Feb 18, 2023): click here!
    Events in Jerusalem over the past few days show that Ben Gvir’s declared war on East Jerusalem has already begun, as Israeli authorities crack down on Palestinians across the city.
  • "Multiple Palestinian Families Face Impending Evictions in March ahead of Ramadan" ir amim, Feb 15, 2023): click here!
    Dozens of Palestinians protested far-right MK Itamar Ben-Gvir’s order to demolish homes in the neighborhood under the claim that they were built illegally as part of his policy of collective punishment.
  • Jack KHOURY: "30 Injured in Clashes as Israeli Forces Demolish Homes in East Jerusalem, Palestinians Say" (Haaretz, Feb 13, 2023): click here!
    Dozens of Palestinians protested far-right MK Itamar Ben-Gvir’s order to demolish homes in the neighborhood under the claim that they were built illegally as part of his policy of collective punishment.
  • Adnan ABU AMER: "The Jerusalem operation brings the conflict with the Occupation back to square one " ( Middle East Monitor, Feb 2, 2023): click here!
    The operation that took place in Beit Hanina in Occupied Jerusalem continues to stir fear among Occupation soldiers, who worry that similar operations could be carried out by Palestinian youth. The Occupation claims it has already thwarted 29 possible attacks and there are more threats of individual armed attacks. Meanwhile, security officials warn that we may be facing the beginning of a third Palestinian Intifada.
  • "Palestinian Landowners File Objection Against US Plan for Jerusalem Embassy on their Stolen Property" (Adalah, January 30, 2023): click here!
    The submission to the Israeli planning authorities, the US Ambassador to Israel and Secretary of State, by Adalah coincides with the visit of US Secretary of State Blinken to Israel and the PA. Blinken has not responded to demands made by heirs to the land, some of which are US citizens, to cancel the plan.
  • "Secretary-General, Condemning Terror Attack at Jerusalem Synagogue, Increasing Violence in Israel, Stresses. ‘This Is the Moment to Exercise Utmost Restraint’" ( UN Press Release, SG/SM/21761, January 27, 2023): click here!
    The Secretary-General strongly condemns today’s terrorist attack by a Palestinian perpetrator outside a synagogue in Jerusalem, which claimed the lives of at least seven Israelis and injured several others. The Secretary-General extends his heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims and wishes a prompt recovery to those injured...
  • Judith SUDILOVSKY: "The new national park threatening Jerusalem’s Christian community" (+972, January 23, 2023): click here!
    Concerns are building that Israel's new government will revive controversial plans to take over Palestinian- and church-owned land on the Mount of Olives.
  • "Update: An Important Breaking Development in Silwan" (Terrestrial Jerusalem, Dec 27, 2022): click here!
    On December 27, 2022, the Elad settlers of Silwan accompanied by a heavily armed detail of Israeli police, took over a large plot of land immediately adjacent to the Pool of Siloam in Silwan (from which the name Silwan derives). The settler takeover is not exclusively a settler initiative. In a press release touting the commencement of excavations on the site, this is being presented as a joint venture between the Elad settlers, the Israel National Parks Authority (INPA), and the Antiquities Authority (IAA). For all those needing proof, this is further evidence that in Silwan, the settlers and the Government of Israel are one of the same. + The land in question has been owned by the Greek Orthodox Church and leased to a Palestinian family since the 1930s. A family member was arrested last night (26 December) in a pre-emptive arrest, and three more were detained this morning.
  • "Israel Quickly Advancing Plans to Build Har Gilo West Settlement to Encircle Al-Walaja" (FMEP's Settlement & Annexation Report: Sept 16, 2022): click here!
    Israel is rapidly accelerating the planning of the Har Gilo West settlement, located on geopolitically very sensitive – land on Jerusalem’s southern border. First, on September 11, the Israeli High Planning Council approved a plan to widen a road leading to the Har Gilo settlement, a road that is integral to the planning of the new Har Gilo West settlement.
  • Awdah AtHALEEN: "An hour and 22 years away: Visiting Jerusalem from the West Bank’" ( +972, Aug 15, 2022): click here!
    Israel's permit regime can make it near-impossible for Palestinians in the West Bank to enter Jerusalem. But after waiting my entire life, I finally made it.
  • "Report of the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and Israel" (UNGA, May 9, 2022, pdf, 18p.), click here!
    Human Rights Council. Fiftieth session, 13 June–8 July 2022, Agenda item 2. Annual report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and reports of the Office of the High Commissioner and the Secretary-General. In this report, submitted pursuant to Human Rights Council resolution S-30/1, the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and Israel describes the activities that it has carried out to date and how it plans to implement its mandate, given its ongoing nature.
  • Yara SA'DI-IBRAHEEM: "Settler-colonial dispossession in West Jerusalem: between the personal and the collective" (Settler Colonial Studies, publ. online, Feb 21, 2022, pdf, 24p.): click here!
    Abstract. This article analyzes a spontaneous encounter between a Palestinian refugee—stepping over the threshold of her childhood home for the first time in seventy years, following its expropriation—and the current Israeli Jewish owner. This unusual encounter led us to propose a new understanding of dispossession based on both its personal (symbolic–emotional) and collective (economic–political) meanings. The former dimension is expressed in the Palestinians’ acts of remembering and visiting their pre-1948 homes, not only as a reflection of the past and a nostalgic impulse, but also as a way of shaping, intervening in, and influencing the present. The latter, collective meaning, explores the multiplicity of dispossession processes in a settler-colonial society in which the capitalist mode of production already existed before the settlers arrived.
  • Anseel JUNDI: « Jerusalem Palestinians fight to preserve cemetery slated for demolition » (Middle East Eye, October 29, 2021): click here!
    Footage of Ola Nababta shielding her son's grave from Israeli plans to build a biblical theme park has sparked outrage. ─ Just like the Palestinians living in occupied East Jerusalem, the dead in al-Yusufiya cemetery are not left in peace in their graves. Israeli authorities have been desecrating Muslim cemeteries for decades, including through exhumations, excavation works that have uncovered bones, and construction projects where graves once stood.
  • Judith OPPENHEIMER: « Why we went to the UN Security Council about East Jerusalem » (The Times of Israel, August 5, 2021): click here!
    "Last week, as the executive director of Ir Amim - City of Nations, I spoke before the United Nations Security Council at a session discussing the Middle East. Having accepted an invitation from the French presidency on behalf of the Security Council, I presented the dire and unprecedented situation in East Jerusalem whereby four Palestinian communities, numbering approximately 3,000 individuals, are simultaneously under imminent threat of mass displacement. Of these four communities - Sheikh Jarrah, Batan al-Hawa, Al Bustan, and Al Walajeh - the first two face eviction at the hands of settler groups operating with the full complicity and backing of the State, while mass home demolitions loom over the latter two as the direct result of government policy."
  • Mohammed EL-KURD: « Here in Jerusalem, we Palestinians are still fighting for our homes » (The Guardian, July 28, 2021): click here!
    A few months ago, the world's attention was on Sheikh Jarrah, my neighbourhood in occupied Jerusalem. For decades, Israeli settlers, backed by their state, have been trying to displace us from our homes and colonise our neighbourhood. The UN called these forcible expulsions a war crime. I call this theft - because it is. In May, our efforts to resist this takeover received a surge of solidarity from Palestinians across Jerusalem and further afield, in what became known as the 'Unity Uprising'.
  • Seraj ASSI: « How Israel invented its exclusive claim over Jerusalem » (Haaretz, May 10, 2021): click here!
    The Zionist movement, until relatively recently, never regarded Jerusalem as the Jewish people's 'eternal, unified' capital. Now, Israel's nationalists are willing to set the Middle East ablaze for the sake of Greater Jerusalem.
  • Nir HASSON: "340 Arrests and Only Five Indictments: Summer-long Police Sweep Strikes Fear in Isawiyah" (Haaretz, Aug 28, 2019): click here!
    Most of those arrested in East Jerusalem neighborhood were released shortly after, and police declines to provide data challenging figures.


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