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  • Robert PHILPOT, « UK’s Sunak arrives to show support, but at home anti-Israel sentiment is rampant » (Times of Israel, Oct 19, 2023): click here!
    While polls suggest many Brits quietly side with the Jewish state, public support is muted amid a surge in antisemitic incidents and rowdy pro-Palestinian demonstrations.
  • Peter KURAS, « The Strange Logic of Germany’s Antisemitism Bureaucrats. Report » (Jewish Currents, July 18, 2023): click here!
    An army of antisemitism commissioners was supposed to help Germany atone for its past. Critics say it is evidence of a memory effort gone haywire.
  • Asa WINSTANLEY, « Weaponising Anti-Semitism. HOW THE ISRAEL LOBBY BROUGHT DOWN JEREMY CORBYN ». OR Books, 300 p. pb ISBN 978-1-68219-381-5, E-book ISBN 978-1-68219-382-2. £15/$18.
    Lucas Catherine onderzoekt in dit boek wie binnen het Belgische establishment Israël steunt en waarom.
  • « Antisemitisme, anti-Palestijns racisme en Europa: pleidooi voor een kritisch en democratisch debat » (Nederlandse Boekengids, april 23, 2023), click here!
    Socioloog Hilla Dayan en politiek filosoof Yolande Jansen betogen dat Europa uit de ingebeelde rol van ‘omstander’ moet komen, wil een constructieve kritiek op Israël mogelijk worden. De onderdrukking van de Palestijnen door de Israëlische staat hangt volgens hen nauw samen met de huidige Europese politiek, de Europese nationalistische verbeelding en de koloniale geschiedenis. De veronachtzaming van deze invloed levert een historisch en politiek vacuüm op waarin problematische antisemitismedefinities effectieve kritiek uitsluiten, juist op het moment dat die harder nodig is dan ooit.
  • Jewish Currents (Responsa): "Bad Memory" (Jewish Currents, Spring Magazine, 2023): click here!
    Germany is acclaimed for its efforts to atone for the Holocaust. But its method of repudiating the past has become a tool of exclusion.
  • The European Legal Support Center - ELSC: click here!
    Advocates for Palestinian rights are facing a variety of attacks aimed at silencing their voices or hindering their work: from denial of public space, public funding or online platforms, closure of financial accounts, legal threats or lawsuits, to enforcement the adoption of anti BDS motions that falsely declare the Palestine solidarity movement as antisemitic. The ELSC defends and empowers advocates for Palestinian rights across mainland Europe and the United Kingdom through legal means.
  • "The European Commission “Handbook” Promoting the Controversial IHRA Working Definition of Antisemitism: A Legal Analysis" (ELSC, pdf, 14p.): click here!
  • European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA): "ANTISEMITISM: OVERVIEW OF ANTISEMITIC INCIDENTS RECORDED IN THE EUROPEAN UNION 2011–2021:" pdf, ISBN 978-92-9461-950-1 doi:10.2811/666327 TK-04-22-002-EN, 100p.("Belgium:" pp 33-39): click here!
  • "German Case Law: A Coherent Set of Principles for Challenging Anti-BDS Resolutions" (ELSC, pdf, 5p.): click here!
    The ELSC defends and empowers advocates for Palestinian rights across mainland Europe and the United Kingdom through legal means.
  • Lucas CATHERINE, « De Israel Lobby ». EPO, 2011, 195p., ISBN 978 90 6445 795 1.
    Lucas Catherine onderzoekt in dit boek wie binnen het Belgische establishment Israël steunt en waarom.
  • Kay GUINANE, "The Alarming Rise of Lawfare to Suppress Civil Society: The Case of Palestine and Israel" (Charity & Security Network, Sept 28, 2021, pdf, 141p.): click here!
  • Avi SHLAIM, "On British colonialism, antisemitism, and Palestinian rights" (Middle East Eye, 1 March, 2021) : click here!
    From the 'original sin' of 1917 to the government's more recent adoption of the controversial IHRA antisemitism definition, Britain has always been firmly in Israel's camp.
  • "Labour and Palestine: Our Founding statement – Speaking up for Palestine" : click here!
    Labour & Palestine is supported by Aslef, CWU, NUM, TSSA, Unison and Unite, and our founding and subsequent statements have been signed by over 20,000 Labour members from over 500 CLPs. Our founding statement can be found here and provides the framework within which we work.

Articles (latest first):
  • Ali ABUNIMAH: « Germany supports genocide – again » (The Electronic Intifada, January 14, 2024): click here!
    Namibia is hitting back hard at Germany’s decision to defend Israel’s genocide in Gaza at the World Court. “On Namibian soil, Germany committed the first genocide of the 20th century in 1904-1908, in which tens of thousands of innocent Namibians died in the most inhumane and brutal conditions,” Hage Geingob, president of the southwest African nation, said on Saturday. “The German government is yet to fully atone for the genocide it committed on Namibian soil.” “In light of Germany’s inability to draw lessons from its horrific history,” Geingob sharply denounced Berlin’s “shocking decision” to reject “the morally upright indictment brought forward by South Africa before the International Court of Justice that Israel is committing genocide against Palestinians in Gaza.”
  • David CRONIN: « France’s new foreign minister enabled Gaza genocide » (The Electronic Intifada, 12 Jan, 2024): click here!
    France’s new foreign minister enabled the genocide in Gaza. Stéphane Séjourné – the minister in question – made no secret of where his sympathies lay on 7 October. “Israel can count on France and Europe to defeat terrorism, wherever it may be,” he said.
  • « Belgium announces travel ban on violent Israeli settlers » (Jordan News, Dec 6, 2023): click here!
    BRUSSELS — On Wednesday, Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo has declared that violent Israeli settlers attacking Palestinians in the West Bank will face a ban from entering Belgium. This announcement follows a similar stance taken by the US
  • Jarno TREUTTENS: « Spaanse premier Sánchez heeft door "aantal dode kinderen ernstige twijfels" of Israël internationaal recht respecteert » (VRT nws, Nov 30, 2023): click here!
    De Spaanse premier Pedro Sánchez heeft in een tv-interview openlijk zijn twijfels geuit of Israël het internationaal recht respecteert in de oorlog met Hamas. "Door de beelden die we zien en het groeiend aantal kinderen dat sterft, heb ik ernstige twijfels of Israël het internationaal recht volgt." De uitspraken zetten kwaad bloed bij Israël. Ze roepen hun ambassadeur in Spanje terug.
  • Claudio FRANCAVILLA: « Belgium Overcomes EU Struggles to Send Strong Message on Gaza » (Human Rights Watch, Nov 16, 2023): click here!
    EU States Do Not Need Consensus to Support Sanctions, Accountability. In a series of public statements, senior figures in the Belgian government, including Prime Minister Alexander De Croo, Deputy Prime Minister Petra De Sutter, Foreign Minister Hadja Lahbib, and Development Minister Caroline Gennez, not only condemned the heinous October 7 killings by Palestinian armed groups, but also questioned the legality of some Israeli airstrikes, condemned its collective punishment of the Palestinian population, and called for targeted sanctions and accountability for those responsible. The Belgian government also expressed support for the International Criminal Court’s role and its ongoing investigation on the situation in Palestine, which includes jurisdiction over the current hostilities between the Israeli government and Palestinian armed groups. Also, the Belgian federal parliament has introduced a bill to ban trade with settlements in occupied territories.
  • Una MULLALLY: « Ireland’s criticism of Israel has made it an outlier in the EU. What lies behind it? » (The Guardian, Nov 2, 2023): click here!
    Irish support for Palestinian rights stems partly from its own experience of colonialism and violence – but that’s not all.
  • « Israel's Gaza attack 'beyond proportionality', Norway says » (euobserver, Nov 1, 2023): click here!
    Israel is breaking the rules of modern warfare in Gaza, Norway's prime minister has said. "I believe this is beyond proportionality," Norway's prime minister Jonas Gahr Støre told EUobserver in Oslo on Tuesday (31 October). "The humanitarian consequences for civilians are catastrophic — the number of casualties, the amount of destruction, and especially the enormous burden carried by children is, as we see it, in breach of what humanitarian norms and standards require," he said.
  • « Belgian Transport Unions Refuse To Load And Unload Weapons Going To Israel » (ETUN, Oct 31, 2023): click here!
    We, the various trade unions active in the ground handling sector, call on our members to stop handling flights that ship military equipment to Palestine/Israel, as was the case at the start of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, with clear agreements and rules.
  • Deborah LETER: « France steps up crackdown on Palestine solidarity amid Gaza war » (+972, Oct 31, 2023): click here!
    French authorities have banned demonstrations in support of Gaza, arrested protesters, and moved to dissolve several Palestine advocacy groups.
  • Xavier VILLAR: « Firebrand Spanish minister emerges as strong voice against Israel’s Gaza genocide » (PressTV, Oct 30, 2023): click here!
    Spain’s deputy Prime Minister, Yolanda Diaz, on Friday called on the international community to put pressure on Israel to avoid “a massacre” in Gaza, Anadolu Agency reports. Her statement came after Israeli forces warned more than 1 million residents in the north of Gaza to move south within 24 hours.
  • « Spain's deputy PM urges Europe to help stop 'massacre' in Gaza » (MEMo, Oct 13, 2023): click here!
    Spain’s deputy Prime Minister, Yolanda Diaz, on Friday called on the international community to put pressure on Israel to avoid “a massacre” in Gaza, Anadolu Agency reports. Her statement came after Israeli forces warned more than 1 million residents in the north of Gaza to move south within 24 hours.
  • « Berlin rally for Palestine confronts police repression: From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free! » (Samidoun, Oct 2, 2023): click here!
    German police again demonstrated their dedication to repressing Palestinian organizing in the city — home to the largest Palestinian community in Europe — on Saturday, 30 September 2023, when over 200 Berlin police surrounded a rally in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners and against anti-Palestinian repression.
  • Jonathan COOK, « UK and Israel: Has the fightback against weaponised antisemitism begun? » (Middle East Eye, Sept 25, 2023): click here!
  • Michael ARRIA, « Report: IHRA definition having harmful impact on UK schools » (Mondoweiss, Sept 15, 2023): click here!
    A new study shares 40 cases in which students or staff were accused of antisemitism based on the IHRA definition of antisemitism.
  • Paul LOOKMAN, « Het Duitse falen (2) » (Geopolitiek in context, 28 augustus 2023): click here!
    Duitsland faalt niet enkel als economische motor en sterkhouder van een vreedzaam Europa, maar ook als verdediger van het internationaal recht. Met zijn blinde steun voor de Joodse staat bewijst het Israël geen dienst. Het Duitse verleden noopt tot een moreel standpunt, ook over Palestina.
  • « EU condemns Israel Minister's remarks on Palestinians» (MEMo, August 25, 2023): click here!
    The EU has “strongly” condemned Israeli National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir’s comments on the freedom of movement of Arabs in the Occupied West Bank, according to media reports on Friday, Anadolu Agency reports. The EU recalled that ties between Israel and the EU should be based on respect for human rights and democratic principles, Palestine’s official news agency, Wafa, reported. “My right, my wife’s, my children’s, to roam the roads of Judea and Samaria are more important than the right of movement of the Arabs,” Ben-Gvir said on Wednesday in an interview with Channel 12, using the biblical term for the Occupied Territory.
  • « Palestinian Resistance Condemns Britain’s Decision Against International Ruling on Israeli Occupation of Palestine » (Days of Palestine, August 25, 2023): click here!
    The Palestinian resistance strongly condemned Friday, August 25, Britain’s decision to stand against a ruling by the International Court of Justice regarding the Israeli occupation of Palestine, and for standing against submitting the case to the International Court. In a press statement, the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas considered this decision a part of Brtain’s pro-Israeli-occupation policies, which ignore the legal human rights of the Palestinian people, starting with Balfour’s declaration that granted the zionists a homeland in Palestine.
  • « ‘Extremely Alarmed’: UK Expresses Concern over Increasing Settler Violence in Palestine » (The Palestine Chronicle, August 22, 2023): click here!
    [ The UN agencies have recorded 591 settler-related incidents resulting in Palestinian casualties and property damage so far this year.] The UK expressed concern on Monday over growing settler violence in Palestine, urging Israel to provide security for Palestinians, Anadolu Agency reports. “The UK is extremely alarmed by the growth of settler violence in the Occupied Palestinian Territories,” UK Ambassador, James Kariuki, said at the United Nations Security Council meeting on the Middle East, adding: “The displacement of over 400 Palestinians across seven communities from their land due to ongoing settler violence is unacceptable.”
  • Haroon SIDDIQUE, « Israeli embassy officials attempted to influence UK court cases, documents suggest » (The Guardian, Aug 20, 2023): click here!
    Israeli embassy officials in London attempted to get the attorney general’s office to intervene in UK court cases relating to the prosecution of protesters, documents seen by the Guardian suggest. The papers, obtained through a freedom of information (FoI) request by Palestine Action, indicate that embassy officials pressed for the director general of the attorney general’s office (AGO), Douglas Wilson, to interfere into cases related to protests on UK soil.
  • Joe McCANN, « Victory for Palestine in Dutch court: From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free » (Belfast Media, August 19, 2023): click here!
    THIS year’s Palestine Day as part of Féile an Phobail was a resounding success which came to a close with a talk from renowned Palestinian author and editor of The Palestine Chronicle, Dr Ramzy Baroud.
  • « Victory for Palestine in Dutch court: From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free » (Samidoun, August 17, 2023): click here!
    On Tuesday 15 August, a Dutch court confirmed that the slogan “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” falls under freedom of expression and is not punishable by law. The court’s verdict represents a victory for the Palestinian movement in general, and in the Netherlands specifically.
  • Natasha ROTH-ROWLAND, « For these French Jews, anti-racism cannot succeed without anti-Zionism » (+972, August 14, 2023): click here!
    Facing a largely right-wing and Zionist French-Jewish community, Tsedek! is advocating a decolonial vision to combat state racism at home and in Israel-Palestine.
  • Jonathan SHAMIR, « German Czar Says Calling Israel 'Apartheid' Is Antisemitic » (Haaretz, August 7, 2023): click here!
    Klein was appointed as Germany's first ever Commissioner for Jewish Life and the Fight against Antisemitism in 2018, and has been one of the most prominent figures in the state-led battle to combat antisemitism in Europe.
  • Hebh JAMAL: "Amnesty is fighting to end Israeli apartheid. Why isn’t its German branch?" (+972, July 31, 2023): click here!
    From social media to public activities, Amnesty Deutschland has largely avoided promoting its parent organization's campaign for Palestinian rights.
  • Saboor BAYAT: "Portuguese Parliament Joins European Counterparts in Recognizing Palestine’s Nakba Catastrophe" (BNN, July 22, 2023): click here!
    The Portuguese Parliament has officially recognized the Nakba catastrophe, the occupation of Palestine that took place in 1948. The bill applauds the struggle of the Palestinian people for their right to self-determination. The Socialist Party, the Communist Party, and the Left Bloc coalition in the Portuguese Parliament all voted in favor, leading to a majority vote in favor of the bill.
  • Baudouin LOOS: "La criminalisation de la solidarité avec la Palestine gagne du terrain en Europe" (OrientXXI, 11 juillet, 2023): click here!
    Le Parlement britannique vient d’adopter le 3 juillet 2023 une loi qui sanctionne le boycott et cible au premier chef les opposants à la politique d’Israël. Et il n’est pas le seul, car le phénomène a pris de l’ampleur en Allemagne, au Royaume-Uni et en France : par divers biais, la solidarité active avec la cause palestinienne devient la cible de législations répressives.
  • Amir TIBON: "Why Israel Is Attacking Germany's Top Middle East Expert" (Haaretz, July 10, 2023): click here!
    Muriel Asseburg says the Israeli embassy manipulated her quotes, while her workplace, a prominent German think-tank slammed the embassy's 'insinuations and personal defamations' against her. (republished in: Jewish Voice for Labour, click here!)
  • « UK okays bill barring public bodies from boycotting Israel » (The Times of Israel, July 4, 2023) : click here!
    Government measure passes in 268-70 vote, with 84 Conservative MPs and all of Labour abstaining.
  • Haaretz & Jonathan SHAMIR: « U.K. anti-BDS Bill Ignites Criticism From Both Tory and Labour MPs » ( Haaretz, July 4, 2023) : click here!
    Among those opposed to the bill are Jewish youth groups who called it an attempt to use legislation to 'clamp down on free speech' and insist the bill 'will not make Jews safer'.
  • David CRONIN: "Merchants of death celebrate Israel’s “dream” at Paris Air Show" (The Electronic Intifada, 20 June, 2023): click here!
    Drones are weapons of domination. Children in Gaza grow up with the sound of these remote controlled warplanes buzzing in their ears. The sound offers a reminder that millions of Palestinians have no privacy. Israel is omnipresent. Drones and helicopters were flown over Jenin this week, as Israel conducted a raid in which six Palestinians were killed. Little more than a month earlier, drones carried out a total of 115 airstrikes during the latest major offensive against Gaza, according to data published by The Jerusalem Post. Drones, that newspaper suggested, are central to Israel’s recent military activities. Long used over Gaza, they now make regular appearances in the West Bank.
  • Nasim AHMED: "Europe is shielding Israel under guise of combating anti-Semitism, new report finds" (Middle East Monitor, 16 June, 2023): click here!
    The chilling repercussions of the highly controversial International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of anti-Semitism have been revealed in a recent report by the European Legal Support Centre (ELSC). Titled "Suppressing Palestinian Rights Advocacy through the IHRA Working Definition of Anti-Semitism", the report by the independent Dutch-based organisation uncovered shocking examples of the IHRA's weaponisation against critics of Israel and the suppression of free speech under the guise of combatting anti-Semitism.
  • Jonathan SHAMIR: "New EU Guidelines Crack Down on Israeli Imports From West Bank" (Haaretz, 19 June, 2023): click here!
    The latest regulations are the first new enforcement measure by the European Union since its decision to label settlement products in 2015, which sparked uproar from Israeli politicians.
  • "Norway Criticizes Israeli Settlement Construction in West Bank" ( teleSUR, 21 June, 2023): click here!
    On Tuesday, the Norwegian government condemned the decision by the Israeli government to simplify the process of approving construction of new Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank.
  • Ali ABUNIMAH: "Official broke rules by smearing Asa Winstanley, EU admits" (The Electronic Intifada, 14 June, 2023): click here!
    The European Union has distanced itself from a libelous attack by one of its officials against The Electronic Intifada’s Asa Winstanley. Johannes Börmann “expressed his own views which the [European] Commission does not share,” a spokesperson for the EU’s executive body told The Electronic Intifada on Wednesday.
  • Majed ABUSALAMA: « Germany’s anti-Palestinianism is escalating » (Al Jazeera, June 10, 2023): click here.
    It is high time Germany stops conflating Palestinian activism with anti-Semitism in a flawed attempt to atone for its past... Criminalising Palestinians for speaking up for Palestinian rights, while neo-Nazis are allowed to raise their fascist slogans in public, is Germany’s moral failure. It is time Palestine is freed from German guilt. It is time Germany stops demanding that Palestinians pay for its historical sins and embraces the Palestinian struggle for justice and liberation.
  • "Quand le Parlement européen oeuvre pour soutenir la normalisation avec Israël" (Agence média Palestine, le 7 juin, 2023): click here!
    Au début du mois de juin 2023, une nouvelle initiative visant à soutenir la normalisation diplomatique entre Israël et les pays arabes a été lancée au sein du Parlement européen. Intitulé « réseau des accords d’Abraham au Parlement européen » (AANEP), un groupe multipartite a été lancé par Roberta Metsola, la présidente du Parlement, avec pour objectif de soutenir le développement et l’élargissement des accords d’Abraham.
  • Office of the European Union Representative (West Bank and Gaza Strip, UNRWA) : Local Press Statement (May 26, 2023): click here!
    Diplomatic missions call on Israel to halt all confiscations and demolitions in the occupied West Bank, to return or compensate for donor funded humanitarian items and to give unimpeded humanitarian access. The total value of donor-funded items, which have been demolished, dismantled or confiscated since 2015, is estimated at 1,291,000 EUR.
    PS Consortium of Missions include the Consulates General of Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom, and the Representative Offices of Denmark, Finland, Germany and Ireland, as well as the Office of the European Union Representative to the West Bank and Gaza.
  • Hebh JAMAL: « Germany's Palestine Problem » (Mondoweiss, May 25, 2023): click here!
    At a time when the Palestinian freedom struggle is gaining steam and spreading internationally, Germany has made anti-Palestinian racism its new status quo.
  • ELSC Statement: No to the Nakba Demo Bans, End Germany’s Criminalisation of Palestinian Existence (ELSC, May 19, 2023): click here!
    In another act of state repression, the Berlin police banned all events commemorating 75 years of ongoing Nakba. Following the demonstration ban from 2022, the police disrupted a Palestinian cultural event on 13 May in Neukölln, banning any political public speech, attempting to stop the distribution of books on Palestine on a discretionary basis, and preventing attendees from dancing the traditional Dabka, claiming that it was a form of “political expression”.
  • Ali ABUNIMAH:« German EU chief downplays Holocaust while spouting “infamous Zionist lie » (The Internet Intifada, May 19, 2023): click here!
    Last month, EC President Ursula von der Leyen published a short video congratulating Israel on its 75th so-called independence day, which Tel Aviv marks according to the Jewish calendar. The video, posted on Twitter by the EU embassy in Tel Aviv, generated outrage among Palestinians and their supporters as the top EU civil servant repeated Zionist myths justifying Israel’s violent, planned expulsion of indigenous Palestinians before and after the establishment of the self-declared Jewish state in 1948. “Nearly every single thing” von der Leyen said in the video, “was a lie,” according to Clare Daly, a member of the European Parliament. “It’s time those lies were called out directly,” the Irish lawmaker added. And that’s exactly what Daly did in an extraordinary series of one-minute videos she posted on Twitter on Nakba Day – the commemoration of their 1948 ethnic cleansing that Palestinians mark annually on 15 May...”.
  • Hebh JAMAL: Where can we Palestinians mourn our catastrophe? (+972, May 18, 2023): click here!
    By banning our ability to mourn the Nakba, Germany is opening the floodgates to a new wave of repression against all aspects of Palestinian identity.
  • David HEARST, Peter OBORNE, "The Holocaust survivor who can no longer call Labour home" (Middle East Eye, May 17, 2021) : click here!
    Stephen Kapos quit the party after being warned not to speak at a Holocaust memorial event run by a group it banned. He says he will not be silenced.
  • (UK) Haroon SIDDIQUE & Peter WALKER, "UK anti-boycott bill is attack on freedom of expression, say civil society groups" (The Guardian, 12 May, 2023, via Jewish Voice for Labour) : click here!
    Boycotts, divestment and sanctions bill, designed to stop public bodies boycotting Israel, will be tabled soon.
  • "Plus de 160 organisations rejoignent la campagne internationale contre la répression anti-palestinienne en Allemagne" (Collectif Palestine Vaincra, le 9 mai, 2023): click here!
    Plus de 160 organisations du monde entier ont rejoint l’appel lancé par le réseau de solidarité avec les prisonniers palestiniens Samidoun, dans le cadre de la “Coalition de solidarité révolutionnaire”, contre la répression anti-palestinienne en Allemagne. Cette coalition se compose de groupes et d’organisations révolutionnaires et internationalistes de Berlin qui s’engagent contre l’impérialisme en Allemagne et dans le monde. La coalition a été formée comme une réponse collective à la répression de l’État allemand, en particulier à Berlin en mai 2022.
  • Jean STERN: "Apartheid israélien. Les bonnes résolutions d’une partie de la gauche française" (OrientXXI, 3 mai, 2023): click here!
    Le député communiste Jean-Paul Lecoq présente à l’Assemblée nationale ce jeudi 4 mai 2023 une seconde version de sa résolution sur l’apartheid israélien. Malgré les cris d’effroi des nombreux pro-israéliens, le sujet n’est plus tabou au Parlement. Si la gauche reste divisée sur l’usage du mot apartheid, la défense des Palestiniens revient sur scène grâce à la ténacité de plusieurs député·es, qui ont répondu aux questions d’Orient XXI.
  • Eitay MACK: "The suppressed history of Israel’s support for the brutal Greek junta” (+972, April 28, 2023): click here!
    Declassified files reveal the extent of Israel’s ties with the regime known for torturing and murdering thousands of its citizens in the 1960s-70s.
  • David CRONIN: "Palestinians get pittance as EU showers science grants on Israel ” (The Electronic Intifada, 27 April, 2023): click here!
    No tightrope walker has ever maintained as much balance as a European Union official working on the Middle East “peace process.” Determined to usher in a new era of prosperity and stability, these public servants are equally friendly towards Israelis and Palestinians. The thought of taking sides would never occur to them. Or so they would have us believe. After a little analysis, it emerges that the claims of balance are pure baloney. One particularly diligent producer of baloney is Sven Koopmans, the EU’s Middle East envoy.
  • David CRONIN: "Holocaust abused as EU promotes positive vibes with Israel lobby” (The Electronic Intifada, 18 April, 2023): click here!
    Seldom does a week go by without the Holocaust being abused. One abuse took place on Sunday when a march was held in Budapest – ostensibly to remember Hungarian Jews killed by the Nazis. Prominent in the tribute was Yacov Hadas Handelsman, the ambassador of Israel to Hungary. He represents a state that has killed almost 100 Palestinians so far this year and more than 10,000 since the second intifada broke out in September 2000.
  • Jonathan COOK: "Al-Aqsa raid: How BBC coverage is enabling Israeli violence” (Middle East Eye, April 6, 2023): click here!
    Once again, the British state broadcaster is using a bogus ‘neutrality’ to trick its audience into siding with Israeli state oppression.
  • Hebh JAMAL: "Germany’s anti-Palestinian censorship turns on Jews” (+972, April 4, 2023): click here!
    Anti-Zionist Jews in Germany are increasingly being targeted with accusations of antisemitism, a charge usually directed at Palestinians.
  • David CRONIN: "Normal rules don’t apply to EU anti-Semitism chief” (EI, March 31, 2023): click here!
    The Brussels bureaucracy is clearly not fighting every form of bigotry with the same urgency. Its work on anti-Semitism is being shaped by a lobby that exploits the Holocaust and other crimes against Europe’s Jews to erect a smoke guard around Israel so that it may continue oppressing Palestinians with impunity. Anti-Semitism – as defined by Israel and its lobby – is a high priority. Anti-Muslim hatred is not. And the rules applying to every EU civil servant have somehow been waived for the benefit of Katharina von Schnurbein.
  • Ilan PAPPÉ, “We should not give up on Germany” (The Left-Berlin, 4 March 2023): click here!
    Israeli historian Ilan Pappe on 75 years Nakba, the new Israeli protest movement, and discussing Palestine in Germany. I’m beginning to give up on on the chances of changing Israeli society, but I’m not giving up on the younger German generation. We should still look at Germany as a place where there are processes that have not yet matured. And Germany’s is building itself all the time."
  • « One Year Report on Demolitions and Seizures in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem. Reporting Period: 1 January – 31 December 2022 . » Office of the European Union Representative (West Bank and Gaza Strip, UNRWA), 28 March, 2023, pdf, 12p.): click here!
    Summary: In 2022, a total of 953 structures were demolished or seized throughout the West Bank, including East Jerusalem - the highest number recorded since 2016. Of structures demolished, more than 80% (781) were located in Area C. In total, 1,031 individuals have been displaced and 28,446 affected as a result of demolitions. All but 35 of the structures were targeted for lacking building permits, which are nearly impossible for Palestinians to obtain in Area C and East Jerusalem Of the structures targeted in the twelve-month reporting period, 101 structures were funded by the EU or EU Member States (valued at EUR €337,019), representing the third highest financial injury since 2016....
  • Tim LLEWELLYN: "UK drowns criticism of Netanyahu with trade deal” (EI, March 23, 2023): click here!
    Nowhere in this trade deal is there any hint that Israel is for the 56th year violating international law in its occupation and oppression of the West Bank and Gaza Strip and what has become the de facto annexation of their lands (to which the finance minister Bezalel Smotrich has added Jordan).
  • Alex MacDONALD: "UK rejects Israel 'apartheid' label in new trade and security pact” (Middle East Eye, March 22, 2023): click here!
    UK also commits to confronting 'anti-Israel bias' at UN Human Rights Council in deal struck ahead of Benjamin Netanyahu's visit to London. "It seems noteworthy and remarkable that the UK government pushes ahead with this now, given that we are really on the cusp of the worst constitutional crisis ever" (Yair Wallach, researcher).
  • Ali ABUNIMAH: "Egged on by Israel, France bans Salah Hammouri from speaking” (The Electronic Intifada, 16 March, 2023): click here! >
    Prior to his expulsion from his native Jerusalem, France’s government made a big show of supporting Salah Hammouri – at least verbally. President Emmanuel Macron’s administration publicly admonished Israel that the Palestinian French human rights lawyer “must be allowed to exercise all of his rights and live a normal life in Jerusalem, the city where he was born and where he resides...”
  • David CRONIN: "Why is the EU suddenly worried about Israeli “democracy”?” (The Electronic Intifada, 13 March, 2023): click here!
    I had a flashback upon hearing that the European Parliament will voice grave concern this week about how Israeli “democracy” is deteriorating. Suddenly, I found myself transported back to that distant month of January 2023. Visions of the same European Parliament flooded my mind. Immaculately dressed, its top representatives were queuing up to have their photographs taken with a visiting Israeli president.
  • Alain GRESH: "Emmanuel Macron couvre les fascistes en Israël ” (OrientXXI, 6 mars, 2023): click here!
    Que faut-il de plus ? En Israël s’est installée au pouvoir une coalition qui comporte des ministres que dans n’importe quel autre pays on qualifierait de fascistes. Certains d’entre eux ont été définis comme néonazis par Daniel Blatman, professeur à l’Institut des études juives contemporaines à l’Université hébraïque et spécialiste de la Shoah. Tous professent une idéologie suprémaciste juive, convaincus que les droits d’un Israélien juif autorisent à enterrer ceux des Palestiniens...
  • "Civil Society Organisations Welcome Barcelona’s Suspension of Institutional Relations with Israel” (Al-HAQ, Feb 21, 2023): click here!
    The undersigned 88 Palestinian, regional and international civil society organisations welcome the historic announcement by the Barcelona City Council to suspend all institutional relations with apartheid Israel. We salute the Mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, for taking this courageous, principled, and historic step in solidarity with the Palestinian people, and their right to self-determination. PS Letter of the Mayor of Barcelona to pm Netanyahu: click here!
  • Ali ABUNIMAH: "Arrest of Palestine activist was unlawful, Berlin court rules ” (The Electronic Intifada, 17 Feb, 2023): click here!
    Activists in Berlin are marking a victory after a court threw out charges against one of their members who was accused of “illegally” demonstrating in support of Palestinian rights. “We celebrate the absurd charges being dropped against one of our comrades and call for the same for all of those detained,” said the Jewish Bund (click here! ) an anti-fascist left-wing group.
  • Ali ABUNIMAH: "A Jew in Germany is fined for supporting Palestinian rights ” (The Electronic Intifada, 15 Feb, 2023): click here!
    A Jewish person is going to court in Germany this week to challenge a conviction for illegally attending a demonstration in support of Palestinian rights on last year’s Nakba Day... The person, who has chosen not to publicly reveal their identity, is appealing a fine of almost $400. Supporters will be attending Thursday’s trial and rallying outside the courthouse in Berlin. Altogether, more than two dozen individuals were fined about $9,000 on similar charges. The individual in court this week is an activist with the Jewish Bund, a group that identifies with the historical anti-Zionist and socialist movement of the same name.
  • HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH: "EU Buries Head Deeper in Sand Over Israel’s Apartheid ” (9 Feb, 2023): click here!
    The recent spike in deadly attacks and repression in the occupied West Bank should surprise no one. Last year, Israeli forces killed more Palestinians in the West Bank than in any other year since 2005, when the UN began systematically recording fatalities: 151, including 35 children. A little over a month into the new year and another Netanyahu-led government, the situation is only getting worse... As EU governments continued to display patent/evident/other double-standards at the UN, the EU Commission responded to a series of parliamentary questions on the apartheid determination. The replies, nominally signed by EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell on behalf of the Commission, all say: “the Commission considers that it is not appropriate to associate the term apartheid with the State of Israel.”
  • Ramona WADI: "The EU uses the 'two-state' framework to evade acknowledgement of Israeli apartheid ” (Middle East Monitor, 9 Feb, 2023): click here!
    In January 2021, the Israeli human rights organisation B'Tselem declared that Israel imposes apartheid on the people of occupied Palestine, prompting other organisations to be more vocal about the colonial violence experienced by the Palestinians. Politically, the apartheid designation is failing to gain ground, as evidenced by the EU's recent refusal to describe Israel through the internationally-recognised legal definition of apartheid, which is akin to a crime against humanity.
  • David CRONIN: "Internal paper shows EU is easily seduced by Israel” (The Electronic Intifada, 8 Feb, 2023): click here!
    It is easy for Israel’s representatives to seduce the European Union’s elite. Mouthing a platitude or two can do the trick. Yair Lapid is the kind of politician who knows how to seduce. He comes across as suave and affable, so Western liberals overlook – or at least downplay – his solid commitment to violence and oppression. An internal paper illustrates that Lapid, then Israel’s foreign minister, pressed the right buttons when he visited Brussels in July 2021. Lapid breezed into town, promising a “fresh start” to relations that had supposedly turned sour while Benjamin Netanyahu was prime minister.
  • Ben REIFF: "Israelis are calling their leaders fascists. Why can’t British politicians?” (+972, Feb 7, 2023): click here!
    What will it take for British officials and other international actors to start taking Israeli leaders at their word and offer any meaningful pushback?
  • Jonathan COOK: "Kim Johnson row: Starmer is oiling Israel’s slide into fascism” (J.C., Feb 2, 2023): click here!
    In slapping down an MP for decrying Israel’s new government, the Labour leader has left supporters of Palestinian rights politically homeless.
  • David CRONIN: "EU distorts history of how it helped weaponize anti-Semitism” (The Electronic Intifada, 18 Jan 2023): click here!
    [European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA): "ANTISEMITISM: OVERVIEW OF ANTISEMITIC INCIDENTS RECORDED IN THE EUROPEAN UNION 2011–2021." PDF ISBN 978-92-9461-950-1 doi:10.2811/666327 TK-04-22-002-EN, 100p.( "Belgium:" pp 33-39): click here!
  • "Escalade scandaleuse de l’Etat allemand contre l’organisation palestinienne en Allemagne ! ” (Collectif Palestine Vaincra, 4 janvier, 2023): click here!
    Le réseau de solidarité avec les prisonniers palestiniens Samidoun condamne le récent rapport publié par la conférence des ministres de l’Intérieur allemands qui vise à réprimer et criminaliser les communautés palestiniennes et la solidarité avec la Palestine. Nous appelons non seulement tous les partisans de la Palestine mais aussi tous les défenseurs des droits démocratiques fondamentaux à agir maintenant pour empêcher les ministres de mettre en œuvre ces plans qui visent à réprimer l’une des plus grandes communautés palestiniennes d’Europe.
  • David CRONIN: "Europe’s dirty embrace of Israel’s occupation ” (The Electronic Intifada, 23 Dec, 2022): click here!
    Does Benjamin Netanyahu’s imminent return as Israel’s prime minister fill the hearts of European Union representatives with dread? It would be naive to think so.
  • Deborah LETER: "Exile of Palestinian lawyer reignites struggle over France’s Israel policy” (+972, Dec 21, 2022): click here!
    Israel's expulsion of Salah Hammouri has energized France's Palestine solidarity movement — but backlash is spurring antisemitism smears.
  • Hebh JAMAL, "Germany just took a drastic step toward criminalizing Palestine activism" (+972, Dec 21, 2022): click here!
    A new report by ministers and senators seeks to lay the legal basis for outlawing Palestinian groups, and even banning maps of historic Palestine.
  • Michael SFARD: “As Crimes of Apartheid Worsen, the West’s Exceptionalism Toward Israel Must End” (Haaretz, Dec 21, 2022): click here!
    Israel's new administration will be one that does not conceal its intention to preserve and further entrench the apartheid tyranny over the Palestinians, while fully cultivating Jewish supremacy as a political and legal credo.
  • The Rights Forum: "CIDI [Centrum Informatie en Documentatie Israël ] verwijdert en rectificeert lasterlijke artikelen" (The Rights Forum, 13 dec, 2022): click here! Daartoe gesommeerd door de Palestijnse ngo Al-Haq heeft het CIDI drie artikelen van zijn website verwijderd en gerectificeerd.
    "Het CIDI erkent dat de publicaties onjuiste informatie bevatten en schadelijk waren voor Al-Haq."
    Maureen Clare MURPHY: "(Dutch) Israel lobby admits to lying about Palestinian rights group" (The Electronic Intifada, 13 Dec, 2022): click here!
    The principal Israel lobby group in the Netherlands has removed three articles from its website containing smears against Al-Haq, a prominent Palestinian human rights group. After Al-Haq took legal action against it, the Center for Information and Documentation Israel (CIDI) admitted that the articles contained false claims harming “the good name of the organization.”
  • Hebh JAMAL: "How Palestine became a ‘forbidden word’ in German high schools" (+972, Dec 5, 2022): click here!
    From textbooks to trips, Germany's education system is aggressively pushing a pro-Israel narrative hostile to any Palestinian dissent in the classroom.
  • Jonathan COOK: "Why German state racism is now directed at the Palestinians" (J.C., Nov 23, 2022): click here!
    The Holocaust serves, paradoxically, as an alibi for Europeans to assume they are morally superior to others, as the cancellation of an arts prize to Caryl Churchill shows.
  • "Voice of the Jewish News: Never in Israel’s history has hatred wielded such power" (Nov 2, 2022): click here!
    This week's editorial reflects on the result of the Israeli election and its repercussions for the Jewish state and its relationship with the diaspora.
  • David CRONIN: "Belgium wields terror law to shield Israel’s war industry" (The Electronic Intifada, Oct 19, 2022): click here!
    Belgium is using anti-terror legislation to protect an Israeli weapons firm. The federal prosecutor’s office in Brussels has confirmed that it is handling a dossier relating to recent damage done at the OIP Sensor Systems factory near the city of Ghent.
  • Wafa AL ALI: "‘Zeg dan: de relatie met Israël gaat boven mensenrechten’" (NRC, 19 Okt, 2022): click here!
    Nederland sluit de ogen voor mensenrechtenschendingen in Israël en Palestina, zegt Berber van der Woude. Gedesillusioneerd verliet de ambtenaar het ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken.
  • Cnaan LIPHSHIZ: "In Landmark Ruling, Spanish Top Court Says Israel Boycotts Are Always Discriminatory" (Haaretz, Oct 11, 2022): click here!
    Unlike previous lower-court rulings in Spain which curtailed efforts to boycott Israel only in individual cases, the new ruling will function as a legal precedent applicable to all cases going forward.
  • Ali ABUNIMAH, “British Quakers capitulate to Israel lobby lies” (The Electronic Intifada, 30 Sept 2022) : click here!
    The religious organization Quakers in Britain is standing by its cancellation of a booking for an event on Palestine at one of its meeting houses in Scotland earlier this week. The decision came after a smear campaign against the main speaker David Miller, falsely accusing him of anti-Jewish bigotry.
  • AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL, “EU-Israel Association Council – EU should not sacrifice human rights in the name of reviving relations” (, 23 Sept 2022) : click here!
    Full letter to J.Borrell e.a. , ref. TIGO IOR 10/2022.3262 (pdf,4p.): click here!
  • Asa WINSTANLEY, “New bombshell film exposes Israel lobby role in UK Labour Party” (The Electronic Intifada, 22 Sept 2022) : click here!
    A new cache of leaked Labour documents shows how Israel lobby operatives worked against former leader Jeremy Corbyn from within the UK’s main opposition party.
  • Kit KLARENBERG, “Crown prosecutor levels blackmail charges against Palestine Action” (The Electronic Intifada, 15 Sept, 2022) : click here!
    In June, I wrote an analysis of Britain’s disturbingly draconian new National Security Bill. Sections of that bill give every appearance of having been specifically drawn up in order to undermine Palestine Action. Openly committed to damaging and destroying the British-based assets of top Israeli arms manufacturers, including Elbit Systems, Palestine Action has since launch in mid-2020 pulled off a string of successes, resulting in the closure of the company’s sites, and abandonment of offices by companies leasing space to Elbit.
  • Barak RAVID, “Scoop: EU envoy says he's being snubbed by Israeli leaders” (Axios, Sept 14, 2022) : click here!
    Sven Koopmans, the European Union special envoy for the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, officially complained to the Israeli Foreign Ministry that he has not recently gotten high-level meetings in Israel, according to a summary of the meeting Axios obtained.
  • Lazar BERMAN, “Germany is Israel’s most important ally after US, says new envoy in Berlin” (The Times of Israel, Sept 12, 2022) : click here!
    Israeli ambassador Ron Prosor says PM Lapid during visit will stress Iran’s destabilizing activities to a Germany undergoing profound changes in how it sees the world
  • Jean STERN, “Le député Jean-Paul Lecoq sur l’apartheid israélien : « Je n’ai pas l’intention de lâcher »” (orientXXI, 9 sept, 2022) : click here!
    Auteur d’un projet de résolution cosigné cet été par 33 député·es de gauche sur « l’institutionnalisation par Israël d’un régime d’apartheid à l’encontre du peuple palestinien », le député communiste Jean-Paul Lecoq a subi un tombereau de critiques et d’injures. Il persiste et signe et répond ici, pour la première fois, à ses détracteurs.
  • Hebh JAMAL, “German broadcaster requires employees to ‘support Israel’s right to exist’” (+972, 8 Sept, 2022) : click here!
    Deutsche Welle's new code of conduct marks the latest Israel-related crackdown on free speech in German public life.
  • Euro-Med Monitor: “‘Germany: Euro-Med Monitor welcomes court ruling against Deutsche Welle after firing of Arab journalists” (5 September, 2022) : click here!
    Geneva - Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor applauds a German labour court’s decision that the dismissal of Palestinian-Jordanian journalist Farah Maraqa by Deutsche Welle (DW) was legally unjustified. The court ruled that her contract termination was illegal and ordered Deutsche Welle, an official German media network, to reinstate Maraqa immediately and reimburse her for the period during which she was barred from working.
  • Nasim AHMED, “Attack on anti-Zionist Jewish leader exposes scale of UK Labour's anti-Palestine problem ” (Middle East Monitor, Sept 2, 2022) : click here!
    The scale of Labour's anti-Palestine problem under the leadership of Keir Starmer was laid bare yesterday following the election of Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi to the party's National Executive Committee (NEC). Wimborne-Idrissi, who is a co-founder of Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL) – the main grouping of left-wing Jews in the Labour party, known for their highly critical stance on Israel – was one of several prominent Jewish members previously suspended over her criticism of the suspension of other left-wing party members during the height of the anti-Semitism row within the party.
  • Amira HASS, “‘German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, This Is What’s Really Disgusting'” (Haaretz, August 21, 2022) : click here!
    Europe and the United States apparently believe the antisemitic libels to the effect that Israel, as a modern all-Jewish organization, is an omnipotent multi-armed octopus, which should not be angered.
  • Hagar SHEZAF, “Nine European States Slam Israeli Raids of Palestinian NGOs” (Haaretz, August 20, 2022) : click here!
    'We are deeply concerned by the raids…as part of a worrying reduction of space for civil society in the occupied Palestinian territories,' say the countries, which fund the Palestinian organizations raided by Israel.
  • “‘Time for global anti-apartheid movement to support occupied Palestine’ – Kearney” (Sinn Féin, August 11, 2022) : click here!
    Sinn Féin National Chairperson Declan Kearney has said a ‘global anti-apartheid’ campaign is needed to support the Palestinian people against the Israeli occupation. Writing in his latest blog for An Phoblacht, Declan Kearney said: “The scale of the outrages being perpetrated against the Palestinian people by Israel demand an unambiguous response from the international community. “Ritualistic and qualified words of condemnation are not good enough. There is no equivalence between the acts of the oppressor and the oppressed.
  • Jonathan COOK, “Contenders for Boris Johnson’s crown stress fealty to Israel” (J.C., August 9, 2022) : click here!
    Following Israel’s recent savage attack on Gaza, the last two Tory candidates for PM are outcompeting each other to offer Israel support.
  • Akiva ELDAR, “Europe Has Given Up on the Palestinians” (Haaretz, August 9, 2022) : click here!
    Please read the following carefully: “The European Union follows with great concern the latest developments in and around Gaza. … The EU calls for maximum restraint on all sides in order to avoid a further escalation and further casualties. While Israel has the right to protect its civilian population, everything must be done to prevent a broader conflict, which would, first and foremost, affect the civilian populations on both sides and result in further casualties and more suffering. These latest events highlight yet again the need to restore a political horizon and to ensure a sustainable situation in Gaza.”
  • Ali ABUNIMAH, “US, Europe greenlight Israel’s latest Gaza massacre” (The Electronic Intifada , August 6, 2022) : click here!
    As the toll of death, injury and destruction rose in Gaza on Saturday, the second day of Israel’s surprise attack on the territory, the Biden administration reiterated its full support for Tel Aviv. John Kirby, a spokesperson for the White House’s National Security Council said the administration urges “all sides to avoid further escalation.” But turning reality on its head, Kirby added that the US “absolutely fully supports Israel’s right to defend itself against terrorist groups that have taken the lives of innocent civilians in Israel.”
  • Daniel FINN, “Yes, Jeremy Corbyn Was Vilified Because He Criticized Israel” Jacobin , August 4, 2022) : click here!
    Jeremy Corbyn’s critics are once again furious because he stated an undeniable fact. Corbyn was shamefully denounced as a dangerous antisemite primarily because he supported the democratic rights of the Palestinians.
  • Jonathan LIS, “EU Foreign Ministers Agree to Renew Annual Dialogue With Israel, Frozen Since 2012” (Haaretz, July 18, 2022) : click here!
    Ministers decided in principle to renew the EU-Israel Association Council, which has not been held for a decade due to political tensions over European policy on Israeli settlements and pressure from pro-Palestinian groups.
  • "Joint Statement by the Foreign Ministries of Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Sweden on the designation of Palestinian civil society organisations as terrorist organisations" (Federal Foreign Office, July 12, 2022) : click here!
    On October 22 2021, Israel designated six Palestinian civil society organisations as terrorist organisations. Accusations of terrorism or links to terrorist groups must always be treated with the utmost seriousness. The designations needed therefore to be assessed carefully and extensively. No substantial information was received from Israel that would justify reviewing our policy towards the six Palestinian NGOs on the basis of the Israeli decision to designate these NGOs as 'terrorist organizations'. Should evidence be made available to the contrary, we would act accordingly. In the absence of such evidence, we will continue our cooperation and strong support for the civil society in the oPT. A free and strong civil society is indispensable for promoting democratic values and for the two-state solution.
  • Aaron BOXERMAN, “EU releases aid to Palestinians held up over textbook reform” (TOI, June 13, 2022) : click here!
    European Commission votes to send over $200 million to PA; unclear if funds sent on condition alleged incitement be removed from curricula.
  • Yara HAWARI, “Criminalizing Palestine Solidarity Activism in the UK” (Al-Shabaka, June 9, 2022) : click here!
    A new wave of repressive UK government policies aims to suppress protest and political expression, posing a direct threat to Palestine solidarity work. Al-Shabaka’s senior policy analyst, Yara Hawari, locates this latest crackdown within Britain’s enduring support for Zionism, and shows how only in broad, intersectional alliances can social justice activists effectively repel state-led repression.
  • Konstantin NOWOTNY, “Germany’s New Foreign Minister: The First Woman in the Job – and a Strong Supporter of Israel” (Haaretz, Nov 28, 2021): click here!
    Green Party co-leader Annalena Baerbock has condemned Hamas’ rocket strikes against Israeli civilians and opposes the BDS movement, adding: ‘In these trying times, we stand with the Israelis.’
  • “Wouter De Vriendt (Groen) wil maatregelen tegen Israël: 'Straffeloosheid moet stoppen'” (Het Laatste Nieuws, 10 mei, 2021): click here!
    Kamerlid Wouter De Vriendt (Groen) wil dat ons land maatregelen neemt tegen Israël. Hij reageert daarmee op de nieuwe escalatie van geweld van de afgelopen dagen in Jeruzalem. “ Lauwe reacties van de internationale gemeenschap leveren niets op. De straffeloosheid moet stoppen”, aldus De Vriendt.
  • Joseph MASSAD, "Palestinians deserve reparations for Britain's colonial crimes” (Middle East Eye, 29 Oct, 2021): click here!
    A Palestinian billionaire is pushing the British government to apologise for the Balfour Declaration and its legacy, but this would not come close to compensating for decades of Palestinian suffering.
  • Jonathan COOK, “How the Guardian betrayed not only Corbyn but the last vestiges of British democracy” (Mondoweiss, Aug 18, 2020): click here!
    It is simply astonishing that the first attempt by the Guardian – the only major British newspaper styling itself as on the liberal-left – to properly examine the contents of a devastating internal Labour party report leaked in April is taking place nearly four months after the 860-page report first came to light.
  • "The Parliament of Catalonia declares that Israel is committing the crime of apartheid against the Palestinian people” (June 16, 2020): click here!
    p.r.: In a historical vote on Thursday, 16th of June, the Comission of Foreign Affairs, Transparency and Cooperation of the Catalan Parliament approved a resolution during parliamentary session declaring that Israel is committing the crime of apartheid.
  • Thomas SUÀREZ, “Winston Churchill’s racist legacy in Palestine” (The Electronic Intifada, June 18, 2020): click here!
    Since the early days of British involvement with Zionism, Churchill sanctioned the dispossession of non-Jewish Palestinians by assuring that they have no voice in the affairs of their own land. “In the interests of the Zionist policy,” he stated in August 1921 as the government minister in charge of Britain’s colonies, “all elective institutions have so far been refused to the Arabs.”
  • "The European Legal Support Center (ELSC)" (The Rights Forum, pdf, 3p.): click here!
    Contact: The European Legal Support Center (ELSC) is an independent, non-governmental initiative dedicated to protecting the fundamental rights to freedom of expression and assembly of those who speak out and take peaceful action in Europe for justice and freedom of the Palestinian people. The ELSC is a joint initiative of Palestinian civil society, The Rights Forum in the Netherlands and European jurists. It is based in Amsterdam and will become operational in early 2019.
  • Stasa SALACANIN, “The European elections brought no change for the Middle East” (Middle East Monitor, June 7, 2019)): click here!
  • Jonathan COOK, “The Crisis in Corbyn’s Labour Party is Over Israel, Not Anti-Semitism” (CounterPunch, Aug 9, 2018): click here!
    If there is indeed an anti-semitism problem in the UK’s Labour party, it is not in the places where the British corporate media have been directing our attention.
  • Asa WINSTANLEY, “Jewish Labour activists defend Corbyn as Israel lobby attacks” (EI, 26 March 2018): click here!
    Left-wing group Jewish Voice for Labour has praised Corbyn’s “consistent commitment to anti-racism” and condemned current right-wing attacks.
  • Asa WINSTANLEY, “Leader in Jewish group banned from Labour Party office” (EI, 9 March 2018): click here!
    Noted Jewish Palestine activist and secretary of left-wing group Jewish Voice for Labour has been banned from holding office in the UK’s main opposition party.
  • [Moshé MACHOVER], “ERODING THE CONSENSUS: An interview with Moshé Machover” (Science for the People, Nov 20, 2017)): click here!
    Shortly after Moshé Machover was expelled from the British Labour Party, Science for the People activists organized an international petition in his defense. Prioritizing academics from Machover’s fields–Mathematics and Philosophy of Logic–but also featuring Israelis, Palestine solidarity activists and British legal professionals, the list of Lead Signatories quickly became impressively star-studded. Machover’s colleagues had rallied to his defense and, just as we were preparing to deliver and publish the petition, we received word that the expulsion had been rescinded!
  • Asa WINSTANLEY, “Unable to oust Corbyn, Israel’s Labour allies shift strategy” (EI, Nov 14): click here!
    The shift in the UK’s political terrain since June’s general election has left Corbyn firmly in charge of the main opposition party’s leadership.
  • Ben WHITE: "Pourquoi la démission de Priti Patel est “une grande perte pour Israël”" (Pour la Palestine, 12 nov, 2017): click here!
    l est assez facile de comprendre pourquoi une politicienne ambitieuse comme Priti Patel 1 était désireuse de s’attirer les bonnes grâces des “Amis Conservateurs d’Israël” (Conservative Friends of Israel – CFI), décrits cette semaine par le journaliste du Jewish Chronicle, Marcus Dysch, comme “le plus grand groupe de lobbying de Westminster.
  • Jonathan COOK: "What the Priti Patel scandal tells us about the dark operations of UK’s powerful Israel lobby" (J.C., Nov 12, 2017): click here!
    There is growing hysteria about foreign interference in US and European politics. Is it not time for western states to show as much concern about the malign influence of Israel’s lobbyists as they do about Russian hackers?
  • “Boris Johnson: ‘Balfour clause to protect existing communities has not been met’" (Jewish News, Oct 30, 2017): click here!
    Foreign secretary heralds Lord Balfour’s ‘indispensable’ role in the creation of a ‘great nation’, but laments the ‘suffering’ of those displaced by Israel’s establishment.
  • James RENTON, “The Balfour Declaration's Racism - and Why It Still Matters" (Haaretz, Oct 26, 2017): click here!
    The British policy elite's views reflected deeply embedded notions of the 'Jewish race' and 'Jewish power', the 'impurity' of the Palestinian Arabs - and the incapability of both to ever rule themselves. Those tropes still reverberate today”
    IT WAS DIFFICULT to ascertain on the basis of media reports whether Brighton played host this month to a Labour Party conference or a Nuremberg rally. This article investigates claims of antisemitism at the Labour conference and finds them to be without factual basis.
  • Barak RAVID: "In Unprecedented Move, Eight European Countries to Demand Compensation From Israel for West Bank Demolitions" (Haaretz, Oct 19, 2017): click here!
    In a letter, the countries seek $35,000 in compensation for confiscating and demolishing structures they had built in Area C, under full Israeli control.
  • Ian BLACK: "The contested centenary of Britain’s ‘calamitous promise’" (The Guardian, Long read, Oct 17, 2017): click here!
    The British pledge to establish a ‘Jewish national home’ in Palestine is being celebrated and condemned as a divisive anniversary approaches.
  • "(EU) Statement on recent Israeli decisions to promote thousands of settlement units" (EU External Action, Oct 18, 2017): click here!
    This week, Israeli authorities further promoted plans, tenders and permits for thousands of settlement units across the West Bank, including, for the first time since 2002, in the heart of Hebron.
  • Asa WINSTANLEY: "Palestine was the issue at Labour Party conference" (EI, Oct 6, 2017): click here!
    Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn received his longest and loudest standing ovation at his party’s conference when he called for an “end to the oppression of the Palestinian people” and Israel’s “50-year occupation and illegal settlement expansion.”
  • Jonathan OFIR: "Moshe Machover and the battle for the soul of British Labour" (Mondoweiss, Oct 6, 2017): click here!
    This week, Moshe Machover, a Jewish mathematician and philosophy professor at the University of London, was expelled from the British Labour party, for having written an article called, “Anti-Zionism does not equal anti-Semitism”.
  • Bob PITT: "The disgraceful expulsion of Moshé Machover from the Labour Party" (Medium, Oct 4, 2017): click here!
    Outrageously, the charges against Moshé include the allegation that he is responsible for writing “an apparently antisemitic article”.
  • Asa WINSTANLEY: "Israeli anti-Zionist expelled from Labour amid anti-Semitism smear" (EI, Oct 4, 2017): click here!
    A renowned Israeli anti-Zionist was expelled from Labour on Tuesday, as the party bureaucracy falsely accused him of anti-Semitism. Retired philosophy professor Moshé Machover told The Electronic Intifada that the expulsion by the UK’s main opposition party was a “clear violation of natural justice,” was “Stalinist” and “completely undemocratic.”
  • Jonathan COOK: "New group challenges role of Israel lobby inside Labour Party as effort to undermine Corbyn continues" (Mondoweiss, Oct 4, 2017): click here!
    The speech by British Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn at last week’s annual party conference included an unequivocal declaration of solidarity with the Palestinians. “Let’s give real support to end the oppression of the Palestinian people, the 50-year occupation and illegal settlement expansion and move to a genuine two-state solution”.
  • Jonathan ROSENHEAD: "Jewish Socialism Past and Present: Antisemitism, Israel, and the Labour Party" (Jewish Voice for Labour, Sept 30, 2017): click here!
    Jewish Voice for Labour, a new organisation for Labour Party Jews who don’t want to buy into the Jewish Labour Movement’s pro-Zionist agenda, launched with a flourish at the Labour Party Annual Conference on Monday night 25th September. Or perhaps with a fanfare.
  • Damien GAYLE: "UK university censors title of Holocaust survivor's speech criticising Israel" (The Guardian, Sept 29, 2017): click here!
    Manchester University talk was to be titled ‘You’re doing to Palestinians what the Nazis did to me’ until Israeli diplomats intervened.
  • Moshé MACHOVER: “Anti-Zionism does not equal anti-Semitism"" (Labour Party Marxists, Sept 21, 2017): click here! .
    The whole campaign of equating opposition to Zionism with anti-Semitism has, in fact, been carefully orchestrated with the help of the Israeli government and the far right in the US. It is easy to explain why.
  • Ali ABUNIMAH: "Hamas bends over backwards yet EU retains snub" (EI, Sept 19, 2017): click here!
    Far-reaching compromises by Hamas have been met in recent months with a firm wall of intransigence, both from Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas and from the so-called international community – especially the European Union.
  • Judy MALTZ: "Jewish Agency Pulls Funding From Israel Experience Program Over West Bank Activism" (Haaretz, Sept 18, 2017): click here!
    Following Jewish young adults' visiting an anti-occupation protest camp that is sometimes a flashpoint for violence, the Jewish Agency dumps the program runners.
  • Ali ABUNIMAH: "EU lets Israel destroy West Bank schools it funded" (EI, Aug 28, 2017): click here!
    During the five-hour assault in Jubbet al-Dib, Israeli forces declared the area a closed military zone and used stun grenades, tear gas and rubber-coated metal bullets to keep residents away as they dismantled and confiscated the buildings.
  • Asa WINSTANLEY: "New Jewish group in Labour Party backs right to BDS" (EI, Aug 17, 2017): click here!
    Jewish members of the Labour Party have founded a new group. Jewish Voice for Labour will launch at the UK main opposition party’s conference in Brighton next month.
  • Ali ABUNIMAH & Dena SHUNRA: "“Fuck it, wipe out Gaza,” says spokesman for new EU campaign" (EI, Aug 3, 2017): click here!
    The European Union has hired an Israeli who advocates genocidal violence against Palestinians as the face of a new promotional campaign. Avishai Ivri appears in a video the EU embassy in Tel Aviv posted on its Facebook page last month.
  • Stuart LITTLEWOOD: "The Balfour Declaration: Time to say sorry. Time we made amends" (Redress Information & Analysis, July 23, 2017): click here!
    In a letter to a local newspaper about Brexit and the way Prime Minister Theresa May is handling it, I happened to mention in passing the Balfour Declaration, criticising her plans to celebrate the centenary “with pride” and invite Israel’s prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, to the fun.
  • Amira HASS: "130 Diaspora Jews Stand Between the Israeli Army and a Palestinian Cave Village" (Haaretz, July 2, 2017): click here.
    The Palestinian village of Sarura was destroyed in 1997 and its residents have not returned for fear of settler violence. Dozens of Jewish volunteers from the U.S., Canada and Australia have joined Palestinian activists in renovating it.
  • David CRONIN: "Do European Parliament staff work for Israel?" (EI, June 29, 2017): click here.
    At this juncture, it would be foolish to predict the full consequences of Brexit. One probability, however, is that Britain’s departure from the European Union will cause Israel to lose a few apologists in Brussels.Those apologists include Britain’s Conservative members of the European Parliament.
  • Ali ABUNIMAH: "Why is the EU funding Israeli torturers?" (EI, June 27, 2017): click here.
    The European Union is illegally funding Israeli torturers and must stop, a group of prominent international legal experts has concluded. They say that the LAW-TRAIN program violates EU regulations and international law because one of the participants, Israel’s public security ministry, “is responsible for or complicit in torture, other crimes against humanity and war crimes.”
  • Ali ABUNIMAH: "EU pledges to help Israel suppress criticism" (EI, June 26, 2017): click here.
    During a visit to the Israeli foreign ministry in Jerusalem this week, EU justice commissioner Vera Jourova lauded efforts to remove so-called hate speech from online forums.
  • David CRONIN: "Pro-Israel group NGO Monitor teams up with Europe’s far-right" (EI, June 23, 2017): click here.
    Displaying enormous hypocrisy, NGO Monitor appears happy to ally itself with actual peddlers of bigotry. Next week, it will jointly host an event in the European Parliament chaired by a representative of the far-right Danish People’s Party.
  • Daniel BARENBOIM: "Germany Is Repaying Its post-Holocaust Debts to Israel - but Not to the Palestinians" (Haaretz, June 8, 2017): click here.
    Europe, whose anti-Semitism led to the Holocaust, also has moral and historical obligations towards the Palestinians, who still suffer its consequences.
  • "Palestine, 50 ans sous occupation: en Belgique et en Europe, nous avons les moyens d'agir !" (RTBF, 6 juin, 2017): click here.
    C’est donc en tant que citoyens d’horizons divers mais tous attachés aux valeurs de justice, de paix et d’égalité, que nous demandons que cessent l’occupation, la colonisation et l’impunité israélienne qui durent depuis 50 ans, afin que le peuple palestinien puisse enfin jouir de ses droits les plus fondamentaux et vivre dans la dignité et la liberté.
  • Nikolas KOSMATOPOULOS: "Blue-washing settler-colonialism: The sea beyond Palestine and the maritime BDS" (Anthropologists for the Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions, June 5, 2017): click here.
    Unconditionally backed by the sole superpower and equipped with one of the most advanced armies in the region, Israel promises to recover Greek geopolitical power in the region through enhanced cooperation in oil, tourism, and military affairs. In exchange, Greece supports Israel in crucial international votes.
  • "EU Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation visits the Start-Up Nation" (Delegation of the European Union to Israel, May 17, 2017): click here.
    The EU Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, Carlos Moedas, met Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Minister of Economy and Industry Eli Cohen, on 17 May to discuss Israel's successful participation in Horizon 2020.
  • Jonathan ROSENHEAD: "In Defense of Ken Livingstone" (Haaretz, April 12, 2017): click here.
    Quoting historical facts can hardly be anti-Semitic, which is presumably why the Labour Party didn’t even charge Livingstone with it.
  • Jonathan OFIR: "Why so many are twisting Ken Livingstone’s words about Hitler and Zionism" (Mondoweiss, April 6, 2017): click here.
    Two days ago, former London Mayor Ken Livingstone was sentenced to another year of suspension after a hearing by the Labour Party’s national constitutional committee (NCC) concerning his remarks on Hitler’s temporary support for Zionism.
  • Barak RAVID: "Israel Slams EU: 32 Humanitarian Crises in the World and Europe's Obsessed With Palestinians" (Haaretz, April 5, 2017): click here.
    The criticism comes after the European Union demanded that Israel stop demolishing Palestinian homes in Area C of the West Bank.
  • Kamel HAWWASH: "The UK is quietly changing its policy on Israel and Palestine" (MEMo, April 5, 2017): click here.
    Palestinians were delighted to see 2016 end with the UN Security Council passing resolution 2334 which reaffirmed the illegality of Israel’s settlement enterprise. The passing of the resolution was facilitated by the US abstention in the dying days of Obama’s administration. The UK played a key role in the drafting of the resolution and then voted in favour.
  • Barak RAVID: "EU Sharply Protests Israeli Demolition of Palestinian Homes in Area C, Warns It Will Lead to 'Forced Transfer'" (Haaretz, April 4, 2017): click here.
    A routine meeting between the Foreign Ministry's director and the EU envoys last week turned into a protest by the European states against Israel's plan to demolish a Bedouin village.
  • Stuart LITTLEWOOD: "“Official” UK anti-Semitism definition gets two-finger salute from legal experts" (Redress Information and Analysis, April 1, 2017): click here!
    The enemies of free speech were having a whale of a time – until this week. Britain’s political parties, further education establishments and BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) groups had been bludgeoned into silence on Israel’s crimes by a bogus definition of anti-Semitism formally adopted and deployed by government, police and assorted pro-Israel pimps, stooges and creeps.
  • "Les Palestiniens pressent l’U.E. de cesser de tenir des réunions officielles avec le gouvernement israélien à Jérusalem" (Pour la Paix, 19 mars, 2017): click here!
    L’U.E. n’en est pas, comme les États-Unis, à envisager de transférer officiellement sa représentation diplomatique de Tel Aviv (considérée par le monde entier à l’exception du gouvernement israélien comme la capitale) à Jérusalem (considérée par le monde entier à l’exception du gouvernement israélien comme une ville occupée, conquise par les armes).
  • Michael LESHER: "Rabbi Sacks endorses religious crimes in video against BDS" (Mondoweiss, March 3, 2017): click here!
    Jonathan Sacks, former Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom, has written some sensible things in the past, particularly about the dangers of religious exclusivism and about the roots of sectarian violence in what he calls the fallacy of “altruistic evil.”
  • Robert FISK: "Theresa May wants British people to feel 'pride' in the Balfour Declaration. What exactly is there to be proud of?" (Independent, March 2, 2017): click here!
    Balfour initiated a policy of British support for Israel which continues to this very day, to the detriment of the occupied Palestinians of the West Bank and the five million Palestinian refugees living largely in warrens of poverty around the Middle East, including Israeli-besieged Gaza. Surely we should apologise.
  • David CRONIN: "Who funds Irish4Israel?" (EI, March 1, 2017): click here!
    Each time Israel’s supporters in Ireland decide to smear the Palestine solidarity movement, there is a strong likelihood that a man called Barry Williams will be quoted in the media.
  • "Free speech on Israel under attack in universities - Letter from 243 academics" (The Guardian, 27 Feb, 2017): click here!
    "These are outrageous interferences with free expression, and are direct attacks on academic freedom. As academics with positions at UK universities, we wish to express our dismay at this attempt to silence campus discussion about Israel, including its violation of the rights of Palestinians for more than 50 years. It is with disbelief that we witness explicit political interference in university affairs in the interests of Israel under the thin disguise of concern about antisemitism."
  • Ben WHITE: "Israeli Apartheid Week: How campus activism is being shut down by false charges of 'anti-Semitism'" (Middle East Eye, Feb 23, 2017): click here!
    Earlier this week, the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) cancelled an event planned as part of ‘Israeli Apartheid Week’, on the grounds that it “contravenes” a controversial definition of anti-Semitism recently endorsed by the UK government.
  • David CRONIN: "Israel lobby’s squirming over settlements won’t fool anyone" (The Electronic Intifada, Feb 22, 2017): click here!
    The task of Israel’s advocates has become a lot more complicated. At least, that is the argument which one such lobbyist has been making. Alex Benjamin, head of the organization Europe Israel Public Affairs (EIPA), recently lamented that his friends and acquaintances in Brussels weren’t enamored by moves towards annexing most of the West Bank.
  • Gabrielle LEFEVRE: "Tzipi Livni confrontée à la loi belge sur la compétence universelle" (entre les lignes, 20 janvier 2017): click here!
    Tzipi Livni, ancienne ministre des Affaires étrangères d’Israël, renonce à venir à Bruxelles, attendue par la Justice belge au nom de la compétence universelle. Cette importante personnalité politique israélienne devait assister ce lundi 23 janvier au Parlement européen...
  • "Exclusive: Israel lobby infiltrates UK student movement" (Al Jazeera Investigative Unit's series "The Lobby", Jan 11): click here!
    Israeli embassy influencing students and founding youth groups in main parties, Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit reveals.
  • Jonathan COOK: "How many British MPs are working for Israel?" (Redress Information & Analysis, Jan 9, 2017): click here!
    Aljazeera is to be congratulated on an undercover investigation exposing something most of us could probably have guessed: that some Israeli embassy staff in the UK – let’s not pussy around, Mossad agents – are working with senior political activists and politicians in the Conservative and Labour parties to subvert their own parties from within, and skew British foreign policy so that it benefits Israeli, rather than British, interests.
  • Stuart LITTLEWOOD: "Christmas memo to Prime Minister Theresa May: Stop worshipping Israel. Learn the ugly truth" (Redress Information & Analysis, 21st Dec, 2016): click here!
    This is still a Christian country, as your colleague David Cameron reminded us not so long ago. But you wouldn’t think so when non-Christian creeds are given exceptional protection and privileges to smooth their ruffled feathers. Your government is even introducing new laws to stifle questions about Israel’s legitimacy and quash criticism of its criminal policies.
  • Stuart LITTLEWOOD: "UK Momentum’s Jackie Walker vs the Zionist inquisition" (Redress Information & Analysis, Nov 28, 2016): click here!
    “Sacked Momentum vice-chair to address anti-Israel event… Labour activist Jackie Walker to speak at Palestine Solidarity Campaign church event,” screeched a Jewish News headline.
  • Hugh LOVATT: "EU differentiation and the push for peace in Israel-Palestine" (European Council on Foreign Relations, Oct 31, 2016): click here!
    Next year will mark the 50 year anniversary of Israel’s de facto annexation and prolonged occupation of Palestinian territory. The approaching milestone will bring with it a renewed focus on both the failings and future direction of international peacemaking efforts.
  • Asa WINSTANLEY: "UK lawmakers push to outlaw criticism of Zionism" (The Electronic Intifada, Oct 16, 2016): click here!
    A new report by an influential parliamentary committee has recommended that the UK outlaw the word “Zionist” when used “in an accusatory context.” Published on Sunday, the Home Affairs Select Committee’s report also slams Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for heading a party with “institutionally anti-Semitic” elements.
  • Stuart LITTLEWOOD: "Decency demands we smoke out the real perpetrators of war crimes against Aleppo and Gaza" (Redress Information & Analysis, Oct 14, 2016): click here!
    As Western outrage erupts over the relentless destruction of Aleppo and its people, why is there no similar clamour for a halt to the more prolonged pulverising of Gaza and the continuing slaughter of civilians there?
  • Stuart LITTLEWOOD: "Never mention the J-word – it’s not applicable to Palestine!" (Redress Information & Analysis, Sept 20, 2016): click here!
    It seems our politicians, on both sides of the Atlantic, are under instructions to drop the J-word from their vocabulary. I mean J-for-Justice, conspicuously missing from any discussion about Middle East peace and, more specifically, an end to the hell in the Holy Land.
  • Maya WAHRMAN: "Blame the West for ISIS? Yes - but Go Back to 1925" (Haaretz, Sept 5, 2016): click here!
    In 2016, ISIS is asking Iraqis the same question (though brutally and violently) as the West’s bureaucrats did in 1925: Who belongs and who does not?
  • Eric ALTERMAN: "Israel, Don't Tell Diaspora Jews How to Be 'More Jewish' " (Haaretz, August 24, 2016): click here!
    It's hard to tell what's more offensive about Netanyahu and Bennett's new initiative to 'strengthen' Jewish identity abroad: the idea itself or its ham-handed, arrogant and ultimately counterproductive execution.
  • Jonny BOYLE: "Saint-Etienne Fans Fly Palestine Flags v Beitar Jerusalem a Week After Celtic Fans Do Same" (Talking Baws, August 26, 2016): click here!
    Saint-Etienne fans flew Palestine flags during their game against Beitar Jerusalem last night just a week after Celtic did the same against Hapoel Be’er Sheva.
  • Nasim AHMED: "How deep is the connection between Celtic fans and Palestine?" (MEMo, August 25, 2016): click here!
    Thousands were touched by the Celtic fans’ show of solidarity with the Palestinian people. Large sections of the stadium turned into a sea of green, red, black and white as fans raised the Palestinian flag despite repeated warnings from European football’s governing body (UEFA).
  • Nitzan HOROWITZ: "The Messiah Won’t Come to Israel From Across the Atlantic" (Haaretz, August 24, 2016): click here!
    The longing for international pressure is not only pointless, but enfeebling and enervating.”
  • Uri SAVIR: "Is EU giving up on Israel-Palestine conflict?" (Al Monitor, August 21, 2016): click here!
    With the US preoccupied by elections, Egypt not committed, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas politically weak and Israel reluctant, the European Union is about to give up on the two-state solution process.
  • "European parliamentarians’ delegation to Palestine demands freedom for Bilal Kayed, end of administrative detention" (Samidoun, August 19, 2016): click here!
    A group of European parliamentarians and lawyers recently returned from a delegation to Palestine organized by Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network, working in cooperation with Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association.
  • David ROSENBERG: "Arm-twisters and Stormtroopers" (Pluto Press Blog, August 19, 2016): click here!
    Open any British newspaper, from the Guardian to the Mail, and be confronted with anti-Corbyn smears. Attacks that have included criticism of poor local election results, weak media management or “woeful” Prime Minister’s Questions performances are now fixated on linking Corbyn with a supposedly ‘endemic’ anti-semitism in Labour’s rank and file.
  • Stuart LITTLEWOOD: "Another of Israel’s pimps to become Labour’s saviour?" (Redress Information and Analysis, August 16, 2016): click here!
    Unbelievably, Labour Party chiefs are trying to persuade David Miliband to come back from New York, parachute into a safe seat and snatch the Labour Party leadership from Jeremy Corbyn, according to newspaper reports.
  • "Grossière ingérence israélienne dans les "libertés académiques" en Allemagne : l'Université d'Hildesheim gravement diffamée" (Luc Delval, Pour la Palestine, 10 août): click here!
    De toute éternité, les humains ont eu besoin de se raconter de belles histoires pour se rassurer. Les contes de fée, le Père Noël, l'amour éternel, le gouvernement du peuple par le peuple, le Tour de France ou les Jeux olympiques sans dopage, ... les libertés académiques face au sionisme.
  • "UK calls on Israel to halt illegal settlement activity, condems plans for 323 new units in Jerusalem" (Ma'an, July 30, 2016): click here!
    British Minister for the Middle East Tobias Ellwood condemned on Thursday Israel's decision moving forward with another 323 illegal settlement units in occupied East Jerusalem.
  • Yotam BERGER: "EU Slams Israel's Destruction of Palestinian Homes in West Bank's Area C" (Haaretz, July 27, 2016): click here!
    Israel has granted only 44 construction permits in response to over 2,000 requests, Lars Faaborg-Andersen tells Knesset meeting. Buildings that were destroyed were 'illegal buildings,' Israeli body says in response.
  • "EU eyes Israeli technology for surveillance: Official" (Press-TV, July 22, 2016): click here!
    Many of the Israeli arms technologies being sold to Europe are used in the repression of Palestinians, including in the destructive 2014 war on the besieged and densely-populated Gaza Strip.
  • Peter BEINART: "What I Saw Last Friday in Hebron" (Haaretz, July 19, 2016): click here!
    Palestinians asked American Jews to join them in a 'Freedom Summer.' The result was extraordinary.
  • Peter BEAUMONT: "Ambassadors protest at Israel's confiscation of West Bank shelters" (The Guardian, July 18, 2016): click here!
    Eight ambassadors to Israel have written to the Israeli military accusing it of breaking international humanitarian law by confiscating shelters for Bedouins in the occupied West Bank that were paid for by European governments.
  • Andrew RETTMAN: "EU: Israeli occupation is 'root' cause of violence" (EU Observer, July 15, 2016): click here!
    EU states, in an internal report drafted last year, have said the outbreak of Palestinian knife and car-ramming attacks against Israelis in Jerusalem is due, in large part, to Israel’s occupation. They said the attacks began after right-wing Israeli politicians and religious groups began to question the status quo on Arab rights at the Temple Mount complex in the Old City.
  • Asa WINSTANLEY: "Media concoct firestorm as Jeremy Corbyn launches anti-Semitism report" (The Electronic Intifada, 30 June, 2016): click here!
    A lawmaker caused a media firestorm at the launch of an independent UK Labour Party report into anti-Semitism and racism on Thursday. The report failed to back claims that the Labour Party had been overrun by anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and other forms of racism.
  • Maren MANTOVANI: "Europe still funding Israeli torture, drones and racial profiling" (Middle East Eye, 29 June, 2016): click here!
    As European leaders are gathered in Brussels to discuss the future of the EU, they would be well advised to put into effect values of accountability, justice and solidarity - and halt funding for Israel's repressive apparatus against Palestinians.
  • "EU moet sancties in stelling brengen om einde te maken aan Israëlische bezetting" (11.11.11, juni 2016): klik hier! Trad. sur Pour la Palestine: cliquez ici!
    Op 3 juni 2016 verzamelden buitenlandministers uit 29 landen in Parijs voor een internationale conferentie over het Israëlisch-Palestijnse vredesproces. De slotverklaring raakte niet verder dan de recyclage van elementen waarover al decennia lang een consensus bestaat.
  • "Middle East Peace process" (European External Action Service, June 15, 2016): klik hier!
    The Resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict is a fundamental interest of the EU. The EU’s objective is a two-state solution with an independent, democratic, viable and contiguous Palestinian state living side-by-side in peace and security with Israel and its other neighbours.
  • Barak RAVID: "EU Warns Israel: Policy of Demolishing Palestinian Homes in Area C Will Harm Relations" (Haaretz, May 31, 2016): click here!
    Israeli official details tense and difficult meeting in which the EU expressed opposition to 'home demolition and forced evacuation of populations.'
  • Gili COHEN: "Israel's Weapons Sales to Europe More Than Double Amid Refugee Crisis" (Haaretz, May 31, 2016): click here!
    Sales to Europe grew from $724 million in 2014 to $1.63 billion in 2015, presumably as a consequence of the refugee crisis and the rise in terror attacks on the continent. Sales to North America also climbed, to $1.02 billion.
  • "European License for Israeli Torture: the EU-Israel LAW TRAIN joint project" (Stop the Wall, May 30, 2016, pdf, 10p.): click here!
    New concerns arise as activists discovered the EU-Israel partnership through the LAWTRAIN Project in the framework of the EU HORIZON 2020. The project is meant to unify the methodology for interrogation among Israeli and EU police forces and is a de facto normalisation of Israel’s most cruel practices, including physical and psychological torture, ill-treatment, arbitrary detention, threats, racial discrimination.
  • Brigitte HERREMANS: "The EU’s Self-Defeating Aid Policy towards Palestine" (Centre for European Policy Studies, CEPS Policy Brief, N° 343, May, 2016, pdf, 10p.): click here!
    Motivated by the dual aims of strengthening the Middle East Peace Process and contributing to Palestinian state-building, the European Union and its member states have been the biggest donors of financial assistance to the Palestinians.
  • Yitzhak LAOR: "Corbyn and Israel: Concept and Reality" (Verso Books, May 18e, 2016): click here!
    The concept of Israel has become a hidden cornerstone within political consensus in Western European states. This is not unrelated to the disappearing differences between the traditional Left and Right. Within the current political climate, not only Germany but also all other western states are ‘friends of Israel’.
  • "Israel dismantles EU-funded homes in Jerusalem-area Bedouin neighborhood" (Ma'an, May 16, 2016): click here!
    Some 90 Palestinian Bedouins, the majority of them children, were left homeless on Monday when Israeli forces disassembled EU-donated mobile homes without giving prior notice in the Jabal al-Baba neighborhood in the outskirts of the village of al-Eizariya east of Jerusalem.
  • Hilary AKED: "Israel lobby in Brussels exposed" (The New Arab, 12 mei, 2016): click here!
    A detailed new report raises troubling questions for all those who retain hope for a transparent and democratic Europe that is supportive of the Palestinian struggle, writes Hilary Aked.
  • Lode VANOOST: "Israël-lobby VS financiert Israël-lobby in Brussel en EU" (De Wereld Morgen, 11 mei, 2016): click here!
    In een rapport beschrijven drie onderzoekers hoe rechtse Amerikaanse organisaties en personen die in de VS islamofobie en steun voor de koloniale nederzettingen van Israël in Palestina promoten ook financieel actief zijn in Brussel om de Europese pro-Israël-lobby te ondersteunen. Hun onderzoek nam twee jaar in beslag.
  • Jonathan COOK: "Once, most Jews viewed Israel as the anti-semite’s best friend" (Mondoweiss, May 10, 2016): click here!
    It was an assessment no one expected from the deputy head of the Israeli military. In his Holocaust Day speech last week, Yair Golan compared current trends in Israel with Germany in the early 1930s, as Nazism took hold.
  • "Israëlische vernielingen van Palestijnse eigendommen: tijd voor Europese actie" (Knack, 7 mei, 2016): click here!
    Slopingen zijn geen nieuw fenomeen in bezet Palestijns gebied, maar een essentieel onderdeel van het wrede leven onder de bijna 50 jaar durende Israëlische bezetting. De schaal van de afgelopen maanden is echter ongezien, schrijft 11.11.11.
  • Max BLUMENTHAL: "How Opponents of UK Labour Leader Corbyn Advanced a Political Coup with Antisemitism Smears" (AlterNet, May 6, 2016): click here!
    Inside the pro-Israel campaign to crush Labour’s left-wing insurgency... Though Labour performed far better in the May 5 local elections than a generally hostile media predicted, Corbyn’s opponents are determined to paint him as unelectable, just as they did during last year’s campaign for leadership.
  • Philip WEISS & Adam HOROWITZ: "Saying Israel has no right to exist as a Jewish state is not anti-Semitic" (Mondoweiss, May 3, 2016): click here!
    In practice, the Jewish State in Israel/Palestine has meant an ethnocracy where Jews are given special and exclusive rights over other citizens and non-citizens under the sovereignty of the Israeli government. This is a system that we (Horowitz and Weiss) reject for political, personal and moral reasons that are in no way connected to vilifying or discriminating against Jews, the traditional definition of anti-Semitism.
  • Jonathan COOK: "The true anti-semites, past and present" (Jonathan Cook, May 3, 2016): click here!
    We are desperately in need of some sanity as the British political and media establishment seek to generate yet another “new anti-semitism” crisis, on this occasion to undermine a Jeremy Corbyn-led Labour party before the upcoming local elections.
  • Robert COHEN: "Advice to British leftwingers on kicking racism out of their anti-Israel rhetoric" (Mondoweiss, May 2, 2016): click here!
    Too often I see those in solidarity with Palestinians lose the plot and allow opponents to grab the agenda and deflect attention from where the suffering really exists. That’s exactly what’s been happening in Britain this week as a row over antisemitism in the Labour Party has dominated the news.
  • Asa WINSTANLEY: "Uses and abuses of the word ‘Zionism’" (MEMo, May 2, 2016): click here!
    Michael Levy, the Labour Party peer and Tony Blair’s former “Lord Cashpoint” claimed on BBC Newsnight a few days ago that “using the word Zionist” is “another form of anti-Semitism”. Using the word. This is an astonishing new level in the attempt to crush dissent over Israel and designate thought crimes.
  • Carolina LANDSMAN: "Saying 'No' to Israel While Giving It the Go-ahead" (Haaretz, May 2, 2016): click here!
    When the world’s conduct is understood in terms of guilt, one realizes that it needs to be helped to understand that the best way to see to the wellbeing of Israel is to present it with boundaries.
  • Robert MACKEY: "Why a British Fight Over Israel and Anti-Semitism Matters to the Rest of Us" (The Intercept, May 1, 2016): click here!
    At first glance, the heated argument two members of the British Labour Party conducted in front of reporters’ iPhones on Thursday, sparked by accusations that one of their colleagues posted anti-Semitic comments on Facebook, seems like a story of interest mainly to political junkies in London.
  • Asa WINSTANLEY: "How Israel lobby manufactured UK Labour Party’s anti-Semitism crisis" (The Internet Intifada, April 28, 2016): click here!
    Last year, socialist stalwart Jeremy Corbyn won the leadership of the UK’s Labour Party by a landslide. Since then, there has been a steady flow of claims by Israel’s supporters that Corbyn has not done enough to combat anti-Semitism.
  • Maidhc Ó CATHAIL: "Likud Becomes a Regional Member of the European Parliament" (CounterPunch, April 27, 2016): click here.
    Although Israel is geographically located in Asia, the self-described “Jewish state” has emphasized its Europeanness whenever it has suited it to do so.
  • Rashid KHALIDI: "The US Elections, Attacks on Activists, and a Changing Discourse" (Al Shabaka, April 25, 2016): click here.
    In his 2013 book "Brokers of Deceit: How the U.S. Has Undermined Peace in the Middle East", Al-Shabaka Policy Advisor Rashid Khalidi identified three main patterns that have characterized United States policy towards the conflict since 1948: The complaisance of Arab rulers that need US support against their own peoples; presidential solicitude for domestic constituencies; and US unconcern about the fate of the Palestinians.
  • Steven J. ROSEN: "The EU’s Israel Problem Goes Far Beyond Labels" (The Tower Magazine, January 2016): click here.
    Although Europe’s most important leaders are vocally opposed to boycotts of Israel, unelected bureaucrats in Brussels are working to make isolating Israel an official EU policy.
  • Hugh LOVATT and Mattia TOALDO: "Eu Differentiation and Israeli Settlements" (European Council on Foreign Relations, July 2015, pdf, 12p.): click here.
  • Barak RAVID: "EU Document Suggests Recalling Envoys if Israeli Settlements Threaten Two-state Solution" (Haaretz, Nov 17, 2014)): click here.
    Two-page document includes two chapters of ‘sticks’ to be used against Israel, a chapter of ‘carrots’ for the Palestinians.
  • David CRONIN: "Revealed: EU science chief promised to be “flexible” towards Israel’s war crimes" (The Internet Intifada, 15 Oct 2014): click here!
    Israel’s war crimes sometimes have to be overlooked, according to a senior European Union representative. During 2013, Israel reacted angrily when Brussels officials issued a policy paper stating that the EU would not award funding to firms and institutions based in Jewish-only settlements in the occupied West Bank.
  • Leandros FISCHER: "The German Left’s Palestine Problem" (Jacobin, 12 March, 2014)): click here!
    Die Linke’s position on Palestine has isolated it from the global solidarity movement.

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